Having problems with your 2004 Chrysler Sebring ?

The ac and heater blower only works once in a while on my 2004 seabring

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Answers :

It is a rather simple fix and don't let the repair place charge you too much, There is a switch that controls the fan speed which allows you to have the fan on 1234 positions. Cost of the part and labor should be no more than $100
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Won't start Worked fine last night, didn't start this morning. Battery level fine. Lights, radio, dashboard indicator lights, all work fine. Blower fan for heater doesn't work, and turning the ignition gets me silence. 12.3 volts to starter, multimeter registers 0 on other solenoid terminal when key is turned into start position. Seems like the restart relay is the common element between fan and starter, as I look closely at chassis wiring diagram. Probably have no A/C, but can't tell with engin

A friend here solved it. It was a bad connection of the ground wire, with the paddle-shaped connector loose. He cleaned it a bit, slid it back on, and crimped it a little (not easy to do in that tight space). Solved both problems. ... 1993 Isuzu Trooper

My Buick 2000 is having electrical issues. The heater blower will work sometimes on high and other times when shut off can't get it running again. Now sometimes everything decides to work heater blower low speeds and high, all climate controls, and even the cruise. Then once vehicle is shut off does not want to work again. For some reason the cruise issue is tied into the heater blower issue at the same time. Any ideas?? thanks

... 2000 Buick Century

Heater blower not working. How do I test, either it,s a blower problem or switch problem? The heater core was changed about 1-2 months ago and the blower stopped working, i used to be able to tap on the dash for it to kick back on now it doesn't work. and the the cigarette lighter doesnt work either. the fuses are good too

Ya its probly the blower motor.but can be the switch. you can check if ther is power at the motor with wire tester. test at the blower motor with switch in diff positions 2 see if it gets brighter as you turn the fan up.and if the lighter doesnt work ... 1998 Dodge Dakota

The ac and heater blower only works once in a while on my 2004 seabring

It is a rather simple fix and don't let the repair place charge you too much, There is a switch that controls the fan speed which allows you to have the fan on 1234 positions. Cost of the part and labor should be no more than $100 ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

Interior heater blower not working but if i turn the switch from 0 - 1 i can hear a click

The AC/heater fan motor probably needs to be replaced. ... 2004 Volkswagen Touareg

Just paid $2578.00 to repair compressor, dryer 0 rings oriface flush oil freon labor heater core coolent and labor again. well my heat and air quick working after 2 days and now they tell me I need a blower for an additional $1000.00 shouldn't this have been included?

I don`t think it should have been included but I would get a second opinion.Have it checked out at another shop.It doesn`t make sense that all this would be bad.Did you get the old parts back?Did they explain what was wrong and what it would cost bef ... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

My heater blower stopped working on my 2002 Malibu. For awhile it worked only on a couple of speeds, then stopped working entirely. I replaced the blower resistor and this fixed the problem for about a week, then the blower stopped working again. I replaced the relay and the fuse, with no result. Recently, I noticed that the blower sometimes starts working for awhile when I slam the driver's side door hard, but it eventually stops working again. It works on all speeds when this happens. What do

Hello,\015\012\015\012The blower motor, as you have probably seen, is under the dash on the passengers side. While in Park with the parking brake applied:\015\012\015\012Turn the Key On with fan blower set to High. Locate the ... 2002 Chevrolet Malibu

BWM 735i Air Conditioner and Heater blower not working any suggestions? I purchased the car used and the air conditioner never really worked well. Now it doesn't work at all and my heater blower is not working so I can't defrost my windows.

Check fuses,could be fan switch or at worst fan motor,need to get it looked at, ... 1990 BMW 7 Series

1990 geo prizm heater blower will not work in vehicle. I hear clicking noise when heater control turned on. I checked heater relay and ac 30a am fuse. Both are good. The blower unit works when power is applied outside of vehicle to pos and negative terminal. what could be the problem?

... 1990 Geo Prizm

Have 1999 Tahoe and the heater stopped working. Changed blower. Still not working. Old blower had a main wire and a ground wire. New blower has no ground wire. Is this my problem or could it be the heater control switch? Help please

... 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe

2000 pontiac sunfire heater blower not working replaced fuse and also heater blower fuse large square thing under hood worked for 1 day and not working again so fuse is probably blown or maybe its the wiring thats screwed

It could be a shorted out wire causing it to blow the fuse ... Pontiac Sunfire

Heater blower did not work and does not produce heat. Had blower replaced, cost 200 bucks. Blower works now but still no heat. Thermostat? Heater core? what do I check next?

Back flush the heater core could be pluged up with scale, if that don't help than try a thermostat but do the flush first. ... 1985 Chevrolet Chevy

The front heater blower is not working in my Durango. It worked yesterday morning, but quit later that day. The rear heater blower is working. Is there anything that I can do or do I need to take it to a mechanic?

Needs a blower motor resistor the part at pepboys is 25.00 takes about 20minutes to change ,its up side down to the left side of the blower motor ... 2001 Dodge Durango

I have a2001 chevy silverado 1500 heater was not working on blower settings 1-2-5 but worked on3-4 now its stopped working all together is it the blower motor or the heater control

I would replace the blower resistor first. its down by the blower motor. ... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

M/B 1993 190e 2.6 - heater blower just stopped working without any prior telltale sounds of trouble - checked the fuses in the main box under hood on driver side firewall and the auxiliary black box in front of it. Are there any other fuses for the heater blower, if so where are they located? Could it be one of the two relays in the auxiliary black box? How do you test to see if they are working? Many thanks for any advice. Also the heating blower dashboard manual lever is stuck at level II. How

... 1992 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

A/C -Heater Blower switch won't work even with switch ON? Our 2000 Grand Vitara's A/C - Heater Blower speed switch recently stopped working. The air would blow out fine when we "inherited" the car, but a couple months after using the air, the air would blow out intermittently. (Hit and miss) and (air flow was fine). If we pressed in or put pressure on the blower speed switch, the air would blow out. When we let go of the air speed switch, the air would cut off. Checked the f

... 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara

I have a 1997 ford crown victoria. The only way the heat works is if I run a wire from the heater blower to the negative battery post. So I wanted to know what part do I need that will work the heater blower motor or does it sound like it could be a shortage in the wire somewhere? Also, even when I hotwire the blower motor the vents do not open and no heat blows inside the car. Your swift response would be greatly appreciated.

If it was me i would check all of the ground going to the blower motor it maybe a bad wire inside the motor itself and i would also look for a good used one check this website out to see if you can fine a good salvage yard near you ... Ford Crown Victoria

Blower Earlier this year I had the car flused and new anti freeze put in, a new thermostat, heater core flushed, and a blower resistor replaces. Everything worked fine for the few times I used it, now the blower won't work at all. This happened a couple weeks ago where the blower didn't work and then it did and now it doesn't again. Also, not enough heat when it does work. Don't know what to do. Help and thanks. Helen

Well if the blower resistor was replaced, it was probably because the blower was drawing too much power so you probably burnt it again and so the resistor will need to replaced and the blower should be replaced as well to help prevent further problem ... 2002 Ford Taurus

Hi I have a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix and the heater blower motor does not work, if I turn the ignition on and the blower motor is in off position my headlights come on. when I turn the blower motor to the 1st setting the lights go off but the blower motor does not work. I checked the blower motor with a 12 volt battery and that works. i put a new resister in and it did not slove the problem

This sound like the blower motor relay(lo relay) is wired in to the head light switch voltage.You need to follow the wire from the blower relay (there should be 4 wires) thats hot when the ignition is on and make sure it goes to the blower motor.It s ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

My 2008 Envoy Denali's heater blower is intermittent. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Usually if it does not work when I start the vehicle, I can restart the car a couple of times and the blower will then come on. If I turn the car off while the blower is working, it continues to run. Once the blower is on, if I try to change the blower speed, it may shut the unit off. again, sometimes does, and sometimes doesn't. I am mechanically inclined and would like to fix myself if possi

I would replace the module at this point due to the intermittent condition and it should solve this issue. As for the module being updated, I'm not aware of a design issue with this part, and it just happended to go bad. ... 2005 GMC Envoy Xl

1990 Motorhome on a Chevy P30. Heater control vacuum. All the setting work fine except for the Heater. You push the Heat button and you start getting air out the outlets for about 3 seconds then the outlets are shut the air off. The blower is still working. You then select air, vent etc. and you will get hot air from the heater until the vent, air cool it off. Check the vacuum lines no leaks and there is vacuum. The heater hot water valve is manual and works. For what ever reason the hea

The the vacuum line for a broken one, check from the engine compartment first, check the fuse and all relays, check the a/c doors make sure they are not jammed. ... Chevrolet V30

A/c and Heater blower motor does not work at all with the controls in the dash. I have replaced with new blower motor and have also tested both the old and new motors. Both will blow when straight wired to the battery. Also have tested voltage at the blower electrical connector and it too seem to work but when plugged back to the blower motor nothing works no air heat not nothing?? Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

Hello, did you check the ground wiring for a bad contact?I don´t see any other reason why the motor would not run if it works connected directly to the battery and you have 12 Volts supply at the multiplug . ... 2001 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 2001 Dodge Durango 5.9 V8 4X4. The front A/C Heater blower motor is not working. The rear A/C Heater blower motor works, and A/C is very cold coming out of the rear vents. What are some of the steps I can do to correct the front A/C problem?

... 2001 Dodge Durango

Heater blower not working when you turn on switch, replaced blower motor and heater control, still doesn't work.

Check for open fuses. ... 2004 Honda CR-V

I have just replaced the heater core in my 1985 Chevy Scotsdale full size 4-wheel drive truck. My problem now is that the blower moter is not working. Can anyone help with troubleshooting this problem. I am pretty sure the blower was working prior to the heater core replacement. I checked the fuse (as noted in my Haynes manual) and it is good.

Since you have the manual, I recommend you check the parts that are easy to check. For example, can you get to the resistor? The resistor is in the middle between the motor and the control panel. If you have a multimeter, you can probably diagnose ... 1985 Chevrolet K1500
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