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We forgot to close the gas tank in the inside and same day my engine light came on. I close the cap and same day i took it for a drive and the engine light was off, but now it came back on again. Any suggestion's?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Leaving the gas cap off can make the warning light come on. You would need to have the computer scanned for trouble codes next.
And if the truck stopped before you replaced the pads, I doubt replacing the master cylinder will fix the stopping problem.
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We forgot to close the gas tank in the inside and same day my engine light came on. I close the cap and same day i took it for a drive and the engine light was off, but now it came back on again. Any suggestion's?

Leaving the gas cap off can make the warning light come on. You would need to have the computer scanned for trouble codes next.And if the truck stopped before you replaced the pads, I doubt replacing the master cylinder will fix the stopping pro ... 2004 Hummer H2

I had a mechanic test my vechicle because my check engine light was on. he came up with a code P0441: which he wrote down for me: EVAP emission Control System Purge Flow Fault. The 1st time my CEL came on, I went to a different mechanic. The indicator he used, didnt give a specific reading. They he opened gas cap & closed it tightly & the engine light went out!!!! That was last week, since then the CEL came back on!!! l needed to buy gas 2 days ago & I made sure the gas cap was on tight!!! Th

This indicates that a part of the EVAP control system is no longer fuctioning correctly. The EVAP system consists of many parts, including (but not limited to) the gas cap, fuel lines, carbon canister, purge valve, and other hoses. The (EVAP) emissio ... Hyundai Elantra

My 1999 subaru impreza outback automatic transmission oil light came on...took it back to dealer...he reset it...2 days later, it came back on and the check engine light came on...when the AT light comes on the car would stay/default @3rd gear. If I placed car @park, stopped/restarted the engine, the AT light would go off, & shifting was normal. Car under warranty, so had transmission rebuilt. 1 day after having car back on road(I drive about 130+ miles/day) the AT light is back on. So is check

... 2003 Subaru Outback

I have had a Check Engine Light on my dash for a good 3 weeks. I noticed the Van running really ruff. I took the van to autozone and got the codes ran. The code of P0303 (cylinder 3 misfire) came back originally so I changed the plugs and it fixed the problem. About 1 week later I got a check Engine light again. I then again got the codes ran and this time it came back P0304 (cylinder 4 misfire). I then changed the plugs again, a day later the light came back so I changed the wires. Then a day a

I agree with phillyboy. Don't buy a compression gauge though. Pay a garage to check your compression. $40 or so.There are three rings on a piston, a compression ring, an oil ring and another compression ring. If your rings have failed on cylinder 4, ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

I have a 3.1 liter 6 cylinder automatic chevy malibu with error code P0741 Torque clutch converter solenoid circuit (performance or stuck off). I had it initially diagnosed, and the engine light went away for 3 days, then came back, so I made an appt. with a mechanic, and 3 days later, the light turned off by itself (before I gave it to the mechanic). He said it was locking up perfectly fine, and everything was running perfectly smoothly. On my way home (after they had closed) I received the eng

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When turn ignition on engine light goes on and stays on. Pulled our PVC value and my neighbor sprayed something on it and put it back in. Started ignition and light went off for one day. Next day engine light came back on. Pulled out valve again blew on it and put it back in. Engine light comes on and stays on. What should I check next? It is a 1997 jeep wrngler with only 17,000 miles on it.

How about we start with scanning the engine codes? That will direct you to the specific reason the engine light is on and save you a lot of time and energy chasing your tail with potentially wrong leads elsewhere.. The check engine light only flash ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

My check- engine light kept come on. I have taken to the shop over and over i get car on thursday drive it 2 day and the light is back on. it back in the shop for a nother week they drive around we will reset the system. the last time is was the catalytic converter and two sensor/ the engine light came on two day later, it went back in the shop for week. bad sensor they said. Just got the car back this pass Tues here is Thurs light is back on this morning I think I have repace every thing can be

If you go to Autozone or Oreillys they will scan the car for free. You also need to have the old trouble codes erased to see if repairs are effective.\015\012\015\012What I have a problem with is the car is capable of showing several def ... 1995 Lexus LS 400

I have a 2004 new beetle convertible, check engine light came on ...diagnostic said service coolant, I realized the level was very high over the required lines, put in by dealer where bought, so lowered it as close as could to book says, turned light off it went for days and now light is back on...I was told coolant could be

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P0505 Code HI, I recently notice my Servine engine light came on. I took it to my Mechanic who had a Diagnostic Test done and came up with the code P0505. He had it cleaned and told me it would be ok. After about 5 days the light came back on. I went back to him, had another Test done and told me i should see a Nissan dealer. Said it is ok to drive . 4 days later the light went off.However today has i was about to drive out i noticed the steering vibratin and all the light came on( Slip, Tcs ,Ab

First make sure that your wires to you iac(idle air control) motor are ok. Also that the pins in the connectors are not damaged. Most likeley you need to replace the iac motor and follow a relearn procedure for the pcm.(powertrain control module) ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

I have a 2004 Jeep GC 6cyl 4WD. My check engine light is on, scanned and got P0203, P0300, P303. Changed the spark plugs, fuel injector #3. Started it up and ran rough, I left it in the garage all night started it up in the morning and ran fine for 3 days. This morning on the way to work it the check engine light came back on with the same codes. Got to the daycare, shut it off for a minute got back in and ran fine. Three miles down the road check engine light came back flashing and running roug

... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Two-fold problem: (1) Check engine light would come on when I was low on fuel. After refueling, it would go away. Eventually it came on and stayed on so I took it to the shop. They said it needed an emission vapor canister. However, after that day the check engine light didn't come on for months so I didn't get the canister. Eventually check engine came back on, I took the car in and got the new vapor canister ($350). Three weeks later the check engine light was back on when I was low on

... Chrysler 300M

1997 Toyota rav4 Had serpentine belt and timing belt changed and all gaskets on engine, was hit on left driver side front fender on the way home and my check engine light came on. I'm told the hit didn't cause the light to come on. Flush was done on the egr system and vacuum modulator replaced. Light came back on a couple days later. Mechanic can't figure out what is wrong, light was off for a couple of weeks and just came back on.

If its the same code it should be fairly easy to see if the EGR valve is functioning correctly. Its vacuum operated so with the engine running you can apply vacuum to the solenoid and expect the engine to run extremely bad if not stall. If it does th ... 1997 Toyota RAV4

2001 Mitsubishi Galant. Battery light came on last week. Had alternator replaced. 2 days later, Service Engine light came on and car chugged/lurched. Had tune-up and coil replaced. 3 days later, car chugged and not driveable. Mechanic said coil was defective. Service Engine light back yesterday (2 days later). BTY, Autozone reading was a code PO421, but could this be causing inability to operate vehicle.?

The error code p0421 means.Warm Up Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1).The O2 sensor is to be replaced.\015\012There are two O2 sensors.One is pre- catalytic converter and one is post-catalytic converter.Replace both th ... Mitsubishi Galant

Always had a problem with 2006 grand prix GXP 5.3L V8 "using" lots of oil. This weekend check engine light came on, tech told me it was an oil pressure error. Added about 1.5 pints, reset the code, but it came back on later in the day. Hubby took it back in, resest the code , but light came back on. Tech said its either the oil pressure sensor or the oil pump. Engine is NOT knocking or sounding like its about to break down...how do i know what the problem is? I can't afford to fix both...

... 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 94 pontiac bonneville and the last 2 days when I'm stopped at a light and I start to drive again my car goes really slow then kindof jerks to catch up. I just bought the car 2 weeks ago and my check engine soon light came on. I just did an oil change but my service light is still on. I have to get a smog within 30 days but I need to get the engine light off. I have also disconnected the negative battery and the light came back on a minute later. What could this be?

You have to retreive the trouble code stored in the computer and then you will know which area you are having a problem in whether it be fuel,ignition,emission ect. ... 1994 Pontiac Bonneville

I have a 1996 chevy tahoe with a 5.7 vortex engine originally check engine light came on code reader said mis fire in cyclinder 3 and 4 so a mechanic friend tuned the truck up plugs ,wires,cap , rotor ,all 4 oxygen sensors after all done he reset the engine light the truck ran great for a couple of days the check engine light came back on he rechecked and code reader said misfire cyclinder 3 and 4 again he reset the light and did a compression test it came out 85 lbs on cyclinder he said it shou

... 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe

I have 1998 Nissan Frontier with an engine light on. I paid a mechanic to put in a speed sensor and the light came back on the day after he put in the new part. The codes before he worked on the truck were po500 and po325 and the codes are still coming up po500 and po325.He told me he did not replace the knock sensor. I don't know what to do next. I paid him and passed emmissions but the engine light came right back on.

The PO 325 code is for VSS vichicle speed sensor and PO500 is for a knock sensor,so you will need to see what the new code is to be able to help you, the engine power manegment is controled by both get it scanned by autozone or the mechanic that did ... 1998 Nissan Frontier

Have a 2000 ford ranger manual transmission truck used, after driving it 5 miles, going from 2 nd 3rd gears, it makes a grinding sound, even if you just ease into it, like a skip, then a grind. The engine check light came on after 30m to 60 miles after i drove it off the used lot, I took it back, they had their mechanic fix the chck engine light, 2 days later the light came back on, im wondering if the transmission needs to be serviced, I took it to "Ford" they did a quick analysis on it, somet

All gears will make noise especially when they are synchronized as your \015\012transmission is. Hhow is the tranny fluid? When was it last changed? Has\015\012 it ever been changed? What kind of fluid in the tranny?Hope you dont \015\012 ... 2000 Ford Ranger SuperCab


What is the trouble code you have ? A trouble code will not tell you exactly what the problem is . It tells you where the problem is . Emmisions, fuel etc. ... 2003 Kia Spectra

The car failed Emissions test. It was discovered the Oxygen Sensor Circuit - DTC 44 (code) was defective. When the ECM was replaced, the car passed Emissions testing. I drove the car home and then to work the next day which was a total of 14 miles. When I was ready to turn the car off, the check engine light came back on. I brought the car back and the ECM had to be replace again. Once again, home and to work (14 miles) and the check engine light came back on. The ECM has to be replace ag

The ECM is not going out continually, the shop is diagnosing the problem wrong and putting an ECM in it when it has not failed. The code 44 is a two trip logic code, meaning it needs two 'official' drive cycles before it triggers the light. This is ... Jaguar XJS

My check engine light came on the day after I had my car smog checked. My Tech noted error codes po136, po174, po303 and po305, It's a 2002 Highlander with only13,660 miles on it. Toyota had it for a week and couldn't resolve the problem. They reset the check engine light and told me to keep driving it. The light came back on after 7 days. Any suggestions?

The po303 and p0305 codes are indicating a cylinder 3 & 5 MISFIRE respectively. the other codes are for o2 sensor and fuel trim. the misfire codes should be fixed first and then worry about the others if they still exist. if the vehicle has direc ... 2002 Toyota Highlander

Engine light came on about 5 days ago, took it to a mechanic who turned light off, but it came back on later that day. went back to mechanic and he plugged his machine up and said a code came up indicating that i needed to have the transmission taken apart to diagnose problem. he asked if i had any problems the car shifting when i drive. and i have not had any problems. he said i could probably wait until something does happen cuz it could just be something as simple as a sensor, etc what do u r

I would consult a good transmission repair shop or a Dealership and get there opinion on the code that is coming up, if there is a real problem, it may be a simple fix, but if let go, it could possibly cause some real damage. Did he give you the code ... 2001 Chrysler LHS

I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. One and a hlaf years ago had the MAF & EGR valve replaced, 1 month later another MAF put in. Two weeks ago I had MAF put in as engine light came on, drove 20 miles and it shut off. Had it towed as it would start and shut right off again and they said it was a defective MAF...again. Engine light came back on next day and it ws the intake manifold & gasket...had them replaced. Engine light came on yesterday on my way home, I made one stop and could not g

Hi Dawn.I don't believe that your MAF has ever been the root cause of the problem to begin with. They don't often fail on their own and especially after only a month. If it is due to an electronic problem then it will be instant. The o ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 97 chevy tahoe. I changed the spark plugs, wires, distrubutor cap, rotor. About 300 miles later engine light came on. I thought maybe cheap distrubutor cap and rotor was cheap. I went to auto zone and got another one. Engine light came off on free way. Came back on later on that day. I checked compression test was good. Only miss fire on cylinder 6. So I changed plug and wires again. Still engine light is on. You can on tell the miss fire when your at a stop sign or going slow. Also I

The number 6 cylinder is located (if you are looking at it from the front of the car) it is on the left side third cylinder back from the front. you probally have a bad injector that is just dripping fuel into that cylinder. ... 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe

1996 Buick Le Sabre. 3.9 v/6 Check engine light came on and found out plastic intake manifold was cracked. Replaced the intake and for a few days light was off. Then the same check engine light came back on. Car surges sometimes and will almost die while idling. It runs ok, most of the time, but check engine light stays on. Got any ideas?

My light went out after i replaced egr valve---twice--then came back on....then i had a fuel system "clean out" done by national chain...light went out--milage went up--GOD BLESS AMERICA!! ... 1997 Buick LeSabre
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