Having problems with your 2004 Jaguar XJR-Series ?

04 xjr rear left side wheel rubbing as it rotates. heavy brake dust, but squeakng occurs without engaging breaks. Drivetrain issue?

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Answers :

Rubbing what? If there is heavy brake dust you more likely have worn out brake pads or damaged calipers and/or rotors. First step is to determine exactly what is rubbing and where.
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04 xjr rear left side wheel rubbing as it rotates. heavy brake dust, but squeakng occurs without engaging breaks. Drivetrain issue?

Rubbing what? If there is heavy brake dust you more likely have worn out brake pads or damaged calipers and/or rotors. First step is to determine exactly what is rubbing and where. ... 2004 Jaguar XJR-Series

2003 Volvo S60 AWD warning brake failure light comes on often. Dealer found no brake issues. Check engine light, ABS, traction control warning also occur 50% of time. There are no issues with any of these systems, just the stupid warning lights. Hoiw do I make them go away without spending a fortune?

Check the fuse and the wirings. ... 2002 Volvo S60

I am having trouble getting to rear brake lines to remove and replace. The issue I am having is that the lines go into the frame in front of rear dif. which is behind the body's back seat. there is very little room to get a line wrench to turn. On the otherside of the same location the line is rubber down to the rear dif. then metal line splits to each break. what is the best way to remove one line from the frame without breaking the other? does the junktion box come out?

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On my 2008 Patriot, I cannot put my automatic transmission in drive with the Patriot started and the brake petal engaged without the Patriot surging and then stalling. It does not matter whether I put it in drive or reverse with the brake engaged without the vehicle surging and stalling. No service engine light is illuminated.

Check with your dealer vechicle may need to have the electric throttle learn procedure done if battery has died or been disconnected ... 2008 Jeep Patriot

I was told that my parking brake on my 2002 Kia Sedona is not engaging properly, though there is good tension on the line. I've replaced the rear drum brake pads, and adjusted the parking brake cable that runs from the front to the rear brakes. After all this, the problem is still occurring, and if pushed with the parking brake engaged and the shifter in neutral, it will roll. Any suggestions?

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I am having issues with the camber on my driver side front wheel. the first problem i noticed was that when i was parking my truck(sharply turning as well as pushing on the break) the brake would fail and give a griding sound, i was lucky not to crash, i have since learned that if i straighten the wheel the brake will kick back in. this failure of braking only happens when i am trying to park. since then i have bled the brakes, in doing so i realized i might have an alignment issue. as well as t

If it's that bad clearly the wheel hub bearing is gone - it must be immediately replaced, if it fails completely while you're driving it will surely kill you. ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My 2008 Dodge Avenger will not shift out of Park. The car has less than 30000 miles and there have not been any issues like this before. I tested the brakes and the brake lights still come on and everything appears to still be functional. The car also starts without any problem but it will not allow me to shift out of park. Apparently this has happened to many others and Chrysler has not issued a recall. What a surprise. are there any solutions that I can attempt? I am going to get this issue r

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I bought a new brake switch for my catera but the button on the switch is too short when installed. also there is no way to get the switch out without breaking it. how do i remove the switch without breaking it?

It impossible that there is no way out, turn it to the slot then pull it out ... 1999 Cadillac Catera


The caliper pistons can be sticking. By flushing out the brake fluid on both rear calipers may correct your problem if contamination is removed by bleeding the rear calipers ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

After driving about 5 to 10 miles my brake pedal will get extremely hard and responsive with no travel what so ever. Additionally the brakes start applying themselves and it becomes very difficult to keep the car up to speed. After a little bit of time the issue will go away, say about 5 to 10 minutes once everything gets hot. Finally, when this issue occurs if I park the car and any length of time over an hour the pedal will go directly to the floor as soon as i get in and after a couple minut

Master cylinder going bad. ... Ford Focus

1998 Ford Expedition. 4 wheel drive will not disengage. Switch is on 2wd but 4x4 light is on and front wheels are engaged. pulled #23 fuse but did nothing. Heard about replacing motor, acuator, vacuum acuator on firewall. Looking for a common issue with this truck and or hoe to test parts without just starting to replace parts without knowing if its the issue or not.

... 1998 Ford Expedition

I have a 2009 Ford F150 2wd. I added a 2 1/2 leveling kit with 34 in tires and 20 wheels. When I turn it makes a sound like its rubbing. I eventually took it to a brake service center and was told that when I turn the abs or breaks are engaging. The gentleman told me that the electronics are reading the tires wrong because of the size and the noise I hear is the brakes engaging an slowing me down. Is there anything that I could do to fix this problem rather then removing the leveling kit and

First check its not the tyres rubbing on the mudflaps/wheelarch.or even the inner wing(fender)YOU NEED TO GET SOMEONE TO TURN THE WHEEL HARD OVER WHEN YOUR UNDER THE CAR TO SEE WHATS TOUCHING.......the abs/electronics is just garage ********...... ... 2004 Ford F150

My 2001 GMC Jimmy has an issue with the 4wd. When i press the button it only blinks and doesn't fully engage. However, last night i randomly pressed auto 4wd and it engaged without an issue. I tried again today and it simply blinks. Any suggestions?

... 2001 GMC Jimmy

I was driving my Sante FE yesterday and stopped at a red light. When I released the break all four brakes where still grabbing. As I was close to home, I kept it in 1st gear and drove back home. At that point all four brakes where very hot. Left it to cool, they eventually released. Took it for test drive after and same thing did not happen again. Any thoughts? Seems like a Master Cylinder issue to me as what else can affect all four breaks?

You are right when you mastercylinder related,as you have a very small port (compesating)inside the cylinder and should a small partical enter and block this port the brakefluid cannot push back when releasing the brakes causing the brakes to bind.th ... Hyundai Santa Fe

1990 Isuzu Trooper Brake Problems. The breaks on my trooper seem to have an issue. I had replaced the pads on all 4 not long ago. Just the other day my brake peddle pressure is almost gone. I was told that it could be the booster. I took it to a shop and was told it was the booster. So I replaced the booster and still have the same problem. I checked the valve hose on the booster seems to work. I was wanting to know what else could be causing this issue. I have to down shift and pump brak

Get your vehicle's brakes master cylinder checked, tht could be the problem. ... Isuzu Trooper

Hello first if you can'tell by the wording of the question I am about to ask I am a woman.. I have a 97 Neon and recently my car started making a noise now what I do know about neons is that the brakes squeel even if they are new. Now I don't know if this problem I am having is a BREAK issue or a ROTAR issue. You know the sound a card in a bike wheel sounds like, well my car makes that type of noise when I am breaking and sometimes it happens when I first start driving sometimes it doesn't until

Sounds like you know cars better than many others:) How old are your front brakes? Yes new brakes can make noise on any car if cheap parts or incomplete parts are used...Your brakes are actually designed to make noise when they are not right:) The ... 1997 Plymouth Neon

Im driving a 2001 Volkswagen Golf, Mark 4, and it has Volkswagen alloys on it. Problem is, I dont think they have EVER been cleaned. But are still in pretty good condition, Its the brake dust! Its mounted on and i just cant remove it without scrubbing for ages with the help of cilit bang or cif, But i think they will damage the metals. Also that still leaves small amounts that just wont come off. Can anybody give me something to remove this brake dust? Help much needed, Thanks!

Check the Yellow Pages in your town. There are companies that recondition wheels.\015\012\015\012They will have to be sand blasted.\015\012\015\012I had mine done for $35.00 each...they look new. ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

Front brakes engaged while driving

... 2004 Acura TL

2002 Chrysler Concorde LX. High pitched noise from brake area. Somtimes occurs when brakes are applied gently. It also happens when the brakes are released. Sometimes it can be heard without the brakes being applied. I think the noise is from the drivers side brake. I have had the pads changed and the rotors turned to see if it would solve the problem. It did not help.

The most common cause for this type of condition is when the caliper and backing surface of the pads are properly lubricated to prevent squeal, the procedure is as follows;\015\012\015\012Lubricate both the caliper mating surface an ... Chrysler Concorde

Brake system Brake light came on. Checked parking brake to ensure not engaged. Checked brake fluid level was low, added fluid. Light went out. Several days later brake light on again and break pedal will not hold any pressure. When you place foot on pedal and apply pressure pedal will continue to go to floor.

You have a leaking brake line or Caliper. You need to fix the hole by replacing parts. ... 1996 Mercury Mystique

My brakes and power-steering are not working. The brake pedal is hard, but the brakes will not engage. The power steering was not working at the same time. It has brake fluid, but when I took the power steering cap off, while truck was off, it popped fluid out the top, even-though the truck was cold. The brakes are now working better but I can still feel them not catching, like their is air in the system. This problem happened without warning. It sat overnight and when I went to leave in th

Yes, your brakes are boosted by the power steering pump rather than by vacuum. I don't think it's air in the system. More likely your pump has failed, but you can try bleeding the pump. Here is a procedure from autozone.com:\015\012\01 ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

Problems: Ford focus 2007 model 1. My brake lights stays on while driving without hitting on the breaks, 2. Car wont switch off after removing the key until I let go of the brakes then the car switches off. 3 Everytime I hit on the brakes my front lights switches ON. "The only thing that I can remember changing was the right rear brake light buld"

It sounds like you have a voltage feedback that is providing power to your shift interlock solenoid and your brake lamps are being fed by your daytime running lamp circuits. Check the bulb and make sure that:\0121. It is the CORRECT bulb for ... Ford Focus

I have an 04 MDX with about 130k miles. It runs perfect and has never had a problem. I'm driving the MDX last week and I lightly apply the brakes at about 30mph. All of a sudden it felt like the brake pedal engaged and the ABS was kicking in, even though I was on dry asphalt! very weird. I drove a few seconds and it happened again, this time without applying the brakes. I drove the five miles home, and as I drove it happened every 10-15 seconds, whether I was braking or accelerating. The be

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My 1998 Olds has 175 K on it and recently the Traction control engages every time I start it and begin driving. I have to turn Traction Control off every time I start it now, before I engage the drivetrain and begin moving or it will engage. Also the Light for the Anti Lock brakes comes on half of the time right after Traction Control engages

... 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora

2007 chevy malibu, when brake peddle is engaged the brake lights go out but you remove you foot from the brake peddle the break lights come on and stay on untill you touch the brake peddle again, I am baffled.

That sounds like a faulty brake light switch located down on the brake pedal lever under the dash, or a damaged wire at the wire connector to the brake light switch. Here are some images of what the brake light switch looks like to help assist you. ... 2004 Chevrolet Aveo
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