Having problems with your 2004 Land Rover Discovery ?

I changed front brakes on my 04 land rover discvoery, but not my rotors. Every time I stop it makes a grinding noise.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

While you were changing your pads, did you inspect your brake rotors? If you did you probably would have found that the old pads had worn grooves into the rotors. So now your rotors are wearing grooves into your new pads. You need to see if there is enough material left on your rotors to have them turned. If not you need to replace your rotors and of course your new pads should also be replaced again.
Something is not on right, remove the wheel that is noisy andc heck your work.
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I changed front brakes on my 04 land rover discvoery, but not my rotors. Every time I stop it makes a grinding noise.

While you were changing your pads, did you inspect your brake rotors? If you did you probably would have found that the old pads had worn grooves into the rotors. So now your rotors are wearing grooves into your new pads. You need to see if there ... 2004 Land Rover Discovery

I had new brake pads and rotors put on my 2005 equionox...now I am getting a grinding noise (intermitently) when making a final stop at a light or stop sign. Sometimes it feels like it's not stopping properly. This seems to be effecting just the one front tire. I've had the car back several times and last week they put on new brake pads (said the other ones were defective)...well now the grinding sounds is back and I'm confused.

May be the grade of pad that was used in replacement,Would find out if ceramic brake pad is available for this vehicle.They usually cost a little more but provide better perfomance typically less noise issues and create less brake dust. ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

ABS problem every time I step on the brake on the bumpy road, ABS light comes on and start acting up by making vibrated noise and brake pedal actually pushes back towards me, which I can not be able to stop immediately. I almost hit cars in front of me many times. Mechanics were not able to detect ABS problem. They said it might be the ABS control unit. Please help! Thank you for your support.


There is a rattling sound on the right side of my G35 coupe every time I let go of the gas pedal and my brakes actuate and ABS kicks in before I make a stop. after driving 5 minutes on the highway the ABS,SLP,VDC lights lids on and the brake works fine and no rattling sound? I just changed my rotors and brakes in the front thought it will solve the issue but not. any suggestions?

I had the same problem, i had my passenger seat moved all the way to the back as possible, if u set the seat a little more to the front it will stop. ... 2005 Infiniti G35

My right front wheel locks up on slippery surfaces while braking just before coming to a complete stop. It makes a grinding noise at this time. My mechanic checked everything and said it looked normal. The brake pads have normal and equal wear and the ABS light has never lit up on the dash except when starting the car

Remove the moving part of the caliper and clean and grease the two sliding pins ... 2001 Honda CR-V

Front end seems to be grinding slightly and makes a noise like it is draggin cardboard when braking but not every time it brakes?

When was the last time you did brakes could be ur brakes grinding against ur rotors. or ur wheel bearings are no good .but check ur brakes first usually you change them or check them every 25-35000 miles depending on how much you drive ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2002 Trailblazer that has a grinding noise in the right front. It starts to shudder for a few seconds and makes a louder grinding noise at the same time. The 4 times that it has happened in the last 2 days, I pulled over because I was scared to keep driving. After I stopped for a minute, the problem went away. The shudder starts when I am normally going straight. There is a slight grinding noise when I drive though now. I just had my right front hub bearing replaced a week ago. Thanks f

Abby, I'd look to the place that replaced that expensive bearing assembly. That's the first thing I'd do. The other possibilities could be serious problems, especially if it's 4x4. We don't even want to go there. That possibility would be a shrea ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

On April 29, 2011, a clacking sound started coming from the area of my right front passenger side tire. The noise from the right front passenger sided starts the clacking noise every time I make a right or left turn and when I take off from stop. This noise continues until my speedometer gets between 25 mph and 30 mph when it makes a light clicking sound for a few seconds and then stop. The clacking or clicking sounds goes completely away when I am traveling @ 35 mph and above. 2 guys who work

It sounds like your noise is comming from your right axle.More than likely its the inner CV joint;because,I'm guessing it is making noise while going straight and not just in turns, and when the joint is under high load like from a stop. ... 2000 Ford Focus

Have 2009 Lincoln MKS. Problem with brakes making grinding noise when stopping. Been to dealership four times, they rplaced pads and rotors, still does it, what can be done?

... 2009 Lincoln MKS

My 2004 Silverado Z71 1500, has been making a clunking noise when i excelerate from a dead stop. Feels like its coming from the rear. Also feel a bad rattle in the front every time hit a bump. Can feel the rattle in the gas and brake pedals.

2000 gm. Serria 4x4 5.3 liter my wheel has a bad vibrating and shaking is it the steering knuckle ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Stability control hi i keep getting service stability control light on dash on a 1999 cadilac deville then it makes a grinding noise, some times it puts the brakes on ,other times i touch the brake peddle and its fine , as you drive i can hear the noise every so often but not all the time the brakes kick in

Why are you using the car at all?Immediately -- any time any vehicle is not100% perfect,you stop & find out whyHave is diagnosed & repairedCould be wheel hub bearings or other abs system issues.Could be si ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

Front brake makeing grinding noise when i apply the brake to stop

Recheck brakes hard ware may also been bad , ck front wheel bearing also. ... 2003 Ford Expedition

My 2000 Dodge Caravan mini van makes loud grinding noise when turning and continues while driving straight. This noise happens every now and again while simply braking. I was told at one point that my cv joint may be going, rear wheel and master cylinder may be leaking, need serpentine belt and rear brakes are going (I get a squealing when I stop). What is this grinding sound? It happens at all different speeds.

If your getting a grinding noise when turning it's probably in the power steering. If you leaking fluid you have a hole, more then likely in the high pressure line or the rack and pinion is bad. ... 1994 Chevrolet Lumina APV

Im getting like a grinding thumping noise up front of my 2004 Silverado. The grinding is louder when I go into my 4x4. It seems to be the worst when Im turning slightly left. It started out making the noise only once in a while, Now its becoming more consistant. Is it the axel, or the bearing in the front differential? I dont know. Brakes and rotors are in good shape, ball joints seem fine, but its hard to find out what the problem is exactly.


2007 Saturn Ion Front end grinding noise while rolling up to a stop. New brake pads & rotors. New front struts, CV shaft and rear coil springs all replaced in the last month. I Have had in into two different shops including the dealership and they can't replicate the noise nor find any problems when inspecting brakes. Any ideas???

Wheel bearing ? ... Cars & Trucks

2009 RX 350 is making a loud grinding sound when I accelerate, then it goes away. The noise appears to come from the front right wheel area. I have AWD. It especially happens while driving up a hill. I've taken it in 2 times and no one can reproduce the sound, which is strange because it make the noise every time I drive the car. There are 46,000 miles on the car and it's occurred since I brought it home (34,000 miles).

... Lexus Cars & Trucks

My 1996 Toyota Corolla makes an inconsistant noise during braking right before a complete stop. The noise is squeeky and loud. I removed both front tires and performed a visual inspection of the brakes, rotors and suspension. I found that both C.V. axles had excessive rotational reeplay were they go into the transmission. I also found that both front sway bar bushings were extremely drie-rotted and the sway bar can be moved by hand. Is this normal for the C.V. axles to have alot of freeplay? And

Yes it can it's over 10 years old. ... 1996 Toyota Corolla

Im getting like a grinding thumping noise up front of my 2004 Silverado. The grinding is louder when I go into my 4x4. It seems to be the worst when Im turning slightly left. It started out making the noise only once in a while Now its becoming more consistant. Is it the axel or the bearing in the front differential? I dont know. Brakes and rotors are in good shape ball joints seem fine but its hard to find out what the problem is exactly.

My 2004 Silverado is displaying a similar issue - but it grinds loudly on either a sharp left or right turn at slow speed - it feels like it is winding itself up terribly then releasing that energy in burst as it skips & hops along. If you shut ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Hear a grinding noise from the right front wheel when I make left turn (mostly). Noise has now progressed to anytime the wheel is in motion. Also hear squeeking sound (ball bearing possibly?). I've changed the front brakes and had the rotor sanded to remove slickness (not technical term) thinking that was the cause of the grinding - no help. Could it be the ball bearing?

You should definitely pull the front wheel and check the bearings (they are roller bearings, not ball bearings). With the wheel off, you should be able to isolate where the noise is coming from, but I vote for the bearings. Check, replace and/or re ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

The problem is that every time I start my car and begin to accelerate, reverse, brake or whatever, generally about 3 seconds after I do this the car makes a sound and slightly jolts. When it does this, my headlights dim and my radio will shut off but then restart itself and the two lights, the emergency brake light and anti-lock brake light will turn on. So, if I drive with these lights on, my car makes a high pitched grinding noise when I accelerate. Generally I have to restart my car to make t

Sounds like you are having a short circuit, my guess is something in your ABS unit has failed, if it were me and ANYTHING AT ALL was happening that should not especially with something as important as the brakes on your car, i would get it serviced i ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

On my 2006 Buick Rendezvous there is a grinding noise when braking to a quick stop. The noise is only at the end of the braking time and does not seem to affect the effectiveness of the brakes.. Paid Buick house $150 to replace really warped rotors. Drove away with the same problem. What could be causing this noise?

... 2006 Buick Rendezvous

My f150 5.4 triton problem is when I barke every so often the the brake pedal from the booster makes a squeegy sound of noise every time I apply the brakes. and if I hold the brakes at a stop and push down on the brakes harder the pedal goes down to the floor further than it should. I got a booster from the savage yard and put it on without taking the master cylinder off to keep from loosing prime and it is still doing the same thing as the last booster. Could it be the ABS or just a falty boost

Not booster or master- you need to bleed brake fluid from each wheel cyclinder- you have an air bobble somewhere ... 2005 Ford F-150

Screeching noise While driving my front right tire/wheel area starting screeching loudly, the noise would only happen while I was moving and was unchanged whether I had the brakes applied or not, or had the clutch engaged or not. When I turned the steering wheel all the way one direction something thumped softly, and now it's not making the noise. I took off my wheel and can't find any signs of grinding or scoring anywhere on the suspension or brake rotor. I'm inexperienced and have suspicion

If your C/V joint is going bad it will make a nasty clicking sound and get louder the longer you leave it unattended.If this noise went away it could have been something stuck it the moving area of your wheel and just worked itself out.Keep an ear ou ... 1996 Honda Civic

Had front brake pads and rotors replaced on my 2007 Saturn Vue after ony 19,000 miles and I now get a grinding sound and feel when I come to a slow stop. I have taken the car back two times for look over and the dealer tells me this is normal and will go away after the pads seat into the rotors. Now with several hundred miles on th new pads and rotors and the grinding has not gone away. Sure never happended when the car was new. What gives and how do I complain to the dealer that this is n

You go tell them you took it to a shop and had it checked and the brake rotors need to be turned down. and you want to resolve this in a simple way. and that you feel good, and trust them with your Saturn. and that times are hard and repeat trafic is ... 2007 Saturn VUE FWD 4

We have a Ford Windstar 1998 and for the past few weeks have had to keep adding power steering fluid every few days, because the steering starts to make a whinning noise and then its gone once we add fluid. Also since having our brakes fixed several months ago, every time we take a left turn or go around a left had corner there is a grinding noise. Whats that all about ??

Per power steering. if u keep having to add fluid u have a leak somewhere. ... Ford Windstar
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