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Sebring 2004, 2.6 ltr, is getting over heated just after 5 mint of starting, its temperature goes to maximum and water in reservoir start boiling

\015 Radiator is well cleaned and there is no leak in the water system\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Replace thermostat. It doesn't work putting coolant in the small circuit.
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Sebring 2004, 2.6 ltr, is getting over heated just after 5 mint of starting, its temperature goes to maximum and water in reservoir start boiling

Replace thermostat. It doesn't work putting coolant in the small circuit. ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

Hi, My car is boiling water and it goes our from the overflow pipe at the coolant level water tank. I let my car run for one hour standing on my driveway and the temperature was going to 222 and then the second fan started running and brought temperature to 205, then the fan stopped. The temperature went to 222 again and then the fan started running and brought the temperature back to 205. This happened all the time. On the other side the coolant was boiling and was coming out from that overf

When sitting still, yes both fans on a car equipped with two fans will run. The temperature ranges you posted seem within acceptable range. That said, the water (coolant) should not boil at those high temperatures, but some overflow is expected/nor ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

2001 Chevy Lumina. Got hot, pulled over. Reservoir was boiling over but radiator cap was cool to the touch. Let it cool off. Check water in radiator and reservoir, needed very little. Started driving and almost immediately got hot again. Reservoir boiling over again. Let cool and when released pressure with radiator cap all water sucked out of reservoir. Some times runs fine and some times gauge goes to hot. And sometimes it goes to center and back down several times.

Sounds like your thermostat is sticking closed at times, not allowing coolant to circulate through the radiator for proper cooling. Replace thermostat. ... 2001 Chevrolet Lumina


Also check the thermostat after that it might be stuck in the middle 1/2 open ... 1996 Ford Thunderbird LX

Every 3 days, the engine suddenly heats up to the maximum, then it goes back to normal temperature and the water in the coolant reservoir becomes empty and the signal is Coolant Level Low Stop asap. I stop, leave it to cool for about 30min then turn on the engine and put about 2 bottles (3 Liters) of water. The next morning I fill up the water reservoir which takes about half a bottle of water. The car runs for about 3 more days and the same all over again. There are no leaks from any of the


Hey, I've go a nissan b14 1995, and the cooling system isn't working. The fan turns on when it reaches the mid temperature but after a while of using the car, the water on the tank starts boiling and coming out of the water tank. there seems to be no leaks of water. bad thing is I cannot drive long distances... and the car shows that the temp is always normal... (never goes up from the middle) any suggestions?

Check temperture with thermometer if above 210 degrees check thermostat for correct operation and one easy way to check this is to drive at hyway speed then quickly check for boiling if not thenypou might have a blown head gasket /when car isnt ... Nissan Sentra

I have a 2000 Chevy Impala 3.4 Liter engine no LS and it over heats when it wants to like it has a mind of it's own. I have to put coolant or water in there every few days cuz it keeps coming out, but I never see it coming out. The temperature gauge inside the vehicle sometimes goes all the way up and other times it will just go over half a little. When I cut the car off I hear the water inside the reservoir or wherever the sound is coming from boiling and popping. Please help me this car makes

My 2000 chevy impala overheats and water dissapears ... 2000 Chevrolet Impala

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee (4.0L)...The temperature gauge slowly heads to the "Red" as if it my car were overheating, but the there are no signs of overheating and the Coolant in the reservoir starts to boil when the gauge hits the "red". Oil has been changed, thermostat and gasket replaced, water pump is fairly new, radiator cap has been replaced. Any suggestions?

When running the engine TOUCH the bottom part of the radiator fins, if the temperature is not the same or cold, u got a blocked radiator FiNS, and u need to replace it!\012Check also ur Radiator fan, note down what temperature it started to work.\0 ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi , i have a gmc envoy 2002. The engine temperature is going up sometimes to reach the red limit specially when i turn on the ac i changed the clutch ,the water pump and i cleaned the radiator and nothing changed it is like magic sometimes it goes up and sometimes it works normally and when the temperature goes up i hear some boiling noise coming from the water can what it could be ?? THANKS FOR YOUR TIME

The only thing that you didn't change is the t-stat. If you have an electric fan clutch, the dealership has an updated program that changes the time it comes on and off. I would try the t-stat. You may need to have your vehicle checked for a bad h ... GMC Envoy

I have a 99 ford expedition the temperature gauge goes high and then goes down. I already changed the thermostat, water pump and the radiator. What can it be? When i start driving in the next 3 to 5 mins. the gauge starts to go up and then it goes down.

... 1999 Ford Expedition

Boiling overfill, however temperature gauge not over heating no water in oil. temperature gauge starts at cool then climbs to middle but does not continue to rise however when turning car off you can here anti freeze boiling

You need to check your upper and lower rad hoses also your thermostat if in doubt take to a reputable Rad shop and have them look at it threy are usually very good with most rad and overheating problems ... 1995 Dodge Neon

Pressure low. continue with my pressure low problem.mechanic says my car block gasket burned out.he knew because he check my water tank. first he open my water tank then start my car and then look at the water, some small bubble continues flows up at my water tank.my idle also goes up and down.is it gasket burn?i got 1 time temperature go up nearly at red line.then i stop my car and then add water without waiting for my engine cool.is it the block easy curved?mechanic says hondas block easy curv

You can recheck what the mechanic found, looking for the\015\012bubbles and sniffing at the opening of your\015\012coolant reservoir; if it smells like fuel or exhaust, he is\015\012probably right about the failed gasket. ... 1994 Honda Civic

Started leaking from water pump. changed water pump, now the temperature gauge shoots to the red after a few minutes. I checked the thermostat & it works. I did the boiling water test and it opens fine. Does the caviler have two thermostats? Is it possible that the water pump can have a defect?

Only one thermostat ,could have an air lock but iam not familar with this model so i wouldnt know if it had a bleed off somewhere ,if not then take the top heater hose off the heater next to firewall and not from teh engine side and fill till coolant ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

2000 Sunfire coolant problem. Engine overheating, changed water pump, thermostat, put new head gasket, checked head, no warp. Started car, went to temperature, blows water out of reservoir. Checked compression 150 psi per cylinder. Filled radiator, left overnight, no drop in water.

Ok, its time for a radiator flush. there is major sludge in the internals of this radiator. Make sure the thermostat is in the correct position as well. I've seen many cars come into my shop with th ... 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

When my car is running for few minutes it starts to vibrate and the rev needle goes up and down and eventually the engine stops running. Again i've a problem with water cap for the water coolant it keeps on breakin apparently due to excessive heat from the boiling water. I'm considering changing my exhaust system on my car, convert it to a free flow and i just want expert advice on this. Oh! yes, i almost forgot, when i put my car on reverse it blows out a puff of black smoke. Can i self service

There seems to be several issues with your car, mate.\015\012It would really be a lot easier to help you if you provided more information, especially error any codes that might have shown up. Is it a manual or an auto transmission?\015\01 ... 1997 Volvo 850

1999 temperature problem. We have replaced radiator, fan, thermostat. When going up any type of incline the temperature goes way up. If we turn on the heater and fan on high as we start incline it will keep temperature down. our only thought is that it may be the water pump. Don't know what is left to check.

Are you sure the fan is working? ... 1999 Plymouth Voyager

Did i blow the head gasket on my jeep grand ch.2000 4.0 ??? I was on the highway in full speed when i sodinly discoverd the tempetur gage all the way up.the water was boiling in the reservoir,i let it cool off , i aded water back to the wright lavel ,both fans are working no water in oil thermostat is good ,i dont know how far i drove withit hot.i drove back on the freewayfor About 15miles the temp?rature is normal when i get to stop and go trafic the temp, start going up and bilding pressur th

If you added water, engine should have been completely cold, or else really cool and the engine running so that you wouldn't have hurt it, so the temperature should have been normal when you initially started going again. \015\012If there is n ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The fuel and temperature gauges are pegged out on my Suzuki samurai. The fuel gauge is always pegged out and the temperature gauge is low when first started then goes to max temperature in about a minute. I changed the thermostat, temp sending unit, checked for coolant flow (yes), checked the water pump impellers..all good. The vehicle is not overheating and I know that I am almost out of gas. I am thinking that the two are related. Can you help?

I just had a similar issue with my 1995 Buick century. My issue started out with the gage being almost pegged with the car off. When I turned the key to run it pegged the gage completely. I first called AutoZone and they told me it was either t ... Suzuki Samurai

1997 buick century 3.1, temperature gage says overheating, lose heat in car, turn it off and wait 15 to 20 minutes, start it up, heat works and temperature goes just above half. Changed out radiator cap, water pump, thermostat, large heater hose within last two weeks and it's still giving high temperature indications. Does not appear to be actually overheating. Also have no milage or gear indications on instrument panel. Could it be the instrument panel cluster? Can I swap it with another junk y

Temp sensor or air pocket near the temp sensor. replace the temp sensor and follow correct fill procedures for the coolant. ... 1997 Buick Century

1994 gmc sierra 2500 water temperature gauge does not read temperature. When I start the engine, the gauge goes to high then returns to cold and will not read the temp even after the truck warms up. I found the temp sensor for the engine and when I disconnect it, the engine revs a bit like it thinks its cold. I need to find the sender for the gauge. I was at the library but they do not have my book. A different book said that if I short the sender leads with the engine running, the temp will

... 1994 GMC Sierra

2001 VW Beetle: My coolant light flashes red then goes away, flashes red then goes away, my reservoir tank is at full capacity and i just replaced the water pump and thermostat, coolant temperature sensor. Any tips?

Possible water pump impeller broken ... 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

Problem is with temperature control. Even on a very cold day the needle goes up to the top and red light comes on. Had the car to the dealer and he replaced cross-over pipes, thermostat, and and another item I forgot what it was. Cost was very high. Had the work done about a month ago and now it is starting all over again. When I stop at a light the temp gauge goes up to 3/4 and then back down, and sometimes I hear what seems like water sloshing around under the dash. I had the car tow

It may be anything. The good news is that if the cylinder head gasket is blownup, then the temperature goes up and never comes down. If you wil not correct the coolant temperature soon, a bloun gasket will complicate the situation. Sounds like a poor ... 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have a 83 280zx non-turbo which quit running. Heard pulsating noise at fuel pump relay (kicking in and out) under dash passenger side. Replaced relay, still does same thing. Replaced water temperature sensor, pulsating goes away but relay kicks out almost immediately. Can hot wire fuel pump to get it to start but this method is not very safe. Is fuel pump bad or do i need to look someplace else. I have been able to hot wire fuel pump briefly to get started and then car will run on its own

... 1983 Nissan 280ZX

My car is getting problem due to over heat within 5 mint starting from the time and it gives misfiring and water starts boiling .As i absorved that my blower fan is rotating slowly. But saparstely i checked with 12 V DC applied direct to blower fan workin fast as per designed. Other than there is no any problem. pls short out the issue. When i am going to ride with my family, i hve to affried with my car where and when it stops in midd of traffic.

There is a fault in the thermostat relay circuit of the radiator fan. You will need to trace this cicuit with a probe to find the culprit. Since you have shorted and got a good speed there seems to beno problem with the fan, hence for the time being ... 1999 Daewoo Leganza

I own a 1994 Grand Prix 3.1 motor. The temp gauge goes almost the the boil point with no heat coming out of the heater. when i rev up the engine the temp goes down and then the heat starts to blow, but the low level light comes on. I replaced the thermostat and water pump. The level is fine and seems to be ok. I think maybe the heater core is plugged. Any help out there?

3.1 Engines are well known for there intake gaskets going out also known as a pentium . Watch to see if you lose coolant very slowly if so check the pentium.This could affect the heat coming out also . If you smell a slight sent of anti freeze that i ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix
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