Having problems with your 2003 Lincoln LS ?

As I'm driving the car slows down automatically from 50 to 10 miles an hour and the wrench comes on. The manual indicates that the engine has defaulted to a

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My 2003 LS did this last year. My fix was a new computer. The cost somewhere around $1,400. Not saying you have the same problem.
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As I'm driving the car slows down automatically from 50 to 10 miles an hour and the wrench comes on. The manual indicates that the engine has defaulted to a

My 2003 LS did this last year. My fix was a new computer. The cost somewhere around $1,400. Not saying you have the same problem. ... 2003 Lincoln LS

Hi. I have a 2006 Toyota Prius. There is a blinking light on the dashboard when the engine is off. The light turns off when the car is started. The light is a car symbol with a vertical line intersecting the roof of the car. The manual indicates this light relates to the electrical system. The manual says to stop the car immedicately if the light comes on during operation of the car, but does not say what to do if the light comes on when the car is turned off. Is this a reminder of a need for re

As the prius is a computer controlled car it is best checked out by a toyota dealer.(unless you know someone with a diagnostic computer that can read a prius)could be a number of electrical items but i would not like to guess at ONE. ... 2006 Toyota Prius

The engine icon warning light has come on in my 2005 S-type 4.2 jag (50,000 miles). According to the manual, this means that something is likely wrong with the electronic control system for the engine. It happened once before, and the car went into limp home mode, but it has not done that this time. I have my car into a jag dealer, and he says the diagnostic for the engine controls has not revealed the source of the problem, but it does indicate many "faults". His solution is to begin trying

HI. I find it strange that the certified dealer technician cannot pull the codes properly. This is very strange, your car is equipped with a very sophisticated Engine CPU. The trouble codes should be accessible with the correct diagnostic equipment, ... 2005 Jaguar S-Type

When my engine warms up the car shakes, sometimes quite violently, especially when lights are on, radio and i'm indicating etc, but only when idling. everything okay when driving. however today after work, when i turned the engine on, it immediately started to vibrate and the odometer and handbrake light started to fade in and out with the vibrating. Also the battery light would come on and off through out the journey. it all stopped when i had the car over 1500rpm, starting again when i slowed

Could be a loose belt, but more then likely a bad alternator. have a charging system performance test done. ... 2002 Ford SVT Focus

I drive an hour each way to work. My 1989 Buick LeSabre Limited drives beautifully for about 1/2 an hour. Once it heats up, the "service engine" light comes on the "temp" idiot light flashes and the motor rolls and tries to quit. However, the car gives no indication of a temperature problem (no smoking, smell, expanding hoses, leakes, nothing). I recently replaced the plugs & wires and the cooling sensor. This morning, the weather was much cooler and the car ran like a dream. A friend of mine pu

Remove battery cables from battery and clean all three of them and the battery side post. Replace bolts. Have seen this a lot working at a buick dealership. One of thee + cables goes to the starter and the other +cable runs the electronics and it app ... 1989 Buick LeSabre

I have a 1997 mazda 121 metro 1.5 litre manual, thrust/release bearing was noisy and having difficulty engaging gears, have stripped car and gearbox has split from engine by about 20mm but appears to be stuck? i cant get it to come off engine, i have used the pry bar with a lot of force for a few hours and dont seem to be getting anywhere?? Any ideas what is holding the gearbox on? and how i can get it off, i have never come accross this before?

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I have a 2001 Cadillac Catera that the oil light and alarm has been coming on when I come to a stop or slow down after driving the car for about an hour. Had the oil change and that solved it for a few weeks but now doing it again. Alos noticed that the Temperature Gauage was a good indication of when the oil light would come on. If the Temp went above the middle, the light was sure to come on. Never overheated just would go slightly above the middle range. Also, the cooling fan comes on a fair

... 2001 Cadillac Catera

My daughter is driving a 1999 Chevy Malibu which did not come with an owners manual. One of the indicator lights is on, along with the check engine light, and we do not know what it is for. Ultimately what I would like to do is find a copy of the owner's manual for the car. Can someone help me? Thank you. Teri.

I may be able to locate the owners manual and send it to you, but you can take the car to Autozone, they will hook it up, and tell you whats causing the light to come on. Why not its free! Let me know! ... Chevrolet Malibu

My sons M reg vauxhall calibra will not start ignition light comes on but engine will not turn over normally the fob on the keyring needs to be near the ignition lock before the car starts red light on dash drivers side slow flashing continuously even when car central locked new owner and no manual is this an immobiliser fault have checked all doors boot and bonnet closed any ideas please

Check the battery in the key fob it might need to be replaced before the ignition will pick it up. I would also check all your fuses. ... 1996 Volkswagen Cabrio

My check engine lt comes on frequently but only after car is started more than a couple of times within a few hours. 2004 9-5.is this an indication of what may be causing the light to come on

Could be a O2 sensor needs replacement or more!\015\012\015\012Go to almost any auto parts dealer (national company) and they will plug their diagnostic computer into your Saab and can tell you what you need for free.\015\012\015\012or go ... 1999 Saab 9-5

I've just bought a K13 Nissan Micra and it doesn't sound quite right. The noise I hear also seems to be coming from the back but it sounds like when you chop down a gear in a manual going down a hill and the engine revvs, well this is the noise I get in the automatic speeding up and slowing down, even just cruising at a steady speed. It's a drone that just shouldn't be there. Any ideas people? Is the car supposed to be like this? Apart from this noise I love this car.

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I have a 95 Lumina with 4t60e ******. The ****** shifts too soon. It goes from first to 3rd below 20 miles an hour which causes the engine to chug as if it were a manual transmission that has been shifted in too high a gear. Then as I slow down to a stop it wont down shift to 1st until the car is almost at a complete stop whuch also causes the engine to chug as if it is in too high a gear. Any suggestions?

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Recently, my car started beeping. The sound comes from the dashboard (somewhere) and there are no indicator lights on anywhere (Check engine, battery, oil, etc). Upon starting the car, a long beep begins and beeps 5 times in a row. Then it will stop and beep again, 5 more times. It does this pattern, five times. (5 sets of 5 beeps) I called the local dealership and they have no idea what it could be. It does stop but eventually begins again about a half hour after driving. Is it electrical?

... 2003 Ford Escape

After driving a short while, engine control system light comes on and stays on. "Service engine soon-refer to owner's manual" is displayed. I don't have a manual. What does the light mean? Car seems to drive fine. No other warning lights come on. Engine data on display shows nothing abnormal. If car hasn't been driven for a while (2 weeks), the battery goes dead. Thanks, Donna

My Engine Control Light comes on in the hot weather. The car idle now runs very high when I initially start the car and any time I stop for any period of time. Is it a bad ECU? Is it a do it yourself job and how much does it cost? ... 1988 Cadillac Eldorado

When I drive and get up to 50 miles per hour my engine light comes on and when I slow down to a stop and start up again the engine feels like it's bogging down. Two error codes light up on my dash: Check Traction Control and Check Stability Control. When I slow down and step on the gas again the engine bogs down. When I shut the engine off and restart the engine it drives fine until I get to 50 miles per hour again and then slow down and then the engine bogs down again

... 2007 Suzuki XL-7

Engine check light comes on car lose power i change the o2 senser but it still come on it use comes on when i accelerate the car hard but dosnt loose power but now if i drive fast r slow it comes on it start when i start use e10 gas i even change the gas filter too its a 89 corolla but i have change the engine to a newer 5a engine i think its 2000 5a

Hi take it to a garage and get them to read the ecu and they will tell you the prob will not cost much about 25 pounds in uk ... 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Just had my oil changed and the check engine oil level low light is coming on . But checked it and it's not low , just on the full mark . It comes on everytime I restart the car . how do I fix that ?After having my oil changed when I start my 1998 buick park ave. up , the check engine oil level is low indicator comes on but when had my oil checked it is on the full mark . how do i get the check engine light to stop coming on when I start my car when nothing is wrong ?

You have to reset the check engine oil level light. The light is just a 3 month reminder that lets you know when to change your oil. You have to hold the reset button on your dash for more then 5 to 10 sec. The procedure is in the owners manual that ... 1998 Buick Park Avenue

Hi I have a Renault Laguna 2002 ide sportswagon 84000 miles. Engine was great, but recently the electronic fault indicator has come on along with toxic fume filter warning light. The car has lost power and shakes bad when idle. Acceleration is slow and rough, and sounds like a tank. The problem disappeared for a few days with no lights and ran very smoothly, but has since returned. I really need your advice, and would much appreciate it.

One of the ignition coils has burned out very common and easy to fix ... Renault Sportwagon

Just had oil change, also needed a timing belt, water pump as well as new brakes all around and new tires this was a week ago, now the engine indicator light went on and stays on. Manual asks to check fuel, tank is full, but when I checked the gas cap, it just keeps turning and turning freely and clicking it was always hard to turn and click after filling with gas. Do you think it is the gas cap and why all of a sudden, I wonder if mechanic was upset because car had to come for one of the new ti

Why was a timing belt/water pump service done @ 43K miles??? This is die at 90K miles!! As for the check engine light, they must have disconnected or damaged something. In order to figure out the chk engine light, you must have the computer scanned f ... 2004 Toyota Avalon

What is the wrench light on 2008 jetta dashboard indicating? Used car did not come with an owners manual :9

... 2008 Volkswagen Jetta

The check engine light on the dashboard will go on one day and two days later go off. Then a day or so later come back on again. Is this the time frame that is supposed to happen. The manual with the car does not indicate this type of pattern.

If the Check Engine Light (CEL) goes on and stays on, and than turns off, it still means you have a Trouble Code being put out by the ECM (Computer) but the fault i.e. bad Sensor or Component may not be happening all the time. You will need a OBD II ... Chevrolet Malibu

2002 Ford Taurus 6 cyc. intermitted coolant leak. Vehicle is not overheating. No indication of where leak is. Vehicle is ok driving for two to three days and then coolant appears on front passenger side under engine area. Resevore seems ok. Water/Coolant then has to be added. If not checked, coolant level will over time fall till vehicle overheats. I have run car for hours trying to see where leak is coming from (water pump, resevore, etc) and cannot located the problem. Any ideas??

Some 3.0 engines hive a head gasket leak on the rear head on the corner hear the water pump.. ... 2002 Ford Taurus

The malfunction indicator light comes on and off then the car slows down as if it is going to stop then goes again. It has stopped a couple of times already and if you leave it for a couple minutes before you start then engine it usually goes and then it's as if nothing happened. I find it mostly happens on longer journeys.

Dear friend-the only reason why this happens when driving is because of the movement.iwould say we should look at earth points and loose connections. ... 1999 Hyundai Sonata

The check Maintenance Required light came on my 2006 Corolla about a year and a half ago. I checked the manual; it indicated that the oil should be changed. Even though I was nowhere close to a scheduled oil change, I went ahead, and still the light remained on. Now the check engine light has come on. The car only has 42,000 miles and I'm diligent about regular maintenance, checking fluids, etc. Is this most likely a problem with the warning lights, and what is the best way of fixing them.

The oil light is reset by the tech on each service. It will not go off by itself. As far as the check engine light goes you now have a code stored and you will need to get it before we can begin to diagnose. Only thing you can do is make sure the ga ... 2006 Toyota Corolla

Hi, our 2004 Mazda 6 Lux Sports has done 178,000kms. After a few hours of driving on country roads it pulls back. It loses power and I can't gain speed no matter what I try. Every time I put my foot down it splutters and slows down. I then pull over to the side of the road and the motor stops. If I wait a few minutes the car starts again and I can get up to near normal speed for about 8kms and then it does it again. After some time the yellow engine light comes on, but it goes out again (as soo

The problem is in one of the car's sensors. You have to get and electrics car mechanic to connect to the computer of the car when it's doing this and see what error codes will return. This way you will find out which sensor(s) is/are playing up. ... 2004 Mazda 6
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