Having problems with your 2004 GMC Envoy ?

Noise like something is dragging when in reverse coming from front end??

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Answers :

Check your brake pads. also with the hood open brakes on ! look at the motor when you stick it in gear both forward and reverse,give it a little gas if it moves or rocks more than a inch or so you have a broken motor mount .. jay the pool motor repair guy florida .. did you vote for your favorite fixya guy ?
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Noise like something is dragging when in reverse coming from front end??

Check your brake pads. also with the hood open brakes on ! look at the motor when you stick it in gear both forward and reverse,give it a little gas if it moves or rocks more than a inch or so you have a broken motor mount .. jay the pool motor repa ... 2004 GMC Envoy

When i turn sharp while reversing (out of the drive way) the front end makes a very loud noise, sort of like a rubbing or something grabbing. Also when in 4 HI or 4 Low i can bearly ever turn without the truck making loud noises and the front tire on the inside of the turn sort of dragging. 2000 Explorer, new wheel bearings and Cv drive axel assemblys.. any help is appreciated, thanks

If you are turing sharp, your tires may be rubbing. a way to check is turn your tires all the way to one side and look under on both sides and then turn them the other way and do the same thing. while you are looking under the vehicle look for any ... 2000 Ford Explorer

Have a 04 dodge with a driver side grinding noise that comes and goes. It started after I got my truck stuck in the snow. I thawed out the front end last night, and now its worse. It comes and goes while going down the highway. Sounds like something loose and grinding on the hub. Also in 4x4 it makes a clicking noise like a CV joint. Would a CV joint make a grinding noise that comes and goes?

C V Joints can make a lot of noises. Sounds to me like you either bent the inner fender or if it is plastic you may have pulled it loose and it looks normal but it is just sitting in place with the push pins out of their intended holes. When you turn ... Dodge Ram 1500

2004 chrysler seabring convertible.my front end suspension has been checked out by several mechanics and nothing was found to be bad.I have a noise that appears to be coming from the right front that sounds like a something internal in the suspension/drivetrain that radiates up through my steering wheel.It seems like this only happens when the car is warmed up to operating temp.Cant see anything wrong anywhere.car has 47K miles in very good cond.noise (not a squeek ing noise)appears when im dri

... 2000 Chrysler Sebring

Dragging noise from the passenger side tire like something has come loose , when I go in reverse I fel it move then the brakes move what could it be?

Obviously no one would knowThe car has to be at a repair shop orbrakes taken apart to find the issues ... 2003 Saturn L-Series

When driving my 2009 hyundai elantra, i hear an intermittent rubbing sound coming from the front passenger side.it sounds like something rubbing against the brake rotor.I checked the dust plate behind the rotor.not the problem.the front end is tight. the noise seems to occur at speeds of 100km/h plus and also when going over dips in the road. any suggestions?

... 2009 Hyundai Elantra

Humming sound i have a humming sound that sounds like its coming from the front end of my 2002 ford exployer. i took it to les schwab to get my brakes,calipers,rotors, wheel bearings, and ball joints inspected. They told me they cant find anything wrong everything looks good. I just happened to try my 4 wheel drive i pushed the 4 high button locked it in and when i turned either right or left it feels like something is dragging but ingauges fine no problems if i dont turn..lol Then i tried the 4

It could also mean a low fluid problem. I'd check that first. ... 2002 Ford Explorer

2003 vue awd v6 I hear a rattling noise coming from front end when driving over bigger bumps it kind of sounds like plastic slapping though when I kick one of the front tires something metal rattles, plz help!

... 2003 Saturn VUE

I have a 2001 Silhouette. I have a noise in the front end that sounds like a wheel bearing going bad. It increases in loudness with speed. At low speed it can't be heard at all but at around 50 to 60 it becomes audible and at around 80 it's very irritating. If I make a right turn it stops and is audible either straight ahead or in a left turn. I can't tell which side the noise is coming from as I sit in the car. Do you think it could be something other than a wheel bearing?

I have a 2002 Olds van and it also makes a noise under the front driver wheel well. Mine was mostly when I hit potholes or large dips causing the shocks to compress. The problem is a metal to metal contact between a bushing lip and the suspension. ... 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette

05 maxima makes loud thumping noise when slowing down even without pressing the brake. Sound coming from underneath the feet feels like something getting stuck in the mid section of the car. Also, steering wheel squeaks when turing plus some metal rubbing sound comes of the front end.

... 2005 Nissan Maxima

Hi there i have a 2003 honda civic si when ever i am sitting idle there is a rattle / clanking sound coming from under the car it is coming from the front in the center when it makes the noise and i look under the car i think it is coming from where my muffler pipe conects to some bigger part ( sorry not to car smart lol) it almost sounds like metal banging on something like something is lose the noise is getting louder and louder each day help please

You could have a loose bolt on your exhaust manifold (this happens sometimes with Japanese cars with little reason behind it). If you can, try tightening all of the bolts on the manifold and see if that helps. If you are not very mechanically incli ... 2003 Honda Civic

I have a 2004 pacifica, fwd. I had just gotton my front brakes and rotors done, as well as all tie rods. I am still a wierd knocking noise in the front end (sounds like the right wheel well mostly) Almost like something is loose? Now the noise was there before the work was done as i thought it was something to do with the tie rods, etc. Is there anything else this could be?

In this order stabilizer links, stabilizer bar bushings, control arm bushings, engine cradle bushings or bad struts mine have 160,000 and don't clunk but do need replacement ... 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

I had front brakes and rotors replaced on my 2000 Durango. Within a week I heard something like a grind coming from the right front tire. And tonight I heard the same noise when braking but it was much louder. When I accelerated after a red light I heard a loud bang from that same tire like something was thrown. The truck runs fine with no grinding noise and it drives straight with no pull to either side. What could have been that noiose. I live on Long Island.

Sounds like something was jammed, or loose. I'd recommend taking it back to where the brakes were done and have them check it out in case something they did is messed up. ... 2000 Dodge Durango

ABS light & trak off light keep coming on. Grinding noise & vibration can be felt on brake peddle. Brakes have been checked. Wheel bearing was replaced on drivers side. Sometimes making a pulsing sound,in front end left side, like something is trying to run.

It sounds like "False Antilock Mode" to me. Your Antilock Brake Control Module "thinks" that you have a wheel locking up. This is probably caused by a bad wheel sensor. You need to scan the module to find out which one. ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix

I hear a dragging noise when in reverse or turning right. I beleive it is coming from the passenger rear side, close to the exhaust pipe. Nothing is hanging but it sounds like the pipe may be hitting something everytime I turn right

... GMC Envoy

99 4x4 .blazer. A noise like a siren is coming from the right front end. I think it me have something to do with four wheel drive any ideas from anyone

... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

Wierd noise from the front end. sounds like a chain dragging or something. now the 4 wheel drive seems to be not working. any ideas?

Not sure about the 4wheel drive. But the weird sound could be your sway bar end links. Those tend to make a ton of noise when bad. To check: grab a hold of it and move it around, shouldn't have much play at all. If there is play in there replace ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 2004 MDX w/nav. it has 12100. miles on it. For the past month it has been making a strange noise indermently around 35mph to 45mph. The noise sounds like it is either from right in front of vehicle to the drivers & front passenger area. It almost sounds like something grinding or a real hard piece of thick rubber rubbing over a piece of metal. Then I also notice when the vehicle reaches about 65mph to 70mph a humming noise that sounds like it's coming from the back of car. These sounds

... 2004 Acura MDX

I am driving and my car makes a squealing noise and it comes from the drivers side by the rear tire. also when i drive it makes a noise like something is dragging and it is loud and makes my tire feel like it is coming off or i have a flat tire. the noise is everytime i drive. now when i brake it makes a loud keeeeeeeeeee noise. please help.

... Ford Taurus

Noise coming from front end almost like a humming noise gets louder the faster i go i can start hearing the noise when i hit about 18mph and the front end is clunking

Check your Power steering pump. ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

When backing up and turning the wheel to the left feels like the front end drops there is no noise it feels almost like a hard staright wind blowing across the front end. I have had the front right wheel hub assembly replaced the rack pinion catalytic convertor fuel pump and lastly a new engine 11000 miles ago. The car has 76000 miles. My sister said when she drove it hears a high pitched whine coming from teh steering column

... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

2006 f 150 4x4 hub noise front. I notice a noise coming from the front. I thought it was the tires whichj are new but it could be something else. Sounds like a hum but not sure. This hum can be felt when driving. Are their bearings involved? what could be causing the noise. The balljoints, a tie rods are all ok. there is no known liquids to be concerned with like brake fluid etc. What is the problem?

They now have a bearing assembly, you replace the unit as one. The humming sounds like a Blazer I did last week. Same noise/humming over 25MPH..? Sounds just like road/tire noise. Hope this helps. ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My 2004 Toyota Sienna has a rumbling, almost like something is loose, sound coming from the front left as I go over uneven road, it's almost constant now. I've had new tires put on, wheel alignment completed, new break pads, and a technician look at the struts. They said the struts look OK for now and the front end is "solid." They couldn't pin point the problem sound, but think it might be the strut mounts. Does this sound like a strut mount problem or could it be something worse like in the CV

I vote for the brake pads. Does the rattle stop if you slightly apply the brake. If the caliper releases enough the pad can rattle. ... 2004 Toyota Sienna

Changed front left hub assembly on a Mercury Mountaineer 97 and now there is a loud noise when we drive forward but no noise when you back up. The noise was not there till the hub assem was changed also there is no noise when you turn the wheel to the right I think... One way or the other, there is no noise. When you drive faster the noise goes faster like something is not on right and hitting as you go.There seems to be nothing wrong with the axle. Brake light comes on.It is a loud noise like i

When i hit a curb with my 97 cavileier and bent the center hub its made a noise something like the one you are describing i changed it to a new one and there was still a slight noise i took it back of and took a closer look and the new hub had a slig ... 2003 Ford Focus

Bought a 1990 Bronco II from one of my troops and somehow he drove it over here. It's a manual transmission as well. But once I put it in first gear, it feels like something is stopping it going forward. It goes in reverse and drives fun in reverse. I tried to start it in second gear as well and I can feel the back end trying to move the truck, but something in the front end is keeping it from moving. Even in neutral the vehicle doesn't even want to move. So I'm clueless to what it could be.

1. Check front brakes & front wheels bearings. Lift the front of the car and see if each front wheel turns freely by hand. If not, repair front brakes by removing brake calipers and pads. Install new brake caliper round seals & clean carefully all ... 1988 Ford Bronco II
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