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It seems to me that the engine won't start on these occasion when it is at operating temperature . There are a number of possibilities here , lets deal with one at a time .

A possible cause could be a lack of residual fuel pressure , meaning that when the engine is switched off the pressure drops rather than holds . This will cause the fuel to vaporize in the engine fuel rail and hence it will be hard to start .

The cause of fuel vaporization can be one of three things namely : leaking injectors , a faulty fuel regulator or a leaking check valve in the fuel pump .

So try checking your fuel pressure when the fault occurs . This is a dangerous operation unless you know what you are doing . Do that first and then get back to me .
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It seems to me that the engine won't start on these occasion when it is at operating temperature . There are a number of possibilities here , lets deal with one at a time . A possible cause could be a lack of residual fuel pressure , mean ... 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

1988 260E was running fine got on freeway after a few miles car began sputtering low fuel light was on made it to station added 7.5 gal to tank started car stalled exiting waited 10-15 min started fine made it home next morn started fine ran few min stopped did this a few times now wont start changed fuel filter no luck did a direct connect to both pumps one at a time car starts stalls on disconnect thinking fuel relay help please P.S gave this car to mom for BD

I wouldn't do the direct connect for very long as you will damage the pump.\012 Check the harness from the tank pig-tail back into the body for broken connection especially where it goes into the body.\012\012Sounds like MAP sensor to me ... 2008 Toyota Camry

My car is not starting I waited 10 minutes and tried again it started just fine. A week later it failed again to start? I waited and hour and it started right back up again. The car runs fine when its running except for an un-steady idle. Can you please help me? I hate to know my car is not reliable when trying to start.

Try checking this information of diagnosing a car that wont start this might help. ... Cars & Trucks

1989 volvo 760, 4 cyl turbo. our stationwagon is having a little problem starting. in the morning or the first drive of the day the car starts fine but every once in a while we drive it and go into the store or something and come back out and the car wont start. we have to wait sometimes a half hour some times two hours. its very random when it happens. when it wont start it doesnt click like a low battery it doesnt do anything except show all the lights up on the dash like usual. so it seems li

Check the connection at the starter relay. The battery cable should run to the relay and another runs from the starter relay to the starter. If the connection seems fine, the relay itself may have a crack within., preventing a starting connection. If ... 1989 Volvo 760

Someone please help!!! 2001 galant with 3.0 v6. Was accelerating from a stop light at half throttle when out of no where car had absolutely no power. Managed to get home but anything more than a feather on gas pedal and car would spit and sputter. Got home shut it off, waited an hour and it started up. Next day it wouldn't start. Pulled codes p0134, p0401, p0300, p0455. Could the timing belt have jumped a tooth? Any input would be helpful

The codes you can google, but I would say a timingbelt would be a good guessCan't fix on a guess, have to look & test thingsThe codes seem like the result of timing being off &intake & exhaust pressures have an eff ... Cars & Trucks

PLEASE HELP MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix will not start randomly. The engine will crank but nothing happens. Whenever I try to start it without success, I have to wait a RANDOM amount of time before it starts. I've been left waiting for 5 minutes, I've been left waiting for 2.5 hours. I've had it in 4 different garages (Private garage, Coates car care [who supposedly were supposed to have top quality electronic diagnostics], GM dealership, Pep Boys) and NO ONE has any idea what'

Omg! sounds like you've had alot of trouble! #1 if you've had to hold your ignition switch in the start position for over 10 seconds and no start,you have possible fuel related problems,#2 if your engine starts after several attempts,it's getting spa ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

First time in the morning the car starts right away. but after the car sits say for about an 1/12 hours it takes about a5 seconds to start. also sometimes while waiting for a trafic light to change it chokes out, but starts right up again. Please help.

1. When was last time changed: fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs ?\015\0122. Does the Engine Control Module (ECM) yellow Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) lightning on the dash board?\015\0123. First time you can try to ... 2003 BMW 325

Starting problems The car starts sometimes and other times not at all, have to wait +-1 hour before she will start again??? The problem does not occur all the time but is most frustrating when you need to go somewhere urgently, please help, thx

\012HelloThe engine\012and automatic transmission in this vehicles drive train\012are fully electronically controlled by a computer called the PCM\012(Power Train Control Module). Whenever a problem like this occurs ... Cars & Trucks

(04 ford explorer xlt) left lights on for about 1-2 hours without noticing. car wouldn't start of course. tried jump starting it. it only cranked over 3 times. then after that it just wouldn't do anything not even make a sound. took starter off and tested it and it worked fine. bought a new ignition relay and it still wouldn't do anything. jump started the starter with a screw driver and ignition on and all it did was just crank but wouldn't start. please help!!!


Have a Suzuki Ignis - 2002 reg and this year for first time the engine cuts out in hot or humid weather. Never done this prior. Wait 10 to 15 mins and car will start again, until next cut out! Drives fine in cold, wet weather, but the sun and heat now causing car to fail. Two garages have looked at car, but can't solve problem. Have replaced air filter and air flow sensor - still same problem. Please help.

... 2007 Suzuki XL-7

Car starts, runs fine, shut it off. Starts, runs fine. Shut it off 5 min.s or so later will not start. Wait 2 hours or more. Starts, runs fine. Cycle repeats. At first, I could not hear the fuel pump for a brief time. Yesterday I could but still no start until 2 or more hours later. Has spark to the cap when this happens. No sign of fuel. Pump is 1 year old. Car is a 1997

Well ginko is on the right track but there is a way you can test the fuel pump your self,\015\012\015\0121._ open the hood\015\0122. Remove the hose connecting from the gac filter to the injecting system(remove it from the engine ... Geo Metro

My radio is not accepting the code. I went to the dealership to make sure that I have the right code and it still is not working. Please help. I know to turn the ignition but do not start the car for an hour. It does reset to "code-----" but after I enter the code three times it goes back to code wait. Help me!

U got the wrong code, simple as that. \015\012make sure u got the rite ser # on the radio. shouldn't have to enter it 3x. once is enuf. cud b that entering it 3x it thinks it's the wrong code. ... 1997 BMW 3 Series

I just bought a used car ford festiva 2000 from a dealer and the second time i drove, (it was a hot day) it just stopped running after waiting for the lights and it was peak hour,,,i had to get some help push it to a corner and it started again.. i cant tell whats wrong with it.. i got a mobile mechanic to have a look at it.. (cos i was scared it will stop on the way). he couldn't find anything wrong with it..i can start the engine fine but after that day there's always the fear that it might ju

Sounds like your fuel pump is going out. The fuel pump is what pumps the fuel from your tank to the engine. A lot of times what owners do is let their cars run with the light on until they "have" to put gas in their cars. This causes the fuel pump to ... Ford Festiva

I have a 95camry 4dr sedan 2.2 4cyl almost 200,000 car running fine parked it few hours later went to start it it cranks but wont start its not the timeing belt or ignition it keeps popping the 30amp fuse in the engine tested the fuse block under dash there seems to be a short in there is this possible please help desperate?

You are right about the shorted circuit somewhere. A good place to start looking might be with your distributor cap.Tell me how this works out. Thanks! ... 1995 Toyota Camry

In the morning when i go start my car, the first time i put the key in and doesnt start it rotates but doesnt start i turn the key agian and it does,please help i put a new starter in alternater,water pump,heads cleaned up at a machine shop fuel pump,fuel regulator,fuel filter,pvc,160 thermostate.spark plugs,wires new egr and a K&N filter and rebuilt transmission and cant find the problem im growing gray hair from stress in can somebody please help me with this issue. thanks alot!

You moght check the ground straps and make sure the engine is grounded solid ... 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS

I have a 2004 Kia Rio and most of the time it works just fine, but every now and then the car won't start at all. I turn the key and all the electrical components come on just fine (lights, radio, etc) but its like the starter won't engage at all. There will be a click and hum for maybe 3-5 seconds but then it stops. Some times if I wait 10 minute ad try again it will work, but some times it will be 5-6 hours before I can get the car to start. I have had the starter replaced but the problem stil

Does sound like the starter still. This is what I call a lottery start it is pot luck if the car starts each morning. The\015\012 motor occasionally refuses to start to turn first time and has a defined\015\012 rhythmic pulse when tu ... 2004 Kia Rio

Engine sometimes starting the car its starts up fine, but other times the car will just turn over and i have to repeat a couple times to get it started. Checked the battery, and alternator and they are fine. PLEASE HELP!

Chech fuel pump pressure ... 2005 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

Ford Taurus 2002 Ford Taurus wagon. 102,000 mi. past two years, unpredictable: anti-theft will start blinking when I insert key. I start engine. Engine starts but when in I put car in gear, car won't go. Device causes car to stall. Repeated attempts to drive, same: will not go. Wait at least two hours and starts fine-- no more problem. Has happened at least a dozen times. At first had car towed. By the time mechanic looked at it mechanic could find nothing wrong. Suggested magnetic in

Try replacing the cars computer with a known good one. It seems the computer or "brainbox" is deprogramed for some reason. ... 2002 Ford SVT Focus

Nissan Altima 2000 Manual. Recently had remote starter installed and was working fine for a few days. This morning I remote started the vehicle and when I came out car was off. Try starting the car up with key nothing happens, no crank no clicks, nothing. Battery is 2 weeks old and this is the 2nd time that this happened. The first time I replaced the starter and everything was fine. That was a week ago. Is the remote starter damaging the starter ?? Please help.

... Nissan Altima

MY nissan sentra spudders when cold. when i start it in the morning it revs up by itself. nisson is thinking it could be the timing chain, i have looked up the symptoms to this and dont think it is that. i have had the camshaft sensor replaced twice. i have so far spent 300. on this car and am still having the problem. nissan was not much help. car runs fine after it is warmed up. it started last summer when it rained it would spudder and then run fine...please help me i am at a loss... why woul

... 2003 Nissan Sentra

2004 Mits. Lancer 2.4 L Start up is fine, when driving come to stop sign car stalls out, starts up fine. When excellaring on street car stalls out , starts right up. Not fuel pump , not fuel filter, not tune up, cat is ok, no trouble codes, whats the problem. type answer or call me 510-938-1153 . please stay with me until we solve problem. Other guy would not contuine to help me, He said check fuel filter, this car doesnt have fuel filter, when I type that to him , I never heard back from him..

Hi, I recommend you check the MAP sensor. You will need a multimeter for these tests. \015\012The sensor is on top of the intake manifold as shown in the picture below. A new sensor is expansive, so I do recommend you test the old one before ... Mitsubishi Lancer

Car: 2003 kia sedona lx having a weird start problem. after the car has been sitting for about 1 or so, the car will not start (if the car has been just turned and try to start again it starts fine). but after 1 hour or so i have to either try it 3 to 4 times or have the car in ignite and wait about 10 sec and try again. the funny thing is if its been sitting over night, the first try in the morning usually starts. i have replaced the fuel pump and the filter but still the same problem. any

This sounds like a malfunctioning choke sub-system which is probably controlled by the engine control unit (computer).\015\012\015\012Charlie ... 2003 Kia Sedona

I installed the parking sensors yeaterday and now they continue to beep after I put them in reverse. I did the test where you turn on the ignition but not start the car and then put the lever in reverse. The sensors work fine. But when I start the car put the car in reverse they beep continuously. Every now and then it will work fine. I even tried to to plug them in one at a time and it works but all together causes a problem. Please help

... 2005 Nissan Pathfinder

I have a 1990 firebird base model 3.1 v6 i have changed every part under hood over $1000 in parts including timing chain car will fire but just chug no throttle responce at all i was wondering if i have timing messed up i turn the distributor bt it does nothing. before i started changing parts the car started cutting out while driving then got worse it would idle fine as soon as you touched the gas pedal it was like you shut off the key. it would start back up and do the same thing please help

I believe it is out of time if your distributor is not idleing it up or down could be your ignition control module under your distributor cap try that first if that dont work get a timing light and see if it time it could also be a mixed up wire firi ... 1991 Pontiac Firebird

My 2003 honda accord wont start even if i turn the key all the way, it worked fine yesterday, people tell me its locked from somewhere but i cant find the problem. i put the key in the ignition turn the key to start the car but it wont; the car doesnt make a noise all it does is a ding ding noise which i suppose is the noise it makes when you open the car. it like if its dead, the lights tuen on fine, also the brakes are really hard when u try and press on it. please help asap

... 2003 Honda Accord
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