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350z speedometer stuck at 0 with VDC.TCS/ABS/Slip lights on

\015 The speedometer on my 350z suddenly stopped working. It sits on 0 and the digital reads 0 as well. Also the VDC/TCS/ABS/Slip lights all came on. We have had a lot of rain recently and I am wondering if the speed sensors are out of whack.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Check the cable which leads from the tranny to the dash, most of the time the cable or sensor went bad
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350z speedometer stuck at 0 with VDC.TCS/ABS/Slip lights on

Check the cable which leads from the tranny to the dash, most of the time the cable or sensor went bad ... 2003 Nissan 350Z

I have a 1997 dodge grand caravan and the speedometer is stuck on 120 mph! I was traveling and the alternater went, so I got a new one and a new battery. The car is running fine, but the speedometer and battery light are on the fritz! speedometer is stuck at 120 mph and the battery light will not go off?? Please help

You may have to take a magnet and put it over the speedometer needle and move the needle back to zero,this some times happens when a battery is connected as the voltage surge causes the needle to bounce some times to far and its not able to return to ... 1997 Dodge Caravan

2002 Nissan maxima stuck in 3rd gear, auto tranny . I was driving the other day to realize the light on the dash said I was in 3rd instead of drive, but my gear shifter was in the drive position . Speedometer was working, so I went stright to the house the next day I put some tranny stop slip in it same problem but this time the speedometer won't work and my gear shifter will not go into the drive position, I can put it in park and reverse but the 3 light on the dash is still lite up . Does any

Most modern day autos are all electronically controlled, Usually if it detects a fault it can go into limp mode which by default is 3rd gear. The fact your speedo is not working which too is most likely sensor driven then that may be a clue to what i ... Cars & Trucks

2006 dodge charger r/t car has been sitting for over 3 1/2 months. Battery went dead and had battery replaced. However speedometer not working, turn signals not working and gas gauge not working. The car feels like it's stuck in cruise control and feels like it won't go over 30 mpg. or if eccelarted the car feels like it will stall out. The lights that are showing constant are: check engine light, tire pressure light,brake light ( blinky constantly) and abs light.Not sure why car would respond

This is a common problem for chrysler products....I am a level 2 chrysler tech.I dont know when your problem started but I have seen it and had the same type problem.....if it started before you changed the battery or not you have to take it to a dea ... 2006 Dodge Charger

No power to dash lights,will only start if you jumper from battery to isolator controller relay solenoid, have put in new batteries ,batteries recharge when running or connected to 110 ac power, have head lights but no dash,speedometer does not work,stuck at 40 mpg,how does battery disconnect work? battery disconnect ,in doorway, chassis light on all the time,coach light only on with motor running ,when disconnect switch pushed nothing happens?? is this normal?

... Chevrolet K3500

Sometimes I start my 1997 GMC Sierra k1500 4x4 and the little light that moves under the P R N D 3 2 1 as one shifts the automatic transmission, does not come on. When it does not come on, neither the speedometer or odometer work and the truck drives with considerably less power. It drives as if it's stuck in one gear: it takes a lot of gas to get going from a stand-still, and as it gets to 60 miles an hour (as a guess. I don't know exactly how fast it's going because the speedometer is still po

I really need an answer to this question, also. Mine started doing the exact same thing today. ... 1997 GMC Sierra K2500

My engine light is on, the brake light comes on and the speedometer stops when that happens, my key is stuck in the ignition, and the blinking arrow won't stop blinking. I am a first time volvo owner. I am beggining to think that their should be a mandatory class for this type of automobile. All said, I do love the car. Please help me.

Brake light comes on auto each time you start the car (saftey check) and will go off when you press brake pedal.\015\012\015\012Blinking arrow will stop when you click seat belt together (driver)\015\012\015\012turn ign off pr ... 2000 Volvo S70

Our 2003 Ford Windstar speedometer is intermittent, and today the tachometer needle pegged and got stuck in the PRND mechanism. I was able to push the tach needle free but it no long works. Any suggestions on what might be causing intermittent tach/speedometer and a DIY fix? Any chance these are related to a brake warning light? We had the 'cruise control fire' recall fix back in Nov 2009. Over the last two months we've also had the ABS and Brake warning lights come on intermittently. Deal


2004 Kia Optima I was driving 70 down the highway and the speedometer quit when I parked the car and took the keys out the radio and lights remained on now the car is stuck in reverse with the park lights still on someone help please?

The speedometer going bad could be the VSS (Velocity Speed Sensor), which detects the cycles the transmission makes and where the speedometer gets its information.\015\012The parking lights on, not sure. Maybe the VSS going bad caused somethin ... 2002 Kia Spectra

Hi, Can i ask for a final clarity on the 'limp in' mode please. I have a 2001 2.0L SE auto. The SES light is on, I replaced the TCM. I still get P0700. The car is fairly smooth into reverse and drive, but is stuck in 2nd. It will drive smoothly up to 40-45 but I haven't taken it any further. There is no power loss, the speedometer works, all lights work ok, radio is fine and no other codes flash up. Removing the battery to reset the module has not worked. The answers are this so far. 1. R

Make sure the battery is fully charged and giving 12V Minimum with key out of ignition - if the battery is slighlty weak it can interfere with the workings of the computer and bring up irrelevant codes.\015\012\015\012After you know the power i ... Chrysler Neon

I have a problem with my brake light appearing above my speedometer. I recently got stuck in the snow and had to dig my way out. Ever since then my brake light has been showing with the (!)(P) symbols showing. I can still stop however when I press on the brake, I have to almost touch the floor. whereas it us to be so sensitive that I only had to go half way down with the brake pedal. I checked for leaks with my break fluid and seems to be ok. Anyone have an idea what might be wrong. Do I need to

... 1999 GMC Jimmy

My speedometer stuck at 62. I turned the car off and on and now get lights in the panel but no info, such as speed, rpm. Any ideas as to what is wrong?

Check for a broken or looseharness to instrument closter ... 2003 Suzuki Aerio

On my 2005 trailblazer, the speedometer, along with fuel gauge, continues to get stuck for days at a time.Also have check engine light that will not go off. Have rear heat blower that works, but does not heat up. What could be the cause??


I have an 03 Olds Bravada. I have had it for about 4 years. The service engin light comes on and stays on. I have taken it in to serice and the code is almost always that I didn't fasten my gas cap tight enough. Also for the past several years I have had trouble with the speedometer going crazy. When I'm driving it will shoot up to about 40 miles more per hour than I'm actually driving. It will get stuck for awahile and then reset itself after several days. I have noticed that this occurs more o

Hello\015\012The problems/warning indicators u have are most likely not related and likely are all separate issues, they are each related to sensor failures and other issues such as defective wiring, each one of ... 2003 Oldsmobile Bravada

My transmission is stuck in 1st gear, check engine light on, and speedometer stopped working before I could get home.

... 1999 Dodge Intrepid

A 97 chevy pu trk no tack or speedometer or shift light fells like its stuck in high gear.

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 VW Polo 1.6 classic. My speedometer would often cut out and stop working, now my entire dashboard is dead, (including the digital odometer which is stuck) even my indicator lights don't work. My hazards work as well as my dashboard clock. I have checked the small fuses and cant find anything wrong

Sometimes when the spark plug cables are dying (or are from a lousy manufacturer) it affects the dashboard. Happened to me when i had a 97 Polo, check that, it could be the same problem. ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

My car died in the parking lot (after having the radio and headlights go out). I got it jumped and on the way home, the speedometer and gas gauges went flat, hazard lights wouldn't work, and car wasn't shifting (it got stuck around 3,000 rpm) but then suddenly snapped out of it. I took it to get the battery and alternator tested and both checked out fine. Now the car runs fine. What could have been the problem with it?

No harm done...\015\012The alternator was too busy charging the battery that it was not putting out enough to operate everything due to probably dirty/corroded battery terminals..\015\012\015\012Do a little maintenance: ... 1994 Eagle Vision

1990 accord rpms run high seems to be stuck in sport mode,red dash light are flashing like a christmas tree, speedometer does'nt work, now im needing to get a jump.

You need a new transmission computer. They are a very common failure part, google: "honda tcm". It is located under the front passenger's floor board. Buy a new one off ebay or a rebuilder, not used, they are all bad. ... 1990 Honda Accord

My 97 f250 is having Transmisison shifting problems It shifts hard into any gear when this problem starts. Also when it does this odomoter and speedometer go dead. The OD light on the gear shift blinks. Then no matter what I am stuck in that gear until I stop the truck and let it set for 5 mins with engine off. Then I start it up and go again for a while until it happens again, maybe 10 mins maybe 2 days? I have plenty of fluid.

... Ford E-250

Have a 2003 mitsubishi galant that keeps blowing fuse 22 and when it does transmission gets stuck in third, speedometer quits working and check engine light comes on. Can't figure out why fuse keeps blowing.

The fuse is blowing because u have a shorted transmission wiring harness as to where this short is will require you pull the harness out of the car and look for wire insulation damaged caused by chafing on bare metal or broken wire loom stays, there ... 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante

1999 voyager I have a problem with this vehicle stuck in second with the engine light on...and the speedometer quit. Any ideas?

This is called "limp mode" which means to "limp" home. Chryslers default to limp mode when there is a problem with a speed sensor, body control module or other sensor\015\012\015\012scan the computer and see what it says\015\012 ... 1999 Plymouth Voyager

Chevy Trailblazer 2005 V6 Speed and Oil Gauges are not working properly. Oil Gauge is sometimes getting stuck at ''40'', and then when you turn off the engine it doesn't go back to ''0'' and when you turn on the engine back again it goes up to ''80''... Speedometer is showing the wrong speed (at least 10 mph difference) Engine Light is not on, what might be the problem?? Thanks!

Bad instrument cluster. any shop should be able to get one or send yours off for a rebuild. ... 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Was going down the highway the truck cut out then started to go again. a couple of feet down the rod the truck cut out again and would not go anymore. Had to have it towed home becauce it would not start up. The speedometer is now stuck the truck was going when it stop. the truck turns over. the instument panel on the dash will not light up when you turn it over. Changed the fuel pump, did not help. Do you have any ideals?

Try some starting fluid. make sure it has spark.. ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10

Mechanics just fixed the brakes. After we left the shop the brake and abs lights were on (and are now on most of the time). Then the speedometer stopped working (most of the time). The engine icon came on once. the cruise control has stopped working (most of the time). The mechanic who fixed it says the problem is that two computers are not speaking to each other, it's possibly the ignition (which stuck once during this period) switch or possibly the abs control (a $3,000 part).

Have the abs sensors removed and cleaned alot of times during brake service dust and contaminations can cause a faulty reading it may also have the speed sensor at the wheels if so the problem is probably with dirty sensors that will also cause cruis ... 2004 Saab 9-3
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