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The emergency brake light on the dash blinks on and off after I release the parking brake. Is there some maintenance that I should be doing?

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The emergency brake light on the dash blinks on and off after I release the parking brake. Is there some maintenance that I should be doing?

... 2004 Ford Focus

Please help......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dash lights don't work anymore after installation of a new cd player. I have a 1999 honda passport. There are two 'extra' wires after installation. Orange and orange/white. When I hook up an acc wire to the orange it turns my dash lights on with my headlights and parking lights off and key on. When I turn my parking lights, headlights or press on the brake the dash lights go out. Also when in park and when my lights are on the

Sure about the connection,you are supposed to use audio fuse circuit 2 and or audio fuse 19. the color out are Red/yell, Red/white. This comes from the dash box fuse ... 1999 Honda Passport

I noticed dash brake light was on, I checked parking brake to be sure it was off, light didn't go off. Was debating turning around and taking another car when car wouldn't quit accelerating, put in 2nd than low. Pushed on brakes felt like I lost power brakes took both feet. Managed to put in park and turned key off. Tried restart twice still was racing. Pulled up on accelerater didn't feel anything but started up normally. Brake Light was still on and drove mile to house with no more probl

I see you have received a response, but I can't see how without knowing the year,model and mileage of the vehicle in question. Can you post answers to the previous questions for me. Thanks. ... Toyota Camry

2002 Hyundi Sonata - Dash brake warning light what is the likely cause of the dash brake light coming on? the light came on will driving, the parking brake is off and had not been recently used. The brakes did begin to feel soft in the last two days, but fluid level appears normal

... Hyundai Motor 2002 Sonata

All four park lights won't burn and interior gauge cluster lights aren't burning. Headlights, brake lights and turn signals burn. New bulbs installed in every light just days ago and everyone was burning , then park lights quit. parking/running lights come on when headlights do, for a while, then the rear lights go out (still have turn, brake and hazard lights), then sometimes, specially in morning, the # 10, 20 amp fuse blows which takes out both ends running and my dash indicator lamps. Purch

I would replace the head light switch, that is most often the cause of this isuue and I work at a Ford dealer. ... 2002 Ford E250

Sometime when driving, the parking brake indicator light on the instrument panel will light as well as the Parking Brake symbol displayed on the digital dash, accompanated by a buzzer. It will periodically flash on and off. Sometimes this will last for 5 minutes. Sometimes it will go on for 30 minutes, and sometimes the truck will go for 2 weeks without this problem occuring at all. I found the parking brake pressure switch and dissconnected the electrical connection to it but the problem c

You can have a bad dash valve, your yellow / red pull valve to set the brakes may be leaking internal. get the truck as quite as you can, build air till the gov. pops and shut off the engine. Listen at the dash for a air leak. Open the hood and look ... Volvo 780

When i start my f250 super duty 5.4 gas,and the insturtment cluster goes out the parking brake light stays on in the dash, but when i turn the headlight switch to on, the parking brake goes out,but when i engage the 4x4 switch on the dash the parking brake comes back on?

It definetly sounds like you may have a short circuit in the wiring...either because of something just installed incorrectly or by mistake, or by age (wear and tear).....the problem is where and how to fix it...if you are unsure of not confident oin ... Ford F-250

When running lights are on and i step on brake the right brake light comes on along with back up light,on the left side no brake light just back up light comes on,and parking brake light on in dash,and flashes when you turn turn signals on,lights on or off everything else works good

Hi, is there a trailer plug on the truck? It sounds like something wasn't wired correctly or someone has been into the wiring. Another possibility is the harness getting trapped in a tailgate hinge. Look for something like that in the back of the ... GMC Sierra 1500

Lost only my parking lights, have trailer park lights, headlights, brake lights, top cab lights, dash lights, headlamp on chime. What the heck happened. Lights flickere blew a fuse put in a 25 amp fuse in place of a 15 amp. all lights work but the 4 parking lights and dually fender lights.

Hello you have blown those bulbs out you will need to replace them some times this happens these are usually sold in packages of two.This is my solution to you. ... 2004 Ford F350

Only my high setting works on my fan speed switch. also when i turn on my fan to high and step on the brakes my battery voltage (on dash) starts to go down and if left on long enough it starts to blow fuses light dash and rear parking light, brake light and blinkers not sure exactly what the problem is i had just replaced the blower motor, because it seised up, but now i have to drive with no heat and have unpluged my sub and amp

If the blower motor only works in high, the blower resistors are most likely burnt out and need to be replaced. It could also be the speed switch but since it works in high also it's unlikely. I'm not sure if that's related to the other problem, but ... 1996 GMC Jimmy

Charging light comes on and pic of car on dash shows brake lights on. Also when in park both park and reverse lights up on dash

Sounds like a connector on the transmission might have came loose, as far as the charging light you might have a bad alternator, also check the wiring to the fuse panel under the hood, a wire might have came loose there. ... 1991 Toyota Camry

I have a 2002 Mercury Villager recently my brake light on the dash started coming on and going off as I am driving the book says it is my parking brake light,the parking brake is not engaged what could be causing this. D. McKinzie

... 2002 Mercury Villager

99 VW Passat 1.8T electrical components dead my brake light on the dash stays on (although less bright) when the parking brake is released. Book indicates low fluid in resevoir so topped it off. Brake light still on also discovered that the headlights, turn signals, windshield wipers, and heater blower won't function but 4 way flasher works All fuses OK Found relays under dash over left knee but unsure whether one of these may be the problem Help!

... Volkswagen Passat

Dodge ram 3500 no brake or park lights abs n brake lights on dash

Hi, check your cluster globes ... Cars & Trucks

I have no tail lights or dash lights. I DO have head lights, turn signals, and brake lights. when i use my key pad to lock the doors all the lights flash including the lights the wont come on while the van is running. The lights DON'T come on when i turn the head light switch on. My daytime running park lights come on during the day and the automatic heads lights come on when it starts to get dark . The park lights and headlights DON'T come on together. I have already tried replacing ALL the b

Typically this is caused by a bad dimmer switch or a connection at the plug to the dimmer switch. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Polaris 250 trail boss 2x4 electrical issue. The headlight works in high and low but I do not have a working park ,neutral, reverse or a working brake light. I replaced the brake light bulb and it doesn't work when the headlight is on or when I press the brake handle. I've replaced the battery and checked my 20A fuse ahead of the battery and it was ok. I checked the brake switch and it tested out to be fine. Tested for voltage at the dash lights and there was none. I've checked to see if I have

... Cars & Trucks

When brakes are applied parking and dash board lights come on.when headlights are on,brake lights and tail lights do not work.very first symptom was an intermittent tail or brake light out indicator warning.

You might have an open ground wire on your brake/tail lights .. when you apply the brakes then power would flow thru the brake light (not see ground) so would then provide power backwards thru the parking light (common ground open) to all the other ... 1994 Honda Accord

I have a '03 Sonata. One of the brake lights went out when it was new. I had the dealership fix it since it was still under warranty. Since then, I have replace it 4 or 5 times. First other problem was the cruise did not work when my lights were on. Next, the dash light started coming on when I hit the brakes. Then, the parking lights would come on when I hit the brakes. After that, the cd player started turning on and off by itself. All of this has been going on for 3-4 years. I had sear

Peterbuilt trucks have the same problem ... 2006 Hyundai Sonata


SOUNDS LIKE A RELAY.CHECK UNER DASH AND OUTSIDE UNDERHOOD.\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012TIM ... 1991 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Have 2002 regal 200k miles bought it used a couple of months ago was driving along ,came to a stop engine died . .Now when you turn the key the dash lights flash and wont start. car will start if you engage E-brake . as soon as you relase E-brake ,it shuts off and dash light s flash . also the floor shifter wont come out of park .any ideas?

Look under the dash by the parking brake and try to see if any wires are being moved or chafed by the parking brake linkages. That is what I have found in the past. ... 2002 Buick Regal

Abs light, parking brake light, traction control light flickering, clicking behind dash

... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

I just bought an old trailer '94 and when I hooked the lights up it worked fine except for the ''R'' on my gear indicater would flash when my turn signal flashed, After 20 Miles the turn signals stopped working and also the A/C and Recicle buttons would not light up. Dash gear indicator lights out, no air coming through dash vents. Park release selinoid not releaseing gear shifter. Running lights, brake lights and Hazzard lights all WORK. What fuse do i need to change?

Check for blown fuse(s). Seems like you tapped into the backup light circuit. ... 2005 Toyota Tacoma

I have a 95 cavailer.the car runs fine,but when i put the car in gear all my dash lights come on my abs light,air bag lights,and emerg brake lights come on,and my day light running ltghts don't come on at all,plus my raido only wants to work when i put it in park.like i said it only happens when i put the car in gear.SO when i park all the lights on the dash go off,i have replaced the ground wire from the battery,and stiil no fix.this is driving me crazy cause i have know idea what it is or coul

Your going to have to trouble shoot the problem. The vehicle is new enough that it probably has a ECM running everything. You may have a short in the sensor switch for the shifter that senses the position of the shifter and tells the engine how to ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

99 gmc denali dash light, parking lights, tail lights, and dash light dont work. Interior lights, brake lights, blinkers, headlights work Turning on the headlight switch blows number 15 drl-fog fuse instantly. What should I look for?

You have a short to ground somewhere in the drl-fog lamp circuit. Check for obvious wiring connector or wiring to drl & fog lamps. check wiring for pinched or broken wires coming from sockets. If you don't find problem, you can trace wiring from ... 1999 GMC Denali

Lost lights Lost my tail lights, parking lights, license plate lights and dash lights. Checked fuses, wiring and bulbs. Not sure where else to check. Factory radio still intalled. Signals, brakes and hazzard lights still work. Questioning the switch on the dash now...not sure how to take it off to check it though.

Hi as you have checked all fuses for these light ok? and other lights are all working may i suggest you check the relay for side/tail lights which also includes licence plate light first it sound like the relay has failed if you look u ... 2003 Ford Focus
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