Having problems with your 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

Overheating, white smoke, test say its not the heads. What could it be?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Only one way I know of that coolant can get into the exhaust. Either a cracked cylinder head or blown head gasket (OK that's two ways)
Either condition should show up during a hydrocarbon test at the radiator
You could have a crack in a cylinder wall but unless the vehicle was stored with no antifreeze in it through a cold winter, toe odds of that are nearly zero.
Check the spark plugs for yellow residue, antifreeze will often stain a plug. You could also remove all the plugs and pressurize the cooling system. Leave it pressurized for a few hours and then turn the engine over using the key. Most times when you do that, some antifreeze will come out of the bad cylinder(s) (Make sure fuel system and spark are disabled so you don't start a fire when you do that though) Easy way to do that is to pull the fuel pump relay and unplug the connector on the coil or asd relay.
If you tear the engine down and don't see a problem with the headgaskets, have the heads magnafluxed or dye tested and checked for warpage.
I know you said you had it tested. Someone is wrong here and I'm betting it's not me!!!
Good luck!!.
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Overheating, white smoke, test say its not the heads. What could it be?

Only one way I know of that coolant can get into the exhaust. Either a cracked cylinder head or blown head gasket (OK that's two ways)Either condition should show up during a hydrocarbon test at the radiatorYou could have a crack in a cyl ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Best test,,NAPA sells a combustion leak tester(balkamp #700-1006) A tube of liquid that will change color if combustion gas is in the cooling system.Thinking you may be right about a head gasket problem or possibly a crack in the head.\015\012 ... 1997 BMW 7 Series

White smoke at stop light almost no power, Engine light then EPC light, engine light went off ,I make it to dealer they say water in fuel. Could it be something else, I had the gas stations logs and records checked all tests no water 08 VW Jetta 2.0T

Sounds to me like u have a leaking engine cylinder head gasket or water in the fuel. the best thing to do is get some fuel out of your tank and let it sit, the water will separate out if it is present ... 2008 Volkswagen Jetta


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My 1999 Cadillac Deville over-heats. I replaced the thermostat with no luck. Some people have told me that it could possibly be a bad head-gasket, but I know that normaly when head-gaskets go bad you will see smoke (white smoke). Could it possibly be my water-pump? If so, what might I want look at as a determining factor?

This problem is a leaking cylinder gasket(s) ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

2000 TDI - Lots of white smoke at cold start. Engine misses badly at midrange and at cruising conditions. Good power when peddle is mashed and seems to run smooth then. White smoke mostly goes away at idle after the car reaches 190F. Replaced: turbo, injector pump, injectors, glow plugs, rings, egr, MAF sensor, cleaned intake and EGR cooler, timed properly, head was pressure tested. The white smoke is almost certainly unburnt diesel as it smells like it and burns the eyes - and it's ALOT of smok

Sounds like your injection pump timing is off, an injector is leaking or a bad seal on your IP.\015\012VW dealers have a horrible reputation when it comes to TDI's. Check out the posts over at ... Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 2004 shogun sport 2.5td. It was blowing black smoke badly. A garage fitted a new turbo. This worked for a day then the smoke came back even worse. I changed the injectors and the black smoke went straight away only to be replaced with billowing white/ grey smoke. I changed air filter. Oil and filter change also new glowplugs. But still white smoke bad when it warms up. Mechanic did a chemical test to see if head gasket had blown but said it's fine.

From statement "But still white smoke bad when it warms up". Check valve clearence ... 1988 Mitsubishi Pickup

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You should look into getting another mechanic. He could have figured out if any of those things had a problem before replacing. He should have compression tested it and tested the radiator flow which would have answered his question without replace ... Volkswagen Beetle

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Iv got a fiat scudo 1.9 d with a DW8 just reconed the head and now its running lumpy and its smoke alot the smokes white ? iv changed the injectors with some i got and its still the same. could it still be the injectors or could it be the pressure? please help :-)

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Car keeps overheating. we got new radiator cap from the dealer, still too hot. Then we changed water pump and flushed system, still too hot. Then we called cadillac and spoke with service who told us it was probably head gasket and to do compression test on all cylinders, all cylinders tested good and held. So then we tried K&N Nanotechnology head gasket repair, still same problem. What else could it be?

I have seen several cases where headgasket leak could not be found by compression test check for engine heating up rather quick as 600 degree gas is entering cooing system also die is sold that can be added to cooling system that changes color if mix ... 1997 Cadillac Seville
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