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Can't start my Road Trek after charging battery

\015 I have a 1993 Road Trek conversion van. I just charged the battery, have lights ect... but there is a clicking sound when I try to start it. Where is the starter actually located so I can check that. I'm a gal and not sure where it is.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Was the starter giving u any trouble before this? I think you may have a bad battery. A battery can have enough charge for the radio and lights to work, but not enough to crank the engine over. A bad battery won't take a charge, and the clicking sound u hear is classic sign of a bad battery. So, although it could be a bad starter, I recommend removing the battery and bringing it to a parts store, where they will check it for free, and let me know what the condition of the battery is, I'll help you figure out what is wrong if that's not it..
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Can't start my Road Trek after charging battery

Was the starter giving u any trouble before this? I think you may have a bad battery. A battery can have enough charge for the radio and lights to work, but not enough to crank the engine over. A bad battery won't take a charge, and the clicking s ... 2004 Audi A4

My 2001 chrysler pt cruiser stalled out on me in the middle of the road, I was able to start it again but it died on me again a day later going to the shop. We decided my alternator was bad and I have a cracked radiator so we changed my alternator and charged my battery but my car still wont turn over.. The battery sounds good, the fuel pump sounds good.. Cant figure out what it is...

OK, the starter turns the engine over, and you can hear (?) the fuel pump. Check* is there any spark? Use a timing light to check. If no spark, then the spark generation system (coil(s), igniter or other) is not working.If there is ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

1995 Lincoln Continental - 4.6 li engine. Car was running fine. Then charging system error began and car eventually drained the battery and left me on the side of the road. I replaced the alternator AND a blow alternator/ generator fuse (10) under the hood. Following replacement , car started right up and ran - but was running off battery and not alternator. Put battery on charger overnight. Today, I go out to start the car - and it will not start at all.. with battery fully charged. Turns over

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Hi i have a ford bantam 1600, a few weeks ago we stoped at a friends house when we left it didnt want to start almost like the battery was dead we push started and it start about 300m down the road the deals whent up and it just cut out didnt want to start again,got it home the following day we replaced the altenator after that same thing happens it doesnt charge the battery, it also gave no indecation that its not charging after we replaced the altenator when u get to low rps the battery light

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Put a battery in a 99 intrepid. tried two other batteries they werent holding a charge. but they did start the car. so i bought a new battery and when i hooked up the last cable the horn honked one time. now the car wont start. no one seems to now why. i tried starting fluid. check fuses. cant figure it out. cant put in the shop spent all my money fixing the brakes tagging and insureing it.

Yes, security system, try drivers & passengers doors & unlock with key. ... 1999 Dodge Intrepid

My check gauges light, brake light & ABS light comes on shortly after driving it & then the battery voltage goes down & the truck dies. Ive had alternator tested twice & its good, ive replaced the battery,& terminals & ive got good connection. I charged up my battery today & usually it will start (just cant drive to far before the battery is dead) but today it wont even start & my battery is reading full charge. It was acting as if it wasnt getting any gas. Could these two things be related? &

Check the wires coming off the altenator. They vibrate and break while engine is running. The insulation will still be intact, so gently pull each wire to see if one stretches. If it does, strip and splice the wire. Don't pull the wires out of the co ... 1999 Dodge Durango

97 cougar xr7 will not start. Ran fine the other day, no problems, but this morning would not start, not able to get it to start all day. Tried charging battery, removed battery for charging (about 10 min or so), checked to see if wiring was fried (cant see any damage), has fuel, has oil, etc. Really strange. When you first turn key you hear the fuel pump working then when you turn further (to start) nothing.. no click - nothing. Tried jumper cables, nothing makes a difference. I have power

That is most likely correct. The starter Solenoid may be junk. What i can recommend you do is take that starter out and run it down to your local auto parts store like Autozone Pepboys o'reilly's or a place similar to that and they will test it fo ... 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7

My alternator went out so i replaced it but i still cant keep my battery charged up and it wont turn over. we jump it and rive it to help charge up battery and once we turn the car off i cant get it started again. its a new battery so it shouldnt be that right?

Check wires on altenator to make sure plugged in @ check battery connections also, new battery needs to be load tested to rule out as bad ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

My 2003 impla (3.8) isnt starting and my very recently purchased battery cant hold a charge. i do have a sound system in it and i've unplugged the amp from the battery and still cant hold a charge. i've checked the starter and it is working. it simply wont crank. the battery posts are fine. i dont know if its the computer or a short caused by the sound system but this problem hasnt happend to the car before and the system has been in it for monthes. please help me, i really miss my car.

If battery is ok,some times a new battery is bad,have your charging system checked ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

2006 sel awd on third alt this week everything works fine untill i drive it in the rain then check charge and battery lites come on battery instant dead took to dealed cant find problem just replace alt again after letting car sit for awhile it will start with aboost and is charging 14.2 volts go through puddle start all over

You definatly have a grounding issue, I would look at all of your wiring underneath especially what is exposed to the elements. ... Ford Freestyle

My 1994 Jeep Wrangler: Upon starting the Jeep, the check engine light has been coming on. Sometimes it is on upon starting the engine and sometimes it will not come on until a few miles or so down the road. On two occasions the Jeep went completely dead, i.e. no battery charge. Upon charging the battery the jeep ran, but it happened again so I had the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and ignition rotar replace. The jeep is running a bit smoother, but the engine light still came on

Try replacing Co2 sensor, most people don't realized that unit need replacing every 50-75k miles also. if that does not work, take it to the dealer and have them plug it into the computer, that will allow for them to narrow it down. with ... 1994 Jeep Wrangler

Last week my battery went dead. I bought another battery and it worked briefly before the battery went dead again. I took the battery to Auto Zone and they said it was a good battery. I had them charge it and placed it back in the truck. Between 5 and 10 minutes after I started driving, the battery light started blinking again and then 5 minutes later it went dead. I dont know what the problem could be. The alternator is new so that cant be the problem. What do you think it could be?

Replace the alternator with another one that is Ford OEM or Ford OEM rebuilt. The alternators that you buy from the discount autoparts stores are not the best quality. I ended up replacing myalternator twice and learned the hard way that they don't ... 1996 Ford Explorer

Losing charge i have a 2003 ford focus se my battery light kept coming on but i wasnt loosing any juise. then finnally the car wont start now unless i charge the battery , i changed the alt. and battery still nothing cant fig. it out nor the people i got the car from they r saying its the brain box i dont think so.

Try this procedure:\012Check the battery like this:\012Turn on the headlights, then try to start the car.\012If the headlights do not dim or go out, then the battery is likely ok.\012Check that the battery cable plus post, goes to the ... 2003 Ford Focus

My acura integra wont start...i changed the spark plugs....that didnt work....my fan cuts on and off and my car cant even start...my battery wont stay charged,because after i changed the spark plugs i

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Charging issue i was driving the car an went into the gas station came out to start it an wouldnt start so i got a jump it ran for about three min so i bought a new alternator an i payed almost four hundred bucks for it an then i got a new battery ,now the car runs for about two hours an dies its only running off the battery have had to be towed back to the house three times im ready to just crush the car an i cant afford to take it to jaguar with there 199.. flat rate oh also took the alt,back

You need to get yourself a cheap digital voltmeter so that you can check charging voltage. It should be close to 14 volts. Also a repair manual, does the car have an external voltage regulator? If so, change it and check again. Check that the bel ... 1985 Jaguar XJ6

My 1992 Toyota Celica is always being required to charged every night, Tested alternator and Battery both tested out fine in august when problem first occured, could go serveral days without charging now that cold weather has set in cant go as long, ocassionally it will not start but after waiting it will start? I'm thinking possible parastic drain, Im wondering if there would be any other possible issues?

If you have to charge the battery every night, the most likely cause is a drain. Dirty and loose cables may be a possible cause. I would cleand tighten and replace any bad cables. Check all connections alt starter and battery. Question when it does n ... 1992 Toyota Celica

My car keeps breaking down. battery seems fine. I can drive to several different places and shut off and start back up and its fine, but then it just dies later on while on the road. if jumped off, it doesn't keep a charge after taking the cables off. not the first time this has happened, the funny thing is that the battery gets a little juice...like its charging itself and then you hear this click and off it goes again. It this the alternator? or maybe electrical? Just to let you know, I do

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My 98 3.1 liter lumina wont start after i fixed the altinator and the car runs completely on the battery. the altinator isnt charging nor is it return charging the battery at all and i cant drive anyplace because it stalls out all the time. sometimes even feet from my door.

The alternator is not working,take it back. make sure the big wire on the back of the alternator has power going to it. also make sure the battery is fully charged to start with. get back to me if you need more help ... 1998 Chevrolet Lumina

When try to start truck and makes one click sound and thats all it does my battery is fully charged cant even boost truck off it just goes click once nothing else but i can push start it and it will start and run until it dies or shut off and does the same thing

It also might be possible you have a bad connection. if you have a test light and a buddy willing to help, hook one side of the test light the starter wire(the big one) and the other side to ground. if it lights up and stays on as long as the ignitio ... 1992 Ford Ranger

I have a 1993 Toyota Celica ST, 1.6. A few days ago my car begun losing power and ended up turning off. I tried starting again after letting it sit and it would make it down the road a few miles before losing power again and cutting off. We determined that the alternator and belt were bad. We changed these and charged up the battery. The car made it 8 miles before cutting off again. We ended up swapping batteries in my car with my friends truck battery and it made the 90 mile trip home. Figuring

To test a altinator the easy way without special tools, start the car, remove the negative battery cable. If it stays running, the altinator is good. I had the same type of problems. It's probably your ignition coil/coils going bad. Try replacing it ... 1993 Toyota Celica

Yesterday morning, I started my '01 4wd 6 cyl 2 door Blazer to warm up before work. It's below zero outside. It seems to start fine. I start driving, no more than a minute down the road it dies. I get a jump, and it repeats the same issue. This happens 3 more times until I can't even get it to hold a charge anymore, enough to where the radio and lights don't even turn on. It's been sitting since then, and won't turn. I'm hoping the cheap fix is the battery, but I'm afraid it's something worse. A

Hey rachelc516 it sounds like you going to need an alternator the reason i say that is the battery starts your car the alternator keeps your car running. ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

It suddenly started putting down the road very bad and the air filter looks clean...when I push the gas the acceleration would stall...so I changed the spark plugs and it drove better...sometimes at take off it messes up and sometimes at take off it does not mess up. Then I changed the spark plug wires, rotor, and distributor cap and now it will not start at all...first it clicked a little when trying to start it and now it makes no sound but the battery charge seems to go up and down when try

Sounds like multiple things going on. The 1st is maybe something sticking with the throttle and why intermittent. Clean carb/throttle body. Make sure you installed everything correctly, sometimes the problem can be compounded with fixing attempts. If ... 1990 Toyota Camry

My daugther has a Saturn sl2 v6, she went to give her grandpa a jumstart using cables but grandpa decided to start up his car before i turned the ignition on her saturn. Grandpas car started right up but after cables were removed and she went to start up the saturn the key won't even turn, steering is locked, cant move gears. The dash lights up the remote to lock/unlock still works. I tested the battery and is showing fully charged (only 6 mons old). My options are limited...i need to move the c


Volts Light I started my car one morning and it wouldn't start and then i charged the batter and it started. I kept it running with out the battery charger then I turned it off then back on it started to i turned the car off so the battery can charge. I tried the same thing when the battery was charged and it wouldn't start. So i put the battery cahrger on the next day and let it charge for a while and took off the positive jumper cable off and it stayed on so i bought a new batter. My car start

If the light is on the charging system is not charging properly.. it should be over 13v running the most likely reason is a bad alternator.. ... 1996 Chevrolet Lumina Mini

Hi i have a pug 106 when i bought it was told i needed 2 charge the battery i done that but when i when 2 start it realised i needed a immobilser code? i cant get hold of the person and do not know the code. i rang peugeot but they tell me they cant bypass it unless i pay £150 plus VAT. any ideas on how to do this myself? thanks they dont have my model and year on here so i have do put something in to post it.

Best thing to do is buy a new cd/radio without a code and never suffer again,you can allways take it with you to a newer car... ... 1987 Peugeot Liberte
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