Having problems with your 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer ?

I have a 2004 trailblazer..my ac is not draining out of my vehicle. instead it is draining in my passenger floorboard..is there a drainage tube that may be clogged..and if so where is it located..i cant find it..my floor board is wet only when i run my ac..

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Answers :

Should be on the fire wall on the right hand side near were the ac lines go through.
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I have a 2004 trailblazer..my ac is not draining out of my vehicle. instead it is draining in my passenger floorboard..is there a drainage tube that may be clogged..and if so where is it located..i cant find it..my floor board is wet only when i run my ac..

Should be on the fire wall on the right hand side near were the ac lines go through. ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My floor board on passenger side is soakin wet thought it might be my drain plug but i cant find it or it might be my heatercoil

If your heater core is leaking, your coolant will be low, and the leak will be antifreeze, not water.\015\012The drain hose should be at the firewall,or lower just in front of where the passengers feet go. ... 2004 Dodge Dakota

Cant find the a/c over flow tube 2001 Bonneville .My floor board and battery are wet , some one said to check the over flow tube , but I cant find it .

Look under the hood,where the ac lines go into the firewall,the drain will be directly below the ac lines,it most likely is not a tube,it will be a hole so look under the car . ... 2001 Pontiac Bonneville

Are their drains (to allow water to run off) where the top drops down in an 01 Mustang that I can clean out. If so, where are they, how do I get to them? The back floor pan passenger side gets wet after a rain. Could there be drains that are stopped up with leaves etc that I can clean out. How do I find them?

There is usually rubber plugs in the floorpan below the carpet and you have to manually remove them. ... 2001 Ford Mustang

Need to know where the drain line is on the A.C. the flloor board on the passenger side floorboard is getting wet, we dont know where the drain is, can't find it! Re: 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

If you open the hood and look on the pasanger side firewall you will see a hose about 3" long with shaped like a elbow, this is the drain remove the hose from the fire wall and use a shop vac to **** out any leaves etc that might be in there install ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My floor board is wet on the drivers side. i have dried it out and now its wet again. cant find a leak anywhere. what is wrong and how can i fix it.

Do you have a sun roof? If you do check the drain pipes are not blocked, allowing water to flow into the foot wells. Try this, sit in the car and have someone run a hose over the car, or better yet go thru a car wash and see if you can see where it i ... 2006 Land Rover LR3

My 2007 GMC Yukon, drivers side floor is really wet and along drivers side door on floor really soaked, seems to happen all the time, I don't think it has anything to do with rain because it happens all the time, I do not have a sun roof, Is there any kinds of hoses or drains that may run in that area, I can not find where water is coming from. very wet????

2 possibilities. - Possible heater core leak - does it smell like anti freeze/coolant or windshield draining into cabin area. ... 2007 GMC Yukon

My 1995 ford explorer has 281765 miles on it it runs great but it just started leaking water from somewhere the floor on the passenger side is wet and i cant find the problem

If it's green or has a sweet smell, it's anti-freeze. This is a heater hose connection or most likely the heater core itself. Check your fluid level, if it's low you have a leak. If these aren't the problem, then you have a seal leak (body) somewh ... 1995 Ford Explorer

I have ford explorer 2002,my suv 4x4 is not working only rear wheels pushing my truck. im involved in rollover and after that this problem occoured otherwise everthing looks good and suv running smothly. i need to change rear diff oil what i cant find a drain plug and filler plug

On the back of the transfer case there is a motor that actuates the 4 wheel drive engagement, this motor actuator Assembly may be defective and may not be related to the loss of function of the 4 wheel drive tra ... 2002 Ford Explorer

Antenna i cant find where the antenna wire comes out under the dash board after running the wire through the hole on the roof.

Look along the side of the wall above the fuse box there is a piece of foam you may not see it you will probablt have to feel for it pull out that foam you should be able to feel for the wire ... 1997 Honda Civic

I have a 2002 lexus IC300 . The problem i have is the car went off the road and tore the wiring off the o2 sensor where the two pipes come together...I cant find the plug to plug the new sensor into. Does the wiring run up through the floor board ? What i need to know is where is the wiring ? Regards Tom

I take it the wiring has been ripped off from the underside to the sensor. You will just have to follow the wiring from the connector under the carpet under the passenger seat inside the car to where it exits to the exhaust. Fit the new sensor with ... 2002 Lexus IS 300

I need to drain the radiator to flush it and the heater core and i cant find a drain plug in my 1998 ford taurus where do i find this drain plug to drain it

There is a drain on the bottom of the radiator that has "ears" on it. It should be on the extreme lower left or right. Use pliers to open it up. ... 1998 Ford Taurus

Running I have a 98 Century Limited. I believe it has a 3. (something engine). About a month ago I started smelling antifreeze. Could not find a leak. Then the car started running rough and acting like it wanted to stall (not all the time, if it sat it would not do it). A week later it started running hot (still cant find a leak). We have changed the fuel filter, plugs, wires, thermostat. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We have a Corisca with the same motor and it did the same thing (excep

White smoke from the exhaust is a good indication that you have a blown head gasket. One test would be to run the motor and check the oil. If the oil appears frothy like a milkshake, it's very likely the head gasket is blown and as keith stated abo ... 1998 Buick Century


The circuit in the cluster is made with a thin ribbon material that gets hot and fuses with other circuits. If your mechanicly inclined you can remove the cluster and see a burnt spot that will be the shorted area. take a razor blade and scrape ... Honda Accord

1.) the cooling fan is not running. the relay is good and the fan is good. grounded the relay and the fan came right on. cant find the right sensor that runs it. 2.) in town the motor runs hot but going down the3 highway on a cold day, i cant keep the inside of the car warm because the motor temp is next to nothing. have changes the thermosate twice. 3.) the heater blower motor just quit working on lower settings also, only works on high.

If motor is good, relay is good, fan has power, then temp sensor is likely bad. ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1997 jeep grand cherokee. Water is sloshing around iside the dash. I've seen articles where they tell you there is one and there isn't one. I can't find one on my jeep. I did find where the evaporator drain is . Its inside the passenger side floor board underneath the carpet on the left hand side. A suggestion is to drill a hole and plug it. I really don't want to do this. I would really like to know if a drain tube or hose exisist out the exterior of the car. Thanks

Question I have after reading what you posted is : Left hand or right hand drive? On ones where the evaporator is located on the right (passenger side) there is a short stub hose that protrudes from the engine side of the firewall, even with the bo ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

A/c heater & massive drain/leakage on DRIVER floor only. I have had fresh fluid put in twice but every drop drains into the floor. The ac fluid usually will not drain if I do not run the unit, but outside water will still get in. If I do run the unit all of that fluid as well as any outside water is now a gigantic puddle on my floor. The fluid seems clear and oily/ greasy. My main problem is I cannot seem to convince any mechanic/technician to actually go in and find where the leak is from. Seri

The condensation line can be cleared from under the passenger side of the car just behind the front tire, it can be done with a vacuum cleaner, But this doesn't sound like an ac issue, it sounds like the heater core is leaking.If you check your radia ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

2009 Ford Fusion. Wet passenger floorboard. Water identified as entering passenger floorboard at firewall between engine compartment and passenger compartment, same location as air conditioner drain pipe, but on passenger compartment side. Air conditioner drain pipe clear (as per compressed air and 14 inch pipe cleaner). I used towel to soak up moisture on floorboard when starting investigation, 2 hours later (after running vehicle & air conditioner for a few minutes) floorboard was wet aga

Your heater core is bad they leak when they go bad youll have to replace its under/behind the dash ... 2009 Ford Fusion

Trying to locate running board for 2002 lexus lx470. Can't find - repair shop saying not available in US. What other running board would work on this model?

What I would do is contact an auto recycler, also know as a junkyard, and have them search for one. If they do not have it another junkyard somewhere will have that part. They remove it and ship it to you. Your local mom and pop junkyard may not be o ... 2002 Lexus LX 470

Leaking coolant but cant find the leak?checked the radiator and pipes but still cant find it!could it be something to do with the air con unit? only leaks when started and will drain the water out of the radiator after 20min aprox!

There is absolutely no way possible that the air con unit is going to cause an engine coolant "leak". The air conditioner can cause the engine to overheat if the fans are not working properly, but you will see coolant coming out of the radiator cap ... 1990 Honda Civic

Power steering my 2004 ford f150 is leaking power steering fluid and its doing it so fast i can fill it up and drive about 5 miles and its empty again but i cant find where its coming from i have let it run and looked for the leak but you cant find it. where is it coming from

Normally if dont see it while its running and your underneath or looking under the truck, its probably only occurring when the system which could me a seal at the pump. Have you tried having someone turn the wheel hard left and hard right while you a ... 2004 Ford F150

I have a 1999 grand am se. it is shooting oil out off the motor over top the starter and i cant find it. it only shoots oil out when running to. i took the stater off and cant find and holes or loose bolts.

Check and see if the last filter you replaced had a o ring on it,i think you have a doubled up filter"o"ring. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

My 1999 Toyota Avalon has a leak that I can't find. When it rains the floor boards on the passenger side are both wet. I have a sun roof so how are the floor boards getting wet and how do I fix it?

There are 2 'weep' holes where tubes come out of the firewall and sometimes they get plugged. Get some compressed air and blow them out.\015\012\015\012Also, inside the vehicle, there is a plastic pan that catches all water that might com ... 1999 Toyota Avalon

I have a kia optima 2004 that has a kill switch need to know where it is its draining my battery untill i reset it but cant find it

... 2004 Kia Optima

How do i drain my radiator? i cant find the drain plug

There should be a drain valve at bottom of radiator looking under car it will be in the corner on one side of rad. Not directly under but on the bottom facing the engine ... 1988 Mazda 626 Turbo
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