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Codes p0206 and p0108 all the time

\015 Keep getting these codes after checking for correct operation of both components could it be ecm?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Codes p0206 and p0108 all the time

... 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan

P0713 engine light came on. ran codes P0713, P1529, P0108, P0121, P0118, P0111. Now I realize it is unlikely that i am actually having trouble from all these areas at one time, as the engine light only comes on about half the time. Question is, "What one thing would make it return all these codes together, or none at all when the light is off?"

I found that my gas cap wasn't sealing when I tighten it so I put WD-40 on and light stayed off so I oil it down every now and then ... 2001 Hyundai Accent

Check engine light comes on and the vehicle starts running rough, misfiring and will stall at times. The codes have been cleared twice and it will go for 75 miles before it happens again. Stored codes are P0068, P0108 and P0455. What keeps causing this?

Okay lets start with the po 068 & po 108, check the connection to the mass air flow sensor if conn are good replace the mass air flow sensor, that should solve the two codes, now the po455 is a evap gross leak detected. first is to make sure gas ... 2006 Volkswagen New Beetle

This is a 1998 S10 it started to run rough just before i got, but i seemed to smooth out after a couple ofminutes, but now is will start but runs real rough, i will idile but real rough, it like lack a fuel problem, i have change the crank shaft senor, and one coil pack. after keeping it running i did get a other code Map/Baro P0108 and this is the first time i have got this code. some one said it could be the fuel pressure, i check it and I am getting just over 40 psi when i first turn the key

... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Engine Code P0108. The engine revs up high and back low about 10 times before idling normally when first turned on. then there is other idling issues when accelerating to hard or at a stop. Are there some easy things I can look for myself (hoses, gaskets, etc... )before bringing it to a shop. also any helpful websites

P0108 - MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Circuit High InputThe MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor measures engine manifold negative air pressure. It's usually a three wire sensor: a ground wire, a 5 volt reference w ... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

What is the most likely cause of a P0108 and a P0406 on a 2006 Ford Freestar (both come on at the same time after resetting the codes and driving a bit)

... 2006 Ford Freestar

2000 dodge stratus keeps stalling it fires right back up sometimes, other times it takes some cranking. There are three codes it's showing P0725 engine speed sensor circuit, P0108 manifold absolute pressure sensor voltage too high, and P0700 transmission malfunction present. I also pulled the first spark plug out and when the engine runs it misses and sometimes stops all together for 1-2 seconds. I'm broke and can't afford to run through 4 possible solutions.

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I have a 2000 cavalier wt check eng light on .scan it i have three codes p0105,p0108,p0300 i already change the map & tps sensor & a complete tune up wt coils, still running rough & shurts off in the middle off the rd all the time i stopped.

Hi\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. On receiving check engine light on you have got the\015\012codes checked and replace the map, tps sensor and complete tune up wt coils. However,\015\012you ... Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2000 Mercedes ML320. This is the 2nd time I had to replace my battery. The 1st time I had to reset my radio with the code given to me by the dealer. I entered the code and it worked fine up until the 2nd time I had to replace the battery. Now, I've entered the code numerous times, waiting again and again for the WAIT to disappear and 'Enter Security Code' comes back. It just won't accept the code this time. I really miss my radio, and really cannot afford to replace it. Any sugge

... 2007 Mercedes-Benz ML320 CDI

My chrysler 300 m with 3.5 ho is doing funny things with engine codes at time it come up wit code p0420 and at times it comes up with code p0420 % po430 at times the cose will come on suddenly and at time i can travel 600km. before the engine light comes on repalced all o2 sensors but still have the same problem is there a way to check the convertor if they are defective befor replacing them

A faulty engine coolant temperature sensor can also cause the p0420 error code.\015\012\015\012But more than likely you have some sort of exhaust leak.  It was hard to figure out if you had this checked out from reading your past comments. ... 2003 Chrysler 300M

Have a 2006 330i BMW. Have codes p0012 and p1554. Replaced one of the Venos solenoid and cleaned the exhaust one, and even swapped them both around. I have a computer and erased the codes Every time I do this. Notice that the code will come back almost every time when I restart the car. But that isn't always the case as some times it will come on after driving it after awhile.... Now the timing on the car jumps around. Sometimes it will be -6 deg to 42.0 deg. But while running smooth it sits at

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I have a 2001 Chrysler Town & Country LX. I turned the ignition switch on and off two times. When I turned it on the third time, the odometer started registering codes. The first code was p0302. The second code was p1684. After taking the negative cable off the battery to clear the check engine light, and turning the switch on and off twice, on the third time turning the switch on, the only code was p1684, but the vehicle still runs rough. What does p0302 and p1684 mean? What can be done

302 is misfire on cylinder 2. Please see my tip at http://www.fixya.com/cars/r6715318-causes_gasoline_engine_misfires ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

Rattling noise at rear head code for timing conterol soleniod replaced solenoid still has same rattle code for solenoid is gone now it has a code for both banks intake timing to advanced cams seem to have no damage and no debris build ups i feel the timing needs to be done before i spend that much time is there anything else i should check first.

Before you go any further check oil pressure.intake timing control works hydraulically off of engine oil pressure.i assume from description this a v-6?have seen numerous instances where oil passage plate gaskets on inner timing cover fail and exhaust ... 2002 Nissan Altima

My 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 cummins has two code errors, P0236 & P0234. It has an intermitant power mode. Most of the time it has little power but it regains it from time to time for 1-50 second intervals, and seems completely random. I see that the P0236 code can be a MAP sensor, or too high of air pressure, and the P0234 code can be cause from lean fuel/air mixture all the way to a bad turbo charger and a bad IAT sensor. Please help me, One mechanic said it may be the lift fuel pump also.

... Dodge Ram 2500

Three codes p1670,p0171,andp0174 . p1670 main computer cannot find the a.b.s. computer. I do not think this code alone would bring the check engine light on. But p0171 and p0174 which are engine too lean bank 1 and bank 2 will bring the check engine light on. Took to dealer three times: 1st time they said they found a leaking vacuum canister and two vacuum hoses. It cost me $87. Same codes came back. 2nd time they said fuel pump was insufficient flow. They replaced fuel pump under warranty. Same

Did you or someone in your family TOP OFF the gas tank?\015\012\015\012It's a bad habit that's hard to break.\015\012\015\012====\015\012\015\012The vacuum canister can be soak with gasoline.\015\012\015\012The only inexpensiv ... 2004 Suzuki Verona

I have a 2008 Impala with a 3.5L v6 engine. I have a p2432 code for the secondary injection system. I have taken it to the dealer 2 times. 1 time I think they just cleared the code and the 2nd time they replaced the air pump. The code keeps comming back. Any answers? I would appreciate any help with this concern. The check engine light seems to come on more often when I am decelerating. It ususlly goes back off after a few days.

... 2008 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2003 Chevy Avalanched that in the course of driving will perodically popup a warning ''Engine Power Reduced'' and at that time I can't get the vehicle to go over 30 mph. I have purchase a code reader and 95% of the time the code will come back P2135 and P2135 pd. The other 5% of the time it may through a code of P0220. Originally this problem occurred more frequently the warmer is was outside and the wetter it is. Now it is starting to occur even on days where the temperature is 40 degr

The codes P02135: is related to throttle position sensors.\015\012\015\012\015\012the throttle positioning and the plug connection is located at the top of the accelerator pedal/lever inside the car. is has been seen numerous occ ... 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche

3.5l engine, car shakes runs ruff, changed plugs,shaking lessened and car runs slightly better. took to auto zone had tested code P0344 possible problems cam sensor defective, timingbelt/out of trime, cylinder misfire...also another code said cylnder 5 missfire, also code P0340 cam sensor or timing whats the chance of it ust being the coil for #5, how involved is timing belt replacement or atleast setting the timing correct?

The chances are good for the number 5 coil needing replacement, but before i did anything else i would change that cam sensor, that could be causing your problem all the way around.. hope this helps... setting timing is a big drawn out job, i dont th ... 2003 Chrysler Concorde

I have my rexton 3.2 ...now the problem is when im start it,the engine was running and not stable n some time ok...plug coil,plug new....i already do diagnostic n the fault code tell the (o2 sensor heater fault)(not defined)......i changed all o2 sensor,but still not stable...sometimes OK...exhaust have black smoke... the fault code some time have many,,some time a little bit..but same fault code...have a problem with my computer box or not????please help me!!!!

... Mercedes-Benz E320

Remote coding I have brought some key immobilizer remotes for my v90, coded one but cannot get the other one to code at the same time. Only one will code at a time. How do i code both ie. add the other remote???

... 1997 Volvo V90

P0170 code I've had 3 different codes in succession. first was a right bank fuel balance second is P0170, bank 1 trim that was traced to a leaking throttle body gasket that was then replaced (for second time). third code is P0400, which the dealer traced to a new, aftermarket hose that they put back on "as best as possible", charged me $122 and the light was back on before I got home (the hoses were all on tight when I checked them at that time). Major question is how are these codes conne

... 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Codes 1992mazda mx-3 with a v-6 1.8L. reading codes by connecting ten slot with ground slot in the diagnose box under the hood by drivers side shock tower. ihave found out the code 5 is a 05 code nock sensor! but i cant find a pict of where it is located? my car has been idling rough ( to low), but it runs fine! it also has 155,000+ miles on it may it be time for a timing belt? thanks for the help. mx3farley

Actually the knock sensor has nothing to do with the idler\015\012but yes you are right the code # 5 means knock sensor problem\015\012most of times knock sensor is located on either side of engine block but if you don't know how it looks ... 1992 Mazda MX-3

I had code po299 come up . I cleaned the EGR , but it didn't clear the code. I had the same problem when I started on this trip and put cleaner in the tank. It cleared the code, until I started pulling my trailer and than the code came up again. From the time I cleared til the time it came back it was 4 months.

... 2006 Ford F 350 Super Duty


... 2003 Acura MDX

I have a 2005 s60 volvo turbo. In january had a code p0101 and at that time replaced mass air flow. A week ago came back on with same code p0101 with another code p2188. Replced mass air flow again but not luck lite came back on. I have no info on p2188 puty it didn't come back with the code this time. Any suggestions of why p0101 is coming on more now and possible what p2188 is Thanks

... 2006 Volvo S60
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