Having problems with your 2004 GMC Envoy ?

Gas tank won't fill

\015 Tank won't take gas. There is only 1/4 tank left. Fuel gauge is operational. This is the second time this happened in 2 weeks.\015
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Answers :

You should have an OBD 2 MIL Lamp lite on your dash

If you checked for codes, you would have something to
start the diagnostic process

Most likely a failed evap vent valve solenoid
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It cranks but wont start. Checked for spark with the lead plug wire from the coil to the distributor cap. No spark. I changed the coil still no spark. I've been told its my fuel pump. But I've tested it by squirting gas myself through the fuel injection chamber. Still wont start. So I don't think its fuel pump. Maybe something to cause it to spark may be the cause? Also I filled the gas tank with more gas and it seems the ain't workin, I had a quarter tank and added but it didn't rise at all. I

If you are sure there is no spark and you have replaced the coil,then the only other thing it could be is your spark control moduel.it works off your computer to tell your plugs when to fire..somettimes they go out only when they heat up and will st ... 1988 Honda Prelude

My car wont start..it turns over...i have a full tank of gas ,battery is fine,tune up last month...its been giving me trouble for about 2 months..i would be hard to start alot,once i had it running it would be fine for the day,when i started it i would step on the gas repeatedly,and it would start...now it wont...does any body know what it could be.....and it seems everytime i fill my tank..it runs funny...im towing it to the shop tommorrow ..i would like to know something...if u could let me kn

Its a Electrical sensor, costs $500 plus labor 300\015\012total 800 ... 2002 Nissan Sentra

Hi there. so the problem i am experiencing is my truck wont start when i go to turn it on. i am forced to pour gas directly into the carburator to crank the engine over and start it up. i suspect either the fuel pump or the regulator or the fuel pressure switch. but also my gas gauge isnt responding properly. when i fill up it goes way past where it should when it says tank is full if its not stuck there then it will say its empty when i know the tank isnt empty. someimes when i stop the gas gau

The gas pump and gas gauge are two different things and working independently.Gas pump will pump the fuel by trough hose line to carburator and also there should be another hose return from carburator to tank. So it is very easy to check whethe ... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

In my Nissan Sentra 1.8, 2005 model car, when I go to gas station to fill gas, even after filling two to three liters of gas, the gas nozzle stops as if the gas tank is full. Sometimes while filling the gas, the gas overflows even if the gas tank is empty and can take 25 liters more in the tank. At the gas station when I open the gas tank lid to fill the gas, I listen a noise of air ( gas wapour) coming out of the tank. To fill my gas tank fully, the gas nozzle stops every two liters and to fill

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... 2009 Toyota Corolla

Wont turn over ithas a new battery but im having problems with gas tank i have to keep it over 8gallons. The tank is filled up and it still wont turn over.

Sometimes on older GM vehicles, the Vats anti theft security system can shut off your starter. If you have that little black chip in your key shaft and you see a light on the dash that says SECURITY, then this is your problem. ... 1991 Cadillac DeVille

I have jsut purchased a 2001 chevy silverado extended cab. I went to fill up the tank of gas and the low fuel light came on and it wont register the full tank of gas. There are only 49k miles on the truck. I just cannot believe this. Just purchased 3 days ago.

Take it to the dealer where you buy it,and tell them to change the sending unit,it goes inside the tank,they got to give you warranty. ... Chevrolet Silverado

Pontiac G6 gas tank wont let me fill it up. It keeps kicking off like it is full every few gallons. Takes forever to fill tank.

... Pontiac Cars & Trucks

Wont run in gear. sat for a year and a 1/2 over weedy gravel with a 1/4 tank of gas, filled to half and drove on highway for an hour with only problem some engine misses under 40 km/h. did oil change, filled the tank to full and added high mileage fuel injector cleaner drove about 40 minutes on highway then stalled in city. has trouble starting but when it starts engine misses while idling and shuts off when switched in gear. also seems to start easier after sitting longer. any solution?

When stored outdoors for any length of time, you can get a substantial amount of condensation to form inside the fuel tank (as much as a half gallon) It will remain at the bottom of the tank and really mess with how it runs. Check fuel filter...Pour ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

When filling gas the nozzel clicks and wont allow gas to fill the tank.

Try this,When you put the gas nozzle into the fill hole only insert it half wayphillip ... Chevrolet Impala

I am having problems. I just bought a 1990 pontiac 6000 le with a 3.1 V6. Yesterday, I test drove it and it drove like a champ. When I was taking it home it stopped running. Found out it was getting gas. Replaced the fuel filter and it started right up. Drove great until today. Going to get gas(to finally fill the gas tank) the car wouldnt start back up after getting the gas. Im getting the gas to the engine but it wont catch.Any suggestions?

... 1990 Pontiac 6000

2007 kia spectra fill up gas tank and it wont run right for a few miles

Do you have the habit of trying to get exactly $30 in it, and top it all the way off as a result? If so, stop it, because liquid fuel may be getting into the evaporative emission system. It's supposed to absorb fuel vapors and then feed them to the ... 2007 Kia Spectra LX Sedan

Having difficulty filling the gas tank. The gas pump keep shutting off when filling the gas tank. It appears that the check valve in the gas tank fill pipe is not workinig properly thus restricting the flow of gas into the tank. It now takes a long time to fill the gas tank. The van has about 98,000 miles on it. Would like to know if this is a common problem on these vans?

Not so much a common problem as it is just! a problem go to a local salvage yard and buy a new filler neck and install it!! its really simple just take the 4-5 screws out of the top filler housing and take a hose clamp off the vent house underneath ... 2005 Dodge Caravan

I ran out of gas in my 2001 cadillac deville and i filled the tank up with gas and now it wont stay started unless i keep my foot on the gas.

Bad mass air flow sensor get a scaner n check for codes send me a e mail if nedd more help in ept ... Cadillac DeVille

1997 ASTRO VAN. GAS BACKING OUT OF GAS TANK. The gas gage was broken when I bought van, stuck on full. I just kept track. Fill tank with $100. Can go 300 miles. Filled tank over 20 times no prob. Then go to fill tank and pump clicks off after filling just 5 cents, pull handle, 10 cents, Clicks off, this continues. I used to be able to put $40. In with much patients. Now after just $7. And it clicking off every 5-10 cents Gas pours out of tank like it's over filled, But it is not. HELP! Anyone kn

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Gas tank wont' fill to specs

Based upon my experience, I would say it's a manufacturing defect. Something in the filler or the tank itself. I've seen cases where the dealer replaced the tank and related parts when this is happening. ... 2005 GMC Yukon Xl Denali

Ran out of gas. nearly filled tank, turned on, wont move

If the engine revs up but the car does not move it is not going into drive. If you can push the car easily when in drive and not at all when it is in park. Then the shifter part is working. If you can not push when in drive check your linkage the cal ... 1996 Dodge Avenger

Gas tank wont' fill to specs

Is there still actually loads of fuel in the tank? if so try checking the sender unit float in the fuel tank and check to see if there is fuel actually inside the float bulb as this could be your problem there may be a crack in it ... 2005 GMC Yukon Xl Denali

Gas Tank Leak when Filling / Check Engine Light due to Vapor Leak" I'm reading these gas tank filling issues on the 04 Avalanche, I've had them too. Now another issue; when you fill the truck and "top it off" (fill it all the way up to the top of the filler receptacle), gas leaks out of the top of the tank. You can't see where it's coming from but it leaks down the driver's side of the gas tank, coming from the top. This strated several months ago with a check engine light that couldn't be clea

... Chevrolet Avalanche

1990 Ford F350: I replaced the rear fuel tank and pump. After re-installing the tank wont take gas now. The filler hose fills and spills out

Maybe someone stuffed a rag in the hose when the tank wasn't in use. stick something in it to check for blockage ... 1990 Ford F350


... 2002 Kia Sedona

Wont start i have a 96 ford explorer v6 engine. It wont start in various locations after running fine to the location. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pump relay, coil pack, control module, ignition switch, and crank position sensor. I have run out of parts to replace. It seems like every time i fill up the gas tank it gives me trouble. If it sits for a long time it seems to help. Sometimes it dosent matter how long it sits. I tested the spark plugs and it dosent seem to spark w

I would check the cam position sensor ( at the right rear of the engine) and the plug connector at the PCM. I believe when you say "control module" you mean the PCM because these engines did not use a separate ignition module in '96- it is all done b ... 1996 Ford Explorer

98 isuzu rodeo V6. engine wont turn over. initially thought it was the battery and got a new one and got a free electrical system check. everything came back fine. now wont start again and says no gas but i just filled the tank... what is going on

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My gas tank wont fill.I go to fill it and it and as soon as gas starts to flow it overflows

There is a vent tube,crimped,or stopped up,there is a filler hose from filler neck,to the fuel tank,this is where you put the gas in.Now,there will be a vent hose smaller than the fill hose,running right beside the fill hose to the tank,or,it will be ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

Stopped to get gas car was running fine. Started car after filling now car wont run. Sputters and such. thought it was bad gas ran tank down to 1/4 and refilled and still have problem. Could the pump be bad?

Start off by replacing the fuel filter and spark plugs. If it still runs bad then check your fuel pump with a multimeter for consistency. If your fuel pump is ok then go ahead and replace the spark plug wires and oxygen sensor. ... Nissan Altima
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