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Engine surges and dies when air conditioning is turned on

\015 After changing the battery in my Bravada it does not want to idle after the air conditioning is turned on. It seems like it is struggling to find an idle point and then dies. It will start right back up again but as soon as there is a load it will quit again\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Engine surges and dies when air conditioning is turned on

... 2003 Oldsmobile Bravada

2004 Buick Rainier, vortec 4200 engine, 55K miles. Whine when starting cold coming from under driver side. Lasts less than 10 seconds. Sometimes erratic idling, nearly dies. At steady speed, 60+, periodic engine knock. Also a feeling of very slight surge, like air conditioner compressor clutch engage-release - but air conditioner turned off. Stumble or lag in throttle response from a stop.

May be intake manifold leak also check fuel injectors they may be clogged ... 2004 Buick Rainier

Our 2004 Chrysler Sebring has not been driven in a while, maybe about a year. Apparently, the battery died (it is the original battery...5 yrs old) and the computer reset itself. We charged the battery, to the point where the charger said it was fully charged, and tried to start the car. There was a click, followed by one attempt for the engine to turn over...then an electrified smell in the air. Check Engine light is one while trying to start the car, but the engine is in good condition. A

I think your friend is right ... Chrysler Sebring

The car drive fine without using air conditioning but lost power when turning the air cond....have to press the petrol/ pedal or the engine will die...

Depending on the engine size of the car, the A/C compressor can require a lot of power, which would be like putting the vehicle in gear while the vehicle is stopped and the E-Brake on.\015\012\015\012Without doing a full vehicle troublesh ... 2000 Kia Sephia

2008 gmc sierra has no code but when out door temp gets around 60 tep gage gos died and fans run non stop. tells intrament panel engine hot air condition turn off untill weather warms up. so i replace temp sending unit. no effect. engine never got hot ether.

... 2008 GMC Sierra 1500

We added freon to the air conditioning, it was running good then our temperature rose a little , then we noticed our oil gauge going up, the car died when the oil pressure hit 120 it was smoking alitlle, we tried to restart the car but the oil gauge was down to zero the engine turns but will not start what can it be

... 1997 Pontiac Bonneville

1999 Buick Regal LS. When Air Conditioning is on and it is in the eighties or warmer outside, the tachometer drops to zero (no check engine light) and the engine shuts off. I start instantly again when I turn the key. Won't start again unless AC is shut off. Car works perfectly without Air Conditioning on, or with Air Conditioning when temperatures are not as warm. AC coolant level was down, from three pounds to one-half. Had that fixed and problem recurred. Help, please. I don't speak car

Check for you idle compensator. This is the part of the car that tells the engine that the AC is on and needs to rev up more to prevent the drop of the revs but most like the the issue could be with your AC compressor. This may be cause of l ... 1995 Buick Regal

My 2004 Lincoln LS first quit blowing cool air, it only blows hot air full blast on auto. Then the check parking brake started coming on sometimes, but resets when the car is turned off. Now, it occasionally shows overheating after the engine is hot and shut off for a few minutes, then turned back on. Turning off the engine and restarted resets this condition too.


My 2002 Ford Taurus will shutter and die when running the air conditioner and sitting idle at a stop sign or stop light. When I turn on the air conditioner the rpms will fluctuate up high above 2 and then down below 1 then the car will die. If I turn off the air conditioner when idle the car revs fine no problem. I have replaced all spark plugs and wires, coil on cylinder 1, and EGR valve. My check engine light was on with codes PO401, PO171, PO174 and then found a loose vaccum hose. Fixed the h

The idle air control valve is responsible for engine idle.\015\012this is a common failure on ford's. but I don't think yours is bad because it does idle high befor it dies.\015\012you stated you had codes p0171 and p0174 these are lean c ... 2002 Ford Taurus

Engine won't turn over, no clicking or anything. Total silence. Battery terminals have been cleaned, battery is newer...... when ignition is turned on, air conditioning runs, lights do not dim, radio works etc. all systems work but engine does not turn over. Again, total silence when turning the key. After about 1-2 minutes of turning key on and off in ignition, engine eventually starts right up as if nothing was wrong. Happens at least once per day. Dealer says they can't find problem unless ca

The Only Thing I Have Seen That Fixes This Problem Is The 500.00 Key Switch. That's Some Switch! ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 1987 e150 ford van. When you turn the air condition on the engine will start heating the heat gauge will go all the way to hot if you turn off the air condition the heat gauge will go to normal. Hope you can help. Thanks

... 1985 Ford Econoline

I have a 2004 Chrysler Crossfire. The Engine Coolant light came on while driving so I replaced the coolant and it still stayed on so I had the Thermostat replaced and now it seems to come on only when my air conditioning is on. The air conditioner is working great, all cold air, but the light comes on and goes off 30 seconds after I turn the air off again. Do you know what would make this light keep coming back on in connection with my air conditioning?

Most likely your fans are not turning ontry to confirm your radiator fans turn on with the a/c ... 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

Air conditioning My air conditioning is blowing lukewarm air. we tried to charge it but it acts like it is full. The engine changes sounds when we turn it on like all normal air conditioners do.

If the system isn't cycling on and off every two seconds then the charge is fine, your evaporator may be clogged. It might be more cost efective to send it to the dealer. ... 2003 Suzuki Aerio

Engine dies at stop lights when air conditioning is in use

Lets use common sense on the Trans FlushingOld Fluid out --- New Fluid in---WOULD THAT DO ANYTHINGTO CORRECT ANY PROBLEM------NO Trans & Power Steering Fluids-- are done every 3 yearsin my worldThey are called Preventa ... 2011 Kia Sorento

I took my 2002 kia on a 1000 mile trip. The engine got hot so I turned off the air conditioning and it cooled to normal operating temperatures. I drove it with no problems except not being able to run the air conditioner for approximately 300 miles. Then the engine would overheat if I was not running 60 mph. The problem became steadily worse so that by the time I was returning home the car had no power and the engine would run hot going up hills.

Aircon electric fans not working ... 2002 Kia Sportage

My car is toyota corona ST 171 AT. A few days ago i have make an instalation for my car sound system, and there was an accident, electric short circuit was happened.After that, check engine light always on. And if I turn the Air condition ON when gear position in "D", the engine off, but if gear position in "N" (Air Conitioner ON) engine run well. Can anybody help me to fix the problem?

... 1989 Toyota Camry

2005 ford taurus se has the emissions light on and in nov 2008 when this light came on and my car completely died after turning the air on I had to have the a/c compressor fixed, the alternator, serpintine belt, idler pully, power sterring hose replaced and today while driving I had the air on and the emissions light came back on a loud noise came from the engine, hot air started blowing out of the vents and the car started jerking. The car has not completed died at this point. What do you think

Well let me tell you this. \015\012\015\0122 days ago my a/c didn't put out cold air. It worked the next morning & evening and this morning and almost all the way home tonight.\015\012\015\012My 2005 Tarus just did the sam ... 2005 Ford Taurus

Air conditioning air works great, but when its on with the car in gear foot on the brake, the engine acts and feels like its missing. once you accelerate again all is well. turn the air off and the engine runs great.

Your engine need tuning to higher idling rpm. ... 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My engine surges when the air conditioning is on

... 2001 Ford Windstar

Mercedes Benz 1995 C200 engine run very slow with Air condition and turn s off

... Mercedes-Benz Cars & Trucks

Engine was running smoothly, suddenly from the stop light I tried to take off, engine died on me. I did manage to shift it on the second gear and released clutch pedal and it start back up again. A few miles later, I made a right turn and it died on me again. I have changed my Air master flow, fuel pressure regulator and cold start regulator, timing belt. What could be wrong again? Please help!!!

Possible loose ground wire somwhere on engine ... 1985 Nissan 300ZX

1994 Toyota Pickup 2.4l 22re motor 5 speed. Was running fine with no issues. Slowed down, took a turn, truck died. No engine lights were on. Now truck will not start. Battery is showing 12.65v, starter and flywheel teeth are fine and starter tested good on bench test. Truck turns over slow with a whirling sound from the passenger side engine compartment, but will not start. Also have tested fuel, fire, and air; they are all good. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

... 1994 Toyota Pickup

2004 GMC Envoy. When I turn my ac on, my engine will die unless i am accellerating. If I try to idle, it dies all the time. The air that blows out is not cold and the air compressor is not engaging at all. What would cause this?

You may have two problems, a dirty throttle body and low AC refrigerant.The throttle body needs to be cleaned, grime in this area prevents the throttle plate from closing completely and allowing air to enter, making the air/fuel mixture lean. ... 2004 GMC Envoy

Clicking sound A clicking sound can be heard in the engine compartment up near the passenger side of the dash while car is running and air conditioning is on. Turning the air conditioning control will repeat sound.

Maybe your fan isnt turning correctly and is causing the clicking ... 1997 Mercury Tracer

I have a 1998 Chev S10 with a 4cyl engine it runs good about 900 idle Rpm but when I turn on the air condition it goes up to about 1100 idle Rpm is this normal and if not what should the idle Rpm's be with air condition on and with it off so i can make the adjustment

That's normal, it's your computer compensating for load AC is applying to engine. If it don't your rig would barely run or stall. ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup
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