Having problems with your 2003 Saturn VUE ?

If your air conditioner oil is leaking, do you have to change the oil seals, water and oil pump? My mechanic says this job could be a $1,000, repair bill.

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Answers :

It depends?
\012Where do u see the oil slick?
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If your air conditioner oil is leaking, do you have to change the oil seals, water and oil pump? My mechanic says this job could be a $1,000, repair bill.

It depends?\012\012Where do u see the oil slick? ... 2003 Saturn VUE

Replaced the head on the motor...250000 miles on my daughter's 1999 Grand Cherokee..now the mechanic says that he hears a knocking under the motor says she should just get a new car. Could the knocking be from something else..he says the oil is black and that means oil pump has gone out..could there be an alternative issue...is it too late to replace the oil pump

Lets review.Replacing the head at 250k was probably not a good investment. My advice has always been, if you need engine work at 200k or more, its \012time for another vehicle because the rest of the parts are still worn \012out. The norma ... Cars & Trucks

My Seat Toledo 1'9 TDI 55 reg has a turbo oil seal leak. My sister is writing this for me as i don't understand mechanics. It has already had two oil seals replaced and as far as i know this is from a bottom pipe on the turbo.The mechanic says if this one leaks again then it will be £1000 for a new turbo.This is a slight leak.Can someone tell me if this is a waste of money please. My sister thinks there must be a simple fix. Could it be that the oil seal is not being seated correctly? many thank

... 2005 Volkswagen Golf

Hello I have a Dodge Charger Engine : 5.7L V8 HEMI Year : 2007. During the audit of my engine I had the code "P0524" Engine oil pressure too low mechanical failure. Yet there two days I change my oil filter and also emptying my engine. The mechanic told me that the problem could come from my oil pump. But I wonder if the problem is my oil pump before I get into the repairs to be sure. Can you also tell me if I can use my car or not? Because I do not want to further aggravate

The only thing that would generate that code is a faulty oil pump, no doubt about that. That's a major fault, if your engine has run with it then it should be completely dismantled and checked for damage.\012\012\012Under no circumstance the en ... 1999 Dodge Ram

I have a problem filling my 2003 Ford focus gas tank. The pump keeps shutting off and I can only fill a little at a time. I had the car checked at STS Auto center in Island Park NY and the mechanic replaced the part (pro x x f 8 5 z 5 0 0 CA) Canister vent $ 159.95 and the problem still exists. I paid $ 222.00 for this repair that did not work. When I returned to the repair shop the mechanic put the car back on the lift and could not see anything wrong. He blew air in the tank and suggested

I have had the same problem a few times myself, usually just pulling the the pump out alittle stops the problem, its usually from the gas backing up in the line and not enough air coming out of the tank ... 2003 Ford Focus

I have a 94 camry V6 XLE with 150K miles. It overheated and the mechanic says it's the water pump. But he also says the camshaft seals are leaking and this will make the timing belt break. My question is whether to just replace the water pump or pay $850 for the seals and new timing belt. Is it worth putting this much money into the car? Any advice? (I don't know if the timing belt has ever been changed; it could be the original belt)

94 w/150k? This your call. This vehicle is 15 yrs behind in technology, It's condition mechanically will get progressively worse at a faster rate.In the 70's the life expectancy of the average vehicle was 3-5 yrs, in the 80's,5--7, 90's 10-15 yrs ... 1994 Toyota Camry

I would like a visual diagram showing the parts involved in repairing an aluminum oil pan gasket. I was told by a reliable mechanic that this may involve replacing an oil pump that is exposed when you remove the oil pan. That it could be an easy $220 fix but could turn out to be more . I just don't understand what they are talking about.I would love to see what they are talking about. Steve Parker

He's only recommending the oil pump since he's in there. It doesnt have to be changed if there is no problem with it, If you only have a oil leak and normal milage for year of vehicle then I would just do the gasket if its leaking. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

Oil light flashing on intermittently when at temperature and only at idle. Car 2008 Mitsubishi van Have had vehicle into Mitsubishi Agent and 2nd mechanic who all say vehicle in very good condition (55,000 kms) Have had oil changed, sensor changed, oil pump tested, motor flushed all to no avail. Engine not burning any oil. Have filled oil to above oil level - no difference. Using 10W 40 oil. Can we use 10W 50 without damaging motor? What else could it be?

Well technically you should be using a 10W-30 with a vehicle like that unless it calls for a heavier grade. If the oil level is good (don't overfill it otherwise it can cause the light to go off) check the oil pressure switch and the oil sender unit. ... Mitsubishi Cargo

1997 Dodge Caravan: Took it into the mechanic because it made a squealing noise. They changed 3 belts and did an oil change. I stopped completely when I was almost home. Put foot on gas and nothing. I turned it off for a few minutes and coasted home. Then found a transmission fluid leak coming from by drivers side wheel. Mechanic now says I need a new transmission? Could they have overfilled the oil and the pressure made the seals break or are they trying to rip me off?

I've had 2 tyranny do that the gears inside the little pan work loose and it wears a hole through the tranny its like a looker dowel pin ... 1997 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2004 yukon denali with 100,000 mi today my oil pressure indicator went down to 0 and the alarm went off. i took it to my mecanic we thought we could replace the switch, and after that 300.00 dollar repair im still loosing oil pressure ,do you think it needs an oil pump? or do i need a new engine?

If it's not blowing blue smoke indicating bad rings or valve guides, you may have a blocked oil pickup screen. This problem can occur with certain types of pan gaskets that break up and get sucked up to the pick-up tube screen.\015 ... 2004 GMC Sierra Denali

Ok, i got an oil leak that even fooled a mechanic. got a leak over by the filter adapter housing coming down the side of it. after buying the replacement part and gasket, still leaking. does this sound familiar to anyone? it drips when running only. could it be the oil pump seal?

The mechanic wasnt fooled, he just didnt take the time to really find out where the leak is at. get a mirror and a light and find the leak. intake gaskets and valve cover gaskets are reall common on that engine. ... 1996 Oldsmobile Silhouette

I have a 92 toyoya celica 2200motor i have a huge leak from the drivers side of engine, i have cleaned off the engine and it seems the oil is leaking down at a rapid pace from behind the belts and dripping off the oil pan can you tell me what this could be and is it repairable at home or is it a mechanics job??? thanks in advance

When you say it's leaking from behind the belts, do you mean from behind the timing cover? If it is coming from behind the timing cover, it could be a crank seal or a cam seal. If it's either of these, then it will not be a very easy repair to do f ... 1992 Toyota Celica

Front right differential seal is leaking. Is it much to repair? Is it something that I could do myself with limited mechanical ability? Approx. how much should it cost at Ford to do. Is there an additive I can add to the oil to stop it? Started about 1 mo ago when I changed the oil to synthetic.

You mean the axle seal is leaking if it is not the one that is for the driveshaft. If you have limited mechanical ability I would recommend that you take it to a shop to have it repaired. There are special tools that are used to drive the seal back i ... 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Severe oil leak, seals involved. Mechanic says it's a $1500.00 job. Does this sound right, if so is this the kind of thing covered by my 10year bumper to bumper waranty.

Hi,Yes, that a Nominal charge for Cam Seal Job. If the timing Belt might have worn out from Oil Leak, it would have been much higher. This 2000-2001 Models are Common for Oil Leak problems.Oil leak is not Covered Under Warrant ... 2001 Volkswagen Passat

I had my AXOD transmission repaired and the oil transmission seems to overheat, it works for a few meters then it stops. My mechanic says it could be the torque converter. Thanks

... Ford Taurus

My 2000 chrysler cirrus had a small undetectable water leak. My mechanic 1st said it was the freeze plugs rusted, then he replaced the radiator cap, thermostat, and gasket seal. I drove it 20 miles and it ran water and antifreeze all over the driveway. He put it on a lift and the water just kept running out in 3 places. Now he says he replaced the water pump, 4 freeze plugs and is waiting on some long tube. Am I getting a snow job or what?

... 2000 Chrysler Cirrus

I have a 1998 volks beetle .. oil light has come on .. i checked oil .. says dry .. i add'd some .. then says fine.. then 10 min later says dry .. and there is no apparent leaks that i can see .. is there a oil pump that pumps it into the engine that could be going bad?


I have a oil leak ever since i bought this car. I've changed the head gasket, front crank shaft seal, valve cover seal, and oil pan seal. Could using the old head bolts cause this? I've read that it could be my oil pump too.. please help..

NO if you have been using oil and loosing oil from all the seals and rocker cover and sump gasket then its caused by a thing called BACK PRESSURE,and that is caused by the piston rings worn, or broken top compression rings and a lip in the bore causi ... 1993 Honda Civic 4 Door

Knocking and clanking under hood of 2002 Ford Escape. Oil light has been flickering for some time now but it has oil in it. On my way to work it started making a horrible noice about 1/2 mile before I could park it at work. Have not driven it and just wondering if it is worth repairing. Many people are telling me it's the oil pump but what if it is too damaged to repair it? How much it cost to have an oil pump installed?

Could be the oil pump but it could be the crank bearings are so worn that you have no oil resistance causing intermittent low oil pressure. The pan on the bottom of the engine needs to be removed to access the oil pump and that could be a ... Hyundai Motor 2002 Elantra

I have a oil leak in my Cadillac 2007 DTS. It drops "1%" oil life according to the dash appx every week. Jiffy Lube mechanics told me it needs immediate attention but they don't fix leaks. I didn't want to spend dealer price of labor to fix something that was simple enough to get done by a "good" mechanic. Is an oil leak and power steering leak a very detailed repair job for my car that I shouldn't let anyone but a Cadillac expert attempt to repair? It's usually twice the price to get work don

... 2007 Cadillac DTS Sedan

My 2001 Mazda Tribute seems to have a oil pump problem. Ive always checked the oil and that seemed to be fine but one day it started making a huge banging racket and we had a friend who used to be a mechanic said it was the oil pump and not use it again if we didnt want it to seize up. Can you please suggest whether the oil pump could be replaced or would i have to get a whole new engine?

... 2002 Mazda Tribute

I have a 2006 GMC Envoy XL. The repair shop is currently replacing the oil pump, and they say the timing chain also needs replacement. They are charging an extra hour of labor to replace the timing chain. My question is, do you have to take the timing chain off anyway when you are replacing the oil pump? The warranty company will not pay for the hour because they say the timing chain has to come off anyway.

The warranty company is wrong, the oil pump is in the bottom of the engine, inside the oil pan. The timing chain is behind a cover on the front of the engine. An extra hour to r&r the timng chain is reasonable. My question would be, "why in the wo ... 2006 GMC Envoy Xl

Hi I am looking to buy a 99 Vienta camry and have had it checked by my mechanic who has come up with $1000 worth of oil leak problems including a rear main engine oil seal. The seller is thinking this could be a drip coming down from the rocket cover gasket leak or timing case seal leak, is this possible and if these problems are fixed could this then lead to other problems. IE uncover one thing and fixing it leads to other problems?? Thanks

With leaks like you describe - I would avoid the car like the plague. Listen to the professional - he has no interest in selling the car. YES it will lead to very expensive problems. ... 1997 Toyota Camry

I have a hyundai trajet 2.0 litres engine G4JP. the engine is a reconditioned engine and when i bought it, it had no oil. when we statrted it, it was running fine but the oil was not going up. the mechanic removed the oil pump which was there and put another one (second) hand. the oil started coming up and suddenly stoped say after 20 minutes on average. he opened again and put the original pump. he realised it had be blocked by a gasket since it went for a long time without oil. he removed the

Sounds like the engine oil passages are plugged with sludge, you either have to dismantle the engine and have it boiled out or you can try getting another used one. By now you have damaged the engines main and crankshaft bearings running with no oil ... Hyundai Trajet

Oil light comes on intermittently only when driving, not when idling. Checked oil level and it is fine. Only driveability issue possibly related is when in cruise control at speeds over 60mph when decel button is depressed then released the cruise speed becomes jumpy/goes up and down rapidly. Not sure if cruise is at all controlled by oil pressure. Could this mean oil pump is going? Is oil pump external/bolt on part or internal major dismantle job? Thanks! Ernie

It sounds like it may only be the oil pressure switch. It should be located near the oil filter. replace it and see. They are not an expensive part. The cruise control has nothing to do with the oil pressure. Hope this helps ... 2002 Jeep Liberty
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