Having problems with your 2003 Nissan Pathfinder ?

My Nissan Pathfinder 2003 finds it very difficult accelerating smartly especially above the 60/80 speed limit. At those levels it has to be forced,then after awhile the temperature raises. As a result

\015 The car currently does not accelerate smartly.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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My Nissan Pathfinder 2003 finds it very difficult accelerating smartly especially above the 60/80 speed limit. At those levels it has to be forced,then after awhile the temperature raises. As a result

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My dodge caravan 2000 3.3L is raising the temperature level too high, I replaced the thermostat and the water pump, but still raising the temperature to last mark before the red mark. What happens?

There is an air pocket in your cooling system.Please look up my FIX HERE. ... Dodge Caravan

2001 Pontiac Montana. Van overheats (redlines) occasionally, which results in loss of heat (very cold air). When this happens lights flicker, like something is turned on??? After this their is a loss of power. While still driving van, engine will begin to cool down ( hear a valve or flapper moving???) Heat will come on again very strong, temperature returns to normal level and all is fine???. I have replaced thermostat and removed air pockets. Engine oil is fine, no coolant drop, no exhaust or i

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I have a 2000 Chevrolet Lumina 3.1 litre engine. The heater isn't working properly, it blows cold air for awhile raising the engine temperature. Once the thermostat kicks in the temp lowers which is great. I know we have to replace the thermostat, the problem is locating where exactly the thermostat is. Aloso, our overflow for the radiator and the tubes for the radiator have a red clayish looking substance in it. Is there any way to clean it out or should I just get a whole new radiator sys

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98 Mercury Villager randomly overheats. New radiator, water pump, thermostat, hoses and cap. Correct coolant level and mixture, no leaks, or head gasket issues. Two-speed fan operates correctly and AC compressor correctly charged and works until temperature gauge rises near top marker. Small clicking noises (like switches) intermittedly sound as though coming from under dash, or near firewall. Occurs whether on highway, or in town. Often self-corrects after cooling for awhile. I've owned this ve

Http://groups.yahoo.com/group/villagerquest/\012\012air trapped in system. common ... 2002 Mercury Villager

I have 1995 Mits Lancer glxi matic. I observed that at normal idle or running condition, the engine rpm is slowly, slowly dropping to zero. Im just pressing the gas in order to keep running. otherwise will continue to drop till and engine will stop. during engine start-up, the engine rpm will raise and start to slowly going down while reaching the engine temperature. then after awhile, engine rpm will slowly slowly drop until the engine will fully stop. Please help..will this be related to the

Try checking the codes. You can do this at part stores like auto zone for free. It might be the maf sensor or if it says lean o2 sensor than it's the fuel filter. ... Mitsubishi Lancer

When getting on the highway and going up to the speed limit, the temperature gauge goes to the very highest point within the white part of the dial, hovering just below the red "hot". I check my cooling level and it seems fine - though I do have to add about every 2 days. My temp is fine when driving around town. How do I fix this?

Replace your thermostat for starters and I would also have a mecanic check your waterpump after you put a new t-stat in. also check your air induction routing, your air cleaner, and the outside of your radiator for anything plugging off the air flow. ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

My battery is every morning empty. Changed the dynamo, battery, steering contact. After removing the fuse of the radio / amplifier, battery keeps on level. Unplugging amplifier with fuse in results in low battery. Unplugging radio with fuse in results in battery which keeps almost the same level. Radio changed, battery level dead. Help!!!

Have battery/alternator checked. Really clean connectors and battery posts even if they look ok. If battery is ok have it slowly recharged for 12-24 hrs. Alternators are not designed to recharged an empty battery but just to maintain the full charge. ... Cars & Trucks

What are the maximum level the temperature indicator reach ?because temperature indicator in dashboard reach a midway between max.&minimum level &may slightly exceed that level in very hot climate.Many auto technician reported that this is normal in that model provided that the cooling system(including radiator)is clean&perfect.Is it beneficial to remove the valve to allow water to circulate freely inside motor and so cause better cooling for the motor in summer? best regards

I will assume that you are speaking of the thermostat when you say "valve". In that case removing the thermostat can cause boil over in long run conditions in elevated temperatures as it has no way to stop or divert the coolant flow to co ... 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

My Brake Light on My dashboard is coming on when I brake, but the fluid is above the minimum level, and I had my brakes looked at less than a year ago. the dashboard brake light comes on intermittently during cold temperatures. The fluid level is fine and the pads were replaced a couple of months ago. Brakes are working fine. When temperature is above 32,no problem. What would cause the light to come on in cold temperatures? thanks

You hava very common issue.\015\012The brake fluid contracts when it is cold. The level may be "above the minimum", but being there allows the sensor to activate when it is cold, due to the contraction aspect of the brake fluid... \015\01 ... 2003 Toyota Camry Solara

1999 Series2 Discovery rear suspension stays up when static and set to hi level. At normal level sometimes drops in 1 hour sometimes overnite, stopped to collect luggage dropped immediately didnt raise, left overnight then all OK , stopped for fuel dropped wouldnt raise, left overnite set to hi raised immediately. Now set to high just before switching off, pump for 10 secs, switch off ignition stays up for days. Any clues, Tony Green SA

Probably an air leak in one of the bags (£100 or so), should replace it \015\012as your compressor will be working harder than it should be, and will \015\012eventually also fail!Could also be the height sensor (£35) but that \015\0 ... 2001 Land Rover Discovery Series II

How do I know if my 2005 Ford 500 Limited AWD has self leveling rear suspension or not.

... Ford Five Hundred

My 2001 Kia Sportage overheated on an offroad climb (130,000 k) but the temperature gauge didn't register above .normal. End result was a blown radiator and a warped motor. Kia found a 2002 replacement motor (93,000 k) along with a new rad. Result: 4 times now on long steep hill (on Pavement) the coolant has boiled. Kia can't determine the problem. They replaced the thermostat and the rad cap but it still boils. By the way, the temperature gauge never goes above normal. I thought I found the p

I had similar problems with my 2001 sportage 4X4 on slow off road pulls and when running the AC on highway grades during hot weather. I replaced both Cat convertors and it ran soooo much better and stopped the BS. very expensive at KIA dealer, try to ... 2002 Kia Sportage

Brake dragging After i changed the rear shoe and calibrated, after a while, the breakes self adjust so it gets too tight and start dragging and getting hot. I have to be loosing them with frecuency.It looks that the hand breake adjusting level dos not has a limit. Avery time i pull the hand breake, the level turns the adjusting star and does not have limit but the drum. Do you have any recomendation?

Had this before no end of times,their is a sprung piece of steel on the opposite side to the adjusting lever and you have left it off.drill a hole through backplate in line with adjuster and remove the auto adjuster,then when you service vehicle adju ... 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser

OBD-II Trouble code P0125-Insufficient Coolant Temp for Closed Loop Fuel control. A code P0125 may mean that one or more of the following has happened: * Insufficient warm up time * Low engine coolant level * Leaking or stuck open thermostat * Faulty coolant temperature sensor Its not the warm up time or the coolant level. I'm not sure where to start from here. Not sure where the thermostat or the coolant temperature sensor is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Whenever i get this code i like to clear it and see if it returns. Sometimes in extreme cold weather conditions it will set this code and there may not be anything wrong. What motor is in your celica? ... 1996 Toyota Celica

2001 Deville: check engine coolant level display comes on, however coolant level seems fine. Today the engine hot ac off display came on and the temperature gage also was above normal Problem began to show up approx. 6 months ago. When I added coolant the check coolant light would go off for several months before returning, this is the first time since the problem began that the temperature gauge posted an above normal reading and the engine hot ac off display light came on. I have checked the

You are loosing coolant some how,but start here,replace the thermostat,and remove and clean the low coolant sensor,and fill,and bleed the air out of the cooling system, ... Cadillac DeVille

Temperature gauge raising to red

It could be your theromstat ... 2005 Chevrolet Malibu

Air Suspension problem with 2005 Lincoln Navigator Air suspension alarm on HMI display. The car level sometimes cannot raise up when switching the ignition on and takes a long time to raise up after almost 35 minutes after driving and when switching OFF goes to minimum level in short period. Hence, all compressor pumps work fine and there is no air leak any ware. I check and trace the fault by PC and show (System cannot communicate to suspension)

... 2005 Lincoln Navigator

Hi, i own a vw bora (jetta) 2005 1.6l (bfq) engine & auto transmission... The temperature get normal to 90c and driving is normsl too but when i start climbing the temperature elevates to 105-110c and the vents start to work and the temepature gets back to normal 90c , when putting on the ac at a start there is a bad smell like anti-freeza but it works fine, water level is fine, no loosing , oil level is normsl and i think there is a circulation! I replaced the thermostat a year ago (original) a

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Hi, My car is boiling water and it goes our from the overflow pipe at the coolant level water tank. I let my car run for one hour standing on my driveway and the temperature was going to 222 and then the second fan started running and brought temperature to 205, then the fan stopped. The temperature went to 222 again and then the fan started running and brought the temperature back to 205. This happened all the time. On the other side the coolant was boiling and was coming out from that overf

When sitting still, yes both fans on a car equipped with two fans will run. The temperature ranges you posted seem within acceptable range. That said, the water (coolant) should not boil at those high temperatures, but some overflow is expected/nor ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

I have just replaced the water pump and thermostat for my 1997 Saturn SC2. I was running the engine (heater on full heat) - the heater was putting out heat and the coolant level was at it's full mark, but the coolant level lights (there are 2 of them) started to blink. The coolant temperature continued to rise very slowly, and I stopped the engine before the fan had a chance to kick in. I think I have a faulty thermostat, but was wondering why my coolant level lights were blinking when the coola

It sounds as if you may have an air pocket in the system, alot of your saturn and gm vehicles have air bleed on or near the thermostat housing. As you are filling the system you will need to have this bleeder open until a steady stream of coolant com ... 1997 Saturn SC

1991 olds Cutlass Ciera. 3.3l, failed the NO emission test. Results: HC ppm 12 .......limit 62 CO % 0.09 ..... limit 0.35 NO ppm 948 ..... limit 700 Before testing changed plugs, wires,PCV,oil. Also had converter replaced about four months ago.

Since your cat was replaced you should be looking at fuel problems...even gas cap seal....check fuel pressure,fuel regulator,and evap system.>canister or purge solinoid,o2 senser...high nox is caused by the cat or fuel problems on these engines... ... 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

The temperature gauge does not seem to reach full operating temperature. The thermostat has been replaced but the temperature gauge drops if I am on the level or going downhill. The appointed agent says this is normal but the owner's handbook implies that the pointer should remain constant between the blue and the red segments.

It will drop when going down hill and no load on engine ,this is normal ,think the shunt resistor in the gauge could be playing up where by its allowing the gauge to fluctuate a bit too quick, but the old adage applies here if it works leave well alo ... 2008 Jaguar X Type

I have a 2003 Trailblazer and the blower for the heat only works on level 5. 1,2,3,& 4 levels remain off until you hit 5 and it comes out the normal hot temperature and like it should at that level? Thanks in advance for any solutions.

The blower resistor is bad, i think its near the passenger floor under dash, it conectect to the blower motor. ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My 2000 GMC Yukon 2WD's heater fan now will only work on level 5. First level went awhile ago and every couple months since another one would go. Once level 5 is gone I aint got no heat no mo ! Help !

Well the level 5 is on a separate circuit with its own fuse and relay. but level 1-4 is controlled by a resistor that is mounted in the blower housing under the passenger knee bolster which is the panel under the dash,remove this and you will see the ... 2000 GMC Yukon
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