Having problems with your 2004 Chevrolet Venture Passanger ?

Change battery how to change battery

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Engine dies After we have a heavy rain. When we go through a 3' to 4' puddle the battery light comes on and the engine dies. We put it into nutreal and restart the engine and it starts right away. We bought the car new and they changed out the belts at 5 years. tehproblem started after they changed the belts. I took it back 5 times for this problem. 1. they tightend the belts, 2. the changed the battery, 3. They changed out one of the battery cables, 4. they changed out the other battery cable,

HI i had this problem before on a camero and it turned out to be the engine to chassie ground cable had to be tightened,I am shure this is whats going on. ... 1999 Ford Taurus

1.when i insert the key,and try to start the car, no reflections at all, even no light is this the battery problem?or the automaker?or the engine? 2.How to change the battery of the dodge intrepid 2002 se 2.7L? 3.what kind of tools do i need to change the battery myself? 4.is there any mechanics in MI KALAMAZOO, has the free tolling service and cheaper battery change? thankyou~

The only thing you nee to take the battery out is a 6" adjustable wrench.   just make sure you dont touch the car with the wrench when the wrench is on the battery.  if you would like i could tape me taking the battery o ... 2002 Dodge Intrepid

I changed my car battery and now my keyless remote doesnt work. I have a change the remote battery code but after changing the remote battery it still doesn't work. Do you have to hook the keyless remote system to the car battery?

... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

My battery is every morning empty. Changed the dynamo, battery, steering contact. After removing the fuse of the radio / amplifier, battery keeps on level. Unplugging amplifier with fuse in results in low battery. Unplugging radio with fuse in results in battery which keeps almost the same level. Radio changed, battery level dead. Help!!!

Have battery/alternator checked. Really clean connectors and battery posts even if they look ok. If battery is ok have it slowly recharged for 12-24 hrs. Alternators are not designed to recharged an empty battery but just to maintain the full charge. ... Cars & Trucks

Battery change!! I have a 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage DE coupe. My battery is dead and I am trying to change into new one. However, everytime i am trying to connect battery cable, security aram is on. I put in plus cable first, but still aram activate everytime negative one is approached. I don't know what to do, and I was looking for security aram right off panel or fuse, but I cant find it. How shoudl I do? How can I change it without aram activation. Please give me advice. Thanks a lot.

If your alarm system is an aftermarket system..it will have a valay switch to diss arm..it is usualy a small talgo switch located under the dash near the drives feet..if so just flick it off and install your new battery..then flick it back on when do ... 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage

My '93 F250 5.8 l Automatic was turning over slowly when cranking to start. Replaced battery no change; Then after sitting for 2 mo. turning key to start produced only a click and dead gauges (battery power to starter), charged battery, no change; replaced starter, no change. What is next? Engine is not frozen (turns over with wrench). Engine ran fine once started.

The battery to starter connection has power.the battery is ok.but there are many other possibilities related to battery and its other connections,the spark plugs,the fuel pump,the fuel itself,the sensors(o2 sensor,maf sensor)the valve(IAC valve,egr v ... 1993 Ford F250

Oil light flickers. Just changed my radiator, truck runs cooler and also changed my battery (check engine light used to turn on before I started to disconnect the battery cable and reconnect it; and I changed the battery, no more check engine light on). The oil light flicker started a day ago on Sunday. I added the Lucas Oil: Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer engine oil additive on Saturday. Could this additive be the culprit? The only time my oil light used to flicker was when overfilled it w

Check the oil pressure with a mechanical test gauge and it will likely be ok, if so replace the oil pressure sending unit. Do not use any oil thickener in this engine it can damage the bearings. ... 1991 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

My 1999 Mitsubishi Galant GTZ V6 won't start after it sat for almost 3 days while I was out of town and got really cold. It won't turn over, but "turns on". I changed the battery, but it still won't start. I also changed the cap & rotor in the distributor as well as spraying the stuff to check the fuel pump. I've cleaned the battery and replaced the fastners. Scanning it brings up no problems, though I was told that is because I 'reset' it when I changed the battery. My neighbor who knows a hand

... 1999 Mitsubishi Galant

Car won't start. Parked car, two hours later, got in turned key, all went dark. No dash lights. Did not even try to turn over. Battery was caroded, cleaned posts, no change. Fuses under hood all okay. Haven't added or change anything about car or stereo. same key i've always had. when put battery charger on battery seemed okay just a little down. tried to start again no change. Everything will even go dark when I touch the brake pedal.

Hello,\015\012\015\012Check that battery connection again real real good. If your batter was just "a little low" then there is plenty of juice to at least run your lights. For every single thing to be dead with 0 response you have a failed powe ... 2001 Ford Mustang

I have a 2006 ford taurus. I have changed the battery and alternator. Check charging system light and battery light come on. I changed alternator again figuring that it may be bad. Still get same result. I also changed battery terminals with same result. Help!!!!

... Ford Taurus

1999 grand am gt will not stay turned on. the tack is not working. when the key is off the Odometer and battery light stays on. When the key is turned it acts like it wants to start then it stalls. we have changed the fuel filter and the fuel pump. before this happened the back speaker caught on fire in the middle of the night and put it self out. we had to change the battery. after the battery was changed it ran fine even pasted caifornia smog test. After it passed smog some times when we went

I would say the ignition switch is gone out,the electrical part,not the key cylinder. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Hello from Brazil. I have a 2003 Focus, Zetec 1,8 engine. My battery light is on since all instruments on cluster changed position of pointers, covering all the scales. It happened 4 or 5 times in a row. No change on engine functioning was noted, AC was on and is running OK. There is start power now, everything is OK, except for the battery light still on. Battery has 12V aprox with engine turned off, same in idle. My car has 67K km with the original OEM battery. Should I bought a new battery ?


I recently had my 2002 HA/SE in for a complete change of fluids, plugs cleaned, and filters changed. I drove it home w/out problems, but something is draining my battery. I replaced the battery, but the problem continued. Again I replaced the battery....no solution. I had the alternator replaced. No luck. I took the light out of the trunk...problem continues. Now, the only way I can expect my car to start is to charge the battery, or unplug the battery while home. It starts and runs grea

Just a suggestion. Start by pulling one fuse at a time. If the battery does not drain then at least you have found the curcuit that needs to be checked. Also there may be a short in the starter selonoid or if you had filters changed a live wire may h ... Honda Accord

The red battery light came on so I changed the battery, that didnt fix it so I had the alternator changed and the red battery light is still on. took it to kragen where i bought both battery and alternator and they tested it and said the battery was getting no charge from the alternator. what could the problem be?

This is happening with me right now, and I keep blowing the alt fuse..I'm stuck. ... Toyota Paseo

How do I change the battery in my 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS? I have read online that the battery may be located under the windshield washer fluid, but I'm not positive on how to remove that. I've never changed a battery before, but so far from what I've read it seems like it is simple; aside from getting to the battery.

Unbolt the crossbar over the washer fluid bottle there should be two screws holding the bottle. Once they are out you will be able to have easy access to the battery. ... 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Changing the battery on a remote car door opener. The remote car door opener on our Jeep 2009 Grand Cherokee stopped working. It seems to be a low battery. I read that there is a way to change the battery yourself. Does anyone know how to open the remote casing in order to replace the battery?

... 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2007 lexus gx470 has a elecrical problem. Battery light was some time on some time off. Finaly 3 weeks ago car stoped. Changed buttery and alternator.2-3 days worked fine but after oil changed all lights get on (ABS-Baterry-Engine_and all athers) and speed doesnt show any thing. Battery boiled and and car stoped again. I put new battery but full battery drained in hours by itself. car doesnt work. Thank you for help

... Lexus Cars & Trucks

Bought new battery at autozone changed battery and put cables on and realized later that we put cables on wrong poles. horn and lights sounded automatically as waring. was given wrong battery and the poles were different than original. went back changed battery and the sales rep missed one number on model. installed correct one and now have no power, no lights no dash inside no radio no, minimal power,nothing works...what do i do now?

You blow several fuses the blade fuse 140 amp dealer iteam only its 25 just for that fuse then go through the fuse box under the hood and the compartment by the steering wheel there like a holder just pops out then replace the blowen fuse and get the ... 2003 Lexus RX 300

Battery problems I recently changed the battery in my 2004 escape. When I try to start the vehicle it starts to click before it turns over. i took it to the shop to have it analyzed and was told that the battery and the alternater were good. I do not know what to do. can you help? i did not have these problems until i changed the battery.

Check all your connections on the battery ... 2004 Ford Escape

I have a 2004 ford focus. The battery light came on last month. I took it to a service station and had the alternator changed. After driving it for a few days the battery light came back on. I took it back in and had the alternator changed again. In both cases it was a new alternator. I drove the can 40 miles and the battery light came on again. After driving it 6 miles, the light went back off. The battery is in good condition. What could be the problem?

You should a button on right side of dash which opens boot ... 2004 Ford Focus

Changed battery on 2003 toyota echo but when i put the new one in and start i have no power the new battery is fully charged 12.7 volts put old battery back in car starts is there a special procedure for changing batteries on this vehicle or am i missing something thank you

Check the new battery posts(connections if side terminal) alot of the battery companies put a protective coating on and it has to be removed. Use wire brush or sandpaper to clean them and you should be fine. ... 2001 Toyota Echo

2003 honda accord dx remove the starter and hot wire it to see if the drive gear of the starter extend and spin. i found out it dont extend or spin just click, click. it sound like being installed in the car. is this means the starter is bad that is why the car will not start. we change the battery twice. first change the new battery was bad. second battery still wont start. then i tried another battery fron another car and still wont start. prior to this work, i remove the starter and have it c

If you removed the starter, and placed battery voltage to the starter, and it clicked just like it did when installed, then the starter needs to be replaced. When you had it tested and they said it was good, did you verify this claim? ... Honda Accord

I had a dead battery in my 2005 F-150. I bought a brand new battery changed it and now Im getting a P0506 code from the check engine light. I know its just a computer problem and not a physical problem sucj as dirty throttle body, IAP, TPS, or any of that. It never ran bad until I changed the battery. Now it cuts off at red lights and deceleration. Please help...from what I have heard it seems like a common problem. i just cant seem to put my finger on what it is. Thanks

I think your battery replacement and trouble code are coincidental crazy as it may sound but it happens. Ford came out with a computer update to repair the p0506 problem. This code is a common problem. The only way to fix it is to have your vehicles ... 2004 Ford F150

Change battery ... how do I open fob/remote to change battery? jaguar xj8 2005 remote key battery

The fob should come apart in two pieces front and back look for a indent on the seam os the two parts if you find one a flat head screw driver will do the job put it in the indent and twist do not pry twist ... 2001 Jaguar XJ8

Changed the key ignition in my 2000 gmc jimmy and now the battery light and odometer milage light stays on and drains the battery This all happenens when the truck is turned off. When the truck is running the battery light goes off. Could this be a short in a wire, if so where? or could something have been damange when I changed the key cyclinder

The ignition switch(this is the electrical portion) is out of time. It needs to be removed, reindexed(notched teeth on top of switch-rotated a couple spots) and reinstalled. When it is installed correctly, the tell tale lights will not be on, you'll ... 2000 GMC Jimmy
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