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My key won't work to open the back seat in my 2004 honda accord

\015 My trunk will not open with key, clicker or the lever near the front seat.\012so I want to go through the back seat, but my ignition key is not able to unlock it.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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My key won't work to open the back seat in my 2004 honda accord

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My 2003 honda accord wont start even if i turn the key all the way, it worked fine yesterday, people tell me its locked from somewhere but i cant find the problem. i put the key in the ignition turn the key to start the car but it wont; the car doesnt make a noise all it does is a ding ding noise which i suppose is the noise it makes when you open the car. it like if its dead, the lights tuen on fine, also the brakes are really hard when u try and press on it. please help asap

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My 2006 honda accord trunk wont open with master key, i hear click sound but wont pop open? It was working find until yesterday.

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I have shut the boot but now it wont open. the key still works the central locking in the boot but the catch is jammed and the back seats don't fold down.Is there a way of getting into the boot?

Hi,\015\012\015\012insert your key, keep it turned as well as possible in the good direction and just try pulling it open as hard as you can without forcing anything ofcourse.might help.else i suggest you contact your lo ... 1996 Audi A4

2003 honda piolet,my car wont open with the key,driver side n passenger side n my speakers are busting my seats are messed up wint rotate back and the srs is on n the car

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2008 trailblazer when it's cold out the keyless remote won't open drivers door, have to use key(opens back & other doors) and nothing works on drivers door panel.. no heated seats,windows,or seat recall(does work on passenger side)after 3 or 4 mi. they work. what could cause this?

Get the battery and the charging system tested to start with. Your going to have to remove the door panel a make sure you have no loose connectors and also you have proper voltages.\015\012\015\012Were tryi ... Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My 2001 vw bora's trunk won't open. Lock turns and key works with other doors, however when I try to open the trunk, it makes a noise as though trying to open but remains shut. I have 2 baby car seats in the back and a large stroller in the boot, so the ''fold down back seat'' is not really an option. Any other ideas????

If you insert the key in the lock and turn it alittle further the boot should open.the noise you hear is the actuator moving,but the plastic rod to open the boot is probably brocken. ... 2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

'91 LS400, trunk will not open. key will not turn, electric latch switch clicks but won't open. valet lock in open position. Tried 1) disconnect battery, reconnect battery, use switch, push down on trunk and then pull up 2) locked valet button and reopened 3) key in trunk lock but won't turn in either direction 4) 2nd person held switch open while I pushed and pulled on trunk 5) sprayed WD40 in lock key hole several times. Nothing has worked so far. Taking out back seat doesn't seem to be option

If you hear the sound of the electric latch switch, then it's working but stuck somehow. Just put the key in the switch and turn it to the right and then pull up the trunk or ask someone to help you. it will open. I tried it today and it opened with ... 1991 Lexus LS 400

My tailgate wont open anymore with the electric button, and there is no place to use my key to open it on the back? It use to work when I hit the button a million times but that wont work anymore either any ideas on how to fix that?

Jumper the switch harness connection that attaches to back of switch with a paper clip. if it opens, replace switch.If on the other hand you hear the solenoid each time you press the button, adjust the catch. Usually outward. ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My trunk lock and release is no longer working in my 2005 Toyota Corolla. Although I can turn the key left and right as per owner's manual, trunk will not "pop open". Back seat release is in trunk; removed bottom of rear back seats only to find them bolted to the floor with bolts only accessable through the trunk. Do I bring to a dealer or my mechanic to open the trunk

In my '04 corolla I can unlatch the left passenger seat back by reaching behind the left seat back and sticking my finger up into the second of 3 quarter sized holes. my arm is about 15" stuck in and reaching up into the trunk about 6" back. Feel a ... 2005 Toyota Corolla

2005 Honda Accord. Automatic drivers side seat control (forward and back only) does not work. Up and down and back tilt work fine. No noise or movement is noticed at all. No event seemed to cause it. Just stopped working. Looking for manual override temporary solution and best guess for possible cause. Alan

Fuse blown, or connector under seat filled with a coca cola from mc donalds? Check all fuses. (Please rate me) ... 2005 Honda Accord

My 2001 honda accord trunk will not open throught the inside latch or my key switch. it makes the sound but it wont open. though i can open it manually with my key. but still want to fix it

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My 2005 Honda Accord v6 will not start! I drove it, parked for an hour, then when I got back in it wouldnt start. all the lights and everything work, just will not start the engine. when I turn the key all the way the car does not crank or make any noise to try to start at all. tried replacing the starter, that didn't work. SOMEONE HELP ME! immobilizer problem ? I got a new battery for the key. that did not work either. ?

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I have a 2006 Honda CR-V and the back door glass light is flashing it is open (even though it is not), also the my door only lock sometimes and the key fob/remote is not working. Any suggestions?

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Hi having a problem with my 1998 mercedes c200 cant get into boot manual key wont work no access through the back seat and key fob and interior button not working need to get in to change fuse to sort out the whole problem any sugestions

I had a simular problem with my c240, the release work on compression and where the boot comes up over time the tube breaks loosing compression, if you remove the cover of the right support arm on the boot you'll find a white thin tube with a break s ... 1998 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

I have a 2000 Honda accord I locked my keys inside and used another Honda key to open it and now the engine wont run it turns over but doesnt start up

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The battery of my audi a4 is completly dead the key remote dosent work and moreover the key dosent work manulayy either..i am not able to get into the carr ...well i can open my trunk..is there any way through which i can get into the car...please help...i was wondering i could be able to drop my back seat from the trunk....

... 2004 Audi A4

I cannot open my driver's side door on my 2000 Honda Accord--not from the inside or the outside. The key, the lock stick, and the remote do not work. I have tried using the key and pulling up the door lock stick at the same time, too. Nothing works. The passenger side is okay.

Use wd 40(you can get in walmart) spray on your key and in the lock and it will work ... 1993 Honda Accord

Hi i have a 1998 c 200 the other day the key fob stopped working unles u are standing close to the passanger door and wen u open the door the front light dose not come on the back dose but u can turn the light on in the front still with the button near the light the car wont open from any wear but the passanger door and u have to b close to it for it to work

The battery in the key fob needs to be replaced ... 1998 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Wont start i have a 1991 accord with the F22A1 engine in it. automatic trans. problem is it wont start. it will turn over and try to start but to no avail. here is the funny part, right behind where the back seat folds down, just inside the trunk area on the passenger side of the car there is an electrical plug, that if i unplug it, my fuel guage stops working, but the car will start and idle up to about 1500 rpms. then i slowly plug the plug back in and it will drop the idle down to around 300

The car flood itself when you remeve the plug you cut the gas pump that why our fuel gauge stop working you probably got a bad temperature sensor take a look at the sensor thank you \015\012 pierre ... 1991 Honda Accord


Is this a security feature that comes with the alarm? because i only that certain cars above 00 can do this. but what might have happened, the old one got damaged some how, and even if its little, it could be enough to not let the key turn in the ign ... 1996 Honda Accord

I have a 2004 Audi s4. All electrics inside the car stopped working. I had to open the car with my key because the fob would not work, once I had started the car the window wippers wouldn't work or the indicators. After about 4 hours they started working again but the drivers electric seat will not move back or forward, also the light on the dash board for the electric roof also flashes. This all started after a night of heavey rain.

Check the carpet under the front seats is dry,if wet, then the electronic brains for the car is suspect.if dry,wipe your brow and be thankfull,it costs as much as the cars worth(nearly).the best way to find the fault is to get it on a diagnostic,then ... 2004 Audi S4

2004 Chevy Tahoe, my drivers side heated seats dont work, the mirrors wont work either and the back window wiper works about 5% of thie time. On occasion when you open the driver door the interior lights do not come on and the radio does not go off, it will work right for awhile then act up for awhile?

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I have a 1995 honda accord and it just wont start , When i turn the key over to start it just wont turn over , i change the fuel pump and the starter is good .. it sounds like its trying to start but just wont kick over ... The pump is new but the starter is old but it sounds like its working but like i say it just wont turn over . all the fuses are good and i have a brand new battery in the car .. So what you think it might be ???

The contacts in the starter motor solenoid are worn, the clicking that you can hear is the solenoid being pulled in, but not making contact to allow the main battery voltage/current from getting to the starter motor. Their are 2 things you can ... 1995 Honda Accord

95 honda accord speedometer not working. replaced transmission senor. odometer then worked, then found that speedo needle was behind stop pin at 0. put needle back over to right side of pin. took car for drive everything woked fine.turned car off. started car up again and went for drive, speedometer and odometer don't work. what's wrong? mickey99

Have the dsme problem. need to chech each of the 3 wires for continuity between the v.s.s. and the e.c.m. if good then the speedo is bad. ... 1995 Honda Accord
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