Having problems with your 2003 Renault 181 ?

I have a renault laguna 2 2003. on hard left lock ticking noise from front offside wheel.when driving the car can unexpectedly shift or veer like a wobble sideways,when changing gear steering snatches while the power is off.

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Answers :

Your strut!! and CV axle is wornout LOL i got rid of one of those just for that reason
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I have a renault laguna 2 2003. on hard left lock ticking noise from front offside wheel.when driving the car can unexpectedly shift or veer like a wobble sideways,when changing gear steering snatches while the power is off.

Your strut!! and CV axle is wornout LOL i got rid of one of those just for that reason ... 2003 Renault 181

My 2001 cavalier is acting up she starts fine, but the motor wont shift gears until it is in higher rpm i mean like 4000 to red line, then once the car shifts gears she speeds up by herself... seems to be a little bit dangerous. the TC light came on i replaced the TPS, the light went off, but no difference. I reset the ECU, it helped the idle a little bit but the car still doesn't change gears well. Like their seems to be lots of power and torque left, it doesn't seem to be a transmission proble

You are going to need a scanner to read all the trouble codes,when you do that,we can start looking. ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

I just had my engine replaced by a mechanic and now it doesn't shift correctly. From a stop I press the gas and it feels like it's jerking into 2nd gear and then I have no power. Also when I'm on the highway and floor the pedal it won't change gears. Also the AT heat light is on and the check engine light as well. I'm taking it back but they say it's not their problem. I would like to have another opinion to fight them with. Thank you. Jeff

Sounds like they didn't connect a linkage or wiring harness correctly. perhaps stop at autozone and have them scan the codes (it's free) before you go back to the repair shop. ... 2001 Subaru Legacy

I have a dodge ram 150. It is not changing gears rt when shifting fro 2nd to 3rd. It's a 1992. It started this 2 day ago after pulling another car w/ it. It's almost like a vacum issue. Like it is sucking air at higher rpm. It does fine around town but on the interstate it keeps coming out of gear and loosing power

... 1992 Dodge Ram 150 Club Cab

I have a 1999 Pontiac Bonneville, 4T65E transaxle. It has a 3.8L K engine, and 206,000 miles on it. The Transmission only has 1st and second gears, will not shift into 3rd-4th. and P0756. It also had a loud whine like a bas power steering pump at idle and it changes with engine speed. I removed the trans and tore it down, I found a stripped 4th gear clutch hub and shaft/and sun gear. I used to be a GM tech, but since i work for a Ford Dealership. I rebuilt these units before but long ago. Wha

... Pontiac Bonneville

Already changed fuel filter. Symptoms first started with car cutting out when first started and it seemed to quit once it warmed up. Now car will be running fine one minute and crappy the next. Notice more when pulling a hill. When car should shift down to gain more power it just starts losing speed. Sometimes it surges if cruise control is on. methodically. if i take foot completely off gas and let it shift gears and start over sometimes it fixes problem. It feels like all of a sudden someone r

Clogged catalytic converter perhaps? ... 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis

My car is Toyota Corolla Altis automatic transmission 2001, my problem is, during the Go signal of the traffic light, i will then shift to drive mode but its like no power, it runs very slow at first..... i still need to push hard the acceleration pedal before it runs but still it runs slow, i still have to wait the automatic change of gear... and also, it consumes too much gasoline... i would like to know what is the problem with my car? i dont have enough knowledge about car problems.

Hi,It could be a multitude of things.Find a good mechanic - use family and friends as a reference.GL,Td ... Toyota Cars & Trucks

I have a 98 Buick regal gs and all of a sudden the transmission won't go in gear. Drive and reverse act as if it was in neutral. When first started it does move for a few seconds then just revs freely. It is shifting into gear but just no power to the wheels. I noticed a very slight slip last couple of weeks but nothing major. Kinda felt like a bad coil. Should I bother changing the tran filter to see if it makes a difference?

Time for a rebuild-- when they start to slipAny slipping,even for 10 miles-- is a major deathsentence-- for any trans ... Cars & Trucks

Tranny problems I changed out my transmission and now that I have it back in it won't transfer the motor power through the gears. It will shift the gears but they won't engage. What do I need to do? It is full of fluid and everything is hooked up just like it was when I took out the old transmission.

May be a bad torque converter. You did bolt it to the flywheel didn't you? ... 1972 Chevrolet Corvette

My check engine light has been on and i get a code for the cam shaft position sensor. it drives like im taking off in 2nd gear and the shifting is so unexpected at times. i have changed the sensor but the light and codes is still on. I was told that the timing belt could be off but i changed that and the light is still on help!!! 2001 a4 quattro 1.8t

Cars and computer systems are so complicated that remote problems can set of these codes-and parts replacin is $$--have u done a fluid an filter change on the trans-1st chec the level while engine runnin--it cud be many other things depending on the ... Audi A4

Hello I rebuilt my automatic transmission gear one month ago. I changed all clutches, band, regulator pressure valve, 1st accumulator with the spring which was broken before, torque has been repaired. The gear behaved like new and very smooth the first days. Then It started shifting rough from 1st to 2nd. Now, when stopping the car, I feel the gear like shifting inside, as if it disengages and ingages again. Adding to this, it strted to shift hard from 2nd to 3rd, but not like from 1st to

Hello;\015\012Two questions first. please.\015\012Did you chk the converter sprag?\015\012Is the converter and front pump properly engaged? Thanks, Ned ... GMC Sonoma

Have an old (1995) 4WD Explorer that has started to slip between the 2-3 shift. Once the shift is complete, no more slipping. Just started doing this. Trans fluid full but needs to be changed. Perhaps a valve is hanging up sopmeplace during the shift? Seems like 2nd gear clutch releases and 3rd gear is not engaging at the same time. Before this started, 3rd gear shifted pretty hard like it engaged too quickly. THought about a can of magic stuff to perhaps clean up the possible varnish and a flui

Http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=174202\015\012\015\012I also have a 95 Explorer and in searching around the web ... 1995 Ford Explorer

My car has been acting up for a few months now and i bought a new fuel filter and got an oil change but the problem only got worse. at first it only seemed like the car didnt want to shift gears but after it a while it grew worse. now it doesnt want to get over 5 mph without losing power and the rps are all messed up.when i push on the gas pedal it doesnt want to accerlerate. sometimes it does get up to speed but it takes it time to actually want to get past 10 mph. i drove the car to kentucky f

Hard to say. You say the "rps are all messed up", but did you mean the RPM?If so, then you could mean that the automatic transmission is not shifting right, and you should check the ATF for level, color, and smell.But i ... Hyundai XG300

I have a 2010 chevrolet silverado , 5.3 liter v-8 and 6-speed transmission. A t 7200 miles the performance started going down hill. It started hesitating on acceleration, erratic shifting, loss of power, idle fluctuates, gas mileage has diminished and even the exhaust tone has changed, it sounds like it has an after-market muffler. Yesterday I tried to pass a slow vehicle hit the passing gear and it almost stalled on me. what do you think could be the problem?

... 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a 2001 Audi A4 5-Speed Quattro. I think I have a clutch problem, but as an amateur to vehicle repairs, and a greenhorn to foreign cars, I need help figuring it out. The big symptom is that when I try to accelerate my tach flies but there is no extra power to the wheels. It used to shift smooth like a down comforter, and now feels jumpy when changing gears even with the most precise interchange of clutch and accelerator. I have to flutter the gas and ease it up to speed; most attempts

Hey ya buddy, sorry to hear of your sad experience, but from your description of the symptoms, you need a new clutch disc. The parts for this are usually a fraction of the labor, due to having to remove the transmission in order to replace the clutch ... 2001 Audi A4

Hi, I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Galant automatic...it seems to only drive in high gear, like it is not shifting. When you put the car in drive it seems to start from a high gear and not change out. Was told that the park/neutral switch is bad, would this cause the car not to shift? (shifter is between the seats, and it will go into drive without the key) must be a bad p/n switch...but, if I put the money in a new one will the trans. start changing like it should? Thanks for your help! Wanda

Get your ECU (comp box) checked, it may be your speed sensor needs replacing, it's what tells your tranny too to shift.... ... 1995 Mitsubishi Galant

Our new Forester Diesel is ok But has no power at low revs when pulling away from standstil or moving slowly in 2nd and 3rd gears. Also main issue with this vehicle is the very slow and tractor like gear change, This is bad for this model and is a problem when gear changing quickly on rough terrain when traction loss is an issue. Why is this gearbox (6 speed) changed on cables and not direct like other subaru gearboxes which are short and slick.

The forester diesel 6spd gear box is designed to replace the high low gear box so although starting off in second or third gear is possible .... puts a lot of strain on compents ie clutch/ gear box . very slow manuovering is much better carried out ... 2009 Subaru Forester

I have a 97 Saturn sl2 5 speed I had the shift cables replaced. It worked great for a few weeks. Now I have very little horse power in 1 2 3 gears it shifts but the horsepower isn't the same the shift cables were used. The RPMS go up but it doesn't have the power it use to and the shift light comes on. But 4 5 R works fine. Does it sound like I need to replace the low gear shift cable?

... 1993 Saturn SL2

I just bought a 93 Mazda Protege and i was driving it home when i stopped once and then it wouldnt let me change gears anymore(its a standard). I turned the car off and then it wouldnt get any power.... I had a friend help me tighten the battery connection but it is old and corroded. We got the connection and i can start the car now but it still won't shift into any gears. Is it that the battery is not connected well enough to give me enough power to change gears or is it something else. The

Ok, so you got the battery connections ok.\015\012\015\012Now, the shifting into any gears problem is more due to a clutch problem than a battery problem.\015\012\015\012---\015\012\015\012HYDRAULIC SYSTEM BLEED ... 1993 Mazda Protege

Power Loss I have a '98 Chevy Tahoe, just had a long block installed, changed the trans fluid, throttle pos. sensor, cleaned the MAS, changed the knock sensor, no engine codes. My problem is a significant power loss from 4000 rpm and above. If I start out from a dead stop and run it at full throttle the engine keeps winding loses power at 4000 but will rev higher and then takes FOREVER to shift into 2nd gear. If I'm traveling up a hill or mountain and I kick it down into passing gear, it will no

If your old engine ran real bad with oil passing through your exhaust more than likely the catalytic converter is bad ... 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe

My 1990 accord ex tranny has a shift problem. it shift perfectly from 1st to second but changing 2nd to 3rd gear it it like shifts to neutral. now say i drive an shift from 1st, 2nd, then at 30 mile per hour (between 2000 and 3000 rpms) i let off the gas the tranny catches 3rd gear. also no engine lights on or "s" light blinking. car shifts fine once in 3rd gear can someone please help me with this problem? thank you

Change the fluid. if that dnt help i have a used trans for sale [email protected] ... 1990 Honda Accord

I've got a '95 aurora that won't shift to 2nd or 3rd gear. I took shift assembly apart and checked shift solenoids and they tested fine. I dont have easy acces to a diagnostic computer. It was parked for a long time and I've noticed the parking brake is stuck on and I dont know if theres a saftey switch there to keep it from shifting or not. Any suggestions? well my 95 aurora is doing the same thing, it doesn't want to change gears! It's like somethings not telling the computer to switch gears.

I had this problem and dealer said I needed a new tranny. Took it for second opinion at local trans shop and they replaced the shift switch in the tranny for $250. ... 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

2000 KIA Spectra/Shuma 1.5 Auto Transmission not changing gear. Hi, My auto transmission just started giving problem 2 days ago. First time I notice the problem is when moving off from stop in "D", the gear seems to be on 2nd gear so it's hard to take off. If I then manually shift to 1st gear, then the power is there. While driving the gear also seem to be stuck on 3rd gear; not shifting to 4th. But these does not occur all the time. Sometime it ok. I notice this. If the gear is giving problem,

It is the prnd indicator switch on the shift shaft of the transmission,or a shift solenoid,or the valves are sticking in the valve body,try some lube guard,added to the transmission,it is great for stuck valves. ... 2003 Kia Spectra

My transmission is stuck in first gear but picks up once in a while, also my speedometer went dead shortly after the first sign of transmission gear shift problem, I read that if i fix the speedometer things would be normal again or do i have to do something else like changing the electronic shifter unit or some other electronic device connected to the transmission, like shift selonoid c ??

No i dont think so if this is a newer model with electronic speedo then if the gear change doesnt work it could be the speedo drive as the computer reads the vehicle speed to control the shifting ,take the sensor out and check the nylon gears as this ... Ford Escort

Transmission problem my transmission is an automatic it seems to shift gears fine i have changed the fluid and filter problem still there. the problem is when i come to a stop after a min or so the transmission goes out of gear the shifter dont move it just acts like you have put it in nutral and when you take off it takes a couple of seconds to take off you give it gas then it jerks and takes off it is like you shift to drive and take off before it engages it only does this when you are stopped

Its because your saturn motor is manual and your car is automatic i have the same problem thats whaat they told me ... 1993 Saturn SC2
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