Having problems with your 2004 GMC Canyon ?

Idle keeps dropping below 500 in 2004 gmc canyon what might cause this

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Answers :

Either have the throttle body serviced or replace the IAC Motor. Idle Air Control Motor.
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Idle keeps dropping below 500 in 2004 gmc canyon what might cause this

Either have the throttle body serviced or replace the IAC Motor. Idle Air Control Motor. ... 2004 GMC Canyon

Inconsistent idle After the car starts the engine's idle will drop low enough to cause the engine to die, and it drops in one second after the vehicle is started. The vehicle will run as long as I keep the accelerator down placing the RPM's above 2000 in-between gears. Vehicle drives somewhat boggy like if there is water in the tank. Also recently the power steering went out because somebody kept putting to much fluid into the reservoir.

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My 1999 Grand AM SE 2,4 has a fine idle when slowing down ahead of a stop-sign/trafick light and idles on about 550-600 rpms, but as soon as the speed drops below about 5 mph, the rpm drops to 350-400 rpms and the engine shakes (there is a bent part inside the engine that is causing this, I think after talking to a mechanic and I also might have a bad engine mount or two, but the engine runs perfectly smooth above 500 rpms. I Have tried to change all mechanical parts, like airmass etc, but its

This is caused by the bypass valve - when dropping below 800rpm it should open, letting more air in, to keep the rpm up. In your case it doesn't. Take the car back to the shop and have the codes read, find out if the cause why the valve isn't opening ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Problem Number 1: Sometimes at idle, which is already a little fast (1100 rpms) the engine will drop down to about 800 rpms just for a second and then idle back up again. I there an idle control valve located somewhere or what could cause this to happen? Problem #2 I just put a replacement fuel pump on my car, the cheap one, when I first put it on it was quiet, and it did not seem to run all of the time, now it is very noisy and runs all of the time, I know there is a check valve on the fue

There is an idle adjustment solenoid, but if you never increased the idle before the new fuel pump, then i doubt its that.\015\012\015\012The fuel pump should never be replaced with a cheap one. Cheap fuel pumps are yes noisy, and they so ... 1983 Porsche 944

When have on the head light the idle of the 22re drop to 0 idle and cut off what is the cause

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97 gmc -when braking to a stop the engine idle stays at 1200 until i reapply brakes hard then the idle drops. What causes this

... 2004 GMC Sierra

Hi rn I have a golf mk4 estate and the fans keep on turning even if the car just started up for the first time in the morning and it keeps on turning for the duration of the drive. This in turn causes the car to **** and lose power as I think that it draws to much current from the vehicle.The temp gauge also in turn drops down to 0 immediatly. Somebody help me please!

Check the coolant sensor, the wiring associated with it for breaks and shorts and then the fan relay. The lack of engine power is because the coolant signal to the ECU is incorrect and the ECU is changing the injection times to suit. If the fans co ... 2002 Volkswagen Golf

Car was running fine, then at work, left the lights on. Dead battery, tried to jump and took awhile. Started, but ran like ****, it would idle but when you touch the excelerator it would try to die. Finally got it going but had to keep pumping the gas to keep it started. Once on the road it would run smooth. But then when you let up would try to die. Thought maybe blew a fuse but all were ok, checked for vacuum leaks or anything else that might cause. I'm totally stumped. Any help would be great

Your 2000 VW Beetle use a group 58R battery that has total cold cranking amps of 580CCA.\015\012\015\012A DEAD battery has below 300CCA.\015\012\015\012I recommend you to check the YEAR TAG on the battery.\015\012Example: MODEL 58R-48 = ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

My 2005 GMC Envoy has misfired on cylinder 6, the technician switch it to #2 but it still reads misfire on 6. Also, the engine light keeps turning on and off, it's off for a day and on the next day. It stalled on me before several times and it vibrates when on idle and park. My question is what is causing the vibration? I also had the fuel injector cleaner done

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1997 GMC 1 ton 4x4 hard to start after it has warmed up. changed fuel filter no help No code to be read We have notice that the fuel in the rail is vapor not a liquid. Is this normal and if not what would be the cause. Fuel pump runs at 45 psi until it shut off then drops down to zero is this normal. Or should the pressure hold. If the fuel line is bead after the fuel filter the pump will hold at 45 psi during the bleeding.

The fuel pressure should hold at or near the 45 lbs after you shut the truck off.You have one of three problems causing this.One, the fuel pressure regulator is leaking internally and allowing fuel to return to the tank via the return lin ... 1997 GMC Sierra

89 Buick century 3.3 fuel pressure stays at 35 lb and increases to 45 when giving throttle goes t 50 lb before it dies car will idle forever the car might run for 1 mile or so before it dies. Coil pack and module has been replace airflow sensor has been cleaned tbs sensor is working fine. I pulled off one injector wire to se if the injector was keeping power and car stops could the intake manifold hav a major leak that you cant hear or find

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The check engine light on my 2005 chevy malibu keeps coming on and off sporadically. the car seems to be running fine. the only thing is that the fuel guage reads full all the time and then suddenly drops to empty and the fuel light comes on. diagnostic tests read the code p0455. i have replaced the fuel cap already. the other possible causes list 1. EVAP canister broken, cracked hose or not connected 2. Purge or vent solenoid defective or 3. vacuum leak at engine. i really just need to know how

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I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited with approx. 80k miles. I keep up-to-date on the recommended maintenance. The truck typically runs fine, with some exceptions. (1) When I first start the truck in the morning, you can hear liquid gurggling near the glove box in front of the passengers seat. Doesn't seem to create a problem, just sounds wierd. (2) The idle drops and truck stalls.. this only happens when I first take off, sometimes after the 2nd or 3rd stop. I am able to start the tr

Your first noise is normal, Coolant running thru the heater core, though you may want to check the coolant level. Second is the idle air control motor, located on the side of the throttle body. Sticking just a bit, you can take it off and try cleanin ... 2001 Jeep Cherokee

The voltage keeps dropping at idle rpm - 2006 GMC Envoy

Not necessarily! Mine did the same thing and so I replaced the battery and altenator...and still didnt solve the problem, The altenator is a bear to change btw, Take off the intake tubing from the filter to the throttle body. Spray throttle body ... 2006 GMC Envoy

I am having a problem after warm up and at idle speed the oil pressure drop low enought to trigger the check gauges light. I have been trying to trouble shoot the problem with oil changes etc. but it is probably a failing oil pump. where can I find information as to what kind of a job (cost) this might be, or if this is something I could do over a weekend, thanks Bob. 1994 gmc sonoma 4.3lv6 non vortec

4.3L Engine\015\012To Remove: \015\012\015\012Remove or disconnect the following: \015\012\015\012Engine oil pan \015\012The oil pump bolt \015\012\015\012\01 ... 1994 GMC Sonoma

My 1993 chev silverado 1500 4x4 has an issue; 1. it revs up (while driving) to cause transmission to drop a gear 2. the idle will fluctuate (while in gear and stopped) and stall 3. while stopped (in gear) truck will surge forward 4. service engine light will come on most of the time when these issues happen 5. does not to it all the time but getting more frequent 6. when issue occur the odometer stops working 7. new computer was installed it ran smooth and strong for 45 minutes, then back to pro

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My 94 3.0 nissan hardbody kingcab 4x4 is having trouble keeping a steady idle. it will drop almost completely to 0 rpms and and then jump back to over 1000rpms and repeat itself. upon driving on the highway it has cutoff when slowing to make a turn as well, several times. and even cut off when driving over speed humps. any ideas what to check before taking it to a mechanic?

The EGR valve sticking, loose wires, bad ground connections, dirty connections, fuel pressure dropping out, vacuum leaks, or any combination of several of these at about the same time. ... 1990 Nissan Hardbody King Cab

My 1986 MR2 dies after running for a while. When its cold, no problem, but when its hot it sometimes idles down until it dies. I flushed the cooling system and was thinking that it might be the EGR valve, but then discovered that with the headlights ON, it doesn't die. I can even keep it from dying by turning the headlights ON. Is this a symptom of a problem other than the EGR valve? Battery and Alternator are both ~ 1 year old.

Remove the throttle housing & spray some air intake/carb cleaner into all the little holes as these fill up with oil vapour & eventually starve the engine of oxygen. then spray plenty into the air manifold as this also collects plenty of oil ... 1986 Toyota MR2

I have an 03 hyundai Santa Fe, while I am driving the speedometer keeps dropping to 0 then bouncing back to the speed I am traveling at. It first started when I was on the highway, it kicked out of cruise then this started and it is happening more and more now. What is causing it to do this?

There is a small sensor call VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor).It feed data from the transmission to the computer ECU.This can be a two part problem.1)loose wireJust check the connector on the transmission and make ... Hyundai Santa Fe

Fuel problems 1999 Grand Prix GTP 3800 Supercharged VIN 1: car starts, but shuts down within 10 seconds. You can see the fuel pressure drop within those 10 seconds. If I flutter the throttle, the fuel pressure will jump back up to 50lbs & back down to 0-10. But, you can keep the car running by doing that. I have replaced the fuel filter & helped a little bit, but still shuts down. Replaced fuel pressure regulator & fuel pump & oil pressure switch & still nothing. HELP....

T.p.s. censor ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

My check engine light stays on, my instrument panel dings while driving the vehicle, the gauges drop to 0 and back up again, it switches back and forth from unknown driver to driver 1 repeatedly, abs light and brake lights come on, loses track of fuel level range - sometimes just showing 3 dashes. . . all while driving my 2004 gmc envoy

For quirky things like that, I' look first at your ignition switch (common problem). Not the switch the key goes into, but it' located under the steering wheel column cover, on the bottom (black). Did your key get stuck in the ignition too at som ... 2004 GMC Envoy

I have a 1994 GMC Safari 4.3 Vortec, W code. It is missing at low speeds but will accelerate fast to 70 and run smooth. When I pulled the plug wires to locate the miss I found 2,4, and 6 would each cause the engine to vibrate badly. When I pulled 1,3, and 5 I could not see any change in the motor, although I do have fire on each plug. I have new plugs and plug wires. My fuel pressure runs 58-60 pounds with a little drop when I first accelerate.

TESTINGCARBURETED\015\012To test the ignition coil, the distributor cap must be removed from the distributor.\015\012\015\012\015\012Remove the electrical connector from the distributor cap and the ... 1994 GMC Safari

2003 9-3 Linear Saab - is idling about halfway betwenn 0 and 1 RPM and feels like it wants to shut off. Also the fan comes on when I shut the car off and I smell a faint burnt ordor. Noticed an oily substance leaking which drops under the right front side.

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Have 1988 GMC 2500 with 4.3 Tbi and the the idle keeps jumping up to 1500-2000 rpm and will not drop back down

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I have a 90 Lexus 400 LS, when engine is cold it idles on regula 1500rpm. When it warms up it drops to normal rpm. But if i turn it off for more than thirty minutes, it idles back to 1500 rpms and it takes 5 minutes to drop to normal. If i dont wait the 5 minutes and i drive off, it runs on 1000 rpms for about 1 mile, and it makes it hard to brake on red lights because it forces the car to go. After that 1 mile it drops to normal.

You need to test your Engine Control Unit (ECU) for fault codes.\012This could be caused by several things:\012- Coolant Temperature Sensor or circuit\012- Intake Air Temperature Sensor or circuit\012- A/C Signal circuit ... 1990 Lexus LS 400
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