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Diesel Truck. I Have a 2004 Diesel f-350 super duty truck. Plain and simple, it wont start. I have taken apart the top fuel filter(close to the turbo hose) and found no problems, and the fuel pump works fine and pumps fuel into that second fuel filter. I found a blockage in the fuel filter and cleaned it up but it still wont start. *By the way it has air compression and the glow plugs work fine, it hits off of ether* Any tips?

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Possible solution. I have an Edge Juice Programmer for my '04 6.0. While making the harness connections, I misjudged one connection and it wasn't completely in, causing truck to turn over but not start. Check on the driver's side front wheel well (under hood). You'll see 3 connections there with a grey lock lever. If you push the lever towards the engine, it will unlock the plug. You can check to make sure that these are completely in, and possibly there is no moisture getting into these connections. If so, try spraying some WD-40 (Water Displacement by 40%) on the connections and reinstall.
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Diesel Truck. I Have a 2004 Diesel f-350 super duty truck. Plain and simple, it wont start. I have taken apart the top fuel filter(close to the turbo hose) and found no problems, and the fuel pump works fine and pumps fuel into that second fuel filter. I found a blockage in the fuel filter and cleaned it up but it still wont start. *By the way it has air compression and the glow plugs work fine, it hits off of ether* Any tips?

Possible solution. I have an Edge Juice Programmer for my '04 6.0. While making the harness connections, I misjudged one connection and it wasn't completely in, causing truck to turn over but not start. Check on the driver's side front wheel well ... 2004 Ford F350

Does a fuel pump continue to pump fuel with ignition on when the fuel line is diconected from fuel filter The car wont start no codes found it has done this a few times this year it runs fine when running but I will shut it off then it wont start for weeks then it will start with out doing anything to it I have sent it in to a shop one time when it would not start they lowerd it off the truck at the shop and it started up and ran fine for a month then it done the same thing I got it running by u

You have a bad fuel pump it's in the tank and only comes on in these conditions.\015\0121. ignition switch turned to the run position turns on for two seconds. \015\0122. same as above b ... 1996 Lincoln Town Car

I have a ford 150 crew cab 5.4 litre. started having problems with surging like it was cutting out of gas or like it had water drops in the gas. found one broken vacome and fixed that then went from auto parts store back to work. the truck drove fine. started it this afternoon and drove about 2 miles and here we go again. stopped on the way home and had the fuel filter replaced still fell it a little. I have put new gas in there with lucas treetment. should i wait through tomorrow and see if it

Its recommended that the Ignition coils(all 8 coils) and coil boots be replaced at the same time a tune-up is done or by 75,000 miles. Many symtoms to these failing are: slight jerks/sputter under loads(typically at 45-65MPH or accellerating) or foot ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

1997 F-350 Ford Powerstroke4x4 Crew Cab Diesel 83k miles. Truck runs fine while cold. When it starts reaching normal operating temp it starts missing and loosing power when accelerating. Truck idles fine. When pulling 5th wheel trailer it misses bad under acceleration and is very low on power. Dealership had truck for 3 1/2 weeks. No codes showed on machine. They replaced fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, CPS O-rings on injectors, sending unit on rear tank and cleaned tanks, chec

Had all these same problem - Replace oil pump truck runs great now!.Do not forget to prime new oil pump thru hole on top! ... Ford F-350

I started it up one morning, it was running fine 4 minutes later it ran out of fuel and died. Replaced fuel filter, checked for water. Fuel supply pump not Priming fuel filter assy. I disconnected inlet line to pump and connected with clean diesel with clear hose. Pump has poor pressure. Removed filter cap and diesel is half way up. It must be the fuel pump correct? 1994 f350 turbo diesel direct injection. Thanks Ted Lucas

Have you checked the fuel pressure on it? Fuse? Pressure to the engine? ... 1994 Ford F350 Crew Cab

Wont start I have 2000 gmc Jimmy suburban, 4.3 liter, 2 wheel drive. Over a one week period, the truck would run bad for the first minute of startup. After it was warmed up, it would run fine. Later in the week, the truck became hesitant, it would bog out and sometimes stall coming off a light. Now the truck will not start at all! I have check the catalytic convertor, it's fine. I changed the fuel filter. I have good spark at the coil and the plugs. I also have good fuel pressure to the injector

1st check for codes, could be crank sensor, or faulty injectors, or electroic issue ... 2001 GMC Jimmy

1999 chevy silverado 4.3 new plugs,wires,battery,belt,fuel pump,fuel filter. wont start in the morning. turns over just very hard to start. once started runs and starts fine, if truck sits for an hour wont start again, I bought a fuel pressure regulator, I dont know were it goes? do i have to take off the intake? is it an easy fix? were can I see a picture of location? Help!!!!

I just replaced the fuel pressure regulator and now I am hearing a vibrating noise from the fuel line under the truck. What do you think the problem is. ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a 2001 F250 7.3 L diesel that I had idling and hooked to jumper cables for jumping a street rod truck in my shop that I am building. Once I got the street rod started I shut off the F250 and it sat for a couple days and now won't start. It turns over fine, but won't even hit a lick. I checked the fuses, both under the dash and hood. I also removed the fuel filter and turned the key on and it's getting fuel to the filter fine. Any ideas of what else it might be??

Check if the injectors are getting fuel and if they are getting a pulse signal to actually inject.The jump start could spike the electonics. ... 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Super Cab

I have an 06 f350 super duty with a 6.0 litre diesel. The truck starts fine. But when i start to drive it accelerates roughly like its sputtering this only goes on until truck is fully warmed up. I have replaced the fuel filters and air filter. The dealer ship said it was the fuel pressure regulator. Any suggestions would be awsome with winter comming, Brent [email protected]

Yes it sounds like the pressure regulator. the only way to be sure is have a scan machine put on the truck, then you can see the pressure when truck is cold.They are quite pricey so dont just change it without checking the pressure first. ... 2006 Ford F 350 Super Duty

1988 Ford ranger 2.9 standard transmission. Truck cranked and ran fine for 30 miles. Parked truck for an hour, went back to crank truck and didn't crank. Started checking things out and found that I didn't have good fuel pressure. So I changed the fuel filter and the truck fired right up. Drove about a mile and it died. Towed the truck back home and started troubleshooting again. This time I didn't have spark. I have since changed the TFI module, the coil, plugs, wires, cap, roter, resistance ch

Change the stater in the distributor(hall effect). ... 1988 Ford Ranger

Our 2003 Sterling LT7500 Truck will not start in the morning. The engine turns over; however, it will not fire up. We have replaced all of the fuel filters and that didn't help. The only way we can get it to start is to spray a little starting fluid into the air cleaner. Once the truck has been running, the truck starts fine for the rest of the day.

... 2004 Saleen S7

Oil light stays on and truck wont tern on Doge Ram 1500 V8 Laramie I just pout new water pump, oil filter, oil, Battery, and distributor. Now the truck wont start. The starter terns but there is no kick. I checked the fuel line and it has fuel plenty of presser. I went back and found the lay out for the spark plug coils, and they are good. The coils are good, and I checked the ignition coil, and it to is working good.

If you replaced the distributor, it may be out of time. Find the firing timing mark on the harmonic damper and adjoining degree scale then mark those two points with white paint. Hook a timing light on #1 spark plug wire (driver's side front), and tu ... 1999 Dodge Ram

My 98' chevy c1500 5.7l vortech pick up truck wont start! It turns but wont catch. Sounds exactly as if i was to run out of gas. New battery, alternator is fine, starter is fine, recent tune up, changed fuel filter and fuel pump. What could be the problem and what should i try next?

CHECK TEETH ON DISTRIBUTER ... 1998 Chevrolet C1500

My truck wont start, ran fine, but then would not start. On the first try it caughs and sputters, then after it just seems like it gets no gas. I changed the battery, fuel filter and tested the fuel pump and the pump works fine, ideas?

The fuel pump maybe working but is it pumping the right fuel pressure? it could be that its working but not good enough to keep the truck running! have it pressure tested ! ... 2000 Cadillac Escalade

1988 truck wouldnt start put new fuel filter started up fine 2 days passed and it died installed new fuel pump and started up for about 5 minutes and died now it just turns over but wont start

Did you clean out the fuel tank? You might of had garbage in the tank still. Also, whats the fuel pressure at? ... Chevrolet C1500

98 chev 6.5 turbo diesel,changed fuel filter 2 weeks ago truck is running great,went to start truck after it being of for 10 minutes will not start.left it for a day now it starts but runs for a minute then dies.go to try it again wont start,wait few minutes then it startes then dies after a minute or two.

Try a additive foe gelling,and also,one that will clean,like power service,and change the fuel filter again,it sounds like fuel contamination. ... GMC C3500

Truck will not crank i have replaced fuel pump fuel relay fuel filter and crank sensor. it will run for a couple of days then it just wont crank up . i will let it sit all day and when i get home it will crank up fine. this all started with it would crank fine in the mournig and then in the afternoon it would turn over for 4 or 5 seconds before it would fire up.

... 2000 GMC Sierra

My 93 gmc sierra would start but when i put it in gear and tried to accelerate it would act like it wasn't getting gas. I used a diagnostic tool and it said there was a problem with the map sensor i replaced it and now the truck wont start at all. so we took apart the throttle body and found that the fuel pressure was really low but its not the fuel filter. Is there anything else I could do besides replacing the fuel pump.

It sounds like your fuel pump has failed. Use a fuel pressure gauge to see what your pressure is now. Once you've replaced the fuel pump you will see the difference in the pressure and it will repair your concern. ... GMC Sierra 1500

1999 dodge ram 2500 diesel quit running while driving. changed out fuel filter. i am getting fuel to the fuel filter cannister. the truck idles the way it should, but wont rev above 1200rpm. any ideas?

... 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD

My 93 ford f250 diesel 228,000 is having problems starting. I suspect the fuel system because it turns and runs fine once started. I replaced the fuel filter and it did have sediment in it. The truck ran great but the problem is back. Could it be the fuel pump?

More likely the glow plug circuit . try running through the glow plug cycle 2 or 3 times before trying to start\015\012if it starts better your problem is in that circuit\015\012\015\012if this helps please leave feedback ... Ford F-250

Wont start When I would drive downhill with less then half a tank of gas, my blazer would stall out. I was on my way home from work and it just shut off and will not start. I changed fuel pump last year and it is pumping fine, I just changed the filter and it still wont start

Hi again,Would appreciate a feedback for any developments (or even the lack of it).Cheers. ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 1992 suburban 350 motor. truck had no power and bogged down when gas pedal applied. i changed the filter and now it wont start by itself. i spray starter fluid and it runs fine for 1/2 hour then dies. spray again and starts right up again. is it fuel pump or maybe fuel relay?

First thing i would do i would check fuel pressure if you have good fuel pressure then the next thing i would unbolt the exhaust from the exhaust manafold and then try to start engine if the engine starts up and runs fine then you have clogged up exh ... 1992 Chevrolet Suburban

2001 F250 Diesel. Truck cranks but wont start. Replaced fuel filter and still wont start

Look for a fusible link that has gone bad. If you are not familiar with this please read some before you explore. The 'fusible link' from a distance looks like any other wire but on close exam it is rubbery and some what stretchy as well. There are s ... 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Super Cab

We have a 2003 GMC Sierra duramax diesel truck We took it into the shop last week because it would not start. They told us that the fuel filter was sucking air and changed it. The truck then ran fine for about 2 days . It is now in my driveway and will not start. Any ideas what it could be this time?

I have a 2003 , 2500HD Duramax with 223000km . I was way up in the north country when this started to happen to my truck. I found an old mech. who had to come back into the bush to give a boost because i couldn't start my truck as well. He told me he ... 2003 GMC Sierra

2006 renault traffic.ran low on diesel, replaced fuel filter and started no problem the last few days. but now wont start intermittently . is there a filter in the tank . if there is what is the easiest way to access it. if not is it possible its drawing air along the line. or do you have any other ideas on what the problem is or any thing i should be checking for

Under the hood there should be a bleeder, looks like a valve stem, you can crank and push that in and if there is air in the line it should bleed it. Hope this helps Tim ... Renault 181
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