Having problems with your 2004 GMC Sierra ?

Truck broke down wont start.

\015 Ran over a truck tire on the highway.No damage underneath.\015\012Fuses good. Relays good. Fuel pump has great pressure but no power to pump. No engine code. Is there a fuel accident cut off switch?\015\012\015\012Its a 2004 GMC Box truck. Ex penske rental.I think its on a Savana van frame. V8\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

There is no Inercia Switch to reset Like Ford
\015\012Have you Double Checked All Underbody wiring for fuel pump ,OPEN In Pink/blk tracer fuel power lead,also
\015\012Oil Sending unit on most GM Vehicles have the ability to turn OFF GROUND to Fuel Pump Relay as a Proyection Against LOW OIL Pressure in engine.
\015\012Fuel Cutoff Mode
The PCM cuts OFF fuel from the fuel injectors when the following conditions are met in order to protect the powertrain from damage and improve driveability:
  • The ignition is OFF. This prevents engine run-on. \015\012
  • The ignition is ON but there is no ignition reference signal. This prevents flooding or backfiring. \015\012
  • The engine speed is too high, above red line. \015\012
  • The vehicle speed is too high, above rated tire speed. \015\012
  • During an extended, high speed, closed throttle coast down-This reduces emissions and increases engine braking. \015\012
  • During extended deceleration, in order to prevent damage to the catalytic converters
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What I would do is buy a timing chain kit and go look at a service manual at a library or buy one on ebay. put the new parts in and set the timing marks in accordance with the manual. if the engine is interference type, you probably are going to need ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10

Truck broke down wont start.

There is no Inercia Switch to reset Like Ford\015\012Have you Double Checked All Underbody wiring for fuel pump ,OPEN In Pink/blk tracer fuel power lead,also \015\012Oil Sending unit on most GM Vehicles have the ability t ... 2004 GMC Sierra

Hey, my 2001 sonoma wont start, and it wont start when it rains, it seems after everything gets damp and wet the truck well just roll over and drain the battery, i have put it on charge and still wont start, also tried jumping if off another truck and still nothing, the truck has 175,xxx orignal km on it, my only guess is that the plug and wires need to be changed, anyway thanks logan

Change the plugs and wires but also replace the distributor cap and rotor if you look at the points on the cap they will most likely be corroded and if you look at the wire that goes from the coil to to the cap it will probably will have white marks ... 2001 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

97 dodge ram 1500 5.9l wont start,took it to a local shop to have the transmission changed(had a spare) after many weeks of being in the shop for the trans swap the mechanics said it wont start it tries to start with starter fluid, it it fires but will not run, mechanic is stating the transmission is whats causing it to not run because its not the trans that cam with the truck even though it came off the exact same year,make,model,and engine size truck as mine. My truck started and ran fine with

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My signal light fuse kept on blowing so i looked at my switch wires and they were melted so i bought the 400 dollar switch from gm and my lights worked for another week started blowing fuses again now they wont work and my fuse is good checked the wires as well and there still good as well...? please help truck keeps breaking down on me im gettin tired of it... and broke

Do you have trailer light hook-ups? Fifth wheel lighting and brakes, maybe a gooseneck ball? I would start with anything foreign to the vehicle(Not OEM).Most OEM wiring isn't subject to damage without help from you and I. :o) Hate to say it but we (o ... 1995 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Serentine belt broke the truck lost power the belt was replaced but it wont start back up

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Speedometer Just got back my truck it was took got it back.The dash was broke out.My brother got everthing fix put a used speedometer now wont start..it is a 2000 ford f150.Jane

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I have a poping noise comming from the front left of my truck. A local mechanic said it could be because of a loose leaf spring bracket that it is doing this. I checked the bracket and there is a loose bolt but I'm not sure if it is supposed to have a nut on the back side of if it is broke because it just spinns and wont tighten. This all started after I had to use my 4 wheel drive.

Not sure I get the point?If you know the bolt and can spin it, then you should also be able to feel the other side and tell if a nut is missing?In fact, I would suspect there was a bracket of some sort that is also missing now. But all y ... 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab

My truck died on the road and it want to start but it wont u think it is the timeing chain broke

It may have, I would take off the distributor cap and turn over the motor and see if the distributor rotor is turning. Also check the fuel pressure test port on the fuel rail for fuel. Also check to see if the inertia switch has been tripped, I belie ... 1990 Ford F150

91 f-150 intermittent fuel pump runs on and truck wont start. if i turn on the key to run position and the fump stops after a second or so the truck will start. if the pump runs on the truck wont start

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1988 s-15, truck died would not start, i jacked up driver side to inspect filter exc, truck started ran great, lowered off jack wont start, jack it up starts lower wont start

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Wont Start I have a 2005 Trailblazer. I am having serious trouble starting my truck. I try to start my truck but instead the guages just go crazy and it wont start at all. Plus I am unable to even shift. I was thinking maybe the security system is the cause. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. It even stalls while driving.


Wont start 1998 dodge 2500 pickup. It is a 2500 Gasline, fuel injected v-10. Lately, The truck has (occasionally) not been starting, after it has been turned off. It turns over, just won't fire, getting plenty of fuel. This last from 5 min to one hour. It turns over but will never start, Now, I backed into parking stall, truck went dead while it was still iddling; Gas lite came on, and it will not start. Put in gas, even though it still had plenty. Still turns over really great, just wont fire.

Most likely the fuel pump went bad. But, just in case, check for spark. Sometimes a worn out fuel pump will intermittently lose pressure or stop pumping. Fuel pressure can be checked by valve on the FUEL RAIL. The valve will look like the same size a ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

My truck broke down smoking up. I got it towed to my yard. Now the truck won't start. It turns but won't start. There was some anti-freeze on the ground when the truck broke down. Could it be the head gasket? Could it be the water pump? Could it be the radiator? What is most likely the problem? It is a caterpillar engine on a gmc topkick chassis.

... GMC G3500

Acidentialy turned truck off while in drive while sitting in driveway with parking brake on after i turned key off and took foot of brake it started to roll back so i used brake to stop then put in park.. now truck wont start...everything electrical works just wont start

Move shifter around and in neutral, might have broken neutral safty switch ... 2005 Ford Expedition

Wire arched out while changing alternator now truck wont start. I forgot to disconnect battery, but after arching I disconnected and installed new alternator. Truck started twice after holding key for 2-3 seconds. Now it wont start at all

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Starting I have a 91 EXT. cab 4x4 w/ auto tranny, truck starts fine most of time, after shutting off sometimes wont start again, turn key everything works like it should except wont turn over. ocassional click from EM at pass. kick panel. what could cause this. also occasionally sounds like tranny smacking bottom of truck during take off. All mounts and joints checked by pro, checked OK. Any help would be a blessing. Thank you and God bless..

First problem sounds like starter solenoid. Second is definitely gearbox mounting. ... 1991 Toyota Pickup

Park the truck got back in turned the key the truck wont turn over I changed the battery,starter, solenoide, neutral safety switch, and it still wont turn over, I jump started it from the soleniod with the key on and the start starts fine

Ericrbarnes is right the only thing you didnt cover was the battery cables...alot of money spent but hopefully you saved yourself a future headache by gettin em early ... 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

I have 2000 gmc sierra that the tow/haul light wont go off it's staying in tow mode when it first started about a month ago when i first started the truck it would be on everytime and i would have to push the button to turn it off and the next time i turned the truck off and then started it it would be on again and i would have to turn it off but now it wont turn off i checked the switch (tow/haul) and it is good i checked for codes with scan tool no codes does anyone know what is wrong or has a

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