Having problems with your 2004 Lincoln LS ?

Engine shakes and makes noise while going up incline or picking up speed

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Before you spend too much time figuring it out . Put the car in a dark place with hood open engine running , allow eyes to adjust to dark for about 10 minutes then look for glow on ignition wires. Careful not to get too close to moving parts since in the dark you can't see well
( precaution) you may see the high tension leak and locate it exactly which wire or location it is. John
It will almost surely be a faulty plug or spark plug wire. It's missing on one cylinder, and that causes it to shake when it needs power.
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Engine shakes and makes noise while going up incline or picking up speed

Before you spend too much time figuring it out . Put the car in a dark place with hood open engine running , allow eyes to adjust to dark for about 10 minutes then look for glow on ignition wires. Careful not to get too close to moving parts since in ... 2004 Lincoln LS

2006 Ford Taurus-35K miles. When engine is cold, loud pop occurs when putting into gear (D & R). Sounds like frame flex or strut housing shift from engine torque? Also, whine at rear when rolling at higher speeds. Previous tires and new ones make no difference. At low speeds, struts in rear are noisy when going over jagged bumps in road. Dealer claims all noises are normal and can't claim to duplicate "pop" noise, but, of course, it did it for me immediately upon picking it up.

-Check for loose bolts at drive plate (flywheel)-Check for all motor and transmission mount. It could be loose.Mai ... Ford Taurus

I have a 1997 Ford F-150 Lariat, and when pulling a trailer it makes a chattering noise when the gas pedal is pressed down to pick up speed. When going up a hill it will not go passed 40 mph and starts to shift hard when pressing the gas pedal. In normal driving without a load and getting on a highway and picking up speed the first two shifts are hard and then smoothes out. The truck has around 130K of miles on it, mainly highway miles. What could the problem be?

If tranny is manual shift you may have a bearing and or bad gear. Try changing tranny fluid. Check manual for correct fluid may use tranny fluid rather than gear oil. I recommend using Royal Purple fluid or gear oil. This very expensive but will slic ... Ford F-150

Hi, I have a 2004 Ford Fiesta Zetec and all of a sudden I have a constant buzzing noise, coming from the dashboard. You can't pick up the noise from outside due for he engine noise, but its clear from the inside of the vehicle. The noise does not change depending of speed or direction, but it does match the engine noise. The noise sounds a bit computery, if that makes sense!! Like your playing a car racing game on the computer. I've just had the car in for it's m.o.t and it has passed. The mecha

... 2005 Ford Fiesta 1.6

1997 mercury mountaineer: There is a loud crunching noise coming from behind the drivers side front tire only when making right turns or going straight. the faster the speed the louder the noise. left turns make no noise. sounds like metal crunching and clanking on metal and you can feel the noise rumble in the car under your feet and in the steering wheel. I am not very mechanically inclined, but I am not mechanically stupid either, so any answer needs to be thorough please...

Check the axles and the axle that go from the tran to the front wheel drive box,had the same problem, removed the axle from the trans to the front gear box an noise stoped. ... 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

My car shakes and is very loud when idle, and when driving it is starting to make a loud, high-pitched whistling noise. i went on a trip and when i got to about 75 mph on the highway it felt like my arms were going to go numb from the constant shake. i recently have gotten an oil change, tune up, and had my tires balanced and rotated. i have gotten rear ended a few times in the past and backed into a tree a couple months ago. there are also really big speed bumps that i have to go over every day

Oh your not a "dumb" girl. Your tires may just be bad and need to be replaced, the tires could have what they call belt separation and that's when the steel belt in the tires are bad and the tires can no longer keep there shape. Check the tire pressu ... 2003 Dodge Neon

My wife nissan sentra 1993 still runs great but yesterday when she started the engine it start to make some grinding or rattling noise. The weather is about 50 degrees F. At times it will disappear, this noise will come and go. It doesn't seem to affect the performance. I drove it and runs ok, but the noise is in the same frequency with the engine speed. Need advice....

Try to check the oil level of the engine and if the oil needs to be replace then do so, but if the noise is still there after the change oil then thats the time to check the racker arm maybe it needs some tune up and adjustment in the valve. ... 1993 Nissan Sentra 4 Door

Hi All! I have a 2000 Mercury Sable, a DOHC 24 valve engine. I have an issue with 1,2,3 cylinders. They misfire especially when the car is cold. When the car starts initially, the RPMs go under a 1000 and the car shakes badly due to engine. There is also a gas odor once the car is initiated. Once I increase speed, for instance on the highway, the car is fine, but if the speed is unsteady and I have to make stops at the lights, the engine goes off and the car dies. On this model, any spark plug h

The air fuel control mod can cause the prob you are having 1990 to 2000 ford rangers are bad about doing what yours is doing and it is always that air fuel mod ... 2000 Mercury Sable

I have a ford explorer 2009 4 door and everytime i hit a bump sumethin it makes a loose noise...only on the left side of front end of car...when i pick up speed it it kinda jerks a little if im on freeway going fast...when i stop sumetimes it makes that loose noise please help me

... Cars & Trucks

Engine puffs blue smoke on morning start up for a few seconds. when driving 60kph+ ,suv makes annoing thumping noise that feels like there is something stuck to the tire but there isn't.and it sometimes gets louder with speed(,tranny&drive line(shafts seem fine)..Last but not least,when braking steering wheel shakes and car makes noise under braking(already changed rotors/pads..machined them etc..nothing seems to work..any input in these maters would be greatly appreciated..thankyou

Ok blue smoke is you valve seals in your head.the shaking could be wheel bearing need to check them ... 2004 Infiniti FX45

My 1999 e320 lost power as I was driving down the freeway. The check engine light came on and it would only go about 25 mph. I stopped, shut the engine off and restarted it a few minutes later. It ran perfect for about thirty minutes, then started bogging down again. now it has no power, shakes and it makes a deep straining sound kind of like the secondaries opening up on an old four barrel carb. No power, but not making any unhealthy noises from under the hood. I have been having a problem for

Take the Vehicle to a Automotive parts store and they will scan the on board computer, ( for Free ) and retreave any strored Diagnostic Trouble Codes.Then bring the list of Codes back to me and I will Assist you with whatever the problem is. And abou ... Mercedes-Benz E320

While I was driving my 2000 Ford Contour - the car was lurching when I pushed down on the gas... it lost speed f rom 60 mile per hour to 40mph hour. I was on a slight incline. When the incline went away the car started going faster. Any incline can make the engine stall.

Thats normal for it to come on when it stalls.You may have a intermitent fault.I would have it scaned to see if it is holding any codes.I have seen this type of problem with other ford products and thay don't always set a code.that makes it a little ... 2000 Ford Contour

Engine problem my van was ok until i started it the other day. the engine was making noise and would want to cut out unless the throttle is pushed. i changed the oil and added some detergent additives to clean up the lifters etc.. it is better than it was but it seems to have some vibrating going on as i accelerate at higher speeds. some sort of loss of power and ruff running have continued, but i can drive it. so what is wrong? the engine has about 220,000 miles and it is otherwise running good

Sounds like its time for a tune up.Check plug wires for arcing.Best time for that is dark.You really want to be careful putting detergents in that high milaged of engine you could get a nosier engine or motor failure.If wires check out alright look ... 1994 Dodge Caravan

1996 Ford E250 makes rough rumble noise on inclines or when speed

I'm thinking it may be the differential (rear end). With that many miles on the vehicle, it would not be uncommon for the u joints or differential to make noise due to increased tolerances from normal wear. I'd look into that. You may be surprized. ... 1996 Ford Econoline

I have a 98 durango that wont start it broke down last night driving home. It started jerking and cutt off prior to it breaking down it drove ragedy. Id hit the gas to go and literally have to floor it ro get my rpms up once it reached 60 it would hesitate and i lterally have to speed like 70 to get a smooth ride. So we tried starting it this morning and it turns over but while turning over it makes a rattling noise from under the hood it scared me i thought the engine was going to fall out. It

... Cars & Trucks

I would just like some ideas for why my check engine light came on in my car. I have a 2006 Mazda 3, 5 speed with 91,000 miles on it. It isn't making any unusual noises, the oil change is up to date and all of the different fuels are at appropriate levels. The check engine light just popped on this weekend while driving about 65 miles an hour on the hwy and it won't go off.

... 2006 Mazda 3

1997 HOnda CRV - 148,000 mi. when excelerating from 40 -7- mph, a loud "thump, thump, thumping" begins. When foot is taken off gas the noise stops. The car does not shake. Local mechanic did not know what was wrong (although he verified that something indeed WAS wrong). Axcels, wheels & engine mount were checked and looked good. Noise appears louder when going up a hill or incline and is not constant while driving 0-35 miles distances.

... 1997 Honda CR-V

I just bought a 2000 Dodge neon for my nephew and it has 174000 miles. When I start the car and start going - sometimes the car will shake and make loud noise uner the hood and If let the gas padel go and ores it again it runs fine? also it has "FUSE" flashing on the odometer, And the Door signal is lighgted. The stereo and the right headlight wont come up.. head light works fine on the high beam.. Please help.. Check engine and the battery light is on also...

Wow, that's a small list of problems to fix! If you are mechanically inclined, sounds like you need to start from ground zero. Disconnect the negative battery terminal for 3-5 minutes then reconnect the battery cable. This will clear ... 2000 Dodge Neon

The car will not accelerate; while driving at 65 mph on highway going up hill car started to slow and stall only going about 35-40 up the hill. once over the hill the car would not resume speed and maxed out at about 40 mph. it has always taken a little while to accelerate, but since this incident it will not accelerate past 40 mph and takes a very long time to get to that point. when revving up the engine at high rpm's the car makes a grinding hissing noise while in neutral.

This sounds like 1 of 2 possible problems.\015\012a bad headgasket or a clogged catalytic convertor. i would lean more towards the convertor ... Pontiac Bonneville

Today i noticed that my car (2001 Cadillac STS) started making a buzzing noise (similar to the noise made when you put a card near your bicycle wheel to make it sound like an engine) that is quite noticeable at speeds of 45-60 Mph. So i took it for a drive to listen to it closer, and i noticed that the pitch of the sound went up as my speed increased. So i got to about 60 mph and put it in neutral and let the engine idle. but the noise stayed the same pitch and loudness. which makes me think i

Wheel bearing going out ... 2001 Cadillac Sts

Hello Just inherited a 1999 lumina 3100 engine with 48 thousand kilometers everthing is ok except this issue started 3 days ago The engine is making a strange to describe noise it sounds like a wining noise or air escaping the noise dosn t seem to follow the speed of the engine it dose not speed up when the engine is reved Also the n oise is not noticable all the time and varies in loudness I can t not pinpoint exactly where it is comming from Any helpplease i thing maybe a fanbelt o


Hello. Recently my 2002 toyota highlander have been making weird noise..so today while i was driving to my parents it would not go on drive or reverse..would not pick up speed...is it my transmission? do i need a new one...?

Yes you need a new one. ... 2002 Toyota Highlander

When my ranger idles at 3100 rpms it starts to shake and makes a really horrible noise like the engine is going to fall out of it

Look at your motor mounts.With the engine off take a pry bar and physically apply pressure on the mounts they should not move. ... 2004 Ford Ranger

Sometimes (not all the time and only recently) upon acceleration (from dead stop and/or from any speed but give enuf gas for it to kick down into overdrive), car jerks and acts like it doesn't want to go but engine does not make spitting noise. Just feels mechanical..

There is some loose conduct in the connection from the engine delta coil side which is connected to spark plug.Tat part is having some loose connection which makes the car to **** and stop when you accelerate. ... Toyota Corolla

I have a 2003 mitsubishi galant ES 4 cylinder and have a check engine light message on i had the code read at auto zone and they told me the third cylinder is misfiring and when it idles it jumps around alot and shakes the whole car. And doesnt get any power when trying to drive from a stop position it jumps really bad almost to the point where it feels like it is going to die. it seems to get worst when the air conditioning is running and when the air is on it makes a humming noise really bad c

Misfire means you need spark plugs replaced. Or spark plug coils.That's why the whole car starts shaking because its running basically on 3 cylinders and not 4 as supposed. There is no gas compression on the 3rd cylinder because once agai ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant
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