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I hear a screetching noise when I start up the car, only after it's been sitting for a while. Then, I hear a ticking noise. What could it be? I just had a belt replaced. Did not solve the prob

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I hear a screetching noise when I start up the car, only after it's been sitting for a while. Then, I hear a ticking noise. What could it be? I just had a belt replaced. Did not solve the prob

... 2004 Ford Mustang

I have a 2002 MAZDA Protege 5 with a 2.0L Engine (Twin Cam) took to the mechanic to replace the timing belt, after the replacent the engine performace went down and i can hear the engine got a little bit of advance , took the car to another mechanic but could not solve the problem...before my car was like a rocket..now its like a 1.3L....its dying...please help me..

Probbaly the timing belt is misaligned by a tooth or so. The mechanic who did it should be resonsable for fixing it. you can't reallly see it's misaligned until you take it apart. there are marks in the cams that should line up with eachother at the ... 2002 Mazda Protege

Since our snow is over I have been hearing a screeching sound from my belt could my belt be slack or could this be a pulley

Check the fluid level in your power steering module, also the belt could be dry, try using belt lube to see if it helps if fluid level is okay ... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

My 2006 Tarus sounds like the belt is rubbing or ideler pulley going out. I took the belt OFF and still hear the noise from the engine. It sounds like a belt noise but apparently isn't the belt. Do you have any ideas what it could be? Thank you very much

... 2006 Ford Taurus

2000 Chrysler Town & Country 95000 miles . squealing. In June power steering pump went out while on vacation ? replaced that and then shortly after (the next day) the squealing started. Arrived at our destination and saw a local mechanic who said it was the belt ? replaced the belt. Squealing is back again within a couple days. Returned home mechanic said we prob had a bad belt ? replaced belt (again). Started squealing again. Then mechanic said it could be the tensioner ? so replaced that. Squ

Hello there:Heree is a couple of ideas for you to try instead of spending all of this money.First get a can of belt conditioner this only costs about 3 dollars and spray the belt and leave sit for 10 min than start the vehical now ... 1999 Chrysler Town & Country

05 XL-7 I changed my old belts (with no squeaking) now one of the new belts squeaks loud, mostly in the morning when neighbors can hear and give dirty looks, like "get a new belt you incompetent grease monkey". And I think to myself "I bet I can make your wife squeak too". Anyhoot,I did what my neighbors were thinking and got a better goodyear belt. It squeaks too when it's cold. Tighter or loser it keeps squeaking. Could I have damaged the pulley? squeaks louder with air on.

Take a bar of soap at touch it on the side of belt when it is running. Becareful!!! or spray some WD40 on it. Should stop it. If not it must be something wrong with whatever it is running. If that is a serpentine belt spray it. Soap is good on v-belt ... 2002 Suzuki XL-7

I have a 2000 Saturn SL1 with 179,000 miles on it. For the past week, whenever I stop at a light and the engine is idling, I hear a rhythmic chirping sound. It's not very loud. When I am driving, I can't hear it. Sometimes when I idle, I have to strain to hear it, but sometimes it is quite clear. Could this be related to the serpentine belt?

With that kind of mileage, it could be a number of things. You have idler pulleys with bearings inside of them that do eventually dry-up and squeak/squeal. Belts can squeal sometimes if too glazed from years of use. Water pumps even squeak/squeal ... Saturn SL1

Hi there i appreciate your help with the smokey start we are having after rebuilding the engine...could you explain a little more what is this coding i have herd ohters talk of it as there seemed to be no electrics conected to them we thought this was just talk but now you mention it too.. could you explain more about this point..we have taken them off to clean them could this be our prob??? 151 teeth on our belt and it was a little looser than we liked but fully tensioned.. please answer soon t

... 2002 Kia Sedona

I have 2.0T 2004 model with 46K which has a squeaking noise on idle which appeared to come from the timing belt / tensioner. As my timing belt was due for change, I replaced it along with tensioner and aux belts but this hasn't solved it. Any idea what it could be?

I would check the Alternator, waterpump and power steering, try spraying WD40 or CRC556 on each auxillary one at a time to isolate the problem, the squeak should diminish when you hit the right bit. Don't forget to wash it off when you are finished. ... Volvo S60

I can hear a thumping noise in the front end of a 2004 Ranger 4x4 pickup. Sounds like a out of round tire would. Brakes, rotors and wheel bearings are new. Truck has 127,000 miles on it. Could I have axle/diff or cv joint problems starting? You can hear the noise best at low speed, 25 to 40 MPH. Checked tires, they look ok. No broken belts or obvious deformities. Any Thoughts?

... 2004 Ford Ranger

I hear loud high pitched noise from the area of the belts.... could it be the serpentine belt or what?

... 1994 Volvo 940

I have been hearing a squeaking in one of the belts in my engine for about a month, and then yesterday the battery light came on and shortly thereafter died. Could this be the alternator drive belt causing the problem?

It is possible that the belts is the issue, it is also possible the alternator has a bearing that has finally given up. remove the belt and spin the alternator and listen and feel the ease (or lack of) the turn. while youre in there, notice the other ... 1999 Mazda 626

I have a 95 pontiac firebird with the small 3.4 and i just did a tune up on it brand new wires,plugs,upper intake gasket,valve cover gaskets,coil packs,belt tensioner and belt oil change and filter but when i try and start it it either just turns over or it starts sometimes and dies after a couple mins what could this be i got gas and i hear my pump prime

... Cars & Trucks

My air conditioning is acting up. When i turn it on I eventually begin to hear a humming type noise that gets louder. When this starts I feel a loss of power from my engine. At times I hear a loud screeching noie coming from one of my belts (along with the humming) and when it gets too loud it sounds like something gives up and I lose my cold air. I have checked the levels and recharged my coolant (R134a), that has not solved the humming, loss of power, screeching and occasional loss of cold

That would be your a/c pump. It likely is lacking lubricant which is in the freon itself. If the pump is dry it won't hardly move and you will get noise. The motor will try extra hard to spin the pump and cause lack of power to the motor.The pump cl ... Nissan Frontier

I have a 2003 Jetta. Me and my husband were driving down the road and the car died. We thought we were out of gas because the fuel light had come on before that, but when we stopped and tried to start the car the engine would not turn over. Some people say it could be the timming belt. I hear thats expensive to fix and can lead to more problems. Could it just be its out of gas?

2003 jetta should have a chain not belt. if there is a large degree of angle from the crank to cam sensors,the ecm or computer will not enable the starter.when you say turn over ,does the starter make a noise and turn the engine,but the car will not ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

1998 civic lx check engine light on. Midas says probably valve/timing because HCs have this prob? My Honda had timing belt change @ 75,000mi. and now has 135,000mi. What other type of prob could it be?

Hatservice light is triggered by the odometer. there is no problem. they just want you to go get service so you can be fleesed! If digital dash, get in car,prewss odometer trip reset and hold. turn ignition on but do not start the car, wait 10-20 sec ... 1998 Honda Civic

Whenever i drive kio rio 2003 i can hear the sound of a moving conveyor belt from driver seat it seems to be coming from the right tyre side at first when i slow down but now everytime i drive. What could be causing this sound a sound like a conveyor belt

Check brakes, front axles ... 2003 Kia Rio

I have a 2003 PT Cruiser with 140.000. I just had the water pump replaced so I had the timing belt done while they were in there. Two hours later (and after the shop closed for the weekend) a burning smell filled the car and the charging warning light came on. I can now hear a whining sound coming from the engine. Could this be a result of the water pump/timing belt replacement.

It is very likely, stop driving it and contact them when they open. ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Altnator have probs with alternator on my 2000 ls , thought it was my battery at first but auto zone checked it out and said my altnator was low 12.27 instead of 14-15 range ? could it be just a loose belt ? and what kind of belt does this model have , thanks

If it was a loose belt it would be squeeling like a banshee. I'd go with their diagnosis and replace the alternator. ... 2000 Saturn L-Series

I hear a noise coming from the serpentine belt area. Sounds like a bearing. I just put on a new belt and the noise is still there. The tensioner seems to be working fine. What could this be?

Each pulley is has a bearing. The best way to check it is to remove the belt and spin each pulley, (except the crank pulley wont spin) and listen to each one normally a tensioner pulley or idler pulley is the problem. Note: not all pulley will turn ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

Chinese scooter I know its not a car but there is not a catergory for scooters.Yes I know Chinese!! Going down the road, slow, maybe 20mph. I hear like a small ting ting almost like back fire. It stopped when I stopped. Then on the main highway up to 45 mph it felt as though it was struggling to get gas then bam, it felt as though the "belt " had broke. No power could not get it started. It reminded me of years ago when a timing belt had gone in in my car. Any ideas. I am waitng for the place th

Hey Mj, you seem to know your stuff--it sounds like the drive belt broke. You can get a repair manual on amazon for approx. $15 plus shipping. It would be a great help w/ pictures and how to maintain and fix the scooter. But if you're going to dum ... 2007 Suzuki XL-7

So, on my 2000 AUDI A6 2.7T I have now replaced the waterpump, the thermostat, the timing belt, the tensioners, guides and still the car overheats. The mechanic says the heads could be blown, so we put 500ml of Loctite Block and Head sealer in to see if this will work before we embark on the next expensive head gasket replacement cure. I had the heads done 25000kms back, and do not drive this car hard. Could they have blown again and can Loctite Block and Head Sealer solve this problem?


The seat belt chime goes off constantly even tho Im belted in..I took out the fuse for it and it stopped but I had no signal lights then. Its a 2000 Kia Sportage..please help me solve this I think Im hearing the chimes in my sleep...LOL..Thanx in advance

Sounds like the seat belt latch itself[the female end] is at fault.Replace as needed and re-test for proper operation. ... Kia Sportage

What could be wrong with my 2007 eclipse..... Problem(s)- it started with a little vibrate when car was stoped and idling....now I hear and feel car vibrate lot more and harder...plus it sounds like clicking/squeaking sound 2 places 1 bottom of car maybe in middle underneath...2nd is this squeaking hear while in driver seat. It sounds like a mattress squeak but it sounds like its coming from beyond the steering wheel like in engine area. Recent fixes on car...a belt broke while driving so mech

Check tensioners and pulley ... Cars & Trucks

Whining noise I've changed pump with aftermarket,changed belt, and idler pulley.the noise never changed..its there at idle and more so when accelerating to change gears. my kids hear me a block away...any ideas would help...i put a hose up to the pump and it does sound like thats my prob,even after i changed it.while idling if you take cap of pump even louder..whats this purge valve i keep hearing about and where is it

... Pontiac Sunfire
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