Having problems with your 2004 Ford F250 ?

Air only works on driver side of truck on all spends

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Answers :

If your truck has dual climate controls this is a common problem, it's usually the main control, you could find it on ebay for a decent price.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2004 Ford F250

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05 Chevy truck, heater quit blowing hot on driver side only. Air conditioner works, but does sometimes quits on Driver side. I can turn off truck and air conditioner will start blowing cold again, but that does not work for the heater. Help, its getting cold, and I need the heater and defrost.

It is a common problem, the cause is a Temperature Control Actuator.In other cases, the dealer could said Module was bad... estimated 450-500 to fix. Try with this homework solution:1) Start truck2) A/C comes out defrost ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

Air conditioning for my 2003 dodge 2500 cummins diesel only works on the drivers side and it does not go cold it goes just colder than room temperature and that only last for about an hour than it's like the servo doors close and there's no air at all coming out until I turn the truck off and start it again, than the air starts coming out again but it's not cold. The passenger side not matter whether It's on heat or cold the air coming out is at half the pressure of the drivers side. The heat wo

Sounds like the a/c system is low on refrigerant. At about a half pound low the drivers side still cools good but the passenger side will not ... 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab Laramie

Air only works on driver side of truck on all spends

If your truck has dual climate controls this is a common problem, it's usually the main control, you could find it on ebay for a decent price. ... 2004 Ford F250

My GMC Sierra's air conditioning works great but the driver side vents will spontaneousely start blasting out hot air. The passenger side continuse to blow cold air. If iI turn the truck off and restart it the cold air starts working again

\015\012Air conditioner system is \015\012discharged. Have the system evacuated, charged and leak tested by an \015\012MVAC certified technician, utilizing approved recovery/recycling \015\012equipment. Repair as necessary. ... 2005 GMC Sierra

I have a 2004 Silverado with driver/passenger air control. When driving along the air conditioning on driver side of compartment turns to heat while the passenger side still blows cold air. If I turn off and restart the truck the air conditioning will work normally for a while and then do it all over again. Anyone know a fix for it?

Air door actuator problem going bad. ... Chevrolet Cars & Trucks

Air conditioning 2006 gmc truck, while ac is on the hot air comes on the drivers side, after turning off the truck the ac resets and the air conditoner works cold.

Need to have your HVAC system scanned to determine what has failed in that system. Possible blend door for drivers side or maybe the system just needs recalibrated. ... 2006 GMC Sierra 1500HD

My van has dual air controls for the cabin worked from a verticle slider with the two controls. Drivers side works normally but it blows hot air from the passenger side, even when the slider is set to the lowest (cold) position. The air conditioner operates normally, blows cold air onto drivers side only, although I assume it is mixing with the hot air coming into the cabin on the passenger side. What is causing this? I am suspicious of the temp control slider.

The problem is almost always caused by what is called the Air Temperature Control Blend Door Actuator Motor, I have not seen any issue with the slider that sends a signal to the door to blend heater and AC air streams to give the desired outlet tempe ... Oldsmobile Silhouette

I have a 99 gmc yukon i killed the battary i got a boost but started the car on aux power to put up the windows the A/C blower was on and i killed the battary agen. The next i jumped the the truck and had problems with the driver side window not going down and all so the A/C blower would not blow cold air sinc that day the window stared to work but the ac still dose not blow cold Air i checked the fuses in and under the hood and all looks well whats the next step i should take

Find the small air conditioner relay and replace it. They are available at any auto store and may cost perhaps $15. The switches on the dash could also be not making contact but I doubt it. You may have to get a manual to locate where the relay is ... 1999 GMC Yukon

Crew cab truck... the D-side windows both work, the P-side windows will not go up/down from either the drivers door or from thier respective switches. Fuses all check OK, relays seem good, before I spend the money on a switch assembly is there anything else I should look at?

You should look at the regulator/motor assembly. Remove the door panel, find the connector for the motor and try to director power it or check for continuity. High resistance or an open will cause inop. Also check to see if the motor is even getting ... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado

I own 2008 nissan titan le. Has rockford fosgate factory sound system with factory sub under drivers seat. I was on road trip, jamming out quite loud for a long period of time, and suddenly the passenger side front door speaker stopped working. Seconds later the driver side quit as well. It has been several days & they have yet to work again. Only the front driver & pass mids. Both tweeters in same respective doors work fine, along with every other speaker in truck. I bought this truck brand new

Sounds like to blow the subs. have you checked the fuses. ... Cars & Trucks

My 2007 Mountaineer has dual temperature controls. For the past week while driving to work, the air conditioner is running and is blowing cool air from all vents in the front seats then all of a sudden, the passenger side air vents start blowing warm air (like the heater was turned) while the drivers side vents continue to blow cool air. What is causing the difference in air temperature from the drivers side to the passenger side when the air conditioner is running?

... 2007 Mercury Mountaineer

2005 Tahoe Z71: My battery died but was able to jump start. I have dual HVAC controls. Driver side worked OK, passenger side blew out extremely hot air regardless of temperature. Got to the auto store and replaced the battery. Now the passenger side works OK but the driver side blows out extremely hot air. Is there a reset anywhere on the vehicle to resolve problem or what?

When your battery died, it probably wiped the PCM memory. Drive for 20 minutes in stop and go traffic then 10 minutes on the highway to reset the PCM sensors. Check to see if this helps at all. It's wierd to think about, but the PCM can control al ... 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe

Air conditioner works fine on both sides but heater only works on passenger side. cool air on driver side. I've disconnected battery for 10 min. and reconnected battery, then running car for about 1 min. to recalibrate actuator. didn't change anything. still no heat on driver side.

Hello and welcome. this is caused by a bad temp door actuator for the drivers side temp door. it is stuck on cold. the temp door actuator will need to be replaced to repair this concern. here is a picture. it is mounted to the drivers side of heater ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

Air Conditioning The air conditioning isn't working properly on the drivers side of our 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix. The air is cooler on the passenger side than the drivers side. This car has dual controls for the passenger and drivers side.

I'm going to assume the fan louvers (that direct air from wind shield head to feet ect) are electronically controlled. If that is the case, then a motor may have died. You only have one AC system for the vehicle, so if its cold on one side, then the ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2007 Tahoe and the driver's side air is blowing ambient air and the passenger's side is blowing normal air conditioned air. It seems the driver's side of the dual climate control has stopped reponding. The air conditioning is working but only on the passenger side.

Have the freon level checked to see if it is a little low,this will happen if the system needs freon,also,if it is not the freon being low,then you are looking at a actuator motor that operates that side,and it will most likely be deffective,and the ... 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

Air conditioner blows hot air after 30 seconds on drivers side, on start up. Passenger side works fine. Air blows out correct vents per setting on air conditioning. Replaced blend door actuator on drivers side. No change. 2004 gmc Yukon with dual climate control.

I have had this problem. I am not a mechanic...so to correct the issue temporarily, I simply turn off the car and restart. This has worked everytime for me. In extreme cases, I think you can also remove the AC fuse and start the car, which will als ... 2004 GMC Yukon

The switches on my drivers side door of my 2003 chevy truck are not working. The switch on the passengers side works for putting the window up and down and locking the door. When I lock the door with the passenger side the drivers side does not work. Where should i look first to fix this?

First check would be for blown fuses. Next i would check for a good power and ground at the drivers door switch. If you find a bad power or ground at the switch, trace it back and look for a broken wire. Most likely place to find the wire would be in ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500


I had the same problem in my wife's 2003 Yukon Denali. The power seats and passengers side window wouldn't work. Turned out to be a blown Buss Type fuse in the Underhood Fuse Block. It is the one marked MBEC 1 50amp. Hard to tell if the are blown so ... 2003 GMC Sierra

The climate control system is not working right on my 2000 grand cherokee. The drivers side will not put out hot air but the passenger side will. The drivers side gets a little warmer at times but is mostly cooler air blowing out. I turned on the ac just to try something different and then the passengers side did not want to put out cold air even on its coldest setting.

The grand cherokees have a tendancy fot the control doors inside the heater box. they do make a update kit on ebay. most of the require removing dash but some have instructions to cut hole in heater box and replace doors from there.check ebay for ble ... 2000 Jeep Cherokee

1999 buick century with dual control blows hot air on the passanger side but blows cool air on the driver side, blows air to vents , floor and defogger, works ok but for the cool air that comes out on the driver side. what can the problem be?

... 1999 Buick Century

I have a 2006 ford f150 King Ranch truck. The ac sometimes will not come on when the vehicle is started. We have figured out that slamming the drivers side door makes it come on. When it comes on, it works great-no cooling problems or air flow problems. What could cause this-fuzes, electrical problem?

... 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

I had my 95 Buick Rivera towed to the mechanics. When the tow truck driver loaded the Rivera, he turned the switch on, thus turning the headlights and all interior mechanisms on, and did not turn the switch off when he left. Needless to say, the battery was dead when it arrived at the mechanics. We had the harmonic balancer and casing replaced. . To make a long story short, after charging the battery, the coolant, heating system works funky. It blows out warm air on the passenger side

I would like to know what casing was replaced?But never the less u need to check that the vaccum lines are all connected.Also the coolant being left low when picking up car from the mechanic would make me question his skills.U have car with a expensi ... 1995 Buick Riviera

Hi i have a '06 dodge ram pick-up truck n there seems to be a problem with the high beams. well first of all i had to replace the head lamp on the drivers side n still when i put on the high beams the driver side does not work. I'm a firm believer in when one side does'nt work to replace both n that's what i did in doing so neither light bulb seamed to work. trying the two new ones n the old ( in which was still good) n the out come was the driverside high beam does not come on whereas the low b

I had the same prob. ended up being a bad connection between the bulb and harness... but then shortly after every time i try to go from dim to bright the wipers come on..... the dealer has finally admitted they have a prob with the multifuntion sw ... 2006 Dodge Ram 1500

My 2004 GMC sierra blows hot air out the drivers side and cold air out the passenger side. I replaced both door actuators, one on floor in the center of the truck the other under the dash near the drivers side. But no luck it still blows out hot air.

If you've replaced the actuators and they are working.\015\012One of the blend doors may be broken inside the heater box. To repair or replace the broken door you\015\012have to remove the heater box. This is not a small job. The book giv ... 2004 GMC Sierra

I have a 2004 Silverado Crew Cab, the temperature on the drivers side air vents comes out HOT, all the time, while the passengers side can be controlled by the temperature control lever. If I push the A/C button the air on the drives side is still HOT. Passenger side will come out cold. Any ideas why the drivers side does not work?

I think you will find that the mechanical control which changes the air flow from cold-hot-aircon has come off. I'm not familiar with your particular vehicle but usually the dash lever control is connected to a wire or lever to each air duct. If one ... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab
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