Having problems with your 2004 Ford Explorer ?

How do i get to the flasher on a 2004 explorer. I can see the fuse block but can"t get to the relays or flashers on the top side.

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How do i get to the flasher on a 2004 explorer. I can see the fuse block but can"t get to the relays or flashers on the top side.

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Removed steering cover to get to fuse block to replace flasher relay but cant find it

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A 2000 Porsche Boxster having problems with top not going up. I checked the fuses, relay (double relay) by fuse box, macro switch @ hand brake and macro switch by visors - All are OK. Remove the top cover and got to the motor but there is no power getting to it. Some manuals indicate a macro switch at the driver's side shoulder panel (my car doesn't have any there) and also a macro switch at the motor (again, no switches there). Any suggestions any one? Thanks for posting

If the fuses in the interior fuse box are all good and the Fuses and Relay under the hood in the Power Distribution center are good that only leaves a shorted wire, faulty switch or faulty motor as possible problems. You can test the control switch ... Porsche Boxster

My turn signals worked when I left my house and when I reached my destination they did not work. I cheked my fuse and the fuse was fine but you where the fuse plugs into on the fuse block ( #8 ) there is only one side that has the conection. did it get pushed thru? How do I fix this? I cant drive without my blinkers!!! Please Help its a 1996 2 WD Jeep Cherokee 6 cyl

The plastic panel under the fuses and relays can be removed (all components removed). Pull the negative battery terminal connection first. ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee

Chevrolet S10 1995 2wd automat ignition problem. I cant get the signal from ignition "Run" to the start relay. The relay has 5 wires. (86) Orange (from ign/run signal). (85) Ground. (87) Red +12V. (87a) Blue (Does what?). (30) Purple (To starter) Tried to trace the Orange wire backwords but im stucked under the right side under the dashboard. All fuses are ok. Relay ok. Car starts when i do a bypass start. (Ign. on and just give purple wire +12V) Help please. Regards /Dennis

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1996 old cutlass supreme 3.4 shift solenoid sometimes doesn't get power. I feel that the problem is in the fuse block, if your looking at car, it is under hood on left. So, which fuse or relay is it that is not getting a good connection. I have replaced all relays. There is three in that fuse block. My cover for fuse block is unreadable. Or is the problem somewhere else? What color wire or wires give the shift solenoids their power? I feel it is not a blown fuse, because it works just fine f

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I have a 2003 saab 9-3 linear with h.i.d head lights when i bought the car it said there was a head light failure on both sides, i change some fuses and changed the relay under the hood that works the head lights, the passenger headlight came on . so then i checked the drivers side head light i took it out and put it back in and it worked but the passenger head light went off and now i cant get it back on, then it said the left brake light failure.i turned the car off and then on and the brake

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Hi i picked up a mercedes 1995 SL500 in a trade and the front seat drivers side will go every direction except back... needless to say I cant even get in the car.. is there a way to disengage the electric seat to get it back? It clicks when I move the switch and it goes every other way... so its not a fuse.. it has a very low battery as well, could that have something to do with it... although I tried doing it while it was running as well.. Also how does the hard top come off? thanks

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Where is the I/P Fuse Panel located on a 1996 Chevy 1500 Express Van with a v8 305l engine? The fuse panel on the side by the drivers left foot is not the one I'm looking for. I am looking for fuse 8 10amp fuse that supply 12v positve to the starter relay coil. I also found a relay fuse panel in the engine compartment also. I am not getting voltage to the coil side of my starter relay and my print shows it going from the starter switch on the sterring colum to fuse F8 on the Instrument / Panel t

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I have 1993 Volkswagen Passat GLX VR6. The fuse box is located under the dash on the drivers side. The fuse box has slots for 22 fuses on the bottom row. An Two (2) rows on top for relays, Each row has Six (6) slots. These relays are numbered, Not every slot has a relay. This is where my problem comes in.... I need to know the relay number, and what slot it goes in. Starting with the top row numbered 1-6 then the second row numbered 7-12...The fuses are laid out in order in the owners manual,

Welcome to FIxYa.com\015\012\015\012engine size? please and thank you\015\012\015\012 \015\012\015\012 \015\012\015\012Thank ... 1993 Volkswagen Passat

Have a 89 dodge raider;;have no turn//4-way flashers or brake lights;;all fuses good;have power to brake light switch and leaves switch when apply brakes;;found round flasher[4 way flasher]know this because have power to it on one side and when pull 4-way fuse loose power;;square flasher beside it;has power to it;loose power when i pull turn fuse[also when i remove turn fuse i loose warning lights on dash and hear relay on middle or pass side kick out]i got another turn signal switch[columum swi

Hey HotrodHarley, \015\012 I would pull out your hazzard switch and clean it real well. the signal, brake lights are connected to the hazzard switch and if it doesn't fully disengage you wont get the brake lights or the flashers to come on. ... 1987 Dodge Raider

Our serpentine belt frayed and broke as we were driving, of course we lost all power steering, I managed to get the four blocks to where I was going, parked, and noticed steam. I popped the hood and there was anti-freeze on the top end of the motor mostly around by the distributor and down the side of the engine - where the belt is suppose to be. We replaced the belt, charged the battery, it will turn over, but there is no spark. We have checked all the plugs and wires, fuses, all the wires, eve

Did you check the distributor cap? They dislike water a lot. ... 1992 Buick Century

Overheating The car just started overheating recently, it is not the waterpump,thermostat,heater core,low coolant,clogged radiator,temperature sensor,dragging brakes,a/c compressor,cooling fan,fuses or relays. the car gets hot when going up hill or accelerating (50mph or higher) and cools back down when going down hill or driving slow (under 50mph) I squeezed the top hose and I have circulation, the fan comes on automatically, I can hear it running but cant check it while driving so I thought it

I have had a similar problem with my 99 Escort – 2.0 auto. I too tried changing thermostats, checking cooling fan operation, checking compressor, cleaning radiator etc. The overheating only occurred in the summer months and not in winter where ... 1995 Ford Escort

I have a 2002 VW Jetta Tdi and my power windows, Anti-theft, Interior lights and trunk opener will not work. It seems they are all connected and I have checked all fuses on the top of the battery and the panel by the driver's side door. I have looked for grounding system but been unsuccessful. I would like to have a step by step solution for this problem as well as how to check the relays to see if they are getting power.


1998 land rover discovery LE automatic transmition:Stopped running turns over but wont start. Getting only 5.06 volts to the fuel pump..not the normal 12 or 13 volts followed by a steady 5 volts. Getting absolutely NO voltage to the Inertia switch (collision shutoff). Getting normal voltage to the fuse and the fuse is fine. Trying to figure out which relay is the fuel pump relay..i know its one of four relays that are mounted beneath the kickplate on the front passenger side (US model)Any idea w

I have a 98 Land rover Discovery and my Fuel Pump relay "Module" is under the hood and looks like... ... 1997 Land Rover Discovery

1991 Ford E150 turn signals do not work,emergancy flashers flash constantlly unless the flasher relay is unplugged from fuse block

Hi,If I understand you right based on your post/description, the signal lights would still turn on even if any or both of the flasher relays are removed. Should this be the case, then the signal lights are not getting the power from the f ... 2003 Ford E150

How do i change high current fuse, alternator, was told it is screwed at the bottom, how do i get to it. Seems like the top flips off, I removed the side screw but still cannot flip the top up, is there another screw or screws to release the top so i can get to bottom connection of the fuse?

... 2005 Toyota Highlander

Have 1989 toyota 4 runner with v 6 engine the only way it will get enough power to the fuel pump to run truck is to take the relays out and put them back then the truck will run until you get where you are going then it wont start until you do it again any takers on this one????????? if so please helpi changed the relay on drivers side foot panel also changed the fuse under engine there is a circut open relay in passenger side floor panel havent changed that one but test ok on ohms test have cha

... 1986 Toyota 4Runner

1996 chevy s10 will not start. battery, fuses, checked. getting power to fuse block from ignition. seem to be getting power to clutch switch. when i jump the pins on the clutch switch it blows the fuse. there is no power to activate the starter relay from ignition but relay power from battery is there.

Check the crankshaft sensor ... 1996 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Low beams don't work - both out at the same time. High beams do work fine. I swapped the low and high beam relays in the fusebox and there was no change...no low, high OK. I can feel the low beam relay click when turning on the low beams and then the high beam relay click when turning on the high beams. still no low beams. Fuses for each side low beam are good (tested with ohmmeter). When I turn on the lights, I get 12v at the low beam fuses. When I turn off the lights, I get 0v at the low beam

DID YOU CHECK THE BULBS? ... Chrysler Voyager

Driver side cooling fan was working and passenger side was not, switched 4 pin relays around multiple times, now passenger fan works and driver side does not work and I can't get the driver side to work by switching relays. Runs hot, uses coolant and oil, runs about 170-185 as long as the car is moving, runs at 200-230 while idle, checked all fuses and they are fine. Thought maybe it was the relays, thermostat or the water pump if it was replaced with a non-original part.

The coolant sensor controls these fans,one is for moderate cooling,the other kicks in when the temp gets up higher,so change the coolant sensor.Turn the ac on max cool,see if the cooling fans both come on,and let me know. ... 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have a bad window switch on the right side and it blow a relay i say that it is a relay because all the fuse are that is 30a and lower amp fuse are right and can not get the larger no. fuse out of the sockets to check them so it may be a larger but i do not know witch one it might be so i thought some one might be able to help by telling me which fuse or relay it is .it is a 1999 cougar

I don't believe it blew a relay. Pull the window switch out of the hole. Then inspect the wiring in the plug. Sometimes they get loose. You make need to tighten the wire. This happened to my driver side window about 5 times. and each time I went to t ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

No Blinkers or flashers. If you hold down the flasher button and try blinker lever, you can get each blinker to flash except driver side front. When you try driver side front, inside indicator blinks fast. Can't seem to figure out how to get at that bulb. All fuses checked.

Hi with the blinker blinking fast this tells you a bulb has gone now if you check witch one is working then you will know if its the front or back that needs replacing.When you know this go and purchase the bulb from any car spares place also t ... 1997 Ford Taurus

Lexus ls400 windows and sunroof quit. Checked fuses and relays. All seem to be intact. Didn't remove fuses just checked with meter. Dropped fuse block checked relays by hand after removing each. I believe it's the B relay But I didn't know location so checked all. Can it be master door switch? Are these able to take out all doors? The door lock button still works. Does this system get primary ground or power from anti theft module?

You can try to get a free chassis wiring diagram through autozone.com.Just register the car for free and you can get what you need. ... 1993 Lexus Ls 400

The left and right turn signal doe's not work at all, everything else works but them. I have a Dodge Durango 2000 i check all the fuse's and relay new one's, but there is a Green flasher or relay up high inside under the dash that i have not check yet, because it's hard to get to. I just want to know if that is a relay or flasher the green one. my 4 way flasher work, brake lights work, headlights work, just don't have turn signals.

I had a similar issue with my 01 Durango also, I wound up having to replace the module under the dash. Not the green one but the black one near the fuse box. Unfortunately, I had the work done for me, so I can't truly tell you How to fix it but that ... 2000 Dodge Durango
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