Having problems with your 2004 Chrysler Pacifica ?

I just got my battery replaced and my brake lights and digital display for the temp controls are not working. What might be the problem?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Check fuse box under dash for blown fuses.
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I just got my battery replaced and my brake lights and digital display for the temp controls are not working. What might be the problem?

Check fuse box under dash for blown fuses. ... 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

Car won't start when I turn the ignition key. I put in a new battery thinking that might be the problem but that didn't work. When i intitially turn the key one click some of the lights come on in the display like the battery light oil, and seat belt. When the key is turned to start the engine the digital clock seems to lose power and the numbers fade out. The engine doesn't even turn over. Any ideas of what the problem might be would be helpful. Thanks!

Seems like you have a bad ground connection..Check that the wires are all tight and clean from the battery to the engine, and from the engine to the body of the car.Good luck ... 2001 Kia Sephia

Got a 1999 Buick Century, AC stopped working so I filled up the FreOn and it didn't make a difference. Checked all Fuze's and Relays (to the best of my ability) still no change. There are no knobs, it has the digital face with the temp control option. Could it be a connection problem? If so where would I look? Are there any other options beyond replacing the A/C unit? Thanks

Can't see filling with freon without compressor turning. Put jumper wire on high/low pressure switch harness to see if clutch engages. If so, bad high/low switch. If not,check power to high/low harness via fuse,relay, or dash control.Battery voltage ... Buick Century

I Have a Mercedes benz C200 2002 cdi, The problems I am facing are: 1- ABS display faulty 2- BAS display faulty 3- ESP display faulty 4- EPC Faulty 5- Brake pads/liner wear and tear 6- Both speedometer and odometer not working 7- Cruise control not working 8- Central locking not automatically locking while the car is running The Fault codes I got on the scanner are: 1- P2203 -001 External quantity control by ESP No Communication 2- P2203 -032 Request from control module ESP is Impla

P0500 code is ecm/speed sensor faulty or wirening/p2203 is particulate trap bank 2 ... 2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

I have a 92 Seville and the problem is with the Dash section of the car. The speedometer and Tach work along with all the high beem turn signals restraint lights, but the Milage does not display, nor does the Climiate control readout or the info center. The controls for the Climiate control work, I can ajust the temp and the fan speed turn it on auto, off. but no displays, any help would be appreciated.

The backlight bulbs are burnt out. Common on this model. Unfortunately, it is NOT an easy fix. You'll need to pull the dash cluster and replace the bulbs. It involves de-soldering the old bulbs and replacing with new. I have done this but it is very ... 1992 Cadillac Seville

I'm having electrical problems with my 2005 Chrysler 300. It started with my turn signals, cruise control, and wipers not working. Then after replacing some fuses, I got them all to work properly. I then tried to leave in my car and it wouldn't start. Come to find out that my battery was dead. Today I just bought a new battery and after hooking it up it started right away. But I was back at the original problem, turn signals etc. Were not working again. So, I left it alone and tried to do some m

... Cars & Trucks

I own a 06 Charger that has been in storage for about 15 months. Since I have got it up and running I have had a number of problems, 1) is that the car seems to eb stuck in first gear. 2) the blinkers do not work. 3) the brites do not work. 4) the speedodmitor os not working. 5) the whiper's are not working either. I had it in for testing here at a local Dodge dealership and they are saying the problem might be the Steering colume control moduel. Has anyone had these sort of problems with their

Did you disconnect battery and see if it will reset ?have seen transmissions with this problem and doing this let computer reset..??goodluck ... 2006 Dodge Charger

2005 Tahoe Z71: My battery died but was able to jump start. I have dual HVAC controls. Driver side worked OK, passenger side blew out extremely hot air regardless of temperature. Got to the auto store and replaced the battery. Now the passenger side works OK but the driver side blows out extremely hot air. Is there a reset anywhere on the vehicle to resolve problem or what?

When your battery died, it probably wiped the PCM memory. Drive for 20 minutes in stop and go traffic then 10 minutes on the highway to reset the PCM sensors. Check to see if this helps at all. It's wierd to think about, but the PCM can control al ... 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe

1998plymouth grand voyager- the front instrument panel would quit working along with the compass and outside temp display while the car was being driven. If you parked the car for awhile it would start working again. Now along with the instrument panel problems the van won't start. When you turn the key all he instrument lights come on but as you try to start it nothing, not even a sound. It's got to be an electrical problem related to the instrument panel but don't even know where to start look

You can check this out and see if it helps. \015\[email protected]\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 1999 Plymouth Voyager

Mondeo 1.8 y reg petrol. My car wouldnt start after leaving for a couple of weeks. When trying to start there was a clicking sound. I got some jump leads and the car started first time. i charged the battery and had no problems for about a week. Yesterday i was driving and the battery light came on then in a short space of time all of the digitals on the dash and the speedo stopped working. I pulled over and stopped the car, after this the car wouldnt satrt again, just got the clicking noise! I

... 2001 Ford Focus

I have a 1999 ford explorer with tthe overhead council that has two map lights and the outside digital temperature indicator. the lights still work, but the temperature won't display. I dropped it down and disconnected and reconnected the wires - but still not working. Pushed the mode buttom trying to see if it was turned off - but no effect. is there something under the hood that might have effected this? just put in a new a/c blower motor and that is when I noticed the temp gauge quit working

It could be the temp sender unit located in the engine compartment. Is this the only part of the console that is bad (ie the compass still functions)? Have you tried unplugging the battery to reset everything? ... 1999 Ford Explorer

I just got a new battery installed for my 1995 GMC Jimmy. Upon installation I discovered that my interior lights were on. I've tried installing another battery, checking the fuses, and checking the switch that controls the lights and NOTHING seems to work. They remain on even after I turn the car off. I didn't have this problem prior to me installing the new battery so what could it be?

Clean and lubricate the switches in the door jamb, and spray with lubricant the door latches-worst case just remove the bulbs until you can spend some time chasing it down, and just because, make certain you don't have the interior lights switched on ... 1995 GMC Jimmy

The heater blower isnt working in my honda civic. i have replaced the control panel thinking it was that, but it still does not work there seems to be a live feed to the blower unit.i took the blower unit out and tested it on the battery and it worked ok.can you advise me what the problem might be thank you

Check fuses 13 and 37. Also check relay and resistor. The relay is usually in the engine compartment relay box. It should click when the blower switch is turned on. The resistor will show signs of burning if it's bad.\015\012\015\012\ ... 1995 Honda Civic

Mazda 6 controls for radio/cd/temp/clock not working only knobs still work after battery boost what fuse or relay might be involved?

... 2004 Mazda 6 S

I have a 2002 chevy trailblazer. Yesterday my heater worked fine today I had the battery replaced and now I notice when the heater is turned on it is only blowing heat on the drivers side. Defrost floor and dash vents. But on the passenger side all of these vents are blowing cold air. Yes I have the manual climate controll levers slid into the up position. How can i solve this problem and might it have anything to do with the battery change? Doug

Needs to be reprogrammed with a TECH 2 at a GM dealer. ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Changed battery on 2003 chevy 4x4 silverado and now climate control for AC is stuck on blowing only on window. The instument panel shows correct mode but does not change from window. And temp gage not working now. No problems before battery change.

... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My Audi remote control key fob has stopped working.I've got a 2002 A4 Avant. Batteries have been replaced and still not working. Tried everything but no good tried resetting sometimes works for a short time but much worse now.What can i do now? My car only locks and sets the alarm if i manually lock the door with the key.My local garage says i need to go to an audi garage to solve the problem. Rather not.

Hi i gather you have done the rest the key by..pressing one of the buttons, then manually locking and unlocking within 30 seconds, then leaving it 1 minuet to set?, if you have then unfortunately your local gara ... 1996 Audi A4

So i got a new battery about a week ago since my car would lose power but would still run without any lights or anything working. it started up about 4 times after being jumped than half my clock disappeared, than my deck turned off and on and than the car just lost all power and stalled. i used a battery and alternator tester and everything seems fine. anyone know what might be causing this problem?

If the vehicle would run a substantial period of time without lights and stuff on, then i can guarantee you 100% the alternator is getting bad, may not be all the way out, but its not far from it, and if you keep driving it like that, you will be buy ... 1996 Lincoln Town Car

My 1997 Chevrolet 1500 pickups heater doesn't work at the AC/heater control head. I recently just replaced the AC evaporator core. So when I push the temperature to hot the digital display just flashes dotted lines. The AC works great. I've reset the AC head my disconnecting it at the back of the module and also disconnected the battery. Please someone help me its getting cold outside.

... 1997 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 2008 Acura TSX with 73k miles. I'm having A/C issues... I've noticed lately that the 2 driver side vents blow out warmer air than the passenger 2 vents. They're set on the same temp but it's a digital dual-zone climate control so I'm thinking maybe there is something wrong with the driver side temp setting; like, maybe it's stuck or something? Any advice on what might be the problem??? THANKS!! :)

... 2008 Acura TSX

Engine warning light , battery light, warning light , rev counter , speedo and temp gauge going on/off intermitantly and speedo not working on digital screen on ford focus can you help. the battery is new and all wires are fitted ok no loose connections . the lights can stay off for 5 to 10 mins then when they come on speedo and rev counter are going up and down like yoyyo's The car is running smoothly other than this problem.

My 04 Ford Focus the battery light keeps coming on & going off, have fitted a new alternator belt but it didn't solve the problem. The battery connections are good. Also the rev counter, speedo & mileage clock keep going haywire when the ba ... 2003 Ford Focus

I got home from work and not even 10 minutes went to go leave and car wouldn't start. I thought it might have been the battery and got a boost that was not the problem. All the lights come on so it's not the alternator, could it be the starter although it hasn't been giving me any signs?

Hello! Do you hear a "click" when the key is turned to start? If you do, that indicates that the starter relay is pulling...If you do not hear a "click" check the following fuse located in the under hood fuse box...PCM Ignition fuse 10A... ... 2002 Cadillac Deville

No power My 1982 Bronco lost all power on my way home from work. Lights flickered then dead. I have a new Starter, Battery, Alt., Ignition control switch ( I think that's what it is called box on driver side under hood) and distributor. I do have an alarm that might be the problem but not really sure that's the problem. Any ideas will be much welcomed.

Check the fusible links in the wiring harness by the starter solenoid ... 1981 Ford Bronco

The cruise control stopped working and the ac will only blow out of the defrost vents...I read where this might be a vacuum line problem, but I am reading conflicting online info as to where it might be located (the hose) I have a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Would this hose be on the drivers side or on passenger side under battery?

Do you have the 4.0 inline 6? If you here a sucking or hissing sound you have a vaccumn leak,this wIll cause the air to go to the defrost mode.THE ENGINE WILL RUN FASTER AT IDLE AND BE A BIT ROUGH..Firstly,i would look for a hose off, AT THE INTAKE M ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1994 LSS 88 oldsmobile climate control stopped working just shows green dash lines on the display but nothing works. any ideas what the problem might be?

... 1996 Oldsmobile LSS
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