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Where is the O2 sensor?

\015 Where is the O2 sensor on a 2003 Ford F150?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

The O2 sensor are in the exhaust header pipes before the catalytic converters, there are 2 of them, the sensors that look like O2 sensors that are after the catalytic converter are called Catalyst effeciency monitors and measure how well the cats are doing there job of cleaning up the exhaust.
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I had replaced my 4 o2 sensor on my suv after used OBD to reset the board to turn off my checke eng. light came back on. I replaced o2 sensor by universal type of o2 sensor.I got this message on the OBD: 1)p22392 o2 sensor positive current control circuit high bank 1 sensor 1. 2)p2242 o2 sensor positive current control circuit high bank 2 sensor 1. 3) p2252 o2 sensor negative current control circuit low bank 1 sensor 1. 4)p2255 o2 sensor negative current control circuit low bank 2 sensor 1

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1995 dodge grand caravan,lot of mileage. rebuilt whole car 4 yrs ago,engine tranny,etc have a 3.3v6. car stutters, backfires, misses etc. have replaced o2 sensor, cam, crank sensor, coolant sensor, throttle pos sensor,swapped ign, coils, map sensor, input, output sensor on tranny. really bucks on hills. had this before but a swap of o2 sensor or another sensor after analysis but im stumped on this. at other times lik toward evening it ran ok ,please help

I would start the engine and let it warm up. Once it is warm spray some WD-40 around the intake manifold gaskets and around all vacuum lines and fitting you can get to. If you hear the engine start to stumble, concentrate the spray on that area until ... Dodge Grand Caravan

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Codes: P0031, P0142, and P1148 pulled from my vehicle. Looked them up to find: 1. Front oxgen sensor heater circuit low imput 2. Sensor circuit malfunction in bank 1, sensor 3 3. Air/Fuel sensor S connection Was told by a few different people I have a bad upstream o2 sensor. Was also told a bad bank 1 sensor 3, which seems to be a different sensor than the first one. Take two bad sensors along with an Air/Fuel one, and what do I have?? A TON of cash paid out on a vehicle that's under 42,000

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There isa short in the wiring somewhere,which a shop can check for you,or check your thermostat. after 20 years i still have to make sure tat i dont install it upside down. which is easy to do if your in a hurry. my bet is that the wiring going to th ... 1998 Oldsmobile Achieva

It is very hard to start when it is cold, my check engin light is on, i replaced the pcm, (with used rebuilt) same problem. i put volt tacometer on, it gives code, that my barometric sesor, air intake sensor, engin coolant sensor, top dead sensor, and throttle position sensor are bad. i also replaced the barometric/throttle position sensor, engin coolant sensor, i ohm'd out the throttle position sensor, i diconnected my battery, the codes did not clear,

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I have an 05 silverado 2500hd w/6.o engine. engine light comes on showing #2 knock sensor outside normal range. sometimes the right bank 02 sensor comes on same time but not all time. i have heard the 02 sensor will give false reading on knock sensor. is the knock sensor bad? or should i replace the o2 sensor to see if it cures the knock sensor prob.

What you should do, is have the truck diagnosed\015\012for ignition misfires,that effect the knock & O2 ... Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

I have a 2000 mazda m i keep on getting code p1522 and o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 2 i put a new sensor still light comes on i switched sensors from bank 2 senwsor 2 too bank '1 sensor 2 light stays off

P1522 is not an O2 code in any Mazda model. Please go to this LINK and read about it. ... Daewoo Matiz

1999 Pontiac Grand Am is setting knock sensor code...knock sensor replaced... reset computer ....knock sensor code back. car has 120k so I replaced for and aft O2 sensors ....and the coil pack ......knock sensor code returns immediately. It is currently running in safe mode . It's a four banger......where do I go next? Ran the car with two different scan tools ...same code ...knock sensor...thanks !

Check all ground wires to these sensors. Even corrosion will cause codes to pop up ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

O2 Sensors I have a 1996 tacoma and the engine light came on. I took it to auto zone and they hooked it to the computer and said I had a bad oxygen sensor.(bank 1 Sensor 2) I bought the sensor and replaced it, then I removed the positive cable from the battery to reset the code.(I was told this is how to reset the computer) The next day the light comes on again. Is it possible that another sensor is bad? I was told that the computers may not be that accurate ( they could read a sensor was bad bu

Autozone oxygen sensors do not function properly in Toyota vehicles. Just had a Tacoma yesterday with the same issue. New sensors, runs poor, check engine light on. Toyota sensors fixed it right now. ... 1996 Toyota Tacoma

I have changed my o2 sensor crank sensor knock sensor plugs and wires distributor cap and rotor fuel filter pcv valve trottle position sensor mass air flow sensor egr valve and sensor emission tube check catylis convertor check vacume leaks and there were none and i dont know what else to do

Wats it doing? ... 2001 Ford Windstar

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Need a wiring diagram for the airbag sensors in the front of a 2006 Chevy Impala computer is saying sensor one is not working so we took sensor two out and replaced sensor one with the one that was in sensor two and we still had same code stating sensor one is not working. Does anyone have any ideals?

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Ck engine light on and runs a little rough at idle in gear. OEM P1150 aaAir/Fuel ratio sensor circuit range/performance aaMalfunction (bank 2 sensor 1) Probable cause aa1-Fuel pump,injector or press regulator fault aa2-Vacuum leak aa3-Faulty AF sensor heater circuit aa4-Failed AF sensor OEM P1155 aaAir/fuel ratio sensor heater circuit malfunction aa(bank 2 sensor 1) Probable cause aa1-Open or short circuit

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Knock sensor engine light went on,stalling had codes knock sensor and cam sensor I see the cam sensor but not knock sensor. are they both easy to install? cannot find where the knock sensor goes

The knock sensor threads into the side of the cylinder block.\015\012\015\012Disconnect electrical connector from knock sensor. \015\012Use a crow foot socket to remove the knock sensors.\015\012 ... 2005 Chrysler Sebring Conv

O2 sensors and knock sensor keep triggering check engine light but before the knock readout came in it only asked for o2 sensors replacement when they were replaced the knock sensor trigger then came up before I buy two more sensors and a knock sensor is there a way to get check engine light off


2000 toyota 4 runner the code p1135 bank 1 sensor 1 (bad sensor). where is this sensor located and how many 02 sensor a 4 runner have. can i swap the bank 2 sensor 2 with bank 1 sensor 1 to see if the code will change. like the codes on p0302 and p0301.

P1135 Air/Fuel Sensor Heater Circuit Response (Bank 1 Sensor 1)\015\012almost certainly the heater inside the sensor has failed, the heater speeds up the time it take for the system to go into closed loop fuel control.\015\012The b ... Toyota 4Runner

O2 sensor Have a 97 avenger with 2.5 V6, has check engine light on, code showed it had bad o2 sensor. I replaced all three sensors and it still shows o2 sensor error. The other problem is that my avenger has 3 o2 sensors and no one or no manual shows the 3 sensors.

My avenger starts now, but when its starts a small amount of coolant leaks behind my right front tire. But recently the is also a few drops of oil or other dark greasy liquid... Im trying to figure out how the two leaks go together? and if its only m ... 1997 Dodge Avenger

1983 733i no spark condition have fuel pressure and pulse no voltage out-put from reference sensor both speed sensor and ref sensor were rpl with used sensors could it be another faulty pair?? just got ohms specs will be measuring all sensors any other areas of concern that might create this no spark condition... are the sensors easiest accesses from under car or over the fender?? i just inherited this brain burner any help would be apprecaited

No voltage out means no voltage in. Check the fuses,check the grounds especially. You might need to ask again. ... BMW L7

1995 dodge caravan lots of miles,lots of repairs, engines ,tranny sensors etc but here is my problem and this is not the first time . ive worked on this car so much i forget for what the car hestitates or stumbles , bucks on accleration i have changed crank sensor cam sensor swapped dist coils, fuel regulator ,fuel pressure ok. swapped map sensors to no avail i used to if i remember right put in a new o2 sensor and the trouble went away or was it the input out put sensor. as you can see ive chan

This is a common dodge problem since yo have tried everything else so far. Have you checked your fuel lines you may have grit in the lines and or the fuel tank. The debris may be not large enough to completely stop fuel flow just cut it down. Not eno ... 2004 Hyundai Elantra

Have replaced about all relays and sensors plugs and wires fuel pumps egr valve and solenoid eec relay tps sensor air charge sensor o2 sensor coolant sensor have in my hand knock sensor havent put in yet still runs to rich and doesnt wana stay running in morning start up runs for alittle bit and idle drops to soon and wants to die wondering if its not the computer will be third one ?

I think i would check the fuel presure regulator and the fuel presure if fuel presure low look at fuel filter if rail not holding presure then look at fuel presure reg and vac conection on it ... 1986 Ford Ranger 2WD

I have a 97 astro van that had the transmission replaced. Transmission shop stated that the van had a problem with one of the electrical sensors and that they could not repair it. They would not tell me what sensor so I replaced the VSS sensor and the Speedometer Sensor and the van still acts lioke it will not shift into high gear. The OBD II Reader says shifter sensor off or stuck. Where is the shifter sensor? or is this the Shifter Solenoinds inside the trany? It gives the letter codes CKT 1 o

The solenoids that control shifting are inside the transmission under the trans pan. ckt 1 and 2 refers to shift solenoids 1 and 2. ... 1997 Chevrolet Astro

Have code p1391 and p0340, replaced both sensors and still have same problem. lots of backfiring and hesitation and raw gas out the tail pipe. Put oscilloscope on crank and cam sensor signals. loosing crank signal intermittently tried another sensor from dodge and still have same problem. replaced sensor plate in between flywheel and engine crank. Still have same code and problem. Took reading on sensor wire on the sensor itself before the connector to the engine harness. Still loosing signal. 5

Had similar problem with 99 ram. i made holes in crank sensor a bit bigger,removed rubber seal that sensor goes through in trans,installed 1 bolt and adjusted sensor back towards firewall and tightened that 1 bolt and its worked fine ever since ... Dodge Dakota
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