Having problems with your 2004 Chevrolet Colorado ?

Suging issues when you slow down it almost stalls out. the best way i can describe it is like when you do not put clutch in on a manual transmission

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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That dont tell me much but check your fuel pressure and your wires also run a fuel cleaner. let me know if you need more help
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Suging issues when you slow down it almost stalls out. the best way i can describe it is like when you do not put clutch in on a manual transmission

That dont tell me much but check your fuel pressure and your wires also run a fuel cleaner. let me know if you need more help ... 2004 Chevrolet Colorado

Manual transmission ok when i dont have the car started i can put it in all gears but as soon as i start the car i cant put in gear unless i force it in gear. i can start the car with in already in gear but its like i have already released the clutch. Ive already justed the cables on the top back of the transmisssion to make sure they moved when u put it in gear and ive checked the clutch cable in the front top of the transmission and they all move.

Clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing most likely need replaced if the cable assembly to it is working properly. Those parts release the transmission from the motor while running thats why its doing that to you. ... 1993 Toyota Paseo

I have a 1988 pontiac fiero GT with a 2.8 v6 and automatic transmission. I recently experienced a problem when I left the highway where everything seemed normal. As i appoached the first stop at an intersection I braked normally. As I slowed to a stop the car stalled out like it would if you had a manual transmission and didn't push in the clutch. I put the car in neutral and started the engine again. It idled at about 1500 rpm. and stalled again when i put it in drive. After several atte

Have the idle speed control checked out and the same with the throttle positioning sensor ... 1988 Pontiac Fiero

I have a 1999 5-speed manual transmission Chevy Cavailar and I am having problems putting the car into gears. There is a grinding noice when i shift the car into all gears, especially reverse. There seems to be very little tension when I press on the clutch. Is this likely a problem with the clutch, traney, or shift cable? What would be a good est on the cost of repairs? Thanks

I am guessing from your explanation that your clutch is gone. Do not drive it if it is grinding as you say - this will destroy your gears and require a transmission as well as a clutch. Call your chevy dealer for an estimate - they have books with es ... Chevrolet Cavalier

Had trouble when I put it in Drive. Car didn't move. Tried all gears and nothing. Tried again and it worked. It was almost like the automatic clutch wasn't engaging. Now it doesn't move at all. Manual says I can't check the fluid. There are no smells that would indicate the clutch burned and no noises out of the ordinary to say something let loose in the transmission. Engine has about 80K on it. This car is well maintained and not driven hard.

If you have no dipstick on the transmission, you will see a fill plug on it.(usually a red cap) there is another plug that needs to be removed on or near the passenger side axle extension (on transmission). That plug needs to be removed on level grou ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 2005 Saturn Vue with a manual transmission and it has about 100,000 miles on it. I was driving it tonight and it was running just fine then I had to stop at a red light and when I pushed the clutch down to put it into 1st gear it wouldn't go into gear. When I pushed on the clutch it felt like it was loose. It had no tension until I was pushing it down about half way. I left it went and got someone to help me push it out of the way. Got it out of the road and I tried to start it in 1st g

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I have a 1989 Ford F-250 with a 5 speed manual transmission. I will be driving at any speed and when I start to coast to a stop sign or need to press in the clutch, the rpm gauge will jump down to 500, and bobble between 500 and 750 for about 2 seconds, then stall. I can then put it in gear and pop the clutch and it will then start right back up. I would like to know all of the possibilities of what this could be.

Air cleaner, fuel filter, MAP sensor, O2 sensor (two of them), vacuum hose off or cracked, stuck EGR..... any of these can cause this condition. The computer depends on correct readings and will try to get into "limp mode" and your truck will stall ... 1989 Ford F 250

99 Explorer with 5R55E Transmission. Put in Drive and transmission slip in 1st gear. Put in 1 or 2 and no slippage. Line Pressure looks good in ranges (using Ford Motor Co. Manual). Transmission was doing this and burnt up forward clutch pack. Put new clutch packs in all locations thinking that the forward clutch pack was worn out. Feeler gauged clutch packs as I rebuilt transmission (everything within spec).

Hot to get information to replace clutches in 5r55e transmission and required technical information to fixed correctly. ... Ford Explorer

1991 sabb 900 turbo 5 speed manual trams ... I was driving down the road shifted In to fourth gear and the transmission locked up or it has something to do with the brakes .. I can put the car in gear and start to let the clutch out and it starts to die like the brakes are on ... I can't get it to go into netural so it will roll I jacked it up and I can spin the tires but if I spin the right side tire forward the left side goes backwards !! Don't really know where to start ?

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I have a mitsubishi Lancer 2003 OZ Rally manual transmission with 75000 miles. Two years ago I put in a new clutch. It ran fine until this past August when I started having trouble shifting especially after the car had been driven awhile. My mechanic first thought it was the slave cylinder but after checling it out he told me it was an "internal" problem could not work on it What could it be? This sounds like a big deal.what do you think?

... Cars & Trucks

Rough idle my 1998 mazda b2500 with manual transmission.. runs a little rough..when i go to take off from cold start the engine will start to **** and really have to put my foot down more then usual for the truck to move.. when i go to engage the clutch while driving it will rev high for a sec then come back down and almost sounds like i have a vacum leak and a diesel sound to it before the the idle comes back down.. anyone have any suggestions what the problem might be would really be apprecia

If its petrol, its going to be the idle speed or stepper motor ,just also check the air flow meter ,make sure there is no rubbish in the mesh in there ,,there is also a tiny little skinny wire in there ,make sure its in one piece ,dont touch it with ... Mazda B2500

2001 VW Jetta 1.8t manual transmission. I can press the clutch pedal and car starts but when i put it on gear and give it gas it wont move. its like if it is on neutral.

Could be a clutch fault or a broken axle ... 1999 Volkswagen GTI

I have a 2002 toyota mr2 spyder . it has the sequential transmission. when you press brake and put in gear if you let go of brake the car does not move until you accelerate engine. now when i let go of brake it takes off just like a manual clutch

... 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder

2004 Honda Element with manual transmission is jumping out of gear. Any ideas? Sounds and feels like an adjustment issue to me. I had a new clutch put in about 50,000 miles ago. Vehicle has about 230,000 miles on it.

I hate to say it but given the mileage on the car the transaxle may be going out. Usually the symptom is caused by problems with the syncro gears but only one or two. For example, if it only jumps out of 5th gear it would be the 5th gear syncro. ... 2004 Honda Element

Transmission slipping put car in gear release the clutch and the transmission slips like clutch is not fully disengaged. like riding with foot on clutch pedal

This normally means your clutch is worn down and needs replacement. Much less likely is that the clutch pedal travel needs adjustment.Replacement of the clutch requires removal of the gearbox and is much easier with a shop hoist. I'd recommen ... 2003 Toyota Corolla

Manual transmission i bought a motor and transmission not really knowin what i was buying, cause i just wanted a bigger motor. but when i first put the transmission in it was changing gears like it was suppose to. but now after i let someone else work on it for other reasons, the gears dont change. i have to do it manually like 1,2, and drive. what happen? did the person plug up something up or what? please help. ASAP

1 of 2 things Happened 1 Whoever worked on it Disconnected the "VACUUM HOSE" to the "VACUUM MODUELATOR" This Unit is Located at the Side of the Transmission about 2/3 way back Driver side I Believe -- if not Passenger Side. Has useualy a Steal Lin ... 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

I need a diagram on where to fill the clutch fluid on my 1998 Isuzu Rodeo. It is a manual transmission. Also, do you put clutch and transmission fluid in different places?

... 1998 Isuzu Rodeo

Ok i got a 1995 ford ranger 4.0 and manual transmission the clutch started to slip so i put a 11in clutch kit into it (over sized clutch) new slave cyclinder new throw out barren after that everthing semmed the same it had a broken clutch pedal so i changed the clutch pedal bracket then i noticed it started to shift hard bout to weeks when by then i had to start forcing it into gear i noticed the transmission mount was shot so i changed it last night now i have to really force it inoto fist or h

Maybe your forks and or linkage is bad or not right for your ranger depending on what kind of kit you got hope this helps ... Ford Cars & Trucks

Best transmission fluid to put in a 2003 vw jetta gls 1.8t manual transmission?

... Volkswagen Jetta

It felt like my clutch was slipping for awhile. I have had my clutch go out before and recognize what it feels like. So, what is happening is I put it into gear and I push on the gas and it doesn't go very far. Basically, slipping. Then I was on my way home and I pulled off the freeway and it wouldn't go anywhere in any gear. My friend was a mechanic and said it could be the transmission. However, I am feeling maybe the clutch fluid is low.

The fluid only help disengage the clutch....your pressure plate is not putting pressure on the clutch....if there is not room for adjustment....is has to be replaced. good luck ... Honda Accord

Hello, I am thinking of buying an 05 Wrangler and have a question about transmission noise. It is a 6 spd manual transmission and when I drove it there is a whining noise, does this in all gears. Almost sounds like most manual transmission auto's when they are in reverse. Is this normal or should I look for another Jeep? I did notice a grinding when shifting up/down into 3rd occasionally even with the clutch to the floor. It only has 28,xxx miles and has the 4.0 motor. Thanks!

The winning noise could be a bad bearing, most likely the one on the input shaft that goes into the clutch because it does it in all gears, and as far as the grinding when you try to upshift or downshift to third sounds like siconizer is bad. Unless ... 2005 Jeep Wrangler

Any way to convert an auto transmission into a manual transmission. The original automatic needs replacing and would like to put a better manual transmission in it


Was driving my 1985 chevrolet sprint, got to stopsign, pushed in clutch to put in 1st geer and nothing just rolled into street. Checked clutch cable fine, checked linkage everything intact. The gear shift is like spaghetti (just moves around very very easily without pushing in clutch) While trying to put in gear it makes no noises at all no grinding nothing. I was told i need to get a new rebuilt transmission. Could it be anything else? Car was driving just fine than boom car wont go into any ge

The fact that you feel nothing at all with your shifter sounds like a linkage issue. Check the shifter linkage all the way to the tranny. Watch the linkage while having a helper move the shifter. If you have linkage movement between the tranny and ... 1985 Chevrolet Sprint

2006 4cyl manual 5 speed transmission 30K miles, light use with no problems. Will not go into any gear with engine running, goes smoothly into every gear with engine stopped. Clutch pedal feels fine and the clutch leaver on slave clutch cylinder actuates in response to clutch pedal. Brake fluid reservoir is filled (is the sameas clutch reservoir?) If I put the truck into first gear with engine stopped and then start engine, the clutch feels finefor a normal start off (clutch feels good) Thank yo

Well, there is only one thing I can think of in your situation. Your pressure plates just simply are not creating enough pressure to allow the gears to engage. Either you have a defective clutch and it needs to be replaced, or possibly just needs a t ... 2006 Toyota Tacoma

I have a 1994 2.2 manual chevy calvalier I was driving and I heard a pop then I lost speed as soon as I put my foot on the brake it was like they all locked up and the car hopped to a stop. After that I was having trouble moving the shifter from one gear to another I was still able to go in reverse I put in manual transmission fliud and that seemed to fix the problem temperary then the car would not move gears and came to a skidding stop and now it is stuck in first gear

Sounds like you have broken a main shaft in the gear box due to lack of lubrication\015\012it needs to be inspected\015\012good luck\015\012Cheers Rob. ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier
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