Having problems with your 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer ?

Temp hand is sticking, it is saying it is hot and its not. When you start it up after 8hrs. it still says 210F.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

The stepper motor (servo) which drives the temp gauge has failed and needs to be replaced. There are services that repair instrument clusters, look on Ebay.
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Temp hand is sticking, it is saying it is hot and its not. When you start it up after 8hrs. it still says 210F.

The stepper motor (servo) which drives the temp gauge has failed and needs to be replaced. There are services that repair instrument clusters, look on Ebay. ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I shorted out my CRNK fuse while hooking up a horn to that fuse, it gave a big spark and melt the fuse and power never come back there. after I could not start any more i check and the injector did not spray any more. I poured some gas in the throttle body it tries to start but it wont stay long. I spent $80 on a secnod hand ECM which they say come out of a crash car it should be good but I still did not get started. ad like to know how can I get power back to that CRNK fuse?

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The cadillac deville started acting funny the panel light was flashing it make a funny noise like something dying but i gave it some gas and it went on but at the gas station i have to get a jump off I hand alternator check the guy said was fine so i brought a new battery and a new starter it still want start when I turn the switch to start it want say nothing but my head light come on and everything please help me tell me what's wrong

Hello! I am here to help...First, do you own a volt meter? I'll talk you through a little testing if you do...If not, when you turn the key to start do you hear a "click"; Or dead silence?Send a comment....Guru.............Saailer ... 1990 Cadillac Deville

I have a 2001 Ford Excursion and my check engine light wouldn't go out after I changed my battery had to take it to the dealer which now says the PCM is bad other problems car set a while for month when came back the gas hand stopped working stuck in full position and the MPH sticks but will start working after car is driven a while can you help?

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Gears slipping hi everyone i bought a renault scenic megane automatic 1.6 2003, 8 weeks ago, and for some reason the gear stick jammed, so i had it towed back to the garage from where i bought it from, it was in for a week, and they told me it was the gear cables so they changed the cables for me and as soon as i drove the car home the gears started playing up again!!! i would put it into park and as soon as i put hand brake on it would jump back into drive,it has still got the problem please ca

Take it to a renault dealer ,it will be cheaper in the long run and you will have your car back ... 2003 Renault 181

Im idling at the light in my 2000 Dakota R/T and all of a sudden my check engine light comes on and the engine develops a miss and starts to smoke. Diag code says misfire in #5 cyl and there is a rich raw fuel smell from exhaust. I have 175K trouble free miles and have checked compression which reveals worn but good piston rings.I replaced head gaskets and of course still exists. When I got a hand to crank while I checked voltage at each injector, #5 showed higher than the rest at all times wit

Hi!\015\012.\015\012Fuel injector operation is monitored when battery voltage is more than 10.4 volts, Auto Shutdown (ASD) relay is energized, fuel injector pulse width is less than 10 milliseconds and engine speed is less than 3000 RPM. DTC may be s ... Dodge Dakota

Peugeot 206cc 2005 wont start saying imobilser fault and economy mode also comes up. lights radio everything still working but when you turn on egnition you get a dong sound and the hands on the dials go up a bit and drop back down

Hi waller_e....I got the same problem,how did you solve it? ... 2005 Peugeot 405

My step-sons 99 jeep Cherokee has been running fine and he went to work everything was fine got off work went out to leave now it won't start I went to his work it appears not to have any spark at the plug wires gas gauge which he says works is on empty so we put about 3 gallons in and still is not registering and still doesn't start sprayed starting fluid no go the odometer while switch is on says (no bus) would it be a control module or fuel pump I have no Manual at this time and have checked

If the dash is reading no bus, check the connections on the ECM, the vehicle computer, and check the fuses and relays in the power distribution box under the hood. Your problem is going to be in one of those areas or the ECM has shorted out. ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Theft system I have a 91 cadillac eldorado. when I go to start it the information center says "starting disabled/due to theft system/remove key" then it says to wait 3 minutes then start car. I do that and information center says the sameting. I read the manaul and it says the key might be dirty, so I cleaned my key and it still says the samething. Can I disalble the theft system, If so how?

Unfortunately, you cannot bypass or disable this system. It runs through the computer system or BCM and is controlled by that computer. You can check connections on the back of the ignition switch which I believe in this car is located ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

Well first of all my battery isnt good. Everytime I try to start my car, my gas hand and tempeture hand be jumping up and down. Today my car wouldnt start and i kept tryna get it to start and my gas han and tempeture hand was jumping up an dow and got stuck behind the little black stick thats at the top. now i cant tell were is my gas hand and tempeture hand because they got stuck. What to do?


1st battery died 2nd starter died 3rd still won't start mechanic says may be the key . I tried the spare key still won't start, mechanic says may be the ignition system ????

Check all relays and fuses...Good Luck!!!! ... Ford Taurus

2000 chevy impala overheat and starter failing tried changing 3 starters for no start, start relay, ckd battery for good one..reconnected, cleaned cables at battery......new one still has bad symptoms of bad starter but when tested, they ck good... now car is overheating as well...what is posible fix? some say, vapor lock? some say, bad starters..? 3? some say, thermostat bad, water pump? only possible sign maybe...not seen yet to remove is thermostat for overheat but no turn over-no start actio

Okay do this go directly to the starter and started directly from the starter, it should work or you can hear it kicking in but if it doesnt turn then the problem is gonna in the engine, if it turns the problem is gonna be in the electrical ,put ... 2000 Chevrolet Impala

My 1989 Amigo just killed on me when I was trying to start it. Turns over but wont start. I just replaced the fuel pump 2 years ago, roughly 25,000 mi ago. I replaced the fuel filter. Fuel pump relay has power going to it, and I stuck the same 5 pronged model relay in and it still wouldn't start. I checked all fuses and they look good HOWEVER, my test light lights up all of the fuse sockets except 2; The one that says "Fuel pump" and the one right below it that says "start". I traced the wiring

... 1989 Isuzu Amigo

The engine control module in my 2008 dodge sprinter is not putting out a 5vdc signal to the fly by wire accellarator pedal so the engine won't start. The mechanic disconnected all the sensors one by one and engine still would not start or even start and go into limp mode. They say its the ecm but they sound unsure? Is there a hidden fuse on the 5vdc somewhere? I've tried both my keys in case the engine wasnt recognizing one but still no start

One way is to cut the 5v wire in a place thats easy to repair, near the computer, and see if it comes back to life. if not, it needs an ECM ...IF it does, then you still need to find out what else is connected that is shorting out your 5v ref voltag ... 2006 Dodge Sprinter

No start I had head problems, had to replace the head gasket. I took the engine out and put it back in, now when i go to start the car it won't say nothing. Put in a new starter and everything and when i go to start it still won't say anything, but i bypass it and it tries to start without the key but when i try it with the key it won't do anything. What am i missing or doing wrong?

This is the link to check out for the proper solution regarding your car\015\012http://en.allexperts.com/q/Chevrolet-775/ ... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

Still having a problem with my car starting. It has started intermittently,but is broke down right now about two miles from the house. My battery is being drained and my car only makes a clicking sound when I try to start it. I also can't get a jumpstart. I have addressed this problem before but still getting the same answers which are saying it is a battery problem or a starter problem. I have used different batteries to start the car and also changed the starter and relay switch. I would appre

Ok I'd have a look at the alternator and make sure its charging and 13.5 - 14.2 volts and not dropping below 13.5 with my loads on (lights and ac)..Next I'd change the starter and the starter solenoid.. Then I'd check the fue ... Ford Escort

I have a 1997 gmc jimmy 4.3 throttle body injection. Motor turns over, Has spark, And is getting fuel But it still wont start. I checked the spark by pulling off a plug wire and sticking a screw driver in it and holding it 1/4 inch away from block, (good spark) Also have checked the timing to make sure it didnt jump time. Still in time. has 64 psi fuel, So thats good. Also tried some carb cleaner in the throttle body and still nothing. Just shut it off one day and will NOT start up.

A few more things to check:\015\012\015\0121. Compression test. You must have the right amount of fuel, the right amount of air and then compress it and supply a spark at the correct TIME for the engine to fire \015\012\015\012So you ma ... 1997 GMC Jimmy

My car XJ8 2004 Jaguar I was at West Virgina Motel started my car in the morning and got the error saying supension fault and then after a while it started to say car too low i stopped the car and took the ground wire of the battery off. which fixed the problem but i started get the sign of hand break fault and the trunk open sign. Next Morning i had the same problem again. This happened two month earlier also.

... Jaguar XJ8

2004 trailblazer yesterday while trying to start my 04 trailblazer it wouldnt start. I jumped it and it started right up.. got it home about an hour later and dead again. just makes a clicking noise. radio,windows, lights all still work. the battery charger says battery is good and the altinator machiney thingy lol says its ok too. any suggestions on what this could be? ps imma girlie so please be kind lol

Hmmmm, from what u say, sounds like everything is ok, but,Bad battery can run lights, radio, but trying to start, will make clicking noise. U jumped it to start, and it did, another sign of bad battery. How are the connections at battery? Tight and ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I turned my car off to go into the store when I came back out it wouldn't start. acted like it wasn't getting fuel put more gas in it still wouldn't start. someone said it was probably fuel pump so I put a fuel pump on it then a fuel filter, then a crank shaft censor, still won't start, someone then told me it was the theft system so I tried two different methods that two different shops told me to try neither of the two worked, now someone says it could be the timing, can anyone tell me how to

Again i say do not replace parts until you know why, too many people have done this. get a spark tester(in line works best) injector tester(noid light) and fuel pressure guage, and a volt ohm meter, the run basic tests, spark, fuel , injector signal, ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

My car has a message that says, Theft system problem, car may not start. My mechanic has tried changing the dash computer, and has checked several of the modules in the car, but it still will not start. I have even had a new key made, but it still won't start. What do I do next?

You need to remap the ECU as the immobilizer kicked in when you have done all that work telling the car that someone is trying to steal it. ... 1998 Cadillac Eldorado

Ive had alot of issues with my car. it began when the car didnt want to pull its self up hills and didnt want to go once i stopped. then it went further to where if i turned the wheel when i was trying to go from a dead stop it would die. then it just stopped starting. thought it was the fuel pump, replaced it and still wont start. hooked it up to a computer and it said that it wasnt getting a signal from the ecm or pcm. got a new brain for it and still did nothing. now they say that the infecto


How to replace a ignition lock cylinder for a 1999 cadillac deville try to start car and it says remove key and wait 3 minutes and try again...i do and it still won't start...gm says the ignition lock cylinder needs replacing..it's not reading the chip on the key..

Youve been passlok screwed// patience and a lot of coffee its hard to explain this thing but with some staring and thought its not that hard also type in relearn procedure for this car in your browser make sure you typ every thing about it ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

Several Weeks ago the squealing sound of a belt started. I didn't attend to it, and this past week started the car and a horribly loud metal scratching noise arose and a neighbor said it sounded like a water pump, alternator, timeing belt? Had a mechanic say Timing belt, and another say serpentine. I chose the latter to be fix b/c it was cheaper. Now the sound is softer, but still there. Could this be that the belt that ran/turned the part failed for so long that the part is bad? Or what? Thanks

I would say that there is a bearing going bad either the alternator, waterpump, or idler. You should take off the serpentine and check the smoothness of motion of anything connected. What happens is that the bearing gets rougher and rougher adding ... 1997 Mazda 626

I was in the store the other day & the alarm went off on my 97 acura tl 3.2 . When I came out the store everything had died out including the battery which was already weak. I put a new battery in and car still wont start - it won't turn over. I towed car to my mechanic and he thinks the alarm may have disabled the car . He has tried to reset alarm by turning key (locking & unlocking ) in drivers and passengers door but car still wont start . He says theres no juice going to the starter .

Yes the starter is not getting the required pressure to start the car.as when you insert the key in ignition module the car gives command to the starter and car cranks and throw pressure to the alternater and that throws pressure with current to the ... Acura TL
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