Having problems with your 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD ?

I have a 2004 silverado 2500 hd crew cab and the service airbag light is on. How do i fix it so the light goes off?

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Answers :

Must have local shop extract codes from airbag control module. Disconnecting battery will not help.
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I have a 2004 silverado 2500 hd crew cab and the service airbag light is on. How do i fix it so the light goes off?

Must have local shop extract codes from airbag control module. Disconnecting battery will not help. ... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

I have a 2006 silverado 1500 crewcab the airbag light has come on and reads out service airbag i whould like to know how to fix it without having to pay dealer high rate to fix

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2005 Forenza wagon: 1. sunlight hitting the car triggers the alarm to go off when parked and locked. 2. passenger seatbelt light will not shut off. 3. passenger airbag is off light does not come on anymore. 4. light behind ashtray does not come on and I cannot find a way to replace the bulb. fuses have been checked and are good. No service tech knows how to fix the alarm except to lock the car with the key, not by remote.

... 2005 Suzuki Forenza

Re: GMC Denali XL. "Service Engine Soon" light goes on. My son checked it and it it reads on his gadget: Heater Bank Sensor 1 Bank 1. How important is this to have this fixed. Right away, no rush? How much?

Hi, the pre-converter oxygen sensors have a heater circuit that warms the sensor during a cold start up. The PCM supplies 12volts to the sensor for about 15 seconds to the heater element in the sensor, this heating of ... 2001 GMC Yukon Denali

2008 Chevy Silverado - service airbag light is on. Any idea of what is causing this and how it can be fixed?

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2010 gmc sierra with 1400km on it,the service air bag message comes on with the airbag light for a few seconds and goes off,this has happened intermitantly over 1 week

Warranty work, get it to a dealer ... GMC Sierra 1500

I started my 07 escalade esv in the morning about 1 weak ago and the service airbag light apeared and i was hoping it wold just go away in time but it dident i have about 120.000k in the car any cheap solutions to fix this isue thankyou

Its better to go to service center and diagnostic tool will tell you which of your sensors or airbag module have the problem, i wish that no deployment happen because if deployed is commanded you will change the airbag main control module, repair aco ... Cars & Trucks

Airbag Light Flashing in Mazda Astina 323 1994: Had a battery replaced by RAA Auto Service in SA who stuffed up the procedure and now the Airbag light is constantly flashing indicating an airbag system fault. Of course RAA don't know how and are trying to weasel out of fixing it. Mazda has no quick fix and needs to run test at my cost to diagnose the problem. Before I do that, does any one have any clues on what this issue could be? Thanks Lou

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The ignition will not kick in on my 2002 alero. The security light is flashing. With the key in the on position for 10 plus minutes the flashing light goes out. After removing the key and re-inserting the key the car will then start. This has happened twice in the last week. What do I need to do for a permanent fix before this gets me stranded? Do I have to take it to a full service GMC dealer or can a " Mom and Pop" service station fix me up. Any idea of what a permanent fix should cost roughly

A good independat shop that knows about security systems can do it. All you do is replace ignition switch and relearn theft. ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

The service engine light is on constant. I have dianostic (OBD II) readings: P0141- Sensor heater circuit bank 1 sensor-2, P0178-Fuel composition sensor low, and P0179-Fuel composition sensor high. When I first drive the vehicle just the service engine light shows, when I stop and restart the service engine light, ABS light and the emergency brake light shows, even though the emergency brake is disengaged. How can I fix this problem? Chevy S-10 Yr 2000 LS 4 cylinder flex fuel set up original.

That is a problem with the fuel composition sensor, here is a link that talks all about it and how to repair it. It is located on the right side frame rail, double check the part numbers when ordering to make sure your getting the right one: ... Chevrolet S 10

As I am driving all of the car's gauges pop off and on intermittenly. The speedometer bounces the gas gauge goes from full to empty. The caution lights flicker. At times while driving the car ignition kills. When I initially turn the car on the speedometer gauge goes from 0 to 120 and then back to 0. Sometimes the Low Oil light comes on when I know the levels are where they should be. About 5 months ago I purchase another battery hoping that this would fix the problem Even though Autozone

This problem is caused by the BCM (body control module), the module need to be tested by a Chrysler dealer with a special electronic scanner and most likely replace, there are only two things that cause this problem which is ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

Hi there my service engine light came on we had it tested and it was cylinder 1 miss fire and we had that fixed she was running rough but not as bad till i went to town and now the service engine light is back on and she is running rough again and missing,i bought brand new spark plugs and spark plug wires and a used coil pack and still running rough and service engine light is back on.And it also takes a while at times to change gear.My car is a 1999 Saturn Sl1 1.9engine single overhead cam cou

Ck compression on cylinder could have burned valve if no could be injector or coil ... 1999 Saturn SC

Service 4wd I get a service 4wd, comes and goes ,sometimes the sw. lights dont work. also it went into 4wlow by itself twice this stoped went to chevy got code c0327 they said it needed a encoder motor and sw cluster. that was 5 months ago yesterday I put it into 4wd hi it went in then I got service 4wd message again . Switch lights went out its back into 2wd not and sw lights on again . Could this only be the sw or the sensor? I have a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 half ton. It will be in 2wd

... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My 2001 Silverado is stuck in 4L. When I select any other position, 2H, Auto, or 4H it blinks 3 or 4 times, makes clicking sounds behind the dash and then goes off...no amber lights on any drive indicator and Service 4WD illuminated. I turned the truck off and back on and it immediately tries to shift out of 4L with amber lights blinking and clicking sounds behind dash. After doing this a few times the drive indication lights would not come on at all, service 4WD light illuminated and I neede

I would advise you to check your fuses in the block under the hood and on the driver's side of your dash. If that doesn't fix your problem, you probably need a new transfer case selector motor. A quality aftermarket replacement can be purchased for a ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Electrical i have 1999 jeep cherokee sport. 112,000 miles. stalls out at idle. happends every so often but starts right up. also blower motor cuts out at high position, also airbag,checkeng light comes on and rpm and mph goes out then goes back to normal. happends every so often.because it doesnt happen all the time, mechanics say wait for a failure to bring in for service. steering wheel lock doesnt work, and i suspect that not all of the dash check lights come on like seatbelt light comes on t

It sounds as thought you have a short, or shorts in the electrical system. In all honesty, you are not likely to get a good answer online. I would have to look at the vehicle and trace the wiring to find the problem. A few things to check out first ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

Just changed battery now service light and airbag light stay on airbag light flashes is there something i can do to fix this without spending hundreds of dollars?

Try this bodge ands see if ti works for you ,disconnect battery and join the leads together and leave overnight and then reconnect battery following morning and see what happens ,cant promise nothing BUT?? ... 2003 Saturn VUE

91 Corvette - Service Engine lights, Speedometer goes (usually) to 0, Average miles per gal goes to 5Y5, engine stops. Engine cranks but will not start. Wait a bit, remove key, insert key and it will usually start. only code is 12 which is normal. (Speedometer sometimes goes to 108 or 17 instead of 0 - while sitting and Idleing) Can sometimes get out of engine stopping by flooring it - must be driving to do this.

... 1991 Chevrolet Corvette

2004 chevy malibu v6 My airbag light stays on but every once in a while it goes out but soon comes back on. I am trying to fix this problem myself. The light on drives me nuts. I dont have alot of money to fix this because i just put a new transmittion in it. Please help. I also have crazy knocking noices when hitting bumps.

You need to connect a scan tool to determine what the problem is. The most common item to fail on the Air Bag system is the clock spring in the steering column. That part should cost about $90 to $100.Charlie ... 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

My service passenger airbag light is on in my 2009 silvered, when someone sits in the seat it wont turn on and there is no way to reset it. We took it into Chevy to get it fixed, they "fixed" it then we drove home and about half way home we hit a bump then it came back on and the airbag turned off again, with my husband in the passenger seat. We are now stationed in Germany and there is NO Chevy dealer to take it to here!! What do i do?

... 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My Service Engine Soon light came on about a year ago. I took it into the shop and got that problem fixed but the light stayed on, so I took it to advance auto parts and code tested it and it said that the 02 sensor heater (Bank 1/Sensor 1) was malfunctioning. What would this cause and how do i fix it?

There are several types of O2 Sensor codes. There can be "Lean O2 Sensor" codes, "Rich O2 Sensor" codes, "O2 Sensor Slow Response" codes, or "O2sensor Heater Circuit" codes. The specific code that is being set changes the way you must go about diag ... Mitsubishi Galant

I used my blinker to turn and this rapid clicking kept going after the blinker was done...then the airbag light came on and the warning bell kept ringing at the same time...this happened again prior about 1 month ago after I had driven the car on the highway about 100 miles.what is that? Is my airbag bad or something? What is the cost to fix this? I have a 98' Chevy Malibu. Also the ABS (what is ABS?)light came on suddendly and won't go off...my brakes are fine I'm pretty sure!!

You need a scanner i belive to cheak the codes if not than go to http://www.vehix411.com thay have all free video instructions on how to diagnose and reset the airbag without a sca ... 1998 Chevrolet Malibu

Service engine light on my Infinity 2001 QX4 4WD goes on and stays on usually for a couple of weeks then stays off for weeks, the code shows up as 420-430 which I think is catalytic converter, it's been about a year since this has been going on am I doing more damage by not fixing the problem or no big emergency. Vehicle seems to be running fine but when the service engine soon light appears it seems to run a little sluggish.

The Service Engine Light means, time for an oil change and other regular maintainance items like engine air filter, check all other fluids, lube chassis, it's a reminder to take care of your car. When the maintainence is done, then you or whoever wor ... Infiniti QX4

Airbag light on, horn doesn't work,something sounded like it broke inside. My car had been stolen and finally fixed. The guy put over a 1,000 miles on it and involved a new oil pan and catalytic converter plus over $9,000 into fixing it. He drove it really hard. There was a big gouge on the steering wheel top and they had to disengage the airbag and re-engage it to replace cover. After that I kept hearing a 'swooshing sound when I turned the steering wheel. Could they have done something wrong w

Sounds like the clock spring in the steering col ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

I haven't had too many problems with my 06 Kia until recently. My airbag warning light came on so I took it in. They say it's a seatbelt part that needs to be replaced & low voltage on the battery. They quote me something like $160 for the battery so I only have them fix the seatbelt which is under warranty. I take the car to O'Reilly's and get a new battery installed. The airbag light never goes away so I take the car back in to get it checked out. Now they are saying it's a whole new issue & s

If your car is fine and it is just the air bag light, I wouldn't worry about it. If this is the case, that means the guys who changed the battery put the post on the wrong side. This would mean that the trained pros didn't know any better. No way. Yo ... 2006 Kia Rio

2000 chevy silverado 1500 4.8 service engine light went on read code P0327 knock sensor low input bank 1. I had both knock sensors replaces along with pcm. After just a few miles on the road service light went on again and reading same codes. what could cause this problem?

It could be that your knock sensor circuit is working perfectly.You may have a knock that it is reading for long periods.\015\012Try running it disconnected, and see if there is a clatter or knock when accelerating lightly.\015\012\ ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
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