Having problems with your 2004 Chrysler Pacifica ?

Power trunk won't open on 2004 pacifica. it makes the noise to unlock but will not open. seems to hang up at latch

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Power trunk won't open on 2004 pacifica. it makes the noise to unlock but will not open. seems to hang up at latch

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2010 Volkswagen New Beetle trunk latch wont open. From the Drivers side door remote trunk latch button releases the trunk, but by the time i get to the trunk to lift open the latch motor pulls it closed and wont realease the trunk lid. Please help - Thanks in advance

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Cant figure out how to open rear trunk, the remote seems to be unlocking it. it wont open. is there a safety feature or is it broken ????

If you can hear it clicking inside, it more than likely came out. the linkage should be held in place with a plastci clip, if that broke you could be stuck taking it to mercedes. did you try the key. if it works with the key, then its the actuator it ... 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

How do i open the trunk on my 1994 chrysler concorde. I put a bike in there and broke the plastic thing around the trunk latch on the right hand side of the latch. Also the cable on the left side of the latch seemed loose and I cant open the trunk with either the key, the button in the glove compartment, or the remote trunk opener. when I do either of the button and the remote, i hear the pin but its not hitting the release. when i put in the key, it turns almost all the way around and nothi

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1998 323i BMW... The trunk latch will not allow the trunk to open. The key turns both ways with the latch making the familiar mech sounds to lock and unlock the trunk. Still trunk will not open. Is there anyway manually open the trunk from the inside? The dealer suggested drilling a hole behind the licenses plate and work at releasing the trunk. Anyway to punch in the trunk lock? Any ideas?

HI there,\015\012There are two reasons your keys are not opening the trunk. Either you\015\012are not turning the key all the way to the unlatched position (it\015\012should click twice), or you are using a valet key. A valet key wi ... 1998 BMW 3 Series

Helping my buddy move there were items in the trunk loading them up, he then slammed the trunk. so when i go to open it, it wont open, even the release latch wont open, the trunk its just stuck. how do i get it to open from the inside?


I own a 2007 vw passat. I can open my trunk with the doors unlocked but when I try to open using interior trunk button next to gas button, it wont open. It was working just fine and now when I pull it up to open trunk from inside, it wont work but my gas tank button works fine?????? Help

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My key wont unlock the trunk anymore but the remote opener does.

There is a cable that runs from the key cylinder to the latch mechanism. There are clips that hold the cable housing in place, and if one of those comes loose then turning the key just moves the housing without releasing the latch. Check the clip c ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

My s class 2004 mercedes wont lock. I try to lock it from the inside, it doesn't work. I press the remote, the light flashes, but it doesn't lock. When I drive; the doors doesn't lock like usual. The trunk wont pop open. The problem seemed to start there. I can only open trunk with key. The alarm went off when I opened the door. Is it a fuse?

Hi, if any doors, boot or bonnet is open it will not lock. there are SWITCHES that has to be set.for the system to recognize it is closed. please check all openings even windows. ONLY DO THIS IF.if the BATTERY HAS BEEN TAKEN OFF OR BATTERY HAS BEEN D ... 2004 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz S Class

'91 LS400, trunk will not open. key will not turn, electric latch switch clicks but won't open. valet lock in open position. Tried 1) disconnect battery, reconnect battery, use switch, push down on trunk and then pull up 2) locked valet button and reopened 3) key in trunk lock but won't turn in either direction 4) 2nd person held switch open while I pushed and pulled on trunk 5) sprayed WD40 in lock key hole several times. Nothing has worked so far. Taking out back seat doesn't seem to be option

If you hear the sound of the electric latch switch, then it's working but stuck somehow. Just put the key in the switch and turn it to the right and then pull up the trunk or ask someone to help you. it will open. I tried it today and it opened with ... 1991 Lexus LS 400

Our 2001 corolla has been flooded and the trunk latch won't open the trunk, i can move the lever under the driver's seat but the trunk won't open? it seems that the lock handle isn't attache to anything at all, unlike before when i must apply quite some pressure to open it. How do i fix this or how do i open the handle part. do i have to remove the driver's seat?

First thing the rear window seal may be leaking when it rains .this will cause water to get in the trunk and the cable is probably broken or disconected at the handle .ther should be a metal plug in the trunk under the mat u can remove to alow the w ... 1997 Toyota Corolla

Hi there, My 95 Chev Suburban K1500 driver and passenger doors will not open from the inside when the doors are are either locked or unlocked. Obviously I am only concerned about them not opening when the doors are unlocked. When unlocked, the doors can be opened by rolling down the window and opening it from the outside using the outside door latch. I seems as if something is worn out. If wear is the issue, what parts could wear? Door diagrams and part numbers would be helpful. Thank you!

Inside of the door there are rods that connect from your inside door handles to the the latch mechanism. The rods are connected to both the handle and the latch with plastic clips. To check you will have to remove the door panels and see if the rods ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

2001 cadi deville wont start new starter battery is good , remote will notlock or unlock door , trunk wont open either with remote open trunk

I'm sure you've checked, but will the headlights come on? Radio? Any sign of power? Did you check the battery voltage under the hood? Our 2001 was dead. No signs of life at all. I checked the voltage and was approx 3.5V on new battery. I pulle ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

My Mercedes E350 has these alarms, license plate lamp, 3rd break lamp, and the trunk can't open using the remote control. When unlock, i can't open the trunk manually either. Use key turn ccw and able to open the trunk. What seems to be the problem?

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2001 Volvo s40 trunk latch wont open

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I have a 2003 Hyundai Elantra. The remote locks the doors but sometimes it won't unlock the doors. I have to go to the passenger side, press lock on the remote, then press unlock (I can hear the 'clicks' for lock and unlock) and then use the key to open, climb through and unlock the driver's door. At one point it seem to help if I used the key and opened the trunk. The other doors will not unlock with the key. I replaced the remote batteries and even tried another remote. Same results. Happens i

Possible issue with the remote controller unit - main board or sub assemblies. The intermittent behavior seems to indicate that the board is erratic to detect at the same time the individual locks work at times.\012So ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

My 1993 Toyota MR2 trunk lock won't unlock. It is stuck in the 9 o'clock position and will not budge with the key. I've lubricated it and...nothing. I'm thinking the lock needs to be replaced, but in the meantime, I can't open the trunk. The interior trunk latch release has no effect, either. How can I replace the lock if I can't open the trunk?

Use a bunch of penetrating oil / spray like PB Blaster and shoot it into the key hole. It may take a couple days of oiling and moving the key around, but eventually it should break free. You have to do this as often as possible and let the spra ... Toyota MR2

2002 Lexus GS300 trunk wont open,key dont work, latch dont work and emote not working on it. I hear it clicking but still wont release!!!!

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My trunk latch want unlock on my 2002 cl500 the trunk is open now I can't shut it back cause it want unlock with nether keys are the unlock button

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Rear trunk wont close, power trunk wont close mechanisms seem to be fine just wont latch

You can adjust the trunk lid by loosening the bolts at the hinges. If that wont work then there is a micro switch incorporated within the trunk latch. You will need to replace the entire latch unit unfortunatly. ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

Both of my doors are stuck driver side is worst seems as soon as it got cold out my door latches stopped functioning properly it either wont open or once i get it to it wont latch when when i close it again ive tried lubricating it latch but no luck. this is on a 2005 cobalt ss

Take a hair dryer to you door latches then coat with molylube not WD40. Or lube with powdered graphite ... Chevrolet Cobalt

2006 LR3 Trunk won't open. Pressing the exterior latch button, the electric noise happens and a mechanical sound happens, but the catch doesn't release to open the top half of the tailgate. Is there a mechanical release for this? How can I open the trunk? Yes, I did check to make sure it's unlocked... Thanks, Keith

I have a LR3 land rover i hear the tailgate release but it does ot open. i have tried every thing. unlock and lock. need help ... 2006 Land Rover LR3

Car wont start,trunk wont open but door lock and unlock

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My 03 mitsubishi lancer's trunk wont open from the latch .

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My 03 mitsubishi lancer's trunk wont open from the latch .

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