Having problems with your 2004 Ford Expedition ?

2004 ford expedtion, when a/c clutch is engaged the clutch or compressor is very loud, a/c works great but loud noise coming from compressor, could there be a bad bearing in clutch, can i remove clutch to troubleshoot problem?

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Answers :

Have a shop do the repairs the A/C is a charged system.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2004 Ford Expedition

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2004 ford expedtion, when a/c clutch is engaged the clutch or compressor is very loud, a/c works great but loud noise coming from compressor, could there be a bad bearing in clutch, can i remove clutch to troubleshoot problem?

Have a shop do the repairs the A/C is a charged system. ... 2004 Ford Expedition

The A/C is blowing hot air. The compressor comes on, the fan is turning for the A/C and a local Firestone put freon in saying it was low. The Firestone says the compressor or evaporator is bad. I have searched troubleshooting experts whom have told me that it is either the evaporator or a switch (?), not sure of name, could be bad. Because the compressor is coming on and the fan is turning and the unit blows air, hoping it is an inexpensive part. Could you advise, Thanks.

Could be pressure switch. When the guy put 134a in...find out what the pressure readings were on the suction line to find out if the compressor was working. May as well hook up the high side as well to get both readings. If there's a decent sepa ... BMW Z3

I have a high pitch whistle with air turned on . It comes from the compressor. Could it be the clutch bearing? Does that come with a new compressor as that was replaced in July 2011?

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I have a loud humming sound coming from what sounds like the front right wheel. I jacked it up and checked the wheel for play. and there is no movement. but the humming is getting worse. its not the brakes. and the cv joint seems to be ok. what else could it be? and does a bad wheel bearing always have play in the wheel? or could it just need re-packed and greased? please help. thanks, Patrick

Unfortunately you do not always get "play" in the bearing and they are unserviceable. Replace the entire unit. Here are the instructions for replacement. They bolt into place making it pretty easy to do. Soak the CV shaft which pertrudes from the hub ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2001 Silhouette. I have a noise in the front end that sounds like a wheel bearing going bad. It increases in loudness with speed. At low speed it can't be heard at all but at around 50 to 60 it becomes audible and at around 80 it's very irritating. If I make a right turn it stops and is audible either straight ahead or in a left turn. I can't tell which side the noise is coming from as I sit in the car. Do you think it could be something other than a wheel bearing?

I have a 2002 Olds van and it also makes a noise under the front driver wheel well. Mine was mostly when I hit potholes or large dips causing the shocks to compress. The problem is a metal to metal contact between a bushing lip and the suspension. ... 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Audi a3 1.9 tdi 2006 had the full clutch replaced has there was a loud metal on metal chaffing noise , was told it could be the thrust bearing on the clutch , still the problem is there after i have been driving around just wondered if any-body has come across this before?

You should take it back to where the clutch was done. They should have check the thrust bearing, flywheel and everything else associated with the clutch when they replaced it. ... Audi A3

I have 2002 Chevy s10 with ac issues. All blend doors and actuators work properly. Clutch engages on compressor. Blows warm air when ac is on. When I put a guage on it the psI stays on max and doesn't change. Could my compressor be bad and the clutch still engage? I've never seen a compressor clutch engage and compressor bad, is it possible. I think I've eliminated all else

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A/c compressor clutch will not engage, full charge of freon and i can hear the relay clicking calling for the compressor to kick on. Could it be a fuse in the fuse block under the hood or could it be that the clutch is frozen up. Just hoping the compressor is not bad, maybe just maybe.

I hope as well that the compressor is not bad just for reasons you'r most likely aware of, the COST. The main thing you might want to do is check to see if power is running to the compressor directly with a multimeter. If there is power then most lik ... GMC Sierra 1500

A/C problems I have a honda accord 2003 4 cyl. My a/c comes on cools well and goes off after sometime and will not come up for a long time and later comes up again. I started experiencing this problem when I changed by engine serpentine beltthat drves the compressor and later found out it was the wrong (small) size. I have checked the compressor, which is ok and the clutch seems not to re-engage until a long period. Could the clutch field coil be the problem or the thermostat is not cutting off

There is not a site glass on your Accord, nor is there a freon canister. There isn't even any freon. It is R134A. Freon was discontinued a few yrs ago because it hams the environment. It doesn't sound like the clutch field coil. It either works or it ... 2003 Honda Accord

2002 honda cr-v. AC compressor clutch doens't engage. condensor fan doesn't run. ac blower motor works normally. AC compressor clutch and condensor fan work when i jump them out at the relays in the fuse box in the engine compartment. condensor fan comes on when radiator fan comes on. I think i have a bad ground somewhere?

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I have replaced my clutch pressure plate throwout bearring pilot bearing. I still have a grinding noise when i let off the clutch in neutral. could it be that my transmission is bad or could it just need fluid

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I am havin problem with my clutch... i have to push the clutch pedal almost to the floor, before changing the gear. the master cylinder is full of fluid. could the problem come from the pilot bearing in the assembly. i recently had the clutch done a year ago. the clutch is one year old and still has the pull and is in good shape. would i need to repalce the whole assebly while i take the pilot bearing out????

Pilot bearing is in the end of the crankshaft. (keeps the trans input shaft from whiping) You are likely referring to the throwout bearing. If you have one that is integral with the slave cylinder, then it needs to be removed by taking the transmissi ... 1988 Jeep Cherokee

Help Hello, Could you please give me TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION/Dimensions for clutch release bearing for Chevrolet Aveo 2007? The original bearing from Korea is too bad, because it is already changed 2 times in Chevrolet dealer workshop in last 6 month. My warranty for the car is now finished and I got recomendation that the best could be repair to SKF or Timken bearings, but with original part number I can't find the wright one in shop. I'm not from USA, i am from Europe.

There is a reason that the bearing fails, typically adjustment or operator refusing to take thier foot off of the pedal, or insisting on holding clutch depressed at a light...\015\012\015\012Just get an aftermarket bearing, from an indepe ... 2007 Chevrolet Aveo Sedan

Troubleshooting 2004 Ford Mustang 3.9 L, transmission. Vehicle whent into garage to have a new clutch pressure plate throwout bearing replaced. Pick car up at garage and the car developed a new loud clicking sound, whenever you were in neutral and let the clutch out, push the clutch in the sound would go away. Took the car back to have this problem fixed, and they diagnosed that it was the new throwout bearing and and they had also found that the input shaft was loose and wobbling also, so it al

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I need to replace the bearing on the idler pulley of the a.c clutch assembly and I need to know how to remove the clutch assembly from the idler assembly with the assuption that the idler pully and bad bearing will be removable after the clutch comes off

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My Sienna has a very loud sqeel coming from the clutch of the A/C compressor. I want to know if there is anything I can do to fix it with out replacing it. I have tried spraying it with carberator cleaner and that seems to help a little. But it still sqeels when I turn the A/C on or speed up after a stop with it on. Any suggestions other than replacing the clutch. If not, any tutorials on how to replace the clutch or compressor.

The rubber belt which turns your A/C compressor is loose or worn out. What is happening is when you turn on the air conditioner, the belt is slipping trying to turn the compressor and it is heating up as it slips, (serpentine belts can take a ... Toyota Sienna

Troubleshoot A/C and compressor on 1995 Dodge Dakota. Check Compressor Clutch or could it be electrical. Clutch seems to engage for short term then quits

... 1995 Dodge Dakota

My air compressor pulley appears to be squelling. I took off the belt and checked the pulleys ability to spin freely and it was rough though spun with some drag. I guess this means that the pulley bearings are bad or need oil? Is there a place to check oil and /or how? can you change a u4692 clutch pulley bearing assembly without ever having to open the refrigerant system up? How hard is this? and where do I find a break down/schamatic drawing to do this? Do I have to change the compressor?

You cannot lubricate this bearing, you will need to replace it. You can change this part without opening the refrigerant system. Remove the center bolt on the clutch, and it slides off. There are shim washers involved but they usually stay in the clu ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

1994 Caprice Classic AC compressor clutch is coming apart. One of the metal rings is loose and off-center, causing shaking and looks like it could damage nearby stuff. Is there a way to replace the clutch alone, or does the whole compressor need replacing? How difficult or expensive is this?

... 1994 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

I have a loud humming sound in the back end of my Stratus...I replaced all four tires and still have the same loud humming or vibrating noise....I am thinking it could be a wheel bearing going bad...Could that be the problem and how difficult is it to replace?

Hi Check the alignment of the tires at the rear or if its ok then it's a symptom of bad wheel bearing. If you jack the truck up and spin the wheel, you'll hear it. It will sound like a clun ... 2000 Dodge Stratus

My 2002 Chevy Tracker LT (V6 2.5L) emits a loud squeal when the A/C is turned on. The squeal fades or sometimes goes away, then comes back intermittantly when the A/C is on. A/C still cools. Belts are good and not squealing. I think it's the compressor clutch. Should I replace the whole compressor or just the clutch?

A/c compressor froze up? Won/t turn? ... 2002 Chevrolet Tracker

2004 ford freestar air conditioning compressor seems to be coming on however no real cooling at all, could the compressor be bad or is there something else that could cause this issue, I know it is a closed system so should not be low on freon 134a. any sugestions

Actually, it is very common to be low on coolant. In fact that is the most common cause of your problem. If you are not comfortable doing this your self you will need to go to a shop and have the AC serviced. It is fairly easy. GO to Auto Zone an ... Ford Freestar

2005 Sprinter with 140,000 mile has a whining noise coming from the surpitine belt. My tech replaced the tentioner and idler pullys, and fan clutch and belt, noise is still there. The noise comes and go's its not all the time. If you remove the belt the noise its gone. It is coming from the belt. Could the alternator be bad. Or other ideas. Know engine lights are on. The noise seems to come from the alternator side.

If you have a whining noise the first thing I woud check is the alternator. If that is good then I would then check the water pump. I have seen this before but it is hard to point the problem without having the car in front of me.\015\012 ... Dodge Sprinter

I have a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis LS and the air conditioner stopped blowing from the vents and was only blowing out of defrost from my dash. It was cold until it ran out of freeon. Took it to get checked out from Firestone and they said my compressor is going bad, (because its loud). Because this car runs on 1 belt they told me to replace the compressor because when the compressor goes out, the belt could brake and the engine will no longer run. Does this sound right to anyone?? I need some f

... 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis

1994 probe makes anoise like a bad wheel bearing on the right side. Jacked up front and checked for play and found none. Started engine and engaged clutch with trnasmission in first gear and could clearly hear the noise inside of the car. Could not here niise clearly when standing next to rotation right wheel. Could clearly here the noise with ear pressed against the fender. Any ideas?

If u can get the frt end off the ground. Both sides. Leave car in netural. Put your hand on the strut spring above wheel . Spin tire at the same time . See if you can feel any virbration with your hand on the coil spring. If so and hear some roaring ... 1997 Ford Probe
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