Having problems with your 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport ?


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Hope not that is the reason for being a used engin. Replce the thermostat and if it is still over heating I think the head gasket might be leaking. To check the gasket, open the rediator cap and start the engin. If it is leaking the water level will rise or there will bubbles coming out. Good luck.
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Hope not that is the reason for being a used engin. Replce the thermostat and if it is still over heating I think the head gasket might be leaking. To check the gasket, open the rediator cap and start the engin. If it is leaking the water level will ... 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Car heat i got my radiator flushed and changed, got a new thermostat, and heater core flushed. but the heat comes on warm and when it gets hot (engine) it blows cold. if the theory of one hose is very warm (problem being under the dash) and both hoses are cold (problem being the engine) what are the possible answers for either engine or dash problems so i would know

Park your unit on a slight incline, start cold w/ radiator cap removed and interior heat on full bore. This will burp or release your air from your cooling system. Add 50/50 until radiator is full. When you replace any good amount of coolant in post ... 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

Ok this is complicated. the car was heating up, and loosing a small amount of antifreeze. and said to check emmission system. took to the shop . they changed all gaskets and check for cracked in engine.. two days later the engine hot super hot and actually cracked the engine. bought a used engine . it still kept heating up and using antifreeze can only drive 18 miles before this happens had a new radator installed and a new heat sensor. the problem still exsist. so i think if both engines are ha

Your single biggest mistake was to buy a used engine, that is just to big a risk as this is the #1 problem with this engine, the problems u have are leaking head gaskets and or cylinder heads are cracked, the codes mean noth ... 1996 Cadillac DeVille

Overheating slowly Just bought a used 2005 Dodge Stratus. When we picked it up, my son drove it 50 miles on the interstate with no problem. Then he parked for 15-20 minutes and left the car running with the AC on. The engine began to heat up and neared the red zone before he shut it off. The coolant appeared a bit low so he got some and added it. The car sat for an hour and then I started it up. Let it ran for maybe 15 minutes. Tried AC. Compressor ran but no cold air came out. After about

Make sure the radiator cooling fans are both coming on when the A/C is turned on. This cools down the condenser which is mounted in front of the radiator. Dodge has had issues with the fan controls for years. There is a fan control module which turns ... 2005 Dodge Stratus

Replaced the 2 O2 sensors in front of engine. was wired wrong because dealer that i got car from years ago cut from engine harness, timing belt broke replaced it and the water pump. car started to over heat and would not stay running. took it in to the dodge dealership and got it to crank and stay running but the over heating problem is still there. is this a bad or cracked head or is it something simple that im not doing right. it runs fine just over heats after about 15 to 20 mins of running.

Is the electric fan coming on?if not it will do exactly what you describe.\015\012once in a while at a steady 40mph speed,it may cool down.\015\012there is a fan switch on the radiator that drives a fan relay.\015\012you can wire 12 ... 2001 Dodge Stratus

2.7 Engine I bought my college daughter a 2004 Dodge 4 with the 2.7 engine. It now has 40,000 miles on it. I didn't really do the research on this engine before I bought it and now all I hear what a bad engine it is from car experts. I'm curious if there are any people who use this site that have put a least 100,000 miles on this engine without the sludge problem ruining the engine. Also, I'd like to know what maintenance schedule was used for those who got longevity with this engine. I currentl

Mine has 175,900+ miles on it with no engine problems thus far besides a very small oil leak around the valve cover - (tightening the valve cover bolts has stopped or significantly slowed the leak, so no gasket change made yet), and a water pump fail ... 2007 Dodge 4

Overheatin problemS i have a cadillac sts 2000 and i just spend 3000 dollas to get fixed a head gasket problem my engine block was craked so i got a used block my meachanic used on the parts from my old engine and installed them in to the new block ive been driving my car and on hightway the temperature neddle stays in the niddle but when im driving on the city the temperture starts goin over the middle like half way n them goes back again and after ive been driving the car for a while it starts

Your story sounds identical to mine except i have a 98 sts.I also went to have my head gaskets replaced and found out it was a cracked block,I had to buy a used motor.cost me $4,500.after driving the car for about two weeks,I noticed my temp go a lit ... 2000 Cadillac Seville

Overheating, after 4 or5 miles engine gage is in the red.Have replaced radiator,fan,and thermostat,same problems.The problem began on the freeway at 60-65 mph, Car got hot(temp gage regestered RED) got off freeway and right to water,radiator was split at the seam.Replaced radiator,still overheating after 4or5 miles, replaced radiator fan, still overheating, replaced thermostat,still overheating.No heat out of heating vents.Now the charging system is starting to develop problems

Please solve this problem, my car COROLLA 1988 automatic 1.6 has the same problem!!!!! ... 1987 Toyota Corolla 2 Door

Over heating?!?!? i have had my 1996 grand am for 2 months ive had it looked at right away to stop any problems before they got to big. I had to get the heater core fixed after 2 weeks and another week after that my raditor bc i had a hairline crack on the side. well its been a month and my car is over heating again, i was told that it could be that its now nicer out that i got air in the "line" when i stopped using the heat, so i turned the air on yesterday and it was still over heating. i had

To start, is the coolant fan coming on, possible thermostat problem, when it gets hot it the upper hose HARD? ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

I've got a vauxhall combo van that won't start. I have had this problem since the engine over-heated and cut out. People have said it could be the head gasket. I've bought a new battery and can hear the starter motor trying to tick the engine over but theres nothing happening. I got some jump leads for it and it won't tick over or even bump start. Now i've been told the engine has ceased up. Is this true?

... Cars & Trucks

Over heating hello am planing on buying a 1992 mr2 i have talked to a toyota tech about this model of car . i would like to know. the car is a mid engine car will i have problems with the engine over heating? i will be useing the car for normal driveing and not for race track. and are their any product or add on to help the orginal cooling system to cool the engine better

Overheating on the SW20 (Mr2) is usually down to one of the following:Air lock:From a badly bled coolant system (Easy fix)Thrmostat failure:Preventing the coolant getting to the front radiator(Easy fix)Water pump failure:(Wate ... 1992 Toyota MR2

Engine problems I recently bought an used 2004 Suzuki Forenza with 65,000 miles. It is a beautiful car but I have taken it back to the dealer 4 going on 5 times to fix the following problem. It started off that the check engine light would come at random times. I took it up to the service dept. and they hooked it up to the computer and didn't find anything wrong so I brought it home. They suggested that if it happened after I got gas that maybe the gas cap wasn't tight. The check engine light co

Need to ask them what the code was? ... 2004 Suzuki Forenza

I have a 11/96 ssangyong musso.The engine was sluggish so I started with washing the engine down. so as to complete any necessary repairs. I then had an issue occuring as the engine got hot that it became sluggish so I used circuit board cleaner on the cam angle sensor to remove any potential elactrical tracking, this solved the initial problem. tHE PROBLEM NOW IS THAT WHEN i SWITCH THE MOTOR OFF it will not fire unless I disconnect and reconnect the battery, therby resetting the computor. If th

... Cars & Trucks

My equinox is over heating when stoped at a light fans work fine, changed thermistat and still the same problem while using the air or not using the air I have to put the truck in park and keep the rpms at about 2300 until I get moving again is this a common problem with this engine?

Sounds like the fins in the water pump have disengauged from the shaft. raising the rpms will help. you really need to remove the water pump and see if it is in good shape, better off changing it if it is out. best of luck. ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

I've got a 2001 seat leon 1.6 16v, it's just had a new engine put in..well a used engine!! Car is running fine but my ECP light has come on, i've checked my break lighs there fine as someone told me that might be the problem. What else could be causing the problem??

... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 1996 ford 350 van it has a 5.8 engine in it, My problem is when I start it ,It fires right up after a few cranks but if its in park it will idle high and then stall out or if it been running for a while it doesnt stall as much it will only stall than once I use brake or stop at stop light or stop sign I put plugs wires oil change distribtor cap kit on it and still got the problem the van is a 96 e350 5.8 engine any help b great thanks

Take it to AutoZone for a free diagnostic scan. Your local Ford dealer will charge you $100+ for the same scan. It sounds like the idle control valve and/or the mass air flow sensor. The scan will accurately pinpoint the proble ... 2002 Ford E350

5 months ago I got the Check Engine light on my 2001 Cadilac Deville. When the diagnostic tester was used they got a code P0741. I had the transmission overhauled and now 5 months later I have the same problem with the code P0741. The mechanic performed the same fix a second time including the converter, the TCC and solenoid and still the problem persists. What can we do now??

It hard to get a solution unless u use a tech ll that runs a data stream-just a code can means different things--dont know how well its been rebilt but accumulator springs are common in older trans as well as governor pressure switches--some trans re ... Cadillac DeVille

I am getting p0300, p0301, p1300, p1315 codes on my toyota tacoma, need to have a smog check. need to fix the problem. my check engine light is on. i changed the spark plugs and the light went off for about 5 miles, then back on. i used my scanner and got p0301 code again. i switched the ignition coils to find if that was the direct problem. the i got p0300 and p0301. i switched the coils back and forth now my final reading is all 4 of the readings above. what do you think, i am frust

... Toyota Tacoma

When I drive my ford focus 2000 se more than 15 miles the air conditioner causes my engine heat gauge to rise high. This overheating issue only happens while using air conditioner. Heater works fine! Also, once the car overheats the first interval of using air, it takes less and less time to overheat again. I can shut the car off and instantly turn back on and the heat gauge returns to normal. What could be my problem? The cooling seems to work fine and there is no strange noises during this

Radiator Fan Relay should be the problem..they had a recall on 01's for it..both fans need to run when the ac is on..more than likely one of the 2 is not working..change the relays ... 2000 Ford Focus

2003 Jeep grand cherokee, 6 cyl; Had a slew of problems. My transmission was slipping, shuddering when you got to 51 to 54 mph, and speedometer was haywire causing me to use my gps to check speed. Check engine light was on, codes 306 and 123. Checked the tps voltages, found that the Haynes manual had me checking the wrong pins for voltages. Got that squared away and found I had to replace the TPS again. Erased codes, now no check engine light. Wasn't aware that the TPS could cause so much...Repl

Hi!!\015\012\015\012I don't know why they put in the book that it takes 4 quarts if it takes 5 to fill it to specs.\015\012\015\012Well, it seems that you did all the hard work already. the only thing left to do is add a bott ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

CJ7 Dies I got a used 1996 CJ7 (Ford) for my birthday about 8 years ago, and it drove just fine for alittle over a year and then starting having problems with the engine dying on me. I have taken it to pep boys where they had it for two weeks, paid $700 dollars for their services. One thing that I do rememeber that they did was replace the fuel pump. I took it home, and not even a week later it started dying on me at every stop light, stop sign. I got a new carberator for it, and same problem. T

What kind of vehicle is it exactly and what year? ... 1996 Ford Windstar

Got a preowned 2004 318i executive series E46 facelifted two months ago, comes with 2 sets of ignition key with remote on fob. Suddenly, 1 key that can operate the keyless entry will not start the engine. Its just silent but with all the lights, horn, radio working, nothing happens when I switch it to turn on the engine. I thought its a computer problem or a battery problem (comes with newly replaced battery, AC Delco brand. I tried using the other set of key and voila, the car started. But when

It shouldn't be a key problem as when the key in the past was starting the car an still in the ignition of coarse that charges the battery's at all times. Take it to BMW and get them to run a diagnostic test of the computer and electronics. Thats my ... 2006 BMW 3 Series

I have flushed heater core, replaced coolant temperature gauage,replaced thermostat, water pump, timing belt, flushed engine block, and radiator. Got a lot of brown sludge out of heater core and radiator. All is clean now and still using G012 coolant. Only get heat in Econ mode, no heat at all in Auto mode. I pressed recirc and econ and the only code shows up is 513 which is engine temp is too low and air control module is not correct. But I have resolved both of these. Pressing fan down,cold b

I envy people like you.You understand this car really well. I had this same issue with a car VW to be precise and until I took it to the dealership in Nigeria I couldn't get it fixed.You have done virtually everything any expe ... Volkswagen Passat

98 4 runner MAF problem. Was replaced 1 year ago with after market MAF. Check engine light would come on every 3 months. They would clean it and clear code. Now it only lasts 2 weeks. Took it to Toyota - they say the problem is that it is not a toyota MAF which would cost approx. $1100. My mechanic went and got one from a 4runner in the junk yard for me since there was no recourse on the after market one by now. I've had the used toyota MAF in my truck for 2 weeks now - and the check engine ligh

Make sure that there are no leaks, on your duct hose..where the MAF is located..because if you are getting too much air..the MAF, will try to adjust to it, and it will throw your injectors out of wack, and then you will have a code...stating that you ... 1998 Toyota 4Runner

No power but car cranks -2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue 250,000KM - Not sure if related but the car just sat for 10 days when I was on Vacation. It started firt time this morning no problem, I put on the heated seats, window defrosters, wipers and radio. About 5 min later when I got to the 3rd stop sign it died out. Now car cranks over no problem so seems like battery has lots of power to crank the starter but all other electrical is dead (except for the check engine light). Note the check engine ligh

The check engine light is interesting considering everything else is out. I would go to the fuse panels and trace power to the ignition switch. Other than the check engine light, this seems to be most likely. ... 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue
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