Having problems with your 2003 Pontiac Montana ?

ABS lights dashboard stay on i checked abs harness was ok. what is the other cause of this..

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Answers :

It is most likely a wheel speed sensor. It needs to be put on a computer to determine which one. The sensors are in the wheel hub assy.
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ABS lights dashboard stay on i checked abs harness was ok. what is the other cause of this..

It is most likely a wheel speed sensor. It needs to be put on a computer to determine which one. The sensors are in the wheel hub assy. ... 2003 Pontiac Montana

2004 Ford Taurus dashboard warning lights come on at start up and stay on at times. Fuel cap, door or ABS etc. are the lights not the check engine light which goes off. When the lights stay on the odometer does not come on to display any info. Usually happens after car has sat for a day or two. Driving a short distance, stopping and restarting car usually clears issue. Can a weak battery cause this? Still has factory battery but car starts right so I really don't think the battery is bad b

I have same problem, 04 Tarus, Abs light, brake light, fuel cap light, oil pressure light, and one other, checked oil pressure with manual gauge and its good, has been doing this since it was new in 04, also radio has a mind of its own turns up and d ... Ford Taurus

My car's check engine light came on and stayed on. The care seemed to run fine. I was going to take it in then i got home and parked it and it was like all of the lights on the dashboard went "nuts" they all stay on and won't go off. The oil-abs-check engin-ect. Also it looks like the fule gauge is broke. It acts like it is ging to work when you start the car but coes to empty. I cant tell if it is in drive or not because all of the lights on the dash stay light (D_R_1_2-3) any ideas.

Hi.Evidently the check engine light came on for some reason.At a glance you may have a problem with the ECU itself (computer) , or a wiring problem, with a contact messing up the car main control module.Also a lose conta ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

84 el camino, the running lights started poping fuses, 20 amps. After checking behind the light switch, found the harness had been hot over the years. Changed the harness, no changes; still no running lights. The head lights come on, no problem. Now the dashboard lights stay on. The brown wire on the light switch should be hot, its not. The inside fan, A/C or Heat doesn't come on. What's happening with the electrical system.

MORE THAN LIKLY you burnt something like a fuse or a relay or possibily something in front or in back of the harness i know thats a lota help but different people have diff. solutions sometimes. CLOWNY DAGGERS ... 1987 Chevrolet El Camino

I had the ABS light come on along with the service traction control. I had it checked at a GM dealer and was told that the right hub needed to be replaced. I OK'd the work thinking it would take care of both of the service lights. The ABS light is out but the traction control light still comes on when making turns or when backing up at times. The GM service rep said nothing could be done until the light stayed on. What is causing the light to come on when traction control is not even needed?

Hi,the traction control light coming up means there is a fault detected in the system and a scan tool will be required to learn what fault has been detected. Possible steering angle sensor, wheel speed sensor or brake pressure sensor since the light ... 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette

While driving; the vehicle runs fine and all of a sudden the dashboard lights will come on (security, battery, abs, fuel needle to empty, seatbealt), however the car continues to run. Sometimes it will stay on for more than 15 minutes and then disappears. Sometimes it will come out at the start and stays on for 10 minutes. While parked (all doors shut), the security lights remains lit. What causes this problem?

Ignition switch elecrical part of it is bad change it will take care of it ... GMC Sonoma

Good Morning. My ABS light comes on intermittently in my 2001 Nissan Xterra SE model. The light will stay on until I turn the car off, but when I start it back up later the light is off. For the light to come on I don't even have to depress the brake pedal, just driving down the road seems to trigger the dipslay. Could someone please explain to me what might be causing this? I've had someone check the brakes and was told all is well there. I'm uncertain of what to try next. Thank yo

A lot of times the sensors on each wheel become covered with brake dust if you remove the wheels and clean the sensor with brake cleaner this will solve the problem but keep in mind it may happen again when the brake dust gets on the sensor again ... 2001 Nissan Xterra

Hello we have a 2000 mercedes clk430 and when you are driving and attempting to stop it feels like the brakes are pumping themselves (the brake petal) and then sometimes the abs and check engine light comes on and the car goes into fault mode and you have to pull over and restart the car to reset it and the check engine light will stay on but the abs light will go off of it and it will drive right until the abs light goes off again. We changed all four brakes and brake discs because we figured t

... 2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK

Abs light comes on when i start towing in january...this has happened for the past 3 yrs..stays on for approx 2-300 miles then goes off and does not go on again..no other symptoms...what could be the cause..i have had the code checked but there is no code reading given..i do have integrated tow breakinng system on ford 350 v-10 yr 2006

... 2006 Ford F 350 Super Duty

1999x j8l jaguar drivers side window wont roll down also sun roof wont stay open, everytime i open it, it closes after a couple seconds. also the dashboard lights go out once the headlights go on. I have checked all the fuses and they appear to be all good. Is there a relay switch that is causing these problems? if so which one. i also notice that the ignition key does not roll down/roll up all the windows like it once did.

Hi! Open the hood and you'll find the relay box, usually coded on the cover. Check for blown or burnt relay which may cause grounding causing the roof and windows to act unusual. THe power windows has relay inside the door too, you will need to detac ... Jaguar XJ8

The 4WS light on the dashboard stays on? Mechanics checked underneath and say the chassis is ok. The outer CV boot is split - would this be the cause of the problem?

Yes that is a prob, cos your losing grease. That axle will need replacing. Possibilty of electrical switch/sensor is bad. Check your fuses! \015\012Good luck. ... 1994 Mazda MX-6

1997 lumina amber abs light stays on . had it scanned , rt. front wheel speed sensor , no output . changed sensor , still on . checked harness with ohm meter , its ok . any suggestions ?

Bad switch are gound ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

I have a 2001 9-5 SAAB V-6 turbo. I took it to the dealer and they said it needed the ABS Modulator, the speed odometer quit working. The abs light, park break light, check engine light , and TCS light stay on. But every once in awhile the lights go out except the check engine light and the speed odometer starts working. The dealer wants 2998.00 to fix it. I am wondering if I buy it at a junk yard for 200.00 will I assume to have this same problem again?

... 2008 Saab 9-5

Hi. I have a 2002 Ford Windstar. The ABS and Emergency brake lights come on often and stay on. I had the brakes checked and they are fine. It had some quirks, like the radio turning on or off by itself, tail lights staying on after the van is turned off. I replaced the battery since it checked bad and now it is worse. I have no dome lights, no brake lights, no left turn signals only a right front turn signal, the radio still turns on and off on it's own, only the right puddle lamp turns on. I h

Get a good manual with the schematics in it for starters is you are going to try to DIY. The rear light problems are from a common defective part call a REM Rear Electronics Module. Located in the right rear corner behind the jack access panel. The f ... 2002 Ford Windstar Cargo

Dodge caravan sport 2001 the brakes and ABS lights come on and off intermittently sometimes staying on for 30 minutes to 45 min. then goes off for a while for like an hr. then the next time it comes on again. I had brakes check by shop that replaced and repaired my brakes they said the brakes were fine practically new because they had just replaced them,also the air bag lights comes on and off like the brakes and ABS lights . THen onetime all the indicator lights lit up and stayed on for 30min.

It is your battery. Replace it and you will be good as new.\015\012It has happened to me 2x now.\015\012 ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

My check engine light is on, my speedometer do not work, my ABS light and Brake light is on. My check engine, ABS and brake lights stay on all the time and my speedo does'nt work.

Had same problem with mine. First would not show speed until reached about 25 MPH and then was intermittent. Starts with ABS and Brake Light on and no speed. Checked another website and suggested pulling sensor out of top of rear differential. Ab ... 1999 Dodge Durango

ABS light just came on, is it an easy fix. My abs warning light comes on often. It usually stays on until I restart the car, then it might stay off for days but will always relight. Often, I turn the ignition to "start" while driving and it goes out most of the time. Is a "code scanner" different than the computer you hook to your car for the check engine light? Do they have these scanners at Auto Zone, etc. or, only at repair shops where they charge $60 to read you codes?

The code scanner that you need is called ODBII code reader with ABS, and it works in the same way as the one that you connect to the car computer module (ECU) to read codes when the check engine light comes on, but the cheap ones that you can buy fro ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

The ABS and brake light on my 1996 Ram 3500 stay on. I have replaced the ABS sensor at the rear differential and the lights are still on. What other factors could cause the light to stay on?

... 1996 Dodge Ram

The check engine light stays on. Sometimes it blinks and then sometimes it's solid on. We had a tune up and oil change done and the light went out after a couple days. Then within a week it came back on. One mechanic told us it was caused by some oxygen sensor. We want to get the problem fixed because when it came time to get it smog checked the light just happened to go out for a couple days. What is causing this?

The best thing to do is drive the car to your local auto parts store and borrow (for free) there OBD II scan tool. You can use this tool in the parking lot and find out in ten minutes exactly why your check engi ... Kia Sephia

I have two questions regarding the check engine light stays on problem: 1. If replacing the fuel fill cap had already fixed the cause of the problem, is resetting the counter the only thing a technician has to do? 2. If the fuel fill cap and refilling fuel with engine running are not the cause of the check engine light problem, what are the other causes if there is any? Thanks in advance!

There are hundreds of causes. Look here: http://alflash.com.ua/OBDII/EOBDcodes.pdf\015\012\015\012You need to have the car scanned to get the codes. ... 2000 Volvo S80

Air Bag Light, Brake Light, & ABS Light came on in the dashboard.

Check and see if your alternator is chargingLow voltage will cause those lights to come on, as the computer is shutting down. To check your alternator you will need a volt meter... WITH the engine running you should have about 14 vo ... 2003 Ford Windstar

99 Dodge 2500. The brake light and abs light are on and stay on, check engine light intermintently. I cleaned out the sensor on top of the rear diff housing and lights stayed on. I am sure I need to get a new sensor, but would like any advice first. 40 bucks is a date night for the lady. Question is: are there codes I can reset to cure the lights staying on.

... Dodge Ram 2500

I've owned our 99 Grand Caravan for 3 years and for 3 years occasionally all instruments would quit and I would pound on the dash and it would come back. About 2 years ago the abs quit and the abs light stayed on constantly. About 2 months ago the abs light went out but the abs still doesnt work. I have noticed that the transmission does up and down shift at lower speeds incorrectly. A year ago the check engine light came on and the transmission shifted extremely hard and I replaced the tra

The most common is a bad cluster \012you have to remove it \012that could be a pain but it can be done \012after removing the cluster remove the cardboard cover in the back remove\012 circuit panel board and check in the middle for ... Dodge Grand Caravan

2002 Chevy Monte Carlo SS ABS light stays on, Traction Off light stays on and air bag/seat belt light stays on after car is started. Check Engine Light was on. OBDII scanner had MAP Sensor Low Voltage. I changed the sensor and that is okay now the others are still on. Oh, and the gas gauge goes haywire, works then doesn't, then works again on and off.

... 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Yesterday the Brake light and the ABS light stayed on when I started up my car (2001 Jimmy). I drove it home from the store (approx 3/4 mile) and parked it. Later I started the car up and the lights did not stay on. This morning again the lights did not stay on and I drove 20 miles to work. Should I take it to the shop to get checked out? Or do you think it was just a fluke thing?

Yes its better to go shop and check what is the code so that u can easy to diagnose and repair..some problem of the abs light come in out is some abs defective or loose ,,or the abs motor ssy have problem or sensors in the wheel. ... 2001 GMC Jimmy
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