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2004 F150 starter only clicks

\015 When I turn the ignition switch I only get a single click. The battery and altinator are new.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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1994 e-150 conversion with a battery guard system. not starting, no click at solenoid, just relay click. I replaced the starter relay due to the relay clicking but no starter rotation after. The ignition wire to the starter stays hot all the time (12 volts), but goes to 0 volts when the ignition turned to the start position. Any ideas???? I might have wired the relay incorrectly. I'd like to find a picture or description of the exact relay wire placement.

Bad ignition switch it sounds like. A contact may be bad inside your switch upon turning it to the start position ... Ford E-150

I have a 1985 f150 i have replaced the battery cables,battery,starter solenoid,and the starter all in trying to fix the problem of turning the key and getting nothing but a fast click like a short. sometimes just a click. but the starter never turns the motor.

Check the starter relay on the fire wall by the battery it is most likely the problem ... 1985 Ford F150

1991 ford f150 would start fine when cold, but if shut off after driving 30 mins. or so, starter would barely turn over. After sitting for 15 mins. or so, it would start, reluctantly. Yesterday the starter tried to turn over a couple times, even after the key was turned off. Now there is only a click when turning the key. Replaced the starter, but all I get is the click.

Are all the cables clean ? ...it may be possible but i doubt it at this point the starter switch is at fault at this moment ...hmm sounds as if the battery is low if yer just getting a clicking ...my only other guess is its out of timing ? does it s ... 1991 Ford F150

Hello, my son 2001 f150 supercrew 4x4 will not start, I think it is the starter selonoid. Does this make and model have starter seloniod separate from the starter. I remember a ford that had the selonoid on top of the starter. All the lights and bells come on so battery must be good. There is a click sound except the engine will not crank. Any help?? FS

If it is not the ignition fuse, that is what I would think it was. There might also be a bad connection to the starter as well. Make sure the wires are correct and everything is grounded. If all that checks out, try the starter selonoid. If you have ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

1992 F150, six cyl. man. trans. Replaced starter solenoid, and rebuilt starter. Just dropped it back in, and I only get solenoid click. The new solenoid on the starter itself had a rubber boot on it that the original didn't have. Trying to determine if it's a spacing problem somewhere, or something else.

When you replaced the solenoid on the starter,was there any rust or water in there?When you said you rebuilt the starter,what exactly did you replace?the best and first thing you should do is jump the starter on the bench to see if it kic ... 2004 Ford F150

I have a 2002 ford ranger that got a lot of water in the gas. I have drained the tank and added heat as well as replaced the filter. When I try to start it the battery gauge goes down to 0 and all I hear is the starter clicking. I have checked the battery, starter, and the altinator and all are good. I have gotten it started a couple of times and it idols fine but if I drive it I only get about a mile before it dies and the battery will not turn over the starter. The volt gauge still goes down

I think your on the right path with your shorting thought. Is the distance you can travel always different or always the same? If it is always the same then it may not be a short or how long can it sit and idle when you get it running? ... Cars & Trucks

I have 1986 Ford F150 pick up V8 automatic rear wheel drive. The truck died when I got of the highway. I found the the positive cable from the battery to the starter relay loose on the relay side, due to striped copper bolt. I put it back on and the truck started. Next day I bought a starter relay and replace the old one, but the starter did'nt click at all. What should I do next. Thank you in advance, Sam

Try to jump the relay by taking a jumper cable or heavy metal item such as a big screwdriver across the big posts [ do not turn on igntion ], if the starter works then you have either a bad [ I've had defective ones right out of the box ] or the wron ... Ford F-150

Wont start hello, I have a 1997 dodge neon that wont start, it makes a single click which sounds like its coming from the solenoid or starter, i tested the voltage of the battery, got 11.4 v, tested at the small wire on the solenoid at teh starter and got 4v, tried at the large wire attached to teh starter and got 0 when tryign to start it, not sure where to go from here...

The other solution is the alternator.. or the spark plugs arnt firing ... 1997 Dodge Neon

I have a 2002 ford ranger that got a lot of water in the gas. I have drained the tank and added heat as well as replaced the filter. When I try to start it the battery gauge goes down to 0 and all I hear is the starter clicking. I have checked the battery, starter, and the altinator and all are good. I have gotten it started a couple of times and it idols fine but if I drive it I only get about a mile before it dies and the battery will not turn over the starter. The volt gauge still goes down

... 2002 Ford Ranger Regular Cab

Starter 2006 f150 with 100,000. would not start this morning like the bat was dead, no clicking, put new battery with more cranking, got same thing. Nothing will not click or turn over. Ran fine yesterday. Checked all fuses are ok. all lights work, sys check is all ok.

There is a starter solenoid located on the inside fender-well follow the positive battery cable to locate it. the opposite side of solenoid that battery cable goes to the starter.there is one or two smaller terminalsthe terminal closest to t ... 2006 Ford F-150

I have a 1989 Ford f150 XLT Lariat. I drove her up to the store and she was only off for about 2 minute when I tried cranking it. It gave a few clicks, then just one loud one and quit. And ever since then all its done is give me one very loud click and nothing happens. All the lights and gauges light up but it doesnt even act like it wants to start. i replaced the starter relay(solenoid) on the fender thats mounted by the battery and I'm still having the same problem, and suggestions?

Have you checked the battery? That's what it sounds like to me. Classic symptoms. You battery has enough juice for the accessories but a LOT is required to crank the engine. If your battery is weak it won't start. Try jumping it, see if it start ... Cars & Trucks

'97 Ford F150, clicking noise when trying to start. Battery checked good, starter was rebuilt and checks good, and I have a new starter solenoid (located on firewall). What else could possibly be the problem?

You need to check for voltage drop in the wires you may have a bad wire bleeding to ground somewere that needs replaced also put a multimeter on the starter and make sure its gettting atleast 11 volts to it anything less and it wont turn hard enough ... 1997 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Battery dead, or starter problem? My 1992 381i won't start. The battery has at least some juice in it (I can turn the headlights and interior lights on). But the digital clock has re-set to 0:00, suggesting there could be a battery problem. When I try to start, it won't turn over. After turning the key to "start" once or twice, I receive a rapid clicking sound. I tried to jump the car, but that had no effect. Don't know whether this is a starter problem, or a battery problem. Any thoughts?

It is most likely a flat or dead battery but first check the battery terminals are clean and firmly attached.\015\012If all above checks ok replace the battery.\015\012\015\012There are several reasons why an attempted jump start m ... 1992 BMW 3 Series

1999 ford f150 4.2 v6, running when parked now will not crank not even trying to fire acts like it grounding out replaced starter solenoid heard clicking noise in fuse box replaced PCM fuse clicking stopped still will not turn over and I can't get it to fire when pull starting

The starter itself may have to be replaced. This just happened to me. ... Cars & Trucks

1987 F150 302 ci. EFI, Automatic, Was running good. Next morning NOTHING! Wouldn't start or crank over? Just clicking and buzzing, Headlights OKAY. Tried jump starting... NO GOOD. Took battery in... Was told battery low/dead cell, won't hold full charge? Bought reconditioned battery...Installed it. Still NOTHING? This time head lights took seconds to turn on? First low, dim then build up to full bright, but on? Told bad Starter Selinoid. So I decided to take out Starter Motor just to check. Took

Try over riding the starter relay on the fender ,it has one there right?. dont go to a mechanic yet. the engine aint seized. if it doesnt have this relay then i would get the alternator tested. if you want to test it yourself it can be costly for the ... 1987 Ford F 150

2001 ford f150 when I try to start it all I get is a click..i replaced the solenoid and it slill clicks and starter is good

If you continue to try clicking it for about 10 times in a row, will it start?If so, replace the whole starter assembly... ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

Ford F150 New Starter spins just with the key in the on position but the engine will not click to start. Once I turn the key like I am going to listen to the radio, it just sits there and spins. The motor will not even attempt to start when I turn to the start position although the starter is spinning.

There are 2 small wires on the solenoid at the starter. It sounds like they are reversed. Reverse those two wires and see if it works. If the old starter did the same thing but worked before that, then the problem is probably the ignition switch. ... 2006 Ford F-150

If my oil pump went out on my 98 f150 would that stop it from turning over? I just changed the starter bc when u got to turn it over it just clicks and the wires on the starter start to smoke.

It sounds like the engine has frozen tight--lack of oil from the pump would certainly create that scenario. The main problem you face is whether to rebuild the present engine completely, or try to find another working engine to replace it--the second ... 1998 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Put new starter on 1997 Ford F150 Truck and the starter clicks but does not start and ground wire is hot

Sounds like an intermittent Earth connection. Check all the battery and earth leads where they connect to the Battery, Engine, Starter Motor and Body. If possible disconnect, clean and reconnect. ... Ford F-150

1990 f150 xlt lariat replaced starter solenoid truck started right up. yesterday went too start truck up and the starter stayed on until everything went silent. All i hear now when I turn the key is a clicking sound. everything lights up and fuel pump comes on.

... 1985 Ford F150

I have a 1992 5.8 f150 i just replased the battery and termanals and the relay switch i had the starter tested and it was good the problem i have is when i try to start the truck all i get is a click so i tryed crossing the relay and got another click i tryed jumping off another battery still nothing

Check the starter solenoid, this sounds like it's not working. if you replaced the starter it may be over en gauging, also have you tried to manually turn it over to see if the engine is locked up? ... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

2004 F150 starter only clicks

... 2004 Ford F150

2005 f150 supercrew 4 door will unlock with door switch, remote keyless entry, and aftermarket remote starter control. will not lock with any device. No clicking under dash when trying to lock. Cannot determin which relay is lock relay?

In the drivers kick panel there will be a white with red wire, this is your lock wire, follow it and look for the splice that your aftermarket wire is connected, I think you will find that the wire is cut or not attached to the bcm side of your truck ... 2005 Ford F-150

Starter sylanoid clicks, won't start - 1996 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Replace the starter solenoid, the heavy main contacts that it connects when actuated are burnt and not making a connection, that is why you hear the click and no start engagement, a very common problem. ... 1996 Ford F150 Regular Cab

98 ford f150 4.6 v8 when it rains i turn the key sometimes it starts fine sometimes it only clicks once then nothing... starter is 6 months old replaced selinoid on firewall battery tested fine help me

Is there corrosion on the terminals and are they tight or i had a similar problem and it was a dodgy earth lead ... Cars & Trucks
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