Having problems with your 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer ?

What's the name of the part a spark plug sits in?

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Answers :

The spark plug is screwed into the cylinder head. Spark plug is #5 in picture below, coil pack is #1

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What's the name of the part a spark plug sits in?

The spark plug is screwed into the cylinder head. Spark plug is #5 in picture below, coil pack is #1 ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Replaced coil, spark plugs,plug wires, rotor and rotor cap, and the part under the rotor (forget the name) car has a miss when idleing and when getting on it, NAPA said the spark plug gap should be .035, does anyone know why? should I check the gap again?

If this is a four cylinder engine,the plug gap is what NAPA told you,verify you have the right plugs and gap,next remove the cap again and verify the plug wires are pulled into cap where they will lock in. ... Chrysler LeBaron

Wont start i have a 96 ford explorer v6 engine. It wont start in various locations after running fine to the location. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pump relay, coil pack, control module, ignition switch, and crank position sensor. I have run out of parts to replace. It seems like every time i fill up the gas tank it gives me trouble. If it sits for a long time it seems to help. Sometimes it dosent matter how long it sits. I tested the spark plugs and it dosent seem to spark w

I would check the cam position sensor ( at the right rear of the engine) and the plug connector at the PCM. I believe when you say "control module" you mean the PCM because these engines did not use a separate ignition module in '96- it is all done b ... 1996 Ford Explorer

My name is Danielle and Im trying to help my bf fix his 1990 Dodge Dynasty 3.3L V6 The problems he is having is that the car will start but wont stay running I told him to replace the spark plugs replace the battery And replace the stale gas and add some b12 to the tank since the car had been sitting for 2 years I know right? so the issue is that the back 3 spark plugs arent firing at all I was thinking it could either be the coil pack and the timing is off or both? and also inside the vehicle o

I am not trying to be mean at all. With the problems you are describing I would get rid of the car. It will cost more money to fix than the car is worth. ... 1990 Dodge Dynasty

With the 2.4 L on a 97 Grand Am... I get the part about pulling of the top cover which romoves the pigtail. Looks like the boots ( black( sit on top of the spark plugs.. HOw do you get the boots off. with pliers. Looks like they have to come off before a 5.8 in spark plug socked would fit?

Just pull them off carefully with sone long nose pliers. you make have to purchase new boots, be sure to put some grease on the plug side of the boots when reassembling.\015\012\015\012the big brain ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

I changed my front 3 spark plugs and a broken wire now and i have very bad rough idle and i could hear clicks? whats going on? should I put the old ones back on? the new ones were bought from part-source. what are the order of the plugs just want to make sure i didn't put wrong plug in wrong socket on coil. Car is Hyundai sonata 2000 gls. now check engine light is on too.

The spark plugs should be matched up with the old ones to be sure that are the same as the new spark plugs and that the threads are not too long or too short and if the spark plugs were pre-gapped or if they nee ... Hyundai Sonata

I have a 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe(4 cylinder) It has been missing bad expecially when I put a load on it. I changed spark plugs last week and it ran like a top for 4 days and then the same problem all over again. I took it to an auto part store and they loaned me thier diagnotic tool, I plugged it in and it said I had a problem with cyclinder 2 which is where one of the coil packs sits over. Would replacing that solve the oproblem possibly and if I change it should i also replace the boot and put i

The plugs may be a bad set and failed but try switching the coil first with the other coil and see if the problem moved to the other cylinder. If it did then it's a bad coil and just replace the coil. good luck and hope this helps. Keep me posted, be ... 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe


... 1997 Chrysler LHS

I have a 1990 dodge dakota sport with a 2.5 it stalls randomly and wont start until it sits for a few minutes. when it does die i still have fuel but no spark. all ignition parts have been replaced i.e. coil distributor plugs wires caps asd relay. vehicle does not have a crank sensor which is the only other thing i could think of. any help would be greatfully appreciated

Every engine has to have a way to know where the cylinders are and thus when to fire the spark plugs. Since your engine does not have a crankshaft sensor, the only means that the onboard computer has to know where the crankshaft is would be the senso ... 1990 Dodge Dakota

Name is rich i have a 97 jeep cherokee 136,000 on it when driveing it just shuts down it used to do it once in awhile then every 23 miles now i can go less than 10 and it just shuts down its a 4.0 i've hAD PUT ON 3 DIAGNOSTIC 3 PLACES NOW THIS IS WHAT I DID SO FAR SPARK PLUGS-CATALYTIC CONVERTER-MUFFLER-AUTO SHUT DOWN RELAY-IAC-MAP-THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR-SMP OXYGEN SENSOR-R&r CRANK SENSOR-MANIFOLD AIR TEMPERATURE (MAT)SENSOR- NOW WHEN IT DIES BOGS CHUGS SHUTS DOWN NOW IF I LET IT SIT FOR A

... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

Whats the name of the part by the drain plug on theoil pan on a 95z28

If its got a wire going to it then i believe that is the oil level sensor ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

Timing belt? my mothers 97 honda accord is having issues again. its been worked on by 3 different places and many parts have been replaced but still the car sits dead in front of our house. after $1000 worth of work no one can give her a reason as to why the work they did didnt work. she has had curtis ryan honda run diagnostics general muffler replaced a valve cover gasket spark plugs and wires oil changes fuel filters and injector cleanings. the last guy was a private mechanic and after

The timing system in a large part is the key operation of the motor, if neither mechanic did't go through the daunting work of replacing the timing belt its prrobably the timing belt or something in the timing system.by it being a 97 and with the mil ... 1997 Honda Accord

Car cut out while driving, started again, cut out again while driving. engine turns lively but wont start. no spark to plugs. whats the problem and cost of part

Car runs fine,just cut out while in motion. ... 2002 Nissan Altima

I need to know the name of the electrical part on top of engine it is white and connects to spark plugs. 1997 buick skylark

You didn't post your engine size so it is either (for HEI system) distributor or it is your coil pack/ignition module. ... 1997 Buick Skylark

Whats the best way to remove a broken bolt out of a alluminum head and where and what a electrtronic trontic spark control modual looks like. Knenpler told me that its locacted under the water pump and that since I had too relpace the water pump that it should be replaced so im hoping i gave you the correct name of the part this is in a 1994 pontiac transam firebird gt with a5.7 lt 1 engine

First a broken bolt in a head is probably best removed with an EASY OUT. Small hole is drilled into broken bolt and with a lot of luck , lube, and care , slow but can be removed. Now the ignition module is located in the distiruter under the cap. Ho ... 1994 Pontiac Firebird

What is the name of part where the spark plugs scruw

That is the cylinder head ... 2003 Ford Expedition

The other day i was driving home and smelt gas, so when i arrived at home, i opened the hood to see what the problem was, only to find that gas was coming out of a black tube above the engine where it connects... it had been cracked, maybe due to when the spark plugs had been changed... what should i do to repair it? and what is the name of that part?

You have a crack in your fuel line. Your vehicle most likely has Fuel Injection and the\015\012fuel line is a high pressure line. It isnt an old school fix with a new piece of hose and clamps.\015\012If you are lucky, there will be a conn ... 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora

Replacing motor in my 2005 KIA Sportage and need the "proper name" of the intake manifold gasket that sits over top of the spark plugs. Have called local kia dealership but they said that there are several intake manifold gaskets...

Does it look like this?http://partimages.genpt.com/largeimages/618434.jpg (copy and paste in your address bar)?If so that is called the plenum gasket, or intake plenum gasket. There are available aftermarket, places like NAPA ... 2005 Kia Sportage

Whats the part number for mazda eunos - spark plug leads

... Mazda Cars & Trucks

Hello, I am sitting in Malawi and my name is Johannes. the problem just started today. there seems to be water in one of the spark plug inlets and a red light shows up.

You have a water leak somewhere and its running into one of the plugs ,have a good look for the source of the leak ... 1997 Toyota RAV4

When i first start out when driving my 1994 chevy cavalier i step on the gas and it hesitates for a sec but then runs ok.this happens almost everytime i start out i had the fuel pump tested and it tested fine what else could it be. My car doesnt have a distrbutor cap i cant think ofthe name for the part my spark plug wires connect to i know there is two of them.not sure if those are going bad.Hopefully you can help me out Thanks

If it is the spark wires you get a misfire code, and probably the CEL.Read codes, check vacuum system and sensors. let me know if you need more help with the issue. ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

99 Saturn sc2 will not start after sitting overnight. Replaced the battery, CPK, Spark Plugs (autolite), ECTS from the dealership, cleaned throttle body with valvoline throttle body cleaner. Removed the spark plugs and they were wet. Checked for spark by attaching plug to plug wire and resting on the exhaust manifold - did see spark. Yesterday this happened and after removing the spark plugs and cranking the engine over for 10 seconds and replacing the plugs the car started ran fine and continue

Check the oil,crankcase,for fuel,if it has fuel in the crankcase,in the oil,this will happen.I would say the initial problem is in the coolant sensor,it controls spark,and fuel pulse,and air mixture,threw the computer.Now this may have been the probl ... 1999 Saturn SC

No spark from spark plug wires I think it may be the distributor cap or interior parts under cap like rotor and condensor but dont want to change parts thats are fine i replaced the plugs but still no spark and i checked the 20 amp fuse in the fusebox marked ignition and it is fine changed it any way but still no spark

There wrere two types of HEI (High Energy Ignition) distributors used by GM in 1985, one was the original design with the ignition coil mounted in the top of the distributor cap, and the second had the coil mounted seperate from the distributor and u ... 1985 Chevrolet Chevy

Ok i recently changed spark plugs on my 1994 buick skylark. when i was done changing plugs i started car up and smelled strong exhaust smell. so i checked the plugs wires and found out that when i pulled the spark plug boot off the distributor number 3 and 6 there is no spark at all.....so what do i do now. the car runs but is going on 4 working spark plugs...whats wrong with it.. the engine is 3.1 liter.

Did you mean coil the 1994 3.1 did not use a distributor , sounds like a bad coil pack and cylinders #3 and #6 do use the same coil. I would also check 3 and 6 plug wires this system is a waste spark design meaning when # 3 coil f ... 1994 Buick Skylark

I tried to replace my spark plugs and plug wires, doing so the car wont start just clumps and wont turn on. spark plug wire is NGK brand spark plugs are Iridium plugs, after It wouldnt turn on i tried to undo what i have done and same result with old parts car wont turn on. i tried firing order http://autorepair.about.com/library/firing_orders/bl-fo-5408.htm like that ^ still the same problem any idea? i appreciate it.

Wrong plug firing order, here is a pic to the correct firing order for your single cam. \012\012\012\012 ... 1997 Honda Civic
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