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Oil slinging from(off) belt/pully due to oil leak somewhere

\015 It was just smoking at first a little but i checked the oil level and it was about two quarts low. So I added oil, drove it a bit now its slinging oil all over the passenger side of the motor.Which is where the pullys and belt are located.where is it comming from? im stumped, Any answers?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Valve cover gaskets leaking, this vehicle is known for that. Easy way and lazy way=add stop leak= for the hard way but the right way=replace gaskets=
Is this an OHCam engine or an OHValve engine? On OHC engine, the ENGINE OIL stop leak just might work.THEN change oil out.
Also if you're running really light oil(go one grade heavier), try one oil change with Castrol High mileage oil(for cars with high miles or dried out seals). don-ohio (:^)
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Oil slinging from(off) belt/pully due to oil leak somewhere

Valve cover gaskets leaking, this vehicle is known for that. Easy way and lazy way=add stop leak= for the hard way but the right way=replace gaskets= ... 2004 Ford Taurus

1998 Audi A4 2.8L 154,000 miles I have a persistent slow oil leak coming from somewhere on the right hand side of the engine. The oil drips from all over the bottom of the front end, but it seems to be coming from that area. The car drives fine/handles really good. Theres no other problems other than, I live in USA, and my check engine light is on and it failed the smog test due to a mass airflow sensor, and incorrect flow in an air line. The brake and ABS lights are on but the dealer couldnt ev

... Audi A4

Leaking coolant i put a thermostat on my 94 dodge spirit an i got a leak from somewhere else that i no where close to the themostat. its leaking from somewhere from around the belts. i got under and look to see if i could locate the leak but i just seen it dripping form the lip of the oil pan, not saying that the oil pan is leakin but its leaking on it from some other location what do you think?

Have the system pressure tested to isolate/locate the keak, but it sounds like a water pump. ... 1994 Dodge Spirit

Leaking Oil My 1994 Rodeo 3.2 V6 is leaking from somewhere up front looks like the front seal I put some CD2 oil treament with stop leak in the oil and it slowed to a tiny drip is there any way to stop this leak with out tearing off the balancer pully or do they make some additive which has better seal properties which wont clog up my oil pump ?

No,the only good solution is to replace the seal.I have tried different additives and none seem to hold up very long.Good Luck!!!! ... 1994 Isuzu Rodeo

I Just had my crank position sensor replaced in my 04 hyundai santa fe and now there is oil leaking from somewhere. I just wanted to know the process for replacing the sensor and if this oil is the shops problem...i think it is cuz i think i would have noticed an oil leak like this one....its pretty severe. It is not a uniform leak...the car is smoking, the oil is still full after checking bot dip sticks...my alternator is COVERED in oil, its running down the axle into the wheel well of the pass

Sounds like they didnt install the o-ring gasket around before the install. Pressure is causing it to spray Thanks Josh ... 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

Oil leak I have an oil leak around my timing belt/water pump. I've heard/read that it's most likely a cam seal leak. I'm about to purchase the timing belt/water pump kit but am not sure which cam seal i need. The oil is leaking onto the timing belt and the timing belt is slinging it all over the housing. When the car is parked there's spot on the ground by the front passenger tire. Do you believe it's a cam seal leak and if so which seal?? I am replacing the timing belt and w

If its a twin cam engine just replace both of them. They are cheap enough and if you buy locally you whould be able to return the one you don't need. Personally I would replace both so you don't have to worry about it in the future. ... 2000 Volvo S40

Oil leaks I have a 1998 chevy cavaler that hase a bad oil leak. It has been running with the oil light on for a couple of weeks now and I can not locate the leak point. The leak is not coming from the block. It is somewhere under the car which is covering the whole underside of the car. Has anyone else ran into this problem before?

First of all, which engine does your cavalier have? Some GM engines around that time had problems with the intake manifold gasket leaking oil where the manifold bolted to the top of the engine block, but if I remember correctly, it was in the 3.1 li ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

On my 99 SL, I have an oil leak that I can't locate. It is getting oil on the engine around the pullys and they are slinging the oil arround so it is hard to tell where the leak is coming from. Has there been a problem with oil leaking on cars with about 120000 miles on it? Where should I start looking?

With out me actually seeing your engine i can only say that it will be one of two things one being valve cover gasket oil cam seal hope this helps but you might consider taking it in to have it looked over if you can not located it by looking at it. ... 1999 Saturn SL

I have a 91 iszu trooper the hose for the oil cooler is leaking and i cant find any place that sells one as described, MASSIVE oil rupture in oil cooler line, developed over a month, 80% worsened to it's current state in the last week. Did not find leak until after eliminating all other possibilities due to the rubber insulation on the steel braiding diverting oil leak flow. I cannot find a replacement anywhere as there are no dealers in my town and all the parts stores only offer to cut the l

Yup, had the same problem and had to find a hydraulic hose company. I brought them my old lines and they built me new ones. I paid about 25.00 and I was good to go. Good luck ... 1991 Isuzu Trooper

95 Neon, oil is leaking from somewhere. it looks like the back of the engire somewhere but not entirely sure. replaced valve cover gasket, tightened oil filter, no leak from the pan itself. what could this be?

You need to go get a professional opinion. You got it wrong and your there looking at it. We can guess that maybe you have a head gassket leak but why guess when a professional will give the the correct answer. ... 1995 Plymouth Neon

Camaro leak hi i have a 99 z28, and when i took it in to speedy oil change and tune up, they told me that there was a oil leak coming somewhere above the engine, they werent able to tell me exactly where, but they said to check i, it might involve removing the engine and tranny. any help on where the oil is leaking and what i can do to fix it? and possibly how much it can be?? thanks

The only I can suggest is to go a real garage and see if they can find the oil leak. Don't be surprised if the lower intake is leaking. Very common on chevy's with mileage around 100,000 miles. Best of luck. ... 1999 Chevrolet Camaro

When i do oil change, oil leaks somewhere around the oil filter, after the engine warm up leak stops. is not leaking its driping.

When you remove the old oil filter. insure the old filter seal came off with the filter. then when installing the new filter wet the new seal of the filter with a little oil. just dip your finger into new oil and smear it on the seal. ... 1993 Lincoln Town Car

Oil leak in engine.Replaced the head gasket now oil is leaking somewhere in the engine. put in new head bolts 2 times but couldn't torque to specs. Why is there oil leaking and how can I find out what the problem is without taking it to a shop?

Well, you might check the real main seals. Also, if you cant torque them to specs, the head could still be leaking. Your best bet is to lay a piece of cardboard under it and see where the oil drips from. Then trace the leak up from there. Otherwise, ... 1994 Toyota 4Runner

My 1994 eagle talon leaks A LOT of oil just after a 650 mile trip. it maintained oil pressure and temperature the entire trip. I went out the next day to make a quick run and all the oil leaked out of my engine. all the oil is on the bottom backside of my oil pan. is it my gasket or maybe h connection somewhere... or maybe even my rear main seal has blown?

All likely.. check oil filter for loose..check pan and lower components for damage from debris hitting it... then fill and run idle looking for source... good luck ... 1991 Eagle Talon

So i realised all my oil leaked out and i refilled it and started it and it sounded like this and also it has no oil, i have blown an engine without oil before due to a cracked oil pan and it sounded like this before it actually seized up, is it still fixable if i fox the leak and use oil or does ot sound too dead? I need help please

Haw to change resistor from infinity qx4 2002 ... Cars & Trucks

I just had my routine oil change on my 2000 Chevrolet Impala LS which currently has 141,286 miles. I was advised that the power steering pump and rack & pinion assembly are slightly leaking oil and need replacing (OUCH!!!$$$), there is no indication of a whinning noise or other noise. I also just had the valve cover and upper intake gaskets replaced 1 week prior due to a constant oil leaking (recently the message center light indicated "oil level low") and smell of burning oil for a long period

If i was to guess i would agree with your mechanic,the leaky pump and rack are likely due to the oil leak that was present.You need to pressure wash the engine after spraying it with engine de-greaser and then after it has dried,set some clean cardbo ... Chevrolet Impala

Oil leaking oil light came on put qt of oil in then when taking off white smoke poured from tail pipe had trouble getting speed up pulled over saw there was oil leaking from somewhere

There is 3 type's of smoke. 1 black is running rich to much gas, 2 blue burning oil, 3 white coolant getting into cylinder due to poss. engine overheated warp head or blown head gasket.If your engine is making a knocking noise at the lower part of yo ... 2005 Suzuki Forenza

So after walmart told me my car was leaking oil and that they wouldnt change the oil, the dipstick still reads full but there are large puddles in my driveway. I've known of a residual oil leak being a possibility( 94 Lincoln Mark VIII). No red or greenish- blue puddles, just clear. I'm still confused. Could it be water from somewhere( excuse my ignorance btw).

The oil might be reading full through the dip stick but it sure licks.Why not run a scan on the car or drive to another garage and let an expert take a look. Leakage of oil can get the engine to a knock stage.Good luck. ... Lincoln Mark VIII

Oil leak i have a serious oil leak coming from somewhere under the valve cover. I already replaced the valve cover gaskets and that was not it. the leak is coming from the front of the motor below the manifold or behind the power steering pump. i am hoping that there is seal or something i can replace and its not the block please help

There is a timing cover gasket behind the water pump.You may have to clean off the block to find the leak. Mechanics can use dye in the oil and a black light. ... 1996 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Regency

Oil Leak I have an oil leak on a 94 crown vic, somewhere on the driver's side above the oil filter area.

Sounds like the oil filter housing gasket is leaking. clean the area up real good with some brake clean and then run vehicle for 15 to 30 min and see if u can see whare its coming from. it may also be coming from valve cover gasket. ... 1994 Ford Crown Victoria

Subaru 1991 rs legacy leaking oil from somewhere, but the level on the dipstick is still showing it has plenty of oil and has been for a while i check often. Has been leaking for some time as there is a large patch of oil under the car where it is normally parked. what could be going on?

There is a plate that is on back of engine block that is common for leaks tranny has to come off to chaneg this plate also the oil pump may need resealed ... 1991 Subaru Legacy

Oil leak have replaced valve cover gaskets,oil pan gasket,front oil seal on 3.0L motor but still have a major leak somewhere????????????

You say you still have a major leak somewhere? I am guessing your saying this because your losing oil and have to keep adding oil correct?I read another contribute and they were speaking of oil pressure loss; does your vehicle run good, not missi ... 1991 Dodge Daytona

Oil leak I have a leak above my oil filter but cant see where its coming from. Somewhere aboce the oil filter. Is there a gasket on the adapter or something! Any info will help

There is a gasket between the filter and where it meets the motor. often when the oil filter is overtightened when it is installed it will leak.\015\012 ... 1993 Ford Thunderbird

How many quarts of oil does 2005 chevy equinox take if oil has leaked completley due to a leak from the transmission oil cooler line

... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

Oil leaking from rear of engine the truck was sitting for 3 years before I bought it. Thats all thats leaking I am lucky. But the oil is a big pool when ir runs for 5 minutes. Please help. The truck runs awesome but I cant drive due to the leak.

... 1992 Ford Explorer
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