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My 2004 Hyundai elantra shifts up and down from 2nd to 3rd gear for know reason and also if left in drive, it wants to bog the motor instead of shifting down. What would cause this?

\015 The fluid was changed about 5000 miles ago. The transmission was changed about 60000 miles ago after breaking a final drive gear.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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My 2004 Hyundai elantra shifts up and down from 2nd to 3rd gear for know reason and also if left in drive, it wants to bog the motor instead of shifting down. What would cause this?

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2001 Ford Escape XLT (4WD, V6) Automatic Transmission. It seems that when I shift to Drive the transmission does not want to go into first gear. If I manually shift down to first gear it works OK. I can drive by starting in first gear, shifting up to 2nd gear manually, and then shifting to Drive. The O/D Light blinks on and off on the dash yet when I push the O/D button on the end of the shifter it does nothing. Does anyone know what would cause this? Why would it go into first gear manually,

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I have a 98 audi a4 1.8t and for some reason it doesn't seem to shift right. It occasionaly will not want to shift and shifts late at around 4000rpms instead of 3000rpms when I drive the car normal. I hade a friend chech the diagnostic codes and he had told me that one of the codes was for a Acceleration Pedal Sensor that was Low. Is this what is causing the late shifting or could it be something else?

Your car's engine depends on constant fuel under pressure to supply the\015\012\015\012fuel injection system properly. Your car's\015\012 ... Audi A4

Took my Ciera to a mechanic today because the car would not engage the fourth gear, they drove it and check it ??? and $ 95 bucks later they said there was nothing wrong with the tranny ( still does not engage the over drive ) But they found that one motor mount is broken and another loose, so they wanted $546 to replace them ( one motor mount $46 and the others $64 for both ). So instead I'll try to do it myself!?! So how hard is it, to do it??? $247 for flushing the cooling system is that all

Looks like a rip off hack to me. as far as the 4th gear. i dont know how i could help you there, their are far too many things that could be wrong without looking at it. i would suggest a new mechanic though ... 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have a 2003 2-wheel drive 2500HD silverado, i accidentally drained the tranny fluid out except for what was left in the pan instead of the oil, realized my mistake shortly after it would rev up before shifting into gear, then put and new filter and gasket on tranny and filled it up to the right amount, seemed to help and then today it wouldn't back up and it hesitates shifting from first to second, transmission junk?

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I have a 2001 dodge ram 1500 4x4.. When I am driving anywhere from 10 mph to 30 mph, I hear a whining noise coming from the driver side front end just to the left of the motor mount area.. when I shift ti into neutral the noise stops immediately. I do not hink it si a transmission problem because the truck shifts smoothly. I am at loss at the possible cause?? I jsut recently had all my ball joints and u joints replaced as well as the track bar and the nosie is still there? Any ideas

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Bearing noise I sometime hear a kind of a bearing noise when i am accelerating on the road. Then I stop the van on the side of the road ,put it on park and shut of the engine. After restarting the engine if I still hear that noise and want to drive again then the transmission switch rufly at all the 4 speed. If instead the noise dissapeared , everything after is ok. It is in intermitent problem. Would you now what defective part could affect the transmission shifting ????? would it be the altern

Thanks for trying Ajkill, it is not a wheel bearing problem. I still hearing the noise aven when I am on Park and rising the engine.\015\012I am quite shure that it is an electronic problem. Please somebidy help me !!!! ... 2000 Pontiac Montana

Chevy problems ok here goes its been going on for about 6 months ill be driveing or just ideling and all of a sudden the motor will want to die if im driveing and it does it theres no power at all i can floor it and it will go maybe 4 miles hrs now heres the strange part if i hit the steering wheel in the top left it will fix whatever is causeing the messup some times i can tap the wheel and it fixs it sometimes i have to hit it really hard and thats the only place that fixes it i can hit the co

Did you check all around steering column where it comes through firewall, on both sides for any possible loose/damaged wires, (especially grounds) that may be affected by the vibration when hit. Any fuse panels or relay in the general area? Double ch ... 1992 Chevrolet K1500

I was driving home within a 9 mile raious as useual and then i went to make a left turn and everything went haywire the flasher went fast didnt want to shift and then just completely died...and would not take jump start nothing.f

Some vehicles if the battery goes bad or shorts out,the vehicle will shut down its computers and leave you sitting.They will not run on just an alternator anymore, they must have a good battery and charging system ... 2000 Isuzu Rodeo

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I have a 2000 GMC sierra 2500 truck. The guy I bought it from had a new transmition put in it. After driving a while I noticed that the tranny wouldn't shift into low gears 1st & 2nd on comand. and when put into low gear it would shift out as if it was in drive. Also, once in drive the tranny wants to get stuck in drive and not shift to over drive. I replaceds the switch on the tranny and installed a new shift cable. the lights on the colum work and the shift linkage is working fine. The truck w

-----check possible tps [throttle position sensor ]circuit for damage or faulty sensor----if good check the fuses and trans harness for shorts damage or disconnection,check o2 sensors wiring possible ground to exhaust ,or internal leak 2nd gear apply ... 2000 GMC Sierra

93 Chevy Pick-up,my son put washers between the torque converter and flywheel so the starter would engage. Driving down the road the trans locked up and killed the engine. He tried starting it again the motor would not turn over, after the third try something popped and the motor started-would not go into any gear. I replaced the torque converter but the trans would not pump fluid and would not shift. Fluid did come out the top port of the trans. What kind of problems can I expect from the pres

Yep damage is done that much pressure on the pump will for sure cause problems . the torque should be able to slide a bit anyways as long as the 2 teeth line up in the pump to turn it and it's on the splines inside it, there's clutch pack's inside th ... 1993 Chevrolet K1500

The break tube from the right tire has rotted off and leaked fluid. i want to know if that would be the ONLY reason why the break pedal would hit the floor cause there is no fluid pressure? and the rear left tire started smoking when i would break at an intersection when this happened at complete stops.Would that be cause the front breaks do all the work and the back breaks just started kicking in or would it be that being dry of fluid, the heat of no fluid made the smoke? Because it still break

The front brake tube rotting off would cause you to have no pressure and letting the pedal hit the floor. The smoke from your rear tire is an indication that the rear brakes are not working properly, only one wheel is braking and it is overheating. ... Ford F-250

Pontiac sunfire gt 2.4 liter motor 1997 have slippage between all gears automatic transmission had both relays on the trans check they are in good shape. I am told there is a modular on the side of the trans that is prolly going. Ad or my clutches the car runs great other than the trans problem. When shifting rpms seem to be 10 to 15 hundred over where it normally would shift. When driving if I slowly accelerate and let off the gas at shifting point it shifts fine same if you drive it grandma s

No help for that transTime for a rebuildOnce they start slipping & drive ten mileslike that, your done ... Cars & Trucks

I use a gell cell battery to run a resmed device when I go tent camping. I would like to be able to recharge it from my vehicle on a day trip while camping. I want to give it piority in the charging circuit as my vehicle battery would be able to handle several motor starts and I would need to charge the gell cell as much as possible with limited driving. I thought a switch arrangment may work that would change from the main battery for starting to the gell cell during driving to recharge it.

Work on the assumption that a battery needs 15 mins of engine running to fully recharge after one start,so connecting a gell cell battery to the cigar lighter would work perfectly well,especially if the cell was down on charge. ... 2005 Volvo XC70

2001 expedition has speedometer issues. it reads 60mph when actually driving 20mph. Also, it feels really reved up and heavy as if you are pulling a haul. it turns on fine but when shifting to drive it feels forced into it and wants so go. when driving it, like i said the truck feels as if its loaded. the day before it started and drove fine. the problem started the night before when i left the radio on with the engine off. nonetheless, when the battery died i noticed i accidently left the a/c o

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I have an auto Transmission. In the morning, when I put it in drive it doesnt shift out of 1st. after i drive it for a little it will finally shirt into 2nd. It shifts hard when it does, but after that it runs all day. It only does it when I left the car sit for a few hours. Also, when i try to switch to the triptonic, it doesnt even show that its going into manual. Could this be something electrical that causing my shifting problem?


2000 Saturn Sc1 4cyl 1.9L sohc auto transmission, Bogs down while driving if throttle is pressed half or more will not shift just hits 4.5K rpms and bounces like its at the rev limiter until You let off the gas past half throttle then it will shift to the next gear. The car also idels high sometimes when shifted into park after a drive. Problem is worse if the EGR valve electrical connector is pluged in as if the EGR valve is opening at the wrong time causing the car to some times buck around. I

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I have a 1989 chevy pick-up truck and after 5 minutes or so in drive it starts to bog down and doesnt want to go past 10-15 mph but when i let it sit for a while it will drive good for 5 minutes and then return to the same thing.This only happens when its in drive? What could cause this problem?I was thinking the egr valve but I have no way of testing it.If not the egr valve,what else could cause this problem?

Check your fuel system (filter), pump. ... 1998 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Wont shift ok i had a oil leak and couldnt fine the leak only did it when motor ran i got that problem fixed now sence i got it all back together i took it for a spin today and the tranny is messing up it wont shift i can go to 1 the 2 but drive wont kick in i use to only just put it in drive i think when i was changing the head gasket i might of knocked off a vaule what would do that for to the tranny to make it not shift it worked fine until i done the vaule gasket its a f150 1987

Check to make sure you did not knock off any vacuum lines and also make sure the transmission fluid is not low and if it smells cooked replace the fluid and the filter because the screen in the filter could be plugged and it is not getting flui ... 1987 Ford F 250


Well, there aren't really THAT many clutches in an automatic trans. The older ones had 2 or 3 and 2 band brakes that controlled 2 or 3 forward speeds and reverse. Newer ones have one or two more for overdrive and more speeds. Your jeep is more like t ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi, I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Galant automatic...it seems to only drive in high gear, like it is not shifting. When you put the car in drive it seems to start from a high gear and not change out. Was told that the park/neutral switch is bad, would this cause the car not to shift? (shifter is between the seats, and it will go into drive without the key) must be a bad p/n switch...but, if I put the money in a new one will the trans. start changing like it should? Thanks for your help! Wanda

Get your ECU (comp box) checked, it may be your speed sensor needs replacing, it's what tells your tranny too to shift.... ... 1995 Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 2000 chevrolet blazer that has a very odd shifting problem. When I start the vehicle up it appears as if drive and third are burnt out. But when I start moving I manually shift into third or drive and it works fine, even after coming to complete stops. But when I take it out of drive or third it refuses to work again unless i move up from second. Can a solenoid cause this? Im not sure but I always thought if a solenoid was gone it would affect the whole transmission? and also wouldnt al

There are 3 solenoids and yes you can shift it manually ... Chevrolet Blazer

What would cause the transmisson on my 03 trailblazer to shift from drive to neutral when cold and braked to a stop? Have to shift to reverse and back to drive to reingage drive.

Sounds like low fluid, check the trans fluid, if its fine, there might be a pressure seal, starting to leak in the trans. hope this helps ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer
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