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Fluid Leaks in Hemi 5.7L Vehicles

\015 I have both a 2004 Dodge 1500 extended cab and a 2006 Dodge Cgrger with the 5.7L Engine. \302\240I noticed first on the area beneathe the trucka pinish/purpleish puddle under the fdrivers side of the engine area. \302\240\015\012\015\012I assumed sterring power and topped it off (it was marginally low between the fill and MAX line). \302\240It has started again and the steeering groans during low speed sharp turns.\015\012\015\012It has now started on the Charger. \302\240Same color, same loacation. \302\240The steering wheel fluid in the Charger measures fine.\015\012\015\012Any ideas?\015\012\015\012\015
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I am having the same issue as the 04 Ram and 06 Charger as discribed above. i am on my second pump and for no ryme or reason the leak begins again. Not finding any solutions to the problem...can the system be flushed?
Power steering is making noise and a little hard to turn wheel when truck is not moving. It started when wheather got a little cooler. Do they have a filter that can be replaced and do i have to remove pump or just reservoir to do it?
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Fluid Leaks in Hemi 5.7L Vehicles

I am having the same issue as the 04 Ram and 06 Charger as discribed above. i am on my second pump and for no ryme or reason the leak begins again. Not finding any solutions to the problem...can the system be flushed? ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

Leaking power steering or transmission fluid vehicle was fine until hard freeze last night could it be weather related. I'm not sure which one it is due to colors of fluid being so close. But steering is now making squealing noise.Power steering is on the right side of vehicle fluid is leaking in front on the left side. So I'm not sure which fluid is leaking.

... 1994 Toyota Camry

Heater core? My girlfriend has been running water through her cooling system for almost a year instead of Dex-cool. Now she is leaking water underneath the vehicle and the passenger side floor is soaked through! I think the heater core is to blame but, do not see fluid dripping from under the dash area when vehicle is running. And the floor seems to get wet even when car is not running. Will the heater core leak when the car is off? And, is it possible that the fluid is running down the firewall

Ok most cars you wont see a physical drip because the box is sealed to the firewall it will run out the drain hole the same as the ac if bad enough they will leak down the insulation right to the floor board running pure water will cause rust but ra ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

The vehicle stopped running after driving about 80 miles, actually, the vehicle's trans. stopped moving the car, i stopped and saw trans. fluid loss from underneath, auto transmission was low, the car would only move in reverse. checked the filter, it looked plugged and the fluid was dirty, did not smell burnt, and the shaft seals are not leaking, the leak seems to be at the torque converter, what can I check? 1999 Ford Taurus w/ v-6 engine and AX4N metric overdrive auto transmission.

The front pump seal is what is leaking,the torque converter is where the seal seals against.The engine,or transmission will have to be removed to replace the seal. ... Ford Taurus

Brake Leak I have a 91 Buick Riviera, brake fluid leaks instantaneously, I was told it has to do with the ABS system. Have a 1994 Merc Villager......brake fluid leaking beneath the HYDRALIC UNIT...HELP....ANY IDEAS FOR REPAIR...can we salvage this, as the new unit is worth more than the vehicle....or would you normally have to replace the unit......Where would it be typically leaking?????? Bad seals.....maybe loose line.....cracked unit....PLEASE ADVISE!!!!!!!

I recently changed out one on my 97 villager. Not hard at all. I purchased a used unit from a junkyard. I agree a new ones cost is crazy. These units are known to have problems with high mileage villagers. But I am will to take a chance with a used o ... 1994 Mercury Villager

Front driver side wheel is leaking brake fluid all over wheel well and behind wheel is wet, I lost brakes, I put fluid in and made it home safely and got under truck to see where the leak was. brake line is dry and not leaking, However, when facing the front of the vehicle, the rear of the front tire is a metal part that is leaking pretty bad from the bottom, Ive been told it is a wheel cylinder, but My father belives it is a caliper. I need to know if it is a caliper so I can get the part to fi

Front brakes if they are disc it is a caliper if they are drum you havve wheel cylinders. Call the parts store give them the year and they will get you the right part ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

Have a 1995 volvo 850 turbo wagon. Coolant fluid leaks out under engine unknown origin near rear offcenter driver side. Not waterpump, lower radiator hose. Can't pinpoint exact location or problem. Fluid leaks out as fast as it can be filled by way of reservoir while engine is shut down or running. Under hood filled with steam when hardly moving in a parking lot. Parked, checked, found leak under vehicle. Are freeze plugs known to blow randomly? Cracked block? Estimate on fix?

... Cars & Trucks

I own a 1999 Ford Expedition and it is pouring antifreeze from the bottom of the vehicle. I have inspected the radiator and both top and bottom radiator hoses and they are not leaking. The amount of fluid that is leaking emptys the resavoir in a matter of minutes. Is there some type of pan that houses the radiator fluid when it is not in the radiator itself? Any suggestions on where it might be leaking from if it's not a busted hose or radiator?

You also may have a block heater that blew out. ... 1999 Ford Expedition

While driving my 2005 Saturn Ion, I noticed a 'banging' sound when turning and braking. I returned to my driveway and noticed there had been a leak under the front end of the vehicle. I thought it looked like power steering fluid but checking online I find that this car does not used p/s fluid. Is the noise and the loss of fluid related? Where should I take my vehicle where I can trust the repair man? I live in Spring, TX

You car most certainly does use power steering fluid. I recommend you take the car to the closest Saturn or GM dealer. It may cost you a little more but you will get a warranty and know it is fixed right. ... 2005 Saturn ION

I think my son hit something to cause the transmission fluid to all leak out...there is a stream from my house to where the vehicle quit and a puddle underneath...i see where to check the fluid, but not where to add fluid to the vehicle.

You will need to look under the vehicle at the transmission and verify if there is transmission case damage,a broken transmission line ect. if your son ran over something and you can see the damage then adding fluid will cause it to just leak back ou ... 2003 Suzuki Aerio

2002 Chevy Trailblazer: Right Rear of the vehicle is leaking fluid from what appears to be a factory drip/overflow nipple. Two aluminum lines run under the vehicle up into the right rear, but are runn

... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

AN ISUZU RODEO 95 4WHEEL. the A/T OIL TEMP red light flashed in the morning on my wayto work and on my way back it stopped moving like it was in neutral. i came down from the vehicle and found out that hot transmission fluid had leaked, didnt know the exact point it was leaking from, but it was around the inlet of the fluid. after a few munites, it started and i was able to take it to a workshop where more oil was added and i was on my way home cus it was already late in the evening and they cou

... 2002 Isuzu Rodeo

The vehicle dont make any noise till you start picking up speed, hear a little vibration but dont feel any, looked under vehicle and where the drive shaft connects to the transmission in the back seems to have a fluid leak but when i check tranny fluid it looks full, the noise just started happening this last week when i was driving down the road, dont feel anything when you drive it just hear the noise.

Sounds like a wheel bearing issue. You need to take it to your local friendly mechanic so they can put it on the lift and find out which one it is. Good luck ... Jeep Cherokee

Water and radiator fluid pouring out under front of vehicle but it doesnt show it is overheating? the radiator is new three months old, the freeze plugs are all new same time as radiator, the theramostat is only a year old and its not leaking from the water pump cuz i can see where the water is coming from and the water pump isnt in that spot also it isnt old either its new does anybody have an suggestions what could be leaking all my fluids out my truck and not causing it to overheat?

What area is it coming from? These are common for leaking intake manifold gaskets ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

I bought my 1999 Lincoln Continental as a second vehicle. Drove it home with no apparent issues. The man I bought it from told me that an O ring needed to be replaced on the transmission pan and had a slow leak which I could see (very slow). Well now two weeks later I've only driven it a few times and the leak is very bad. It now leaves trans fluid from traveling down almost the entire under carriage, smells like something is burning when running, and whines now even with full trans fluid replac

Whinning noise is the bearing of the oil pump inside torque converter.\015\012Burning smell fluid has little to know pressure ( cause pump is dying) can't circulate to cool parts as well as provide pressure. Time for a rebuild. ... 1997 Lincoln Continental

I have a 2002 Isuzu Roedo LS.I have a transmisson fluid leak I think ! Looking at the undercarrige from the right side of the vehicle. To the right of the transmission pan is another little pan or cover. Directly above this little rectangular pan or cover is a round assembly about 2 inches in diameter. Just inside of this assembly is a "snap ring" holding something in. A seal maybe?That is where the fluid is comming from. I didn"t realize I had a leak till the transmission started slipping. I ca


I have a 1986 GMC S15 pickup. The transmission is leaking but not in the usual place. Where else would it be leaking from and how do I know what is what. When I back up the transmission fluid sprays out in fan shape on the ground. If its any help Chilton doesn't show where this is leaking. It sprays the whole under side of the vehicle.

... 1986 GMC S-15

My 2006 Uplander started to blow smoke from the left side of the hood yesterday. As I got out I noticed a trail of black fluid where I drove in, and it continued to leak out the bottom of the vehicle. The rad fluid and oil levels are all fine, power steering fluid is low. I never had any warning lights go on, and did not loose power steering while I was driving. Any suggestions would be VERY greatly appreciated!

You need to get it clean all off then check all your fluids.\015\012you should not drive the car until you find out what is the problem\015\012because you can damage the engine or it will catch on fire.\015\0122006 is kind a new to ... 2006 Chevrolet Uplander

1999 Lexus LX 470 - Vehicle Leveling System (height control): All fluid has drained out in the rear of the vehicle and the vehicle has settled all the way down and rides like a 3/4 ton pickup. The light on the dash flashes 'Off'. There is oviously a leak and it appears to be on the drivers side rear. What usually fails in this area and how do you repair it?

... 1999 Lexus LX470

I have a leak in the washer line running to the back window, every time i fill the washer fluid reservoir it leaks out on the passenger side approx midway back. how do i get to the lines to find and fix the leak? I've gotten under the vehicle but cant seem to locate the supply line.

... 2000 Ford Expedition

85 Blazer s10 4x4 looks to be dripping trans fluid near the rear of engine. Small to medium size fluid leak when sitting. Seems to drip from unknown location, down onto the exhaust line. When idle, exhaust line smokes from fluid residue burn off and also from somewhere close by, above exhaust line, maybe engine burn off. Doesn't seem to be pan or any issue up front or rear of vehicle. Any ideas or suggestions on next steps is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Check the lines that goes trans to radiator\015\012if o.k.it could be trans torque converter seal\015\012if thats it trans has to be removed to replace seal ... 1984 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a small leak at two connectors/pressure reduction valves on the lines to the rear drums.These connectors/pressure valves are located in the midline of the vehicle under the windshield wiper motor. I have tightened them multiple times as the leak appears to be at the threads, but they never seem to be loose. I am going through about a pint of brake fluid every three weeks.

Try replacing the o-rings. often if the o ring is damaged it wont matter how much you tighten them they will still leak and you dont want to tighten them to much because then you run the risk of streaching the threads or rounding them off. ... 2000 Saturn Ls 4dr Sedan

I have a fluid leak in my 1996 Ford Taurus, v6 duratec engine. The leak appears to be coming from a metal line (and possibly a 2nd metal line located directly below the first). Both these lines are located directly above what appears to be a power steering line. The lines (all 3) are in a tight spot visible when I peel back the mud flashing located above the driver's side front wheel. Without removing the rad protector and cover, or the mud flashing under the front of the vehicle, I don't quite

These metal lines aare usually brake lines ... 1996 Ford Taurus

Vehicle is losing coolant but doesn't seem to be leaking when parked or steaming out when running. After driving for an hour it's 2 or 3 quarts low on fluid. When the fluid level is full the car is making a sound about 18 inches in from the back of the glove compartment that sounds similiar to the squeek that a leather car seat makes as it shifts foreward past the seat next to it.

Possible heater core, the sound is coming from where it is located. ... Cadillac DeVille

Good morning. I have a 2001 Buick Century. I had to slam on the brakes a couple of days ago. When I did the car shuddered quite a bit and when I applied the brakes again the pedal went to the floor. I limped it home and looked under it and saw two puddles which I assumed were brake fluid. Initially I suspected the flex hoses but on further inspection both were intact and the leaks were closer to the center of the vehicle nearest the master cylinder. The brake fluid resevoir did not run dry at th

Hey Todd, I have a 98 Century with ABS, sounds like you will have to bleed the lines again. The ABS only interupts the ability to skid and keep traction. Sometimes the cylinders can erupt when too much pulse is shot through the lines such as slammi ... 2001 Buick Century
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