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My 2004 XG 350 had its driver's side airbag deployed while I was seated in the parking lot. There was no impact, no accident, car was not in motion at all. The dealer says I have to drop it off to find out the reason the deployment took place. They want $125 for assessment, one full day without rental car rental reimbursement, and said they cannot promise a final determination will be obtained. I am fuming, and am not paying one cent out of my pocket for this. Just imagine if the deployment took

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Answers :

Thay will make you pay for the seat and airbag and a new airbag module you can save money by buying the used seat with airbag at a junk yard and sand out your airbag unit for repair abt $50 more info on all airbag how to go to http://www.vehix411.com
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My 2004 XG 350 had its driver's side airbag deployed while I was seated in the parking lot. There was no impact, no accident, car was not in motion at all. The dealer says I have to drop it off to find out the reason the deployment took place. They want $125 for assessment, one full day without rental car rental reimbursement, and said they cannot promise a final determination will be obtained. I am fuming, and am not paying one cent out of my pocket for this. Just imagine if the deployment took

Thay will make you pay for the seat and airbag and a new airbag module you can save money by buying the used seat with airbag at a junk yard and sand out your airbag unit for repair abt $50 more info on all airbag how to go to ... 2004 Hyundai XG350

My kia forte gets stuck in park after using the override button it idles up high and increased speed without my foot being on gas pedal kia of August has a retraining order on me as we'll as no trespass I have reported this problem 4 times the one before it almost took my life bob Evans insisted he found nothing wrong with the car. I refuse to pick up my car without further inspection bob became angry and asked me to leave I need help I take chemo every four weeks kia refused to give me a loaner

Is there a rug or floor mat interfering with the acclerator pedal?If the allecerator pedal is interfered with you wont be able to shift out of park,so clear that area,Also have any engine code pulled, ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero it starts and then stalls out. I took it to a shop and the said my car is shooting too much fuel thru my fuel line causing it to drown my car in fuel. My spart plugs are drenched with fuel and that is all you smell after you start it. No one seems to be able to get a proper read to diagnosis exactly what my problem is. I've been told it could be my PCM or my fuel regulator please help been without my car for almost a month

It is your fuel pressure regulator ... Cars & Trucks

Battery was completely dead- so I just purchased a new one. The weather had been very cold with plenty of snow 0-25F. Did not attempt to start my car for about ten days but when I did the battery was completely dead. Jump started easily enough, then let the car warm up for approximately 20minutes- took it out for a ride, with the heater and defroster on. After about 20miles of driving 40-50 MPH, turned the headlights on and the car lost all power- including power steering.

That would probably be your alternator. The car doesnt take as much power to keep running as the lights. The lights use alot of power and if the battery is doing the alternators job it drains quickly. The battery is only designed to start the car th ... 2000 Mazda MX-5 Miata

A few weeks past I pulled out of gas station without my gas cap so I had to buy a new one at a auto parts store to replace. The gas cap warning light will not turn off. I took it to a mechanic that is certified to work on Audi's, he hooks it up to his computer and it says it has reset it, I then am told to drive it around till it turns off....in one day I put 70 miles on my car trying to get it to turn off, what to do?

The warning light on your Audi will reset after the car has been started and driven a number of times. Instead of starting the car once and driving it a long distance, start the car and drive it a few miles before turning it off, waiting 10-20 secon ... Audi A4

Where does all the hose go to on the car cuz i had to take off my manifold to put one of my hoses on and i took alot off little hoses off without remember where they go and now wen i start my car it acts as if i have my foot on the gas wen itz in park i thought i just need a throttle adj but it still keeps doin that so im really asking where can i get a lay out of my engine and compoents? i have a 1991 jaguar xj6 sovereign

Hi i had one of these unfortunatley i sold it resently, but i have 2 photos of the engine bay if you click on this link below there are 2 pictures one of the right hand side of the engine and one of the left hand side of the engine, if you righ click ... 1991 Jaguar XJ6

My toyota Yaris 2009 run perfect, the only problem I have is that when I leave the car in the garage for more than 3 or 4 days without starting it the battery dies. I took it to the dealership twice, th first time the battery was change, the second time the answer they gave me was to start the car every day. Does any one else has this problem with the Yaris 2009?

I am using a o6 yaris sprint and hanent had that,,so something is on so draining the bat=boot light.interier light switched on on roof panel ,check door switches,=door open press in and light should be off,radio left on, look along this path and you ... 2007 Toyota Yaris

I have a 2002 Millinium. It had been sitting because it needed some front end work. Once the work got done the car started but it was empty so it wouldn't stay on. So I put gas in it but then it wouldn't start. I assumed it was because it had been sitting in the cold for a while without being started so i took the battery to get tested. The battery was no good so I got a brand new one put it in and the car still wont start. Any suggestions?

Check fuel filter, running out of gas can let sediment into fuel filter ... 2002 Mazda Millenia

I own a 2002 Mercury Sable and about a year ago my car windows began to give me trouble when trying to roll them back up. I can get them to roll down but can't get them rolled up without using a battery. I was told it was probably my master switch so i got a new one and it didn't help. It doesn't click when I go to roll it up, it just does nothing. None of my windows work but my sunroof does. I took my car to a shop for some other work to be done and they accidently rolled down my drivers side w

Window mor and window regulator ... 2002 Mercury Sable

Transmission I have a 97 Jetta Gl .0 the reverse is getting really bad. I took it to 2 different garages. 1200.00-1600.00 @ one w/ a used trani w/ 50,000 miles the second was 1400.00 w/ 65,000.miles. I have been complaining to everyone about how much it was going to cost. But, that I love the car so I still want 2 get it fixed. There is this guy @ work said he was having the same problem. He took it to get it fixed. put almost 5,000 miles on it then had an accident. it is a 96 though, but it is

I had the same problem. The gear was slipping out and grinding.. Talked to all bunch of people...enough said. You want to save money..well ..go to a local junk yard ( i know what you are thinking ) i am not a big fan either...but if you are patient a ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

Replaced the water pump about a month ago...still losing water but no apparent leaks and still overheating...took the thermostadt out and running without one at the moment...car still overheats..still having to replace water in the radiator...and now seeing a BIG puddle of water after I fill the radiator under muffler....ANY Ideas?

Sounds to me like you either... (A)- have a blown headgasket... (B)-have a warped head.. have the exhaust fumes checked in your coolant overflow tank by a local mechanic ... 1996 Buick Century

99 clk 320 changed key fob batteries car acted funny and key took a minute to unlock and turn in ignition and now it is stuck in and wont turn just stays locked at 0. door locks and unlocks dnt work either it worked i changed batteries in key on monday and on saturday it quit working? is it posible the key lost program i only have one remote

... 1999 Mercedes-Benz CLK

Overheating problems I have had nearly my entire water cooling system replaced, radiator cap, radiator, thermostat, and i have even had the water system flushed. I first thought my first thermostat was faulty, as when i took it out, and ran the car without it, it was fine. I bought a higher quality brand for my next one, and again the same problem, 2 days after i have replaced the thermostat, i have found i overheated within just 3km of driving. I have even had my head gasket replaced (it did ha

Possible cracked head, timing, water pump are the only other things left to check ... 1988 Nissan Pulsar

The airbag of the car deployed and do not want to put in a new one but the airbag light is always on so how do you turn the light off or condemn it? Where is the airbag control unit located? At times the check engine lights up and is on for a couple of days and at times it turns off by itself without doing anything,

You need a man with a laptop and some software to hack into the EMU to sort out the error messages.\015\012\015\012Re: Air Bag \015\012\015\012In view of the fact that you are trying to defeat a safety feature of the car you m ... Volkswagen New Beetle

Ok, I have a 1995 Gs-t eclipse... Got a evo 16G JDM turbo, when i bought the car it was NOT running... The guy said it needed a new module so i went that day and bought a brand new module.. It will try to turn over but it wont start... And very little pressure built up.. I thought the battery was bad on it so i took it to autozone anyways it was bad.. so I bought a new one put on it samething.. I just don't know what to do.. PLEASE HELP! I'm 17 years old without a father and i don't

Here is my advice to you. Take this to a shop. Tell them you would like to fix the vehicle yourself but need help diagnosing the problem. Most shops will charge you about 50 bucks to do this and some might even do it free for hope of future busines ... 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I changed the rear brakes in my 1999 cavalier, and since, every time I push the brakes, the ABS engages all the time, so I disconnected it to see if it is the ABS, but the problem remained: that is, when I push the brakes (without the ABS), the rear wheels stop very hard, sometimes one of them does and the car slides to the right or to the left. I tried several times to adjust (loosen) the rear brakes, but 2 days later, the problem returns back. I took it to the mechanic: after he checked it, h

... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a a 2002 2.7 Intrepid. The car will start up perfectly 4 or five times, then there will be nothing, no click, no noise at all. Would not start last night, then thiis morning started without a problem. I took in for service, they told me I needed a new battery. They installed battery, I drove out of the parking lot and card proceeded to stall after 30 years. Could the starter brushes be the problem since it is intermittent. It is amazing how I can start it five times in one day and then ge

I can't understand why they couldn't determine if it was your starter as, there is a remote jumper for the starter which allows to engage the starter without a key and activating any of the relays to the starter.I can't see the other off ... 2002 Dodge Intrepid

I have a 94 LT1. At times it will just crank and crank without firing. Check eng light never comes on. Fuel vapor coming from exhaust. Next day it'll start right up with no warning lights. Had mass airflow sens. replaced last year. One week after that same problem. Took it back they couldn,t find anything wrong. Ran good most of last year and this year untill now. Is this a common problem for this year Corvettes and or LT1 Eng. ? Have been pouring too much money into this car for repair

Recommend you check sparks when it's acting up. Sounds like an electrical issue. I give some troubleshooting procedures in this post: http:// ... 1994 Chevrolet Corvette

Because of noise from the left rear wheel of my 1991 Merc SEL420, the mechanic took out the parking brake assembly which was broken and the cause of the noise. I do not use the car much but now would like to reinstall the parking brake after a year of being without one. What parts do I need for a complete assembly of the parking breaks? I have another mechanic who is willing to do the job if I can find the all the parts. CJ


I have a 2003 chevy trailblazer. the shifter is moving freely but the vehicle will not come out of park. i am thinking the linkage may have slipped, i took out the center console the by the shifter (it is an automatic) there is a silver button that is rapidly heating when the car is on is this some sort of parking neutral over ride that may be faulty do these even have one? is there anyway to fix this issue myself without having to completely remove the transmission???

... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer


153624 is the firing order ... 1998 Mazda Millenia

I have a 200 sc model dohc and the car is burning to rich you can feell it in your eyes and smell the like gasoline and blows black smoke , i took it the a mechanic shop whit a very experience mechanic at the time the car has 2 problems and he only could fix one the other the cooling fan didn't come on if the ac was not on and he fix it but he say the timing on the car get behind up to -24 true the his test in a vac line told me that my timing chain can be off by one teeth then i took th

This could be a coolant sensor skewed (Telling the computer the coolant is real cold or it could be a inlet temperature sensor telling the engine that the out side air temperature is very cold. Please understand without see ... 2000 Saturn SL

Hello, day before yesterday my car wont start i turn the key it made one click noise nothing else i tried again same thing..got a boost and car started worked fine all day ,, took car to autozone auto supply let them ck it out with there machine they have to tell u whats wrong with the car. however i was told battery 100% starter fine and altonater fine. but the next day same problem and car took boost and started again. here's my question last nite i notice when the car didnt start that if i ha

You were told the battery and alternator was good? how did they check your alternator? did they perform a load check on the battery? you should check the battery out yourself with a cheap digital meter...it should read at least 12.5v..if not the alte ... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

I have an accent 2000 that has a problem with burning crazy amounts of gas I mean a "Crazy Amounts" I took the car into the dealership Hyundai they had the car for 4 days they said the car might have a problem with the computer or the map sensor and oxigen sensor they could not get the car running well.I took it to a friend he cut one of the hoses of the canister car ran well now the car started to run ruff what could be the problem???

Since the original problem had not been properly diagnosed, and now the cut hose has complicated the issue, it's impossible to troubleshoot/diagnose it here. The solution was to have it properly diagnosed from the start. ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

Just bought a 2000 Civic EX and took it to the mechanic for a regular check up. They told me that someone had taken the engine out and possibly swapped it. The Vin number on the Engine is the same one as on the car, however. Now I'm looking at the engine numbers. The one in my car is a d16y7. Is this the correct engine? Some websites say there should be a y8, but others say the y7 is the correct one. WHich is it, and how much horsepower is the car really putting out?

The 2000 civic ex comes with a d16y8 and the other models come with the d16y7 the only difference is the 8 has vtec and the 7 doesnt ... 2000 Honda Civic
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