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How to get air out of cooling system and radiator 2004 1500 gmc yukonxl

\015 Installed new water pump and thermostat runs hot air in system\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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How to get air out of cooling system and radiator 2004 1500 gmc yukonxl

... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Cooling system overheats. radiator stays cool. have replaced everything short of the radiator. any ideas? changed the phlange, water pump, thermostat, radiator switch, fan module, and fan motors. seems to get air bound or not circulate. Mechanic let it idle for three hours without incident. I drove 1/2 hour home and it is overheateing again. Do I really have to take the whole nose off to replace the radiator or is there a simpler and faster way?

Try replacing the coolant temp sensor. Get the one from the dealer. The others do not fix the problem. ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

Hi,iv got 2002 jaguar s type r last week it started leaking engine cooling liquid from back of engine above gearbox i tried evrything to see where it was coming from but couldnt find out so i assumed it leaking from engine core plug so i put in radiator seal liquid. it stoped water leak but i am getting hot air in from the heater. its blowing in barely luke warm air its more on cold side than warm. it was all fine before cooling water leak, could be air lock inside heater system. please could so

Yes you got it in one,, its an air lock stoping the water going round the heater, you need to blead the air out rad seal wont block up the heater,,,,iv used it many times,,,my old truck ran with it in for years!\015\012look for a bleed scew on ... 2002 Jaguar S-Type

Hi,iv got 2002 jaguar s type r last week it started leaking engine cooling liquid from back of engine above gearbox i tried evrything to see where it was coming from but couldnt find out so i assumed it leaking from engine core plug so i put in radiator seal liquid. it stoped water leak but i am getting hot air in from the heater. its blowing in barely luke warm air its more on cold side than warm. it was all fine before cooling water leak, could be air lock inside heater system. please could so

Was the prob a hole in the heater hose if there are any back tthere ... Jaguar S-Type

Burp radiator 1996 chevy cavalier 2.2 ohv 3-spd. car runs mostly cool, but then at stoplights, it gets up to 202 degrees, a little above 195. cool down when moving, no leaks. fan works, w/p works, just put a new thermostat. mechanic said i have air in the system. I want to burp the air out using the COOLANT RESERVOIR CAP, since the bleeder screw is stuck shut.

Physically look in the radiator under the cap(if one exsist's) when cool, for coolant level, and check the valve in the cap for sticking. If air is present in the radiator it can't get out, and more coolant can't get in,(from the overflow). ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

Is a compression test a conclusive way to check for a leaking head gasket? My 99 honda civic (D16Y7) Is losing coolant and ruining radiator caps from the coolant obviously getting too hot. I did a compression test on each cylinder, as well as a pressure test with each cylinder TDC with 180psi for approximately 1 minute with the engine at running temp. At the same time i had a cooling system pressure tester on with 25psi...there was no loss of pressure in any of the cylenders or cooling system,

Check for milky oilIt may help to have the radiator cleaned and flushed, and a new thermostat installed, the coolant may be going out the overflowNot certain how it ruins radiator caps, they hold about 5psi in the radiatior and let excess ... 1999 Honda Civic

I have just fitted a new radiator on my vauxhall astra 1.7 TDLS MK4 1999. There seems to be an air lock as the expansion bottle is releasing pressure through the expansion cap every 20 seconds or so when the engine gets to normal running temperature. Also the heater will not blow hot air only cool air. Where do i bleed the system to release the air lock or is it self bleeding? Thank you Alan.

Look on top of the thermostat housing or anywhere in the system that sits up high as it has to be a high point to bleed off any trapped air. usually there is a small relief valve that you unscrew until fluid runs out. sometimes youmust do this severa ... 1999 GMC Envoy

I have a 2001 Saturn SL1, over 200,000 miles on it. I have two major problems with my car. 1. It over heats. I have replaced everything in the cooling system and still it over heats. Only when it is hot outside. During the winter never will it overheat but now it is getting hot outside it overheated the first time this year yesterday. I did not have the air on. I never run the air because that makes it overheat. I was sitting at a light and it was at 1/4 then one second later it went straight to

... Saturn SL1

I have a 1999 Ford Expedition XLT with the 5.4L engine and air conditioning front and rear. The heater just doesn't get hot. It gets up to maybe 90F or so but that's it. I've had the radiator replaced and the cooling system flushed out, the thermostat replaced but still no luck. I'm thinking now about replacing the fan clutch. If that doesn't do it, how about the damper in the dash? Maybe it's not closing? Are there any more possiblilities? You gotta help me, my wife has to wear a jacket

I have the same problem. Not only is it uncomfortable, the sensors, computer etc. will not run properly or efficiently unless it reaches the proper operating temp. I have even put cardboard in front of the rad as well as a hot (195) thermostat & ... 1999 Ford Expedition

1999 4.7 v8 Engine cooling problem!! I have replaced radiator due to small leak, both fans work, system is full of coolant as visible thru coolant bleed port. Top hose gets hot indicating flow. However, she still overheats. Is there a way to test water pump output pressure to ensure that the flow I'm sensing is sufficient? I have heard that the coolant sustem bleeding process is key to maintaing temp? The system is full, could there be air pockets in block? I'm stuck!!!! thanks, curt

Replace the waterpump and thermostat ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

All of a sudden I am getting an overheat indication on the temp gauge in my 1996 GMC Sonoma 4cyl Blower is blowing cold air, Top radiator hose is HOT, heater hoases are cool to the touch. Lower radiator hose is just warm Put in a new thermosat last fall. Engine starting rouning rough on startup but smoothes out after run for a short time. I think the heating problem is a faulty thermostat, Your help is appreciated

Take the thermostat out and put it in a small pot and heat it on the stove top watching to see if it open when it gets hot. If it hasn't opened all the way by the time it boils its bad ... GMC Sonoma

A 1994 Ford Probe with 2.0L DOHC radiator never stays filled but I see no leak and no tailpipe smoke. Could the catalytic converter cover up the problem? It also overheats. I experienced something similar on a 1997 Ford Escort(also after changing a water pump) and after a while I just let the radiator cap fly off and the anti-freeze fly everywhere then topped it off then I never had a problem with it again. Is it a common problem getting all the air out of Ford cooling systems?

I just changed a water pump which did not leak when running but dripped when sitting....off....you can also, with any car that I have had....pull the bottom rubber off the rad cap...thereby releasing all pressure..of course do not do this when hot an ... 1990 Ford Probe

How to get air out of cooling system on 2001 gmc yukon 5.3 liter

... Cars & Trucks

Mercury villeger 2002 getting air out of radiator cooling system

... Mercury Villager

The water pump was bad soon this 94 Camaro that I just got so replaced it along w/the radiator hoses. After I flushed the cooling system,I filled it back up. I drove it around for a couple of days and noticed that it started to get kinda hot again, checked the fluid level whi h was low, topped it off, then noticed it was leaking out from between the block & the trans. I'm assuming that it's 1 or more of the freeze plugs on the back of the block because there are no other leaks to be found. How m

This sounds like you have a leaking intake manifold. Not that uncommon for these cars. Hook a pressure tester to the system and grab a flaslight. A pressure tester can be borrowed from most autoparts stores. Apply pressure and start looking. If it is ... Chevrolet Camaro

No heat. installed new thermostat,cooling system working correctly. blower seems to not blow on 1 setting but works fine on 2-3-4. air come through all outlets but never gets hot.

Put a piece of cardboard in front of rad as a temporary solution ... Mercury Cougar

How do you get the air out of the cooling system? I had a waterpump replaced at a garage because it was leaking and now the car overheats and the lower radiator hose is always cold. I took it back and they said they checked the thermostat and replaced the water pump and still the same problem. The car was fine before this.

Try running the engine withe radiator cap for about 30 min off and see if that helps. There is a tool that will pressurerise the system forcing the air but its a long time since i have seen 1 ... 1991 Volkswagen Jetta

Overheating Engine overheats. I have replaced the waterpump and thermostat. When engine is cool, I can squeeze top radiator hose and it is collapsable. When engine warms up and starts to build pressure the top hose gets hard and you cannot squeeze it shut. I pulled the thermostat out and put it in a boiling pan of water and it opens up. Can it be an air lock somewhere in the collant system?

It could be air lock , very common on those engines, more likley is a slight headgasket leak ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

On a 2001 infiniti j 30t..Change the radiator and would like to know how to bleed it or how to get the air out of the cooling system.

Remove the cap on the expansion tank,undo the clip on the highest water hose and fill into it....then fill the exp tank...start up to max temp and any air in the top of the rad should vent into the expansion tank. ... 1997 Infiniti.5 J30

The heater takes longer to heat up then it used to, and when it does it des not stay heat. It blows out cool air? We have gone through the fuel system and cooling system without success. Antifreeze in radiator,no leaks on radiator, holding water fine. Coolant reservoir not being used a whole lot. New thermastat put in two weeks ago. Had problem since we replaced the radiator with a new one. The old one had many leaks. Replaced fuel pump and fuel filter checked for leaks in fuel system, do not fi

The fuel system is seperate from heating system.check water pump the impeller could have deteriated i have seen this in another cavalier,once i removed water pump the blades that move the water were full of holes.but first make sure ther is good flow ... 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier

Air conditioning The passenger side gets somewhat cool and the drivers side only gets fan air. This 2003 century has a manual split a/c system. My mechanic has already replaced the compressor because it shorted out the fuse every time it was turned on. We charged the system each time and still a few days later the drivers side remained warm. My mechanic added the dye to the system and it shows no leaks under a black light. What should be checked at this time? Is there a control system in th

The problem is with the diverter valves in the dash. ... 2003 Buick Century

My heat fan only blows cold air. I m experiencing a problem with my car. I resently had to change my exhaust system, and hav done so successfully. I discovered a leak in my cooling system ( in the radiator), and hav now fixed the leak with some radiator fixing fluid. I thought I had fixed the problem, filled it up with only water, no coolant. Just to see if the leak got fixed. After it stop leaking, Ive filled on coolant aswell. Ive also tried to air out the system by opening the the valve at

Try ur thermisthat or ur heater cord ... 1993 Peugeot 306 D-Turbo

Heating system My 2001 pontiac montana temperature light is coming on. When driving the heat in the van turns to cold this is when the temperature gauge starts going up, when it turns to warm it starts dropping. Once the cool starts coming the temp gauge stays close to the top until I bleed the line. There seems to be air getting in the system from somewhere. I had it looked at and there is no leaks in the system, I continue to bleed the lines to get the air out this help it work for a few hours

I'm quite certain what your problem is. The fluid level is too low. Now wait, it's not that simple. In order to bring the coolant level to the correct height on this vehicle, ready for this?, You have to jack up the front of the van or drive it to an ... 2001 Pontiac Montana

I have a 1998 Mitsubishi Galant. I have a problem with the cooling system and air conditioner. I removed the thermostat and flushed the radiator already but the car still starts to overheat whenever I come to a stop and cool down as I drive down the road, the air conditioner also quits working at an idle. It has an electric [dual] fan system that is not belt drive and the air conditioner works while going down the road. The fan was also working when I let it idle and watched it with the hood up.

Hello! First just a few questions...Is there any debris blocking air flow through the grill area, between the air conditioning condenser and the radiator? if not the radiator itself is to blame...The cooling fins are clogged externally and/or the int ... Mitsubishi Galant

2002 vw passat....starts fine and drives fine....periodically stalls when braking for stop..this happens after a few miles of driving and is hard to get going again but will start and if reved up a bit I can get it to move without stalling again....I am getting randoim misfires on all cylinders and fault codes 1) 17887 brake booster: vac system mechanical failure (intermittent) 2) 17536 fuel trim; bank 1 system too lean upper limit exceeded (intermittent) 3) 16486 mass air flow sensor (G70): sig

It appears that your brake booster system has a major vacuum leak which is causing the engine to go lean and stall. Check the hose between the intake manifold and the brake booster. It may be cracked or loose causing outside air to enter the hose w ... Volkswagen Passat
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