Having problems with your 2004 Mazda 6 ?

Started out a quiet hum under car now it's getting louder like a small motorcycle

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Answers :

Your most likely solution will be to check the exhaust system for leaks, especially near any of the joints.

The job only takes a few minutes, and leaks can usually be isolated to a specific area without ever getting under the vehicle.

While the engine is running, leave the vehicle in Park or set the Parking Brake. Exit the vehicle and listen closely for an area about the middle of the vehicle where the noise is louder and more pronounced.

That will be the area to check if you intend to get under the vehicle to inspect the exhaust yourself, or the area you suggest to the mechanic to check.
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Started out a quiet hum under car now it's getting louder like a small motorcycle

Your most likely solution will be to check the exhaust system for leaks, especially near any of the joints. The job only takes a few minutes, and leaks can usually be isolated to a specific area without ever getting under the vehicle. ... 2004 Mazda 6

My air conditioning is acting up. When i turn it on I eventually begin to hear a humming type noise that gets louder. When this starts I feel a loss of power from my engine. At times I hear a loud screeching noie coming from one of my belts (along with the humming) and when it gets too loud it sounds like something gives up and I lose my cold air. I have checked the levels and recharged my coolant (R134a), that has not solved the humming, loss of power, screeching and occasional loss of cold

That would be your a/c pump. It likely is lacking lubricant which is in the freon itself. If the pump is dry it won't hardly move and you will get noise. The motor will try extra hard to spin the pump and cause lack of power to the motor.The pump cl ... Nissan Frontier

Wheel Bearing? Hi. I have a 2005 Pontiac G6. Recently there is a noise coming from the front end of the car, I think its coming from the front tire area. The best way I can describe it is like a humming, almost like I have agressive tires on the car that "hum" on the road. As I drive faster the hum gets louder and it starts around 20km/h. What could this be? wheel bearings? The car is a lease and I'm handing it back in 2 months. Is it ok to leave this? Or could it be major repairs or dangerous t

You need to get it fixed or the front wheel whichever one it is can fold in on you. ... 2006 Pontiac G6

My car is humming when i accelerate it gets louder as i go but when i keep it at 50mph it is the most quiet

Could be a few things but get these checked thrust bearing on clutch thats if its a manual or wheel bearing could be a worn diff or drive shafts like i said could be a few things but get these few checked first hope this helps ivan ... 1998 Ford Taurus

My 2007 HHR Lt is a standard trans and there is aloud humming that starts @ 15 mph and gets louder as i go faster.I have new tires new rotors new calipers i jacked up car to check to see if tires wheels are tight no give verry slight one hardly even notice it The noise sounds like a stick shift right before you have to shift.Gets louder the faster you go but the car shifts fine rpms are good trans flouid is good what could it be

Check your wheel bearings and makes sure that the Trans has the right oil that it should have ... 2007 Chevrolet Chevrolet HHR LT

My honda accord is making a humming noise which has progressively been getting louder. It sounds like it is coming from the engine or definately somewhere in the front under the hood. It makes the noise as soon as I turn the car on and is louder when I make turns. Any ideas?

It sounds like your powwersteering pump check the fluid level and if its low put powersteering fluid for hondas back in there. ... Honda Accord

2005 honda crv cdti.noticed rear offside wheel getting very hot.hum from rear after a few miles.knocking noise from rear on tight right hand circle hum gets louder above 50 mph.noise from rear sounds like cvj problems,however knocking noise is definately from rear.THANKS

... 2005 Honda CR-V

2002 sedan deville, engine started making a "humming" noise on acceleration. Sounds like a low flying plane or distant lawnmower. I rolled the window down while driving and it seems louder from inside. It gets louder and higher pitched the faster I go.

... Cadillac DeVille

I have a 2009 Hyundai sonata GL 2.2 L and I get this high pitched screeching sound (that sounds like it's coming from the rear end) that started happening when I would turn my wheel to the right. Not just a small turn like 90 degree turn at first. Now I'm starting to hear it louder and it happens when I turn to the left and to the right and I barley have to move the steering wheel at all. I do need a serpentine belt bc mine is worn down. I'm replacing soon I just don't think I can do it myself b

... 2009 Hyundai Sonata

I have a 1998 4 cylinder Toyota Camry. There was a loud noise from underneath of the car which was followed by loud noise, like a Harley motorcycle. I was also experiencing some issues with a lack of power being given to the car even w/ the gas pedal being pushed down to the floor. With the gas pedal pushed down the floor the RPMs would jump between 3-5 and the noise would get louder. I wasn't able to get passed 30-45 (60 coasting) while driving. Once stopped we open up the hood and the exhaust

Your cadaletic converter is clogged.You need to get a new one. ... Toyota Camry

I have an 04 buick rainier it started making front end noise last week. it like a hum sound it doesn't go with the engine noise of shifting. it soft at first and louder as you accelerate. if you put the car in nuetral you can still hear it and as you slow down the sound gets softer, when you stop it goes away. seems a little louder also if i zig zag, but only when going to the right. any clue what this is?

... 2004 Buick Rainier

The AC unit in my 2000 Lexus ES300 doesn't blow cool air. Instead the unit makes a humming sound like a vacuum cleaner and it gets louder as I decrease the temperature control. Is it the compressor?

Maybe,,is the fan working inside the car ok,if no cool air usually a leak ,not switching on or compressor ... 2000 Lexus ES 300

I have a 97 GMC Jimmy, 4.3, Automatic, 4wd. The 4wd is the electric push buttons. The 4wd tries to kick in automatically when I slow down or decelerate. It starts with a very low hum that is hard to hear, it sounds like an electric motor, then gets much louder. Stopping, putting it into 4WD then taking it out seems to help for a while. Please help.

... 1997 GMC Jimmy

Ticking noise I have 4200 engine and I have a ticking noise that sounds like it in the front and not inside the motor. Can hear it while idling and acceleration, sometimes the noise gets quiet and then louder again. Was overdue on an oil change, would that have anything to do with it?

... 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

My 08 Sentra is making a very loud pitched humming noise on top of the regular engine sound, now the sound only is made when i go over 40km/hr and get louder as i go faster. The sound only comes when I'm pushing down on the gas paddle. You don't hear the noise if lets say I'm going 80km/hr as soon as i lift my foot off the gas it stops making the noise. Now I;'ve had up to 12 different Techs. look at it and all i'm gettin is it sounds like: the wheel baring the

It is possible that you have a leak in your intake manifold... when the gas peddle is applied the manifold takes in more air and makes a high pitched sound because of the crack. ... 2008 Nissan Sentra

I have a 1987 Dodge caravan with 216K on it. I have a humming - grinding sound coming from the front. I replaced the left front wheel bearing assemble ( it was pretty bad) but still have the same noise and it is getting louder. To see if the left wheel bearing was going, I jacked up the car and let the wheels spin. I could not hear any difference between left and right and I am starting to think it is the transmission. Does this have a trans-axle that would make a grinding noise like that? Thank

Try making tight turns to the right and then to the left. see if the grinding noise comes and goes. It could be your C/V joint and they need to be replaced. The noise will only come when your making the tight turns, you don't have to go fast. ... Dodge Caravan

Noise coming from front end almost like a humming noise gets louder the faster i go i can start hearing the noise when i hit about 18mph and the front end is clunking

Check your Power steering pump. ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 97 taurs with a steering problem. It makes a humming noise that gets louder the faster I go. It pulls to the right, an when I go around a left corner it feels like it just doesn't want to turn (though it does).I've gotten it inspected 5 months ago and have only put on about 1200 miles in that time.It was doing it when I got my sticker, just not as bad as it is now. Any ideas what this may be?

Sounds like air bubbles in the hoses / cylinder.\015\012Could be more than that, tho. Leaking fluid??\015\012Purge the system of bubbles:\015\0121. In a safe area, park car and set parking brake.\015\0122. Fill power steering ... 1997 Ford Taurus

1994 dodge ram van b250. when warm, starts easily. when cold, will crank but not start. eventually, fuel pump kicks in and primes lines, starts rough, sputters, dies, then finally starts rough and runs smooth after warming up. i get it to start by cycling the ignition key, hitting the gas tank. clicking noise from two modules on the firewall on drivers side, first quiet and faster and louder then slower, check engine light flashes, then the fuel pump hums on.

Sounds like the fuel pump is going out. Its inside the tank. But first see if the fuel pump is clooged. take it off and see if its plugged. Check fuel pressure if you can. should be 45-55 psi ... Dodge Ram B250

My 2000 volkswagon jetta 2.0 makes a loud humming when i drive fast i go the louder it gets sounds like its coming from the tire?

Does it change when you swerve from right to left? when you swerve not hard turn but just slight motion enough to shift wait of car. you have worn out wheel bearings either one side or both. very hard to do at home unless you have a 2 ton press and s ... 1999 Volkswagen Jetta

When the fan switch is on 3 or 4 it has a severe humming noise that progressively gets louder from setting 3 to 4. This has been going on for a couple of months but doesn't affect the heating or cooling of the car. Now it smells like dead animal! Any advise?

Check heater fan for debris,leaves,dead mouse etc etc. ... 2004 Dodge Stratus

The van has been making a popcorn like tick, no effect in performance, get's louder with initial acceleration then quiets down. no noise on startup, barely in idle. just drove it from colorado to california after a flush, refill and new filter on transmission (which is automatic).

Has an exhaust leak. Either a gasket or a cracked exhaust manifold. Take it to a muffler shop for diagnosis. ... 1991 Ford Aerostar Extended

1997 chevrolet cavalier loud noise when driving , sounds like a small airplane engine when I am accelerating speed stops when I let go off the gas . its gets louder as I drive on the highway ,...could it be the transmission or perhaps needs trans flush...im a young woman who knows nothing about cars except that I've already had trans issues on two other cars in the past....so very nervous...please help diagnose

Hello young lass,\015\012I'm always glad to help out a damsel in distress.\015\012I will need a bit more info though. Like can you give a better example of the sound and where exactly is the noise coming from. I mean the engine area or th ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2004 dodge neon the problem is above 30mph there is a what sounds like a wheel bearing whine and vibration which gets louder with speed on the drivers side,when you turn the wheel to the right it quiets down,but it is not the wheel bearing,the noise appears to be comming from the transaxle?

This certainly has the sound of a bad wheel bearing. Be sure that both front wheel bearings are good, as I have many times seen professionals pick the wrong bearing. Another possibility however is that the cv shaft or drive axle is making the noise. ... 2004 Dodge Neon

I have a ford escort 1.8si mk 7 56000 on clock, when i put car in 3rd gear it makes a noise,not sure where noise is coming from and it doest sound like grinding noise it starts quiet and gets louder, once im in 4th it stops. Only happens in 3rd.

The car is a manual tranny car, your synchromesh gear is not engaging properly, take to a tranny shop to check it as a bearing may be out in 3rd gear.\012Hope it resove your query. ... 2008 Ford Focus
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