Having problems with your 2003 Toyota Camry ?

On 2002 Camry AC stops working, light on switch flashes. Turn switch off for 30 sec. Turn back on & usually works (cools) for quite sometime. Mechanic checked system & couldn't find a problem. Cabin/AC filter was changed & AC works better but still shuts off as before. Could it be electrical? Thanks

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Answers :

Low on freon or 134aa
There is a TSB on replacing the relay for the A/C compressor. Get the part from Toyota, it is part #113306638
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On 2002 Camry AC stops working, light on switch flashes. Turn switch off for 30 sec. Turn back on & usually works (cools) for quite sometime. Mechanic checked system & couldn't find a problem. Cabin/AC filter was changed & AC works better but still shuts off as before. Could it be electrical? Thanks

Low on freon or 134aa ... 2003 Toyota Camry

My 1996 Chevrolet Blazer won't start most of the time. Engine don't turn over, or the starter when I turn the key. All I can hear is some clicking coming from the carbarator & a humming noise under my truck from the carbarator to the gas tank. I changed the fuel filter & it worked for most of the time but still had some problems with it starting. Now it is back to NO START at all again. Could it be my ignition switch, or my starter, or maybe my electric fuel line. Please help.

The humming noise you hear is the fuel pump. It is probably your starter soleniod. If you hear an electric click under the dash near the steering column when you turn the key then the ignition switch is ok and your starter needs to be replaced. This ... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

Electrical problem??? 2 weeks ago I went to switch headlights from dim to bright, could not get it to switch also trying to turn the air conditioner on the blower motor would not work. After clicking the switch several times I turned the engine off and back on, this time I turned air conditioner on still did not blow, switched healdights from dim to bright and tried air conditioner again, it worked this time. It has done it several times since, but generally if I go through this process it works

Yup... electrical problem,,,, I'd start by checking body ground (only thing common to problems you listed) then, check sub-system power supplies for loose or corroded connections. Sometimes just unplugging and plugging back in is enough to get better ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Hi. I have a 2003 Volvo s60. When I turn the key over it will not start immediately. Last night it took me about 50 turn overs to get it to finally start. I bumped and wiggled the switch. I also have issues with the clock changing time by itself, the sun roof not working, 12v adaptor not working and the alarm siren not working. Is the starting problem electrical or an ignition switch problem?

If the key won"t turn at all ,take it out and put engine oil on it or get some graphic spray and spray into key tumbler , ... 2003 Volvo S60

Electrical Problem For two days in a row, my 2007 Nissan Maxima (w/ 24,500 miles) head lights, tail lights, directional signals, and wiper settings on low and median do not work (the high setting works as well as the window washer) for about an hour. Then all of a sudden they all work properly. I have turned the car on and off numerous times as well as "jiggled" the ignition switch, the washer switch and the light switch to no avail. The dealer does not know what is causing the problem, as every

For two weeks now the doors on my 2007 Maxima do not lock automatically after I start my car and in drive. When I exit and turn off the car it also does not lock unless I lock it with the remote.My driver electronic seat does not move even aft ... 2007 Nissan Maxima 3.5 Sl Sedan

Electrical Problems... A few days ago, I started up my Crown Vic (retired Police Interceptor) and it had some strange electrical problems. I'll pretty much just list them as I know them. Head Lights constantly on if the car is on Cannot control headlights with the Headlight Switch Turn Signals do not work Hazards do not work Tail Lights do not work Dome light is constantly on if the car is on Secondary dome light does not work Light under hood does not work Seat Belt warning signal does not

I just bought one myself, on a 97. When cops rip out their equipment they mess up a lot of things so a person has to repair them. Mine was to where no body could get in the truck and couldn't figure out "how" to open it. Some dash lights didn't work, ... 2001 Ford Crown Victoria

My explorer, Eddie Bauer edition had an electrical problem, when you switched to the high beam lights, you could a hear a crackling and the light would go off, but if you switched back to the low beams, they would work. Today, when i got in the car, the light would not turn on, nor would the instrument panel, the electric door locks wont work, and no interior lights. I've checked fuses, and all seem good. Possibly an ignition switch, or a loose wire? Any help would be appreciated. The engin

... 1993 Ford Explorer Limited

I'm having electrical problems with my 2005 Chrysler 300. It started with my turn signals, cruise control, and wipers not working. Then after replacing some fuses, I got them all to work properly. I then tried to leave in my car and it wouldn't start. Come to find out that my battery was dead. Today I just bought a new battery and after hooking it up it started right away. But I was back at the original problem, turn signals etc. Were not working again. So, I left it alone and tried to do some m

... Cars & Trucks

2000 Jetta 2.0 gasoline engine. Multiple electrical problems. headlights will not turn on, only hi beam and only while holding lever up. A/C blower motor, wipers, and turn signals shut off as soon as headligh swich is turned on. These will not work again until ignition switch is turned off and back on several times, and only if headlight switch is off. A/C blower motor and wipers will continue to run even after ignition switch is turned off and key removed. A/C blower motor and wipers if left on

Most likely you have a very bad ignition switch, the only other pathway for switched acc. to operate when key is off is if someone has had the wires feeding the fuse box crossed. so unless you had recent wiring done by an amature, you need and igniti ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

1989 suzuki escudo 3-door...electric windows dont work...have replaced both drivers/passengers door switches..winder motors in doors work ..master switch on drivers door unlocked...central locking switch works but can not find a fuse that relates to window switch alone ..need info on possible problems or wiring diagram..any help will be much appreciated.

Look between the drivers door and the car at the hinge ends.Look at the tubing joining the door with the car,and pull it back to check the connection at the plug.You may have to go inside the car and pull the kick panel off,and find the plug to the h ... 1987 Suzuki Samurai

The ignition switch on my 2003 Saturn view five speed stops working intermittently. I will turn it and nothing happens (all electricals work fine, so it is not the battery), but when I release the clutch and re-engage it, the car will then turn over. My mechanic has been unable to diagnose the problem because it can't be replicated when it is in the shop. I notice the problem happens in clusters for several days and then disappears for several weeks only to start again. We talked about rep

From your description i'd say the most likely culprit was the clutch safety switch, or possibly the ignition switch itself. I did a quick search for parts prices, specifcally for the clutch saftey switch as i found the estimate you were given to be p ... 2006 Saturn Vue

I have a few different problems with my 2003 Impala. First off sometimes when I turn my turn signal on it will blink once and stop working. a quick fix is to hit the hazard lights on and off and then the signal lights work again. I have read that this can be fixed by replacing the hazard switch... is this true?? Second, the airbag light for the drivers seat, that comes on when you start the car, stays on permanently. I have read this is an electrical problem, but how do I fix it?? Third, the

... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

My dash lights all come on, the gages stop working, air conditioner stops, windows wont roll down. One day it works fine, next nothing works. One day it would not start- but only one day. They cleaned a battery wire for the starting problem. Body control module was replaced and still not working. Any help???? 1999 jeep grand cherokee Ltd. Yes, I know that it is an electrical problem! Battery can be disconnected over night and things work good for about 6-8 hours. Turning switch to "on" without s

Try the alternator ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ignition switch I have a 96 dodge 2500 diesel,once in twenty times this happens,turn switch to start position, it cranks over but no start, after the third try it will start,also a month ago the heater fan refused to work momentary, the temperature control unit was new six months ago. The engine not starting is a electrical problem not fuel. Could this be the ignition switch since both problems go through the switch? thank you,ken

Next time this happens leave the key in the on position, open the hood and lift the fuel solenoid link (between the fuel solenoid and the injection pump) up. If it stays up the truck will start and run. The solenoid is shot but that might be a sympto ... 1996 Dodge Ram

Where are the flasher relays located on a 2000 Dodge Durango? My turn signals dont work, but everything else does. Recently replaced the multi function switch too and it solved all the problems except for the turn signals. I have checked the fuses I could find labeled in relation to the area. The 4 ways work perfect, just have no turn signals now.

... 2000 Dodge Durango

I am having problems with my 2003 Honda Civic windshield wipers. There are 3 speeds..... intermittient, regular and fast. Fast, and regular speeds work well but the intermittent speed is working as the regular speed. The other problem is that when I turn them off the stop anywhere on the windshield except for the position where they should be stopping... out of my view! WHAT do I need to buy ?..... The motor (which I can't imagine), a relay, a switch or is it an electrical problem? Please help!!

... Honda Civic

I have a 1998 Dodge Durango. My brake lights and headlights do not work. Bulbs replaced and the fuses are find. My high beams will turn on and after a few minutes turn off and on again. Hazards and turn lights work fine. I heard this was a problem and something about the switch. Can anyone help?

Had same problem, its ur headlight switch and can be the electric harness that the headlight switch plugs into. mine is a 98 too. ... 1998 Dodge Durango

1994 jeep cherokee sport, rear dome light will not come on when hatchback is opened. Works fine if I switch on all dome lights (front & rear) via turning headlight switch. I am assuming there is some electrical problem at the rear hatch, as everything else works fine.... I took a look at everything tonite, but cant spot any issues-- though I dont know what to look for in particular.... all wiring & harnesses appear intact. I WD-40'd everything, but no fix,,,

Look for a button like thing sticking out of frame where door closes, or even on door frame for same. May even look like a wedge shaped black button, spring loaded, try moving it to see. That will be your switch that turns on the light when open. ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I'm having electrical problems with a 1996 Ford Mustang convertible. The turn signals and gauge lights flash when I press the door unlock button but the doors will not lock or unlock. I've tested both switches for continuity and they work fine. All fuses in the box under the steering column are good. Also, the +12V (yellow) wire to the stereo is only getting ~0.5 Volts. The stereo is brand new but will not turn on. I checked the stereo fuse and it is good. These problems happened around the sam

Sounds like someone may have crosswired something. \015\012I know a guy who installed his own stereo system in his pickup and it worked, but only when the headlights were on. He had wired the power wire into his headlight wiring.\015\012I ... 1996 Ford Mustang

Electrical system problem. The head lights wont come on, the turn signals will not work when headlight switch is in the on position, Brake light on dash flickers on and off and sounds like a relay clicking under the dash until you step on the brake pedal. Will not allow traction control to engauge. When you try and flash high beam lights the electric door locks try to engauge. anti lock brake light on dash wont go out, I dont know where to stop with all the problems.

Check all the ground connections that's a good place to start get back to me if you need more help Thanks Ray ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Chevy S10 ls 2WD 2.2 litre 4 cyl pickup 1996. Windscreen wipers continue to work after switching them off. Intermediate and wash setting work and switch off normal. Only option is take out fuse turn engine off and wait a minimum of 30 minutes before starting again. Is this a relais problem and were can I find it?

There is a short in the switch replace it ... 1996 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I have electric problem on my toyota corolla 2001 CE. While I am driving,suddenly the power goes away by turning the headlights, wipers, odometer and Heat guage. But the Hazard light works and Radio works etc. When I check the state, it is like on 'ACC' mode/state. Now a days it is happening more often and my recent observation on bumps. May be some loose connection... Please help me where to find the loose connection or any idea of any other problem? Thank you

... 2001 Toyota Corolla

The 4WD will not disengage in my 2000 Isuzu Rodeo. I've tried the procedure to disengage the 4WD like I have in the past but it doesnt work. The switch light for the 4WD button turns on when pressed and turns off when pressed again. So i can assume the switch is functioning properly. I've had it checked out by a mechanic and nobody can find out what I need to fix this problem.

\015\012Try traveling in reverse for 50 feet or so. This should release pressure on the drive train and allow you to shift.\015\012\015\012Most commonly its the front axle actuator stuck or one of the vacuu ... 2000 Isuzu Rodeo

Breaklights I'm driving around with permanent break lights, but if I turn the car off, they are working fine. Have checked the break switch, fuses, ground wires, bulb and sockets, everything seem to be ok. My check engine is on, could that be the problem? Can not find a mechanic yet to get the check engine light turned off, I've had a mechanic to help with the break light situation but is scratching his head also, he has followed wire by wire from front to back and can't find anything. All elect

1st get autozone to clear the code, (free) The only thing I can think of that goes out when car is off and on when lights turn on is the parking lights on the side, the wires could be touching in the conduit, start car and pull brake fuse out, if the ... 1995 Saab 900

The electric trunk lid opener does not work from the switch on the dash or the keyfob modual, The key itself will open the trunk. Replaced the opener unit but it still does not work. I can't find a fuse for this? Possiblly a faulty switch or a broken wire? Has anyone had a similar problem?

... 2003 Ford Focus
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