Having problems with your 2003 Saturn VUE ?

Saturn vue transmission, it's been rebuilt twice, pump pressure goes from 400 to 0, loud whining noise , starving for fluid, when apart and inspected everything looks good , rebuilt by local *****

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Duplicate question.
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Saturn vue transmission, it's been rebuilt twice, pump pressure goes from 400 to 0, loud whining noise , starving for fluid, when apart and inspected everything looks good , rebuilt by local *****

Duplicate question. ... 2003 Saturn VUE

I have a 1998 chevy malibu, it makes a noise when i turn rigth it sounds like someting is cracking,checking in the internet ifound that could be the bearing, i brake everything apart and everything looks good, i even pull out the wheel bearing hub assembly and looks good, any idea what could be?

If its a constant popping noise it could be a cv axle they tend to only make noise while turning a bearing going bad will start as a growling sound almost like the grooves on the side of the road ... 1998 Chevrolet Malibu

I just bought an '03 Mitsubishi Galant and it has a whining noise when I put it into gear and the whining increases as I increase my speed. I've had the transmission fluid changed, had a tuneup, oil change, etc. Spent a lot of money to make sure the car is safe, and it still whines. Do you think I need a new transmission? Are rebuilt ones just as good?

... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

2003 Sierra 2500hd transmission or transfer case making grinding noise (sounds like a bearing going bad) it becomes louder when i give it gas. i checked the fluid in the transfer case which looked ok, i dropped the transmission pan, and found a little metal on the magnet. i dropped the transmission inspection cover, everything looked ok. any help? truck has 50k miles

Sudden grinding noise with no prior warning * Primarily in 2nd \012gear, behavior in reverse may be abnormal; sunshell is fractured. \012R&R. Try not to run or drive the car or further damage could result.* Reaction planeta ... 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD

2003 Sierra 2500hd transmission or transfer case making grinding noise (sounds like a bearing going bad) it becomes louder when i give it gas. i checked the fluid in the transfer case which looked ok i dropped the transmission pan and found a little metal on the magnet. i dropped the transmission inspection cover everything looked ok. Any help? truck has 50k miles

... 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD

1992 camry usa 4 cyl. has 2 problems. 1. It's hard starting when eng. is cold. It turns over fine. After it starts, I can shut it off and it will start right up. Has new rotor, cap, wires and plugs. Could this be a leaky injector? How do I check that? 2. The steering is hard and it won't rebound. The fluid is full and the pump makes no noise. The belt is tight. Sometimes it will kinda free up like it's trying to work. By sight , everything looks good. Could this be an internal collapsed pres

Hello, welcome to FixYa. Please allow me to assist you.\015\012\015\012Regarding the starting, it sounds to me like you havea leaking 'fuel return check valve'. This device is in the fuel pump, and it is there to prevent fuel from drainin ... Toyota Camry

TRANS.FAILSAFEPROG I have had my Range for less than 6 months. Last week I took it to the dealer for a oil change and to look over it. They said everything was good but it will need breaks soon. They also informed me that the previous owner got a rebuilt transmission put in by them a few years ago. On wed. after pulling out of a parking space my truck made a noise like a small collision and the CD player went off for a minute and there was a message reading "TRANS.FAILSAFE PROG" I cut the tr

Sounds Like the alternator I just got a new one after it did the same exact thing ... 2004 Land Rover Range Rover

Bumpy ride After some good off-roading my 2007 Jeep Commander is giving me a bumpy ride - it feels like one of the wheels has gone slightly oval (it/they haven't of course but that's what it feels like). I've jacked-up each wheel and made sure they are not loose or wobbly. I've checked the fluid levels. The spark plugs all appear to be connected. I've checked the underneath and everything looks ok apart from a 1'' (maybe 1.25'') bar that comes from a rod on one front wheel, twists around the fro

That rod is a sway bar if it moves that would cause your problem take your car in and have it set back in place ... 2007 Jeep Commander Rocky Mountain

2002 aurora, ticking/buzzing noise from front of car. louder with increased vehicle speed, but not affected by engine rpm. checked brakes, calipers, pads, tires, all look good. transaxle fluid level good. noise does not change with brakes applied except for speed reduction from braking action. I drove about 30 miles to get home last night and I do not think the noise level increased much with time. The noise was faint to start but increased to its loudest over a distance of about twenty fiv

So it has some to do with rotation. you can jack one front wheel up, set parking brakes, start the car and put in drive. which ever side make noise, that's the one you need to inspect cv-axle, wheel bearing, ect.\015\012check any thing that tur ... 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora

My 2003 toyota corolla wont start, the starter turns but it wont engage the flywheel, only occasionaly. I checked the ground and the cable going to the starter. No voltage drops, solid connections. This is the second rebuilt starter I put in to eliminate the starter but I am starting to wonder if it was actually rebuilt or just salvaged. Bench tests OK, gear comes out everytime and stays out till power is removed. Took it apart and looks good. Even had a good battery from my bench, same t

Sounds like a bad starter drive gear. The gear has a one way clutch so that it does not over-spin when the engine starts. When the clutch is bad it slips in both directions. Rebuilt starters can be anything from excellent to bone-yard fresh junk, dep ... Toyota Corolla

My 2000 Taurus only drive in reverse and first gear,it wont go into park either?It showed no sign of slippage,the exclamation light started blinking and then just forward and reverse..The light did go off a couple of times and it did shift?I dropped the pan and the tranny fluid looked good,no burnt smell or anything bad..I did remove the side cover and pulled off the pump cover and valve body,everything looks good?Oh it is the AX4N or 4F50N,or better known as Garbage!!!PLZZZZZZZZ HELP MEEEEEEEEE

We just had a simiar taurus in the shop the other day, might be the shifter solenoids. or something electronical about it. i didnt do the tranny work so i dont no for sure. i can ask tomorrow tho ... 2000 Ford Taurus

I have a 1998 4.6 f150 lariat and when the transmission gets warm it doesn't want to go into reverse. If you put it in drive and get it moving and shift into reverse really quick it usually goes in. I had my transmission rebuilt, including torque converter, because of the same problem and it was good for about 20 000, which was what the warrenty was good for. That makes me think that it is something external. The fluid looks good and the problem seems to be worse in the summer and better in the

... 1998 Ford F150 Regular Cab

1995 Ford Bronco 4x4. Has howl (metal on metal noise) in left front hub area. I have pulled hubs apart and checked bearings, they looked good, but were loose and the grease was thin like liquid. I cleaned hubs, filled with new grease, repacked wheel bearings, and put all back together and still makes the same noise. i used wd40 to spray on back side of hub where the axle shaft goes though into the hub, thinking it was dry and making noise, but still no change. removed auto locking hub and drove

A howl usually is a bad bearing ... Ford Bronco

I have a 2005 Kia Spectra ex. Had mechanic look at it twice. Had battery alternator and starter tested. All good. Check engine light is not on. Just had tune up trasmission fluid exchange done. The power steering hose needs to be replaced so says the mechanic. Now I am still hearing a weird ringing noise in the engine and an electronic gurgling noise and as of recent on occassion a chattering noise. What could it be?

The ringing noise could be from a bad alternator, a loose bolt, a loose pulley or gear or possibly a low fluid level in the power steering pump. Try listening for the noise when the engine is idling, then as you rev the motor from 1000 to 1800rpm and ... 2005 Kia Spectra

Noisy transmission My 1999 Sonoma (AUTO TRANS, 4X4) makes a whining noise when in any gear except park or neutral. Increasing engine speed increases the whine . Whine seems to go away when above 2000 RPM. Drained t-fluid and refilled with new oil and LUCAS transmission additive. New filter too, of course. No change. Thinking that it must be internal. Looking for some validation. Believe that it must be either a pump bushing/bearing ar something like that.

... 1999 GMC Sonoma

I have a 2005 Kia Spectra EX. Had mechanic look at it twice. Had battery, alternator and starter tested. All good. Check engine light is not on. Just had tune up, trasmission fluid exchange done. The power steering hose needs to be replaced, so says the mechanic. Now, I am still hearing a weird ringing noise in the engine and an electronic gurgling noise and as of recent, on occassion, a chattering noise. What could it be?

Get to your mechanic. its probably some conponent were not put in place properly ... 2005 Kia Spectra

2004 pontiac grand am has ABS light on, Low Trac light on, and Service Engine Soon light on..They came on after a couple days of a loud grinding/vibration noise coming from under the car. Visually, everything looks good. What could this be? It generally only makes the noise when driving straight or turning right. The noise has been going on for about 4 days and the lights came on around the 3rd day and both continue.

Wheel bearing went bad abs trac control use same sensor engine light is from pcm for abs problem ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

1998 chevy 1500 auto trans noticed a grinding noise seemed like it was coming from rear differential pulled the cover everything looked good next day starts to slip really bad, park it over night ... next day when its cold it still makes the noise but am able to drive until it warms up then starts to slip again yesterday would not move in any gear also shifting transfer into 4 lo and 4hi wouldn't move..... this a.m. my dad calls me at 6 and says he just moved the truck it seems when its cold

If its a whining type noise when cold, the trans filter may be plugged. replace the filter ans examine the bottom of the pan, if it has a lot of debris in the pan, and the filter is plugged, replacing the filter will help, but you will need trans wor ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

97 dodge intrepid 3.5L has a 1500 rpm high idle, 197500 miles. checked idle circuit, some carbon but wiped right off, inspected vacuum hoses everything looks good, pull off a hose and it goes even higher. Any other good ideas?

Intake gaskets ... 1997 Dodge Intrepid

In the morning, when i start the car, and turn the wheel to exit my parking space, i hear a noise which sounds like the power steering may have a problem. a high pitched whine... i also looked at my power steering fluid and it is frothy like a milkshake. do i need a power steering pump or could there be another problem. once i drive the car, the noise is not as loud as it is in the morning??? the car seems to be okay to steer, not hard to steer. what could it be???

... 1994 Oldsmobile Achieva Special Edition

2010 Chrysler T & C making a whine noise from under the hood. All fluid levels are fine, sounds like it is coming from transmission. Had the dealership check transmission fluid level, it was good. Have an appointment for next Wed. for it to be checked out but want to see if this is a major problem and what it could be to prepare my wallet.

A whine from under the hood could possibly be a power steering pump. It can whine even when it's full of fluid if the pump is bad. If you're car is a 2010, won't it be covered under the warranty?\015\012\015\012~Brandon ... 2010 Chrysler Town and Country

My 1991 volvo 740 will not shift into 4th gear. The fluid level is good, the fluid does not smell burnt and there are no leaks that I can find. The car has been making a high whine that sounds like vacuum noise.

Please have the gear serviced by an expert in transmission.I love dis car. ... 1991 Volvo 740

A 2001 Yukon 4x4 with a 5.3 liter engine. The A/C belt has shredded three times. The Harmonic Blancer and A/C compressor are in good condition and both turn true. The tensioner has been replaced twice but still bounces and makes a whining noise. I have someone rev the engine while I look to see what the tensioner does, and I can see that it bounces to much and makes a louder noise when you rev the engine. Question: Could I have bough two bad after market tensioners and do I need to buy an OEM te

I have thought about this,and trying to put this in my mind.and say the tensioner should not move and should most deffently not make any noise it should be silent .is this the right part?the main thing here is the allingment im have a go and saying ... 2001 GMC Yukon

2001 explorer sport trac, shakes bad when braking(like a bad rotor) inspected and everything looks new, checked runout on rotor with indicator and they look good, no real vibration when driving and dont notice any humming like wheel bearing issues.

Does the shake come and go at different speeds? check your tie rod ends by lifting the front wheels off the ground and grab the tire and shake from left to right. if they are tight you probbably need to replace the rotors ... 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

1999 expedition AWD automatic transmission. Transmission is popping only when under a load to accelerate or pass. Makes a whining noise while in reverse but hits all of the gears and shifts fine. There are no warning lights (check engine, ABS) on and push button OD works fine. Fluid level is good and I recently changed out fluid and filter but with no improvement. So, i dont have a clue?????

... 1999 Ford Expedition
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