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Turn signal problem

\015 When the turn signal is used both left and right rear flashers function. \302\240When the brake is applied, the flashing stops.\015\012\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Replace the flasher relay and the break switch
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Hello i have an electrical problem with my 1996 Chevrolet 1500. When you turn on the right turn signal all of the lights (including the dash) will pulse with the signal. When you turn on the park lights the right turn signal indicator automatically turns on and stays on, and when you actually turn the signal to the right its makes a buzzing sound. The left turn signal goes fast. The only problem that i can find is that the front peanut marker is out. I have checked all of the grounds and th

You might try checking the bulbs & sockets on the right side,sometimes when a bulb burns out it can cause a short within the bulb eliments causing complete circuit with the running lights whitch is also your dash light circuit, or maybe one of the s ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

1997 Suburban About a month ago, my turn signal' began acting up. When I would use the turn signal, or even when I wasn't, the turn signals began to flash on their own. The would flash fast, then slow. Also, I could hear the combination relay ticking underneath my dash. So I replaced the relay, in addition to the bulbs in the front and back turn lamps. Problem solved, or so I thought. While driving home from vacation the other day, I used my turn signal and my problems started all over again. No

Well it sounds like you have a short circuit somewhere. it apperars to be messing with the relay that you replaced. have you checked all the fuses in your fuse-box? how about all the bulbs on the exterior of the vehicle? try those things then post ba ... 1997 Chevrolet Suburban

2001 Toyota Tocama 1) Right turn signal comes on when I brake, it does not flash it just comes on. 2) If I have it turned on, it will not flash whilel the brake pedal is pressed. 3) When I turn on left turn signal, both front signal lights light up and the left turn signal still blinks. 4) This is an intemittent problem, I've replaced all the bulbs but it continues to happen. How can I locate the problems?

If you have an aftermarket trailer towing plug, that's the first place to look. There is probably a short in the wires, and when you push the brake, the signal light comes on. If not, then it will be a bare wire somewhere, probably at the back where ... 2001 Toyota Tacoma

Turn Signals I am having the exact problem with an "03 Malibu. My turn signal clicks randomly. It eventually stops. It appears the actual turn signal light works fine- and it turns off. It is the clicking that does not stop and randomly starts on its own. Any suggestions are welcome. I was going to take it to a mechanic for repair. He thought he would have to take off the dash to repair or find out what parts are necessary. As I think there are other problems with the car... that need to be take


I have a 2008 chevy cobalt. The turn signal, when applied, sometimes does not work and I need to apply the lever 3-4 times before the signal activates. The dealer replaced the turn signal switch, but the problem still remains. Lately, when the turn signal is on, the thing, while the lever is still down or up stops and then after a period of 10 seconds or so, starts up again. The dealer cannot local the problem. Any ideas that I can tell the dealer to look for?

Did they change the flasher? ... 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

96 c280 Mercedes right front turn signal does not work when it's hot.. When its cold in the morning it works for a while until I've been driving a while.. When I bought the car the turn signals did not work at all.. I replaced the multi function relay and had no problems for about two months now this. I tried replacing the multi function relay again..still same thing.. I know ill probably have to replace the turn signal switch.. Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem and what they did

... Cars & Trucks

My rear break lights and turn signals have stopped working on my 2006 Mercury Mariner. I have replaced the rear bulbs and fuses which hasn't fixed the problem. The lights on the front work fine. A mechanic has tested my turn signal control switch and told me that is not the problem. He says it is the turn signal flasher, but when I call to order the part from the dealership they gave me different prices for different parts. I don't want to waste 100 to 200 dollars on the wrong part.

There is two different Flasher Relay's for the 2006 Mariner.With Towing Package: Part # YL8Z13350AA or SF620 (Around $45 online)Without Towing Package: Part # YL8Z13350BA or SF621 (Around $60 Online) ... 2006 Mercury Mariner

Having problems with my 1990 4runner, i put a new battery in it and its losing its charge. When i jump it it starts no problem but as soon as i take the jumper cables off it starts to quit. Then when i turn it off, immediately after the 4 way flashers are flashing without even engaging them. I've had problems with the turn signal flashers before, replacing the bulbs only for them to falter quickly thereafter, so is it a short with my turn signal wiring?

Your alternator is not working. battery is not beeing recharged. electronics do weird things when voltage is low ... 1990 Toyota 4Runner

Turn signals hi i have 1998 dodge dakota sport the problem i am having is when I have my head lights on my left turn signal doesnt work and if i dont have the lights on when i turn on the left signal the whole dash lights up and also sometime lights up both signals.I know there is a factory fuse which is large and square im not sure where to get one or how much it may cost or if thats even the problem.

You need to check the wires coming from the headlight switch. Also if you have a pug on the back for a trailer check it also. I have seen in the past wires that melted together from a short and it causes circuits to connect and work together. ... 1998 Dodge Dakota

The combination switch on my 03 Malibu has gone bad and now the clicking of the turn signal goes constantly while the turn signal does not go on until I use it as it should. The problem is now the alarm for a long turn signal is going off from the constant clicking. Is there a fuse I can pull to kill the turn signal clicking sound and long turn signal alarm?

You really do not want to disable stuff. Just replace the switch, and be done with it...\015\012\015\012Doc ... 2003 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a 2004 Chevy TrailBlazer that just developed a problem with the left turn signal. The left turn signal indicator on the dash is blinking rapidly and the tail light turn signal is out. I change out the bulbs and I still have no lights for the turn signal and brake. I also check the fuses and they seem okay. The right turn signal and tail lights are working fine.

The Trailblazers have a common problem with the printed circuit boards in the tail lamp housing.\015\012 Unplug the tail lamp housing at the wiring connector and test for power with a test light. ( With turn signals on) You may have an open cir ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

With the lights on, the tail lights and dash lights went out. The fuse was bad and was replaced. As soon as the lights were turned on the fuse blew again. Tried another time, same problem. Braeak lights and turn signals and hazards worked. Had to drive 15 miles to destination and used hazards and turn signal. 4 miles from destination the break and turn signal lights went out. Upon reaching the destination the fuses for breaks and turn signals was changed and blew out as soon as the break

Yes it could be a short at a light socket.Also a plug in the rear under the bed that splits the sides may somehow have rubbed through and when brake lights are applied has a ground short.I hope this link will send you to the wiring diagram.The di ... 1991 Ford F150

Turn signal problems when I use parking lights or headlights when i use right turn signal all turn signals flash like emergency and my instrument panel lites on radio flash with the turn signals also my battery voltage indicator fluctuates with the signal

... Chevrolet 1500

Turn signals work strange. break pedal causes right turn signal to come on solid (no flashing) and left turn signal causes hazards to flash. Hazards work fine. symptoms change but always a problem with either the left or right signal working, not working, or causes hazards. sometimes they work until I hit the break pedal. all turn signal lights appear to be working and all fuses appear to be fine...

Replace the bulbs, these bulbs are dual filament bulbs so half of the bulb is bad. ... Cars & Trucks

1999 Ford Escort Turn signal problem. The relay block is fine the hazard and turn signals do not work. I've been looking for a fuse for the turn signals for a while now. Where does this car get th

... 1999 Ford Escort

2000 Dodge stratus - runs ok but at times will "chug" or misfire driving down highway - think its an electrical issue as it will almost "act up" when using cruise, turn signals, air conditioning, etc. ALSO - At times when this problem persists the "check engine light" will come on but go out before I can get it anywhere to be evaluated. If lights are "on" then by using anything else, turn signals, rear window defroster, high setting on blower, etc. it will cause problems. Turn this stuff off a

You should still take it and get the computer scanned for trouble codes.If the check engine light comes on for more than 10 seconds there should be codes set. ... Cars & Trucks

Lights I fixed the turn signal and brake light problem; the wires going to the turn signal switch were touching. I now have another problem the driving light work but when you turn the headlights on everything comes on like they are supposed to except the headlights. What could that be?

Ch the wiring again fuses and drl modual ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I don't have turning signals that function. I do I change the turning signal bulbs? The turning lights operate for a few seconds, and then they stop.  I don't know if I have a light bulb problem of some other problem.

You may need to replace the hazard switch inside the car. I had the same problem a few weeks back and bought a new hazard button. You should be able to pop out the old one and put in the new one by yourself. You can find the switch for about $20.0 ... 2002 Volkswagen Passat

Electrical problems - fuel gage pulsates with turn signal - fuel gage pigs to right when ignition is turned on and then recovers to normal position - shift control will slightly effect fuel gage - some times it will stall out when reduced to idle. 1997 jimmy 130000 miles automatic, air, cruse, new battery, new alternator, new turn signal switch. what is possible problem?

HI,\015\012\015\012Unfortunatly you have aproblem with either the dash control module or the dash itself which will need to be replaced.\015\012\015\012Hope this helps.\015\012\015\012Thanks\015\012\015 ... 1997 GMC Jimmy

I have a 2000 Corvette with a turn signal problem. The right front and rear turn signals work fine. The left rear turn signal works but the left from turn signal and runnign light do not. Also, where is the other fuse panel located other than under the hood just forwad of the battery. Thanks for any help you can come up with.

Under the dash on the drivers side should be the other one... as that is a fiberglass body... check all the grounds on the offending lights to make sure they are making contact\015\012\015\012Robert\015\012\015\012Please take ... 2000 Chevrolet Corvette

After turning the turn signal on left or right turn, we hear and see the signal switch shut off but we continue to hear a intermittent clicking sound for short periods when continuing to drive after the turn has been completed. Can we fix this problem by replacing the the hazzard switch located above the radio ? The turn signal relay switch has been replaced last year.

I had this exact same problem until one day my turn signals quit working completely. At first it would click rapidly, so I replaced all the lights just to be sure. Then the clicking sound would continue after I turn off the switch. So I replaced the ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

*I have a 2002 silverado chevolet pickup, I have a problem, when I turn on turn signal and put on brakes all lights in rear including tag light flashes and at night time when headlights on on and turn on turn signal applied brakes the turn signal blinks very slow we changed all bulbs and that didn't help

It sounds like a bad earth connection in the rear wiring loom.\015\012Check the earth wires that runs from the Light Assemblies for a bad connection at the interconnection blocks as well as where the earth wire is attached to t ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a 2000 Nissan frontier SE. when i apply the brakes, both my turn signals faintly light up. when i turn on left or right signals they appear to work fine, sometimes the blink faster as if i had a bulb out....but when i go to hit the brakes while my signals are on they stop blinking and both signals light up as well as reverse lights. bulbs are all fine. Not sure if i have a wire grounding out or if its a problem with the brake switch/ turn signal switch or what?? Any suggestions.

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2006 Nissan Exterra. A year ago I took it to U-Haul to get the wiring for the hitch hooked up. Since then I've been having problems with the signal light. Recently I noticed that the wires leading to the conection were damaged, and were exposing the copper wires inside. Two days ago the turn signal in my vehicle quit working. The emergency flasher works fine, which means the turn signal bulbs are ok. I looked everywhere for the turn signal fuse (passenger fuse box, engine compartm

... 2006 Nissan Xterra

When failed trun signal bulb, Jeep turning signal is fastly blinking. I changed rear turn signal bulb with LED bulb, but turn signal blinking speed doesn't go to normal, At first couple of seconds it is normal, and then "Ding" sound come out and blinking speed goes faster. Bulb is working, but blinking speed is abnormal... Please help me, what is problem..... Thanks

Try replacing with the same bulb type as was failed. Flasher unit isusually reliant on resistence from the bulbs to what speed that side will flash at when powered.Some of these led type have less resistence and that equates to a faster flash speed.T ... 2009 Jeep Patriot
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