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My 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee will not start. While driving to work this morning, lights flashed quickly, but stopped. Once I got to work, I turned off the car, attempted to lock it using the remote. It wouldn't work, nor would the car turnover.There has been a "dragging" sound at times, but after going a faster speed (highway), there was no sound. It was only when taking off or driving at slow speeds (town).

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Answers :

The key to all this, is there a check engine light on in your dash ? If you try to start your Jeep do the lights still come on in the dash ?
\015\012You will have to have someone plug a scan tool into your vehicle to pull any codes.
\015\012Once you have those we will have a "map" to help solve the problem.
\015\012Please let me know.
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My 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee will not start. While driving to work this morning, lights flashed quickly, but stopped. Once I got to work, I turned off the car, attempted to lock it using the remote. It wouldn't work, nor would the car turnover.There has been a "dragging" sound at times, but after going a faster speed (highway), there was no sound. It was only when taking off or driving at slow speeds (town).

The key to all this, is there a check engine light on in your dash ? If you try to start your Jeep do the lights still come on in the dash ?\015\012You will have to have someone plug a scan tool into your vehicle to pull any codes.\015\01 ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Check all grounds!!! period! also chek dimmer switch with a ohm metter to insure that is don;t have a arch spot in the windings ... 2004 Pontiac Sunfire

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You will need to get a new remote, first off.Unfortunately the only foolproof way to do that is through a dealer parts department, giving them your VIN. Failing that, you can try matching up part numbers, if legible, on the back of your ... 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

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New starter. ... 2006 Saab 9-7X

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Sounds like the seal in the new clutch master cylinder. I've seen that same problem in the hand brake system in small 2 and 4 seat airplanes. ( I'm and aircraft mechanic) The problem is not air in the lines so bleeding won't help. The piston seal i ... 1997 Mazda MX-5 Miata

95 Honda Accord V6 I heard a popping noise when I was driving my car then the gauges on my car (speed and rpm) started moving up and down them stopped working. My lights inside the car and headlights went dim. I pulled to the side turned the car off turned it back on I put my foot on the gas and it felt like my car wanted to stall. The gauges didnt work at this time, lights still dim. Then everything kicked back in and the car took off.

Clean the battery terminals! The best bet is baking soda, then hose off. ... 2007 Honda Accord Sedan

1999 Sunfire GT has started to shift violently with a noticable jolt going from park to drive or neutral to drive while upshifting also seems more harsh.200000 kilometers on car. Cruise control quit working at the same time. No fluid stains on ground where car is parked. Bulk of cars use is one hour per day of highway driving, It has the 2.4 ltre engine. Thanks for any advice. Dave

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The first symptom was quite minor and we ignored it. Driving along one day, the fuel and temperature gauges both fell to zero. Nothing else happened and the car continued driving fine. Then, after a few minutes, the gauges came back on again. Over time the battery ran down which I continued to jump start until one day, driving along happily, all the power failed suddenly, the car stopped and even the hazard lights didnt work, the car has been parked up since as my mechanic says he is unable to f

When you put jump leads on if your lights are working and she starts up would be inclined to think its your battery faulty ... 2002 Volkswagen Passat
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