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Toyota highlander 2003 droning noise on acceleration

\015 Suddenly makes a loud drone when I accelerate mostly at low rpm\015
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My 2006 Toyota Highlander is making a DRONING sound - very loud on the highway- seems to get worse with the steering wheel slightly left and better with steering wheel slightly right. Braking and accelerating seem to have no effect on the noise. The noise makes the dash and the drivers door vibrate/rattle. not sure if it makes the noise at all at low speeds but definitely after 40mph. The car has almost 50,000 miles.

You probally have a bad front wheel bearing , when the noise changes when you move the wheel is typical of a bad bearing.this should be covered under your powertrain warr. ... 2006 Toyota Highlander

Toyota highlander 2003 droning noise on acceleration

... 2003 Toyota Highlander

Grinding noise when accelerating. I drive a 1994 Toyota Tercel automatic, and last night I was cruising the highway at about 75 when my left front tire made a slipping sound, and after that I noticed a grinding noise and a slight whistle. The noise is only present when I accelerate from 0 to about 30 mph, and also when slowing down without braking. While coasting at 50mph with constant pressure on the gas pedal, the sound went away. Is this a CV joint problem or something more serious?

It sounds more like your wheel bearing. If you jack the car up in the front grab the tire at 12 and 6 and try to wiggle it. If there is movement that will prove to be your wheel bearing or your ball joint. If you have someone look under the car at th ... 1994 Toyota Tercel

I have a 2002 Toyota Highlander 6cyl, 4wd, there is a clicking noise coming from where the fusebox is located at the left of the steering column. When I look there is the fusebox, and attached to the left of it is some sort of relay or wiring/relay block - what is it? how do I remove it so I can get a new one to replace it? It clicks when the car is running and I am stopped, not when accelerating - can be in drive or park

... 2002 Toyota Highlander

I just recently purchased a 2010 Toyota Highlander Hybrid (2 months ago). Toyota says there is noproblem with this model accelerating unexpectedly and sticking. It now seems to be happening yo Toyota Pruis - are there any cases of stuck accelerators on hybrid highlanders?

Both toyota prius accelerator cases that I know of have been reported as flukes. the accellaration procces for the fuel and the hybrid models are completely different. plus the sticky pedal finding is a buy product from intense study from camry and ... 2009 Toyota Highlander

I have a 2000 4 cylinder Toyota Camry. The VIN starts with 'J'. Having trouble with a droning noise coming from the exhaust, I have used 100% dealer parts. In August 2010 I changed the flex pipe, January 2011 I changed the intermediate pipe and the muffler. All hangers seem to be in good shape and flanges seem to be lined up. Two jobs were performed at a Toyota dealership, seem to be getting a different sound out of the car now, a droning noise is heard at idle and 2100 rpm. Car has 175,00

Could be a piece of old gasket or pipe that fell inside the system when it was changed, another may be the inside core of the converter is broken loose and fluttering or rattleing inside it's case [ this may not always set a code in the early stages ... Toyota Camry

I have a Toyota 2003 Rav 4.I noticed a loud noise when I accelerate and when idle. My Toyota dealer said it was my belt tensioner. When I had it replaced nothing changed and the noise was still there. They then said that there is a broken plastic piece in the intake manifold which will cost me $850.00 Does anyone know if this what is causing the ticking noise under my hood.

... 2003 Toyota RAV4

I have a growling noise underneath the driver side of my 1990 Toyota 4Runner. It seems to happen just after I first start it and begin driving down the road at low speeds at the beginning of the day. Typically it happens 2-3 times within a few minutes then stops for the rest of the day. The noise appears to be independent of the clutch or when accelerating, meaning it doesn't go away when the clutch is pushed in or increase/decrease while pressing or depressing the accelerator. You can feel

... Toyota Cars & Trucks

2004 toyota highlander gurgling noise - 2011 Toyota Highlander

... 2011 Toyota Highlander

I have a 03 Toyota Camry, when driving about 60 and pressing on the gas it stopped accelerating. I could not accelerate above 55 - 60. At slow speeds it seemed to accelerate fine. No loud noises just a humming when trying to accelerate

If there are no engine lights on, i would try changing the fuel filter first. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 86 toyota 4x4 truck it has a noise when going down the road in the clutch is seems it shifts smooth has no problems or grinding but when going down if you have it accelerated when you let off the noise goes away or if you push the clutch in it goes away? Not a gear grinding noise its more like something came loose and is rubbing on something in motion?

... 1986 Toyota Pickup 4WD

I have a weird problem with my car, its a toyota camry 1995, it has around 250,000 ks, and recently got the engine changed.... The other day what happened is after driving 100 kms, It started making a huge rattling noise....like rat-tat-tat-rat front the front only after acceleration and going above 90 ks/hr, if i go slow the car is fine if i go above 90 it makes tht noise. If the car is resting for 5-6 hrs it gets back to normal and there is no noise until I drive 100 kms or more and ride above

Could be a valve lifter clicking or tapping and you can use lucas oil stabalizer, or it is a pulley ticking. ... Toyota Camry

Toyota 2005 highlander reving noise normal rpm

Do you have an RPM gauge? Probably the transmission is slipping. ... Cars & Trucks

My 2000 Toyota Corolla has recently started making a loud humming or roaring sound, particularly when I accelerate to 45-50 mph. I had the wheel bearings checked and the mechanic said my transmission was going bad. However, I don't seem to have any other symptoms of transmission trouble (e.g., no leaks, no trouble with shifting (it's an automatic transmission, by the way)). In addition, when it starts making the noise, if I take my foot of the accelerator and slide into neutral the sound

... 2000 Toyota Corolla

My 1995 Toyota Tacoma LX 2.4L makes a metallic ringing noise when accelerating. This does not happen in neutral or when the clutch is depressed. What is causing the ringing noise?

Sounds like a wheel bearing. Jack each corner of truck in air and grab top and bottom of tire and see how much it moves. If it moves anymore than a little you have a bad wheel bearing. ... 1995 Toyota Tacoma

Acceleration noise in toyota estima - Toyota Cars & Trucks

... Toyota Cars & Trucks

I have a 2003 Toyota Corolla LE. When I accelerate it makes a roaring, plane-engine-like noise. It's particularly bad when I get on the interstate and gets worse the more I accelerate. It doesn

You may have a bad front wheel bearing, have a local shop drive the car and confirm this is the problem ... 2003 Toyota Corolla

Was in heavy traffic uphill in our toyota corolla verso (automatic) and after a while kept getting a beeping noise coming from the dash every time i put my foot on the accelerator. Was it overheating in some way? After it had cooled checked all oil/coolant levels and were all okay - stopped making noise now but worried may be something wrong? Please help.

There are times, such as approaching a roundabout, turning into a junction or coming down a hill when I have slowed down and then want to accelerate away again. When I put my foot on the accelerator, the car acts as though it has gone into neut ... 2005 Toyota Corolla Verso

2003 toyota highlander will not idle, must keep foot on the accelerator to keep engine running. AS soon as my foot is removed from the accelerator the engine cuts off.

The first place I would look is the IAC motor (idle air control) usaully on throttle body and possibly dirty throttle body and one last thing could possibley be EGR valve exaust gas recir. as if it stuck open it will lean out engine. ... 2003 Toyota Highlander

I have a 1993 Toyota 4Runner that has been giving me problems ever since purchasing it a month ago. After a terrible oil leak we found that it had leaky head gaskets and paid $1800 to replace that along with the timing belt and water pump. Now, after getting it back from the shop a week ago, it is making a knocking noise from the engine when started & when accelerating (speeds up with acceleration) which starts pretty loud at first and seems to calm down slightly when the car is warmed up. We al

A 1993 Toyota 4Runner Water Pump is driven by the timing belt. Timing belt must be correctly positioned and then the timing confirmed once the job is complete. Based on your question, I would say the timing belt or timing is not correct. ... 1993 Toyota 4Runner

When travelling the car performance is poor. when I put down the accelerator to pick up speed the car doesn't respond and when travelling up a hill the speed drops significantly from 70mph to 45mp even though my old car vauxhall vectra 1.8 flew up the same hill I travel up every day staying at 70mpn. I can put the accelerator fully down to the floor and the engine has a loud droning noise coming from it when I do this as though it is screaming for more power. Also when stationary and I pump the

Sounds like a plugged up catalytic converter ... 2009 Chrysler Sebring

1999 Toyota Camry makes noise when accelerating. Also makes a, less loud, noise when stopped at a red light, in the drive thru, etc. - Even when I'm in 'park'. Never had the problem until suddenly one day, and it hasn't stopped since.. what could be the problem?

Look at the drive belts on the alternator and airconditioning to see if on of them is too loose... ... 1999 Suzuki Vitara

What will cause my Toyota Hilux to smoke with loud engine noise at high rpm? When accelerated to speeds of approimately 130km/hr, the engine races of, which feel like no control to the vehicle, smokes ( white/black) and alot of engine noise. When pedal is released and engine rpm reduces the vehicle then runs normal at that low/med rpm, if increased to that appox. 130km/hr problem persists. Regards, Riad

... 1995 Toyota Pickup

Hey, i have a 1991 Toyota 4runner 3 liter manual, runs great and only has 190,000ks, but have recently done 10,000 in the past month, when i push the clutch peddle in it makes a winding scratchy noise, and sometimes as im accelerating it revs up but wont accelerate, like something is slipping, iv heard thrust bearing, or intake leak?? please try and answer this for me Thanks

I would look at the thrust bearing and clutch plate. ... 1991 Toyota 4Runner

07 toyota highlander hybrid 4wd. Static/interference noise from dashboard area-loud. Radio off, Navigation sytem off. Amplified when passing power lines. What is it and how to get rid of this annoying noise.

... Toyota Highlander
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